Slacker and Steve - DUI Plates 11/7

Tuesday, November 7th


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Stay. There until you I am not a criminal was. Consequences. Oh you fear of consequences for breaking the law don't you are all consequences OK I get the consequence isn't big enough food you'll do you'll break the law new. Well it in for example that when you speed it up with yeah yeah but that's a good thing you're supposed to be doing that five over thank you. Yell in one in my seven. Have a I felt territory and candidate for honesty dictates it's it's an early to go and a defensive driving there's a knock down in the sector vehicles what are you mom but the it was actually taught my cock. And he said we'll give you 70780. Area are still isn't doing a service costs seven no yes and jet. Yeah senate hey kids are. Her about how do you know your your speedometer is calibrated perfectly what did you take in the seven to your speedometer to glossy really do when nine now they're gonna popular funny these are ya there's a better number when I had to put a new set issues on my Jeep removed tires death they have my size and going to do was bigger size you know it's wintertime or what are designing tires. So I forgot about that I got bigger tires by speedometer I was not true. Arafat going to actually happen yes sorrow I don't you calibrate our 300 I know I forget so I just keep doing five over just like you're suppose I thought. Seven now a bigger borrowed 50 my tires I should we do is out of the state trooper knew who tot from my eighth. Sit last time I was in the midst of driving a tank told me bogeyed seven okay that's the royalty bowl oh. That's awesome we need point enemies thank you should probably even under. Under led the on the original consequences to your actions. This is kind of make it heavier subject and this is come up before other states do this Colorado is one of the states now I can remember who started this a New Hampshire somebody. I mean every state will eventually do this they're talking about Macon scarlet letter. License plates full error Texas I don't know who all has these sorts you get. It'd only be for do you lies yeah but if you so your first offense and second offense and third offense right at a certain threshold once you've met certain the certain threshold. They would they would give you a license plate. That. Said. On the duly did I I driven under the influence and would second it. For me. That's gonna get it's so that's why start with saying I saw Quincy is so you be shamed. If you are aware that played on your vehicle would you be shameful I drug my parents' house and they're like what's at play how come you don't have the plate that you you sat. My parents are beard and they noticed that's just what can you actually do to drive the pioneer place because your family was pioneer yes. But I if I get home. And and there's a big goal. They would say what is act and they would know you don't make it an ultimatum red. Boy what are you sure it's true there's something about you know certain states like the online. At likes. You can but I as an upgrade you combine those the pink ribbon and say I do know in the plates are little more but you're saying I support breast cancer awareness and Bubba lives and money. Ghost you are there goes to culminate some of the breast cancer research on the ball. Every state has or like state flower play eight or you can do your colleagues play. This would be this bike martini glass or something on the plate little these look at you look at the Colorado once. It's oh it's over here there we don't I have I have not looked it up but ate it looks like it some today designees like it to write letters. The right now I can find two states that already do something like miss at Ohio doesn't Wear their license plates are bright yellow with red lettering if you get if you've been convicted. Ten and I Georgia they're pleats are no different but they have a specific numeric pattern to them or they start with a specific number. Know that cops know right off the bat paid this person's been busted for DR OO so maybe this is done not to Sheen driver. This is like the law enforcement right because I'll tell ya in the state of Colorado with her 500. Specialized plates this one's I'm gonna stick out at all. But it would if it was like anything. Got to be solid red otherwise I just think you're one of the other forty special ties when you think after awhile you get to know oh my god I just saw somebody with one of those. Late for me. Business sound crazy but when I was growing up they would put mug shots. On guys who picked up a hooker they took their mug shots in the paper I'm opposed media dad's always site. Or else every city in the world you get common atrocity you pay the fine that's it you're good. You you did something and you had relations which paid for and so you're in trouble. The local paper but putting their mug shots in there. Has convinced me you never gotten it wasn't the only thing that did you miss me but there turrets that was enough of a deterrent for me to go. Scares me to death and the shame of drive and a bright red clay or whatever it is these is enough. Again it's an area. I went through I've never had a do you why I should they had one wanna blue view my only time in my life for a blew the breathalyzer. Should have been mailed I blew a point 00 which is the weirdest thing craziest thing even goes to law enforcement guys they still don't like dude. We know we ask you know and they're both in cheek. Hey I'm OK that is awful yeah but what if I had to go through that entire