Slacker and Steve - Drunk Purchases 3/8

Thursday, March 8th


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Staying on and also wish this comes up on the show every once in awhile and now I often feel like it's it's all about you. It is scoring. Yeah cool we beat the fifth if the weird if I ask for all alcohol stories in not immediately be tied back to me well is that you must ask and they showed the race. He's very way we've talked about there's no bringing you knew it there is any new saying we came out that says armed. America has he. Billion dollar drunk shopping problem and drug purchases. They studied 2000 adults armed. On this finder dot com web site. And apparently according to this men are responsible for more drunk spending and women I see the men dropped about 564. Dollars. Her here she's. Verses 282. Dollars per year. For women sort of sucked or were you drunk and you go by tacos or something that we're talking like major purchases yes. Elegant suit then she is not the right thing it's got to be like you got a mean and I do it all the time I usually eat. I said this before when I make a drunk purchased it's almost as good as my sober purchase because. I've already almost anything I'm gonna buy it right now in my head. I've been researching for awhile oh cabbage is happens if you're ever there was a vocal used. Fred pull the trigger sooner yes losing everything you've researched so was Smart purchase still in there and I've got basically my Amazon car right now has about 4000 items just sitting and it. It's like in the seeds for later area OK so then I'll get cloud go oh I got Shatner my hair out 00 clear. Could clinch and I OK the average person and completely putting men and women and spend 448. Bucks. Her years. And drug purchases which means. There's a lot of people listening were like what I don't drink I don't ever do that. So the true say you have. Average the truth and I see so long it's counts for those zeros that means I'm probably spending a lot more link to grand. Sue would do almost everything right but I. I almost bought. I know this is stupid because I know you've done and you've bought the truck well I was unmasked. OK she's the truth I think the first time we told the story we said it was out called just to soften the blow minute. Exactly happened okay. But at the you're right I did I tour. I don't see you all map. My car drunk drunk because you know me like you you why you're Audi Q my guy I had an Audi that's rise and then nights I I was. My Audi was a loner from the dealership you know and then it was like I had even back to renew no car was gonna be is doing to. So I got my truck driver to coma and is one day I got home and that we take into her home and we were you like a really nice Lexus or some on the way home. And I got home and this is so loud and I jumped on my cars dot com and looks for Audi. Asks you seven now. Oh my god couldn't finally couldn't find one and directs how much he was like in Boston. So I had it used cars were good hosts I had a one way to he's. No Logan international now. Hard oh yeah and I'm like if I hadn't gotten really really sleep he's you would have been and a beautiful line they're back from Boston fire is bought into. And from mom. So then you'll understand I'm just when this curb yeah that's important did her first forty cents to forty down. Are you lose out ESM. Is that so you're welcome everybody I'm the reason the numbers are still high.