process and I finally got to the license plate. Who played better at all. At all you really wouldn't pay and all that money go through that whole process all I got aware display Beisel driving that's all I give a crap. No I don't care what color my plate if you don't deal with people lose weight like I had I goal to. Parks and park my car for flag football games I shouldn't constantly you don't do you're not in I wouldn't care I'm still driving Emma the myself driving. I don't cure I don't care what forty of them personalized plates that they haven't. State hit here's the other thing that I think that it met Mike it's these two is that now you got to think about it if you do have those plates on your car everybody is gonna be looking for you to make. He slightest mistake and the sec he knew there all the cops so if your goal and that. Seven and nine miles an hour over they're gonna see your DY played like he's got to be wasting he's gone way too fast right that's how you got police after you all mentality that's what I demand from a citizen okay I see your radar gun. I realize you had a clearance calling on you that's unsafe is true everybody around you possibly can be criticizing. Every little mistake which he driver to do that anyway I mean that's you can call that number to matter there aren't there I think it's gonna be more likely. Here's the thing that scares me the most about it in me ask you guys this. Would you give it after the first one it seems like you should because you wanna do your life would you put got played on somebody's car after one do you why. Because you want OU I would be enough to Joseph what you know you don't even care if he did on the first my my my judgment I am able to drive. That's all like you're Smart to pay my car different color slide please visit I. I do not care Philly thing I would notice though is I saw a female driving a car with one of those plates ocean by we could be easy maybe a couple of real popular with the what. I know she thinks 000. I don't she's party didn't look if the all right maybe not I want to respond to that okay. Why are you know I know your lifestyle if you were never played a similar outlook or why it's. And you don't think the reverse is sure you don't think women with a do you like a loser. Probably until they met me when they realize that you are guilty had a good point too I'm knocking doling do you lie at all. But what's illegal with a blue 110 over the legal limit I mean after two Beers. And that can happen it seems like if you were just driving with your ability impaired whenever stay you have they call on different things on court. States come DUIDWIs. What are what drive montage whatever it is. The entry level where you're like your point 041. Of them. Seems excessive so you wouldn't do a specialized do you like played for those people but of a second offender repeat offender who could literally put it this way so the state is giving each might shift change ounce. And I'm gonna always to do was Wear that plates. But it's still they are for those people. I don't think they should ever drive again. You like you should never. Lunch cart keys again. Now do you want to sing me blow when do I agree ginger blah privilege leader may mistake we've all gone out to a happy hour. And had a couple -- like I only my car hear from you define and you like to. It's a mistake him with Hoover and taxis they're getting mean so readily available it's a mistake ever ask. Put if you may mistaking you paid like you said all the crappy Bluetooth. 151000 dollars and lawyers and rapid glasses is all that is usually Dan. And then go to third to do three strikes you don't drive at least you don't you rarely get to write passengers she. Right now back to my car you know your pre I agree with you're pretty much domino my first time. I'll Wear the play because Ayala aren't aware four year I don't know I actually rather. All of the sudden I played might buy by sentence that I have paid off my senses I hate that I get my regular there has to be a point where they'd have to have to dig out of your. I honestly believe you're probably about the only person who doesn't care. You think everyone would be shamed by that might get the dull church police allegedly driving privileged I. We know where something different so honey I don't care I have more shame than you do that I think you have literally on this particular subject zero. You think so because all you care about striving I don't care that people when you drive into work your your boss' look at you like existence Canon. You don't like it. You're sick I NIC OK I currency we are going with that to a good. Basically it goes back to my first point I'm displaying my lifestyle hasn't thought I could top. You know this is true. That when your bus goes hey there goes seeks. That's not good. My leg is that grounds for termination yet though when I don't think you are you but I'm just saying and yeah I fear for any station does as I want it. Because I wanna be able to see who they are on the road. His okay vineyard changed planes again further away from a life. The guys. You. The road somebody real erratic you know absolutely are having relations in the car aren't taxing or they hammered okay if you see the red clay you go debt I know which one they are let me ask you this and so you see that car for review and you can tell pretty hammered there we've been all that stuff you speed up to get around them or he stayed safely behind them. I'll ask you don't but let's. I'd I believe you believe that but if it was a girl and you know her life yeah I was at. You might snow yeah.