Slacker and Steve - Dumb 12/13

Wednesday, December 13th


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And gonna talk to dumb people don't know them only dumb people well that's true I put it here it's like if we all get dumb some times so I did more dom didn't. And most saw no. We know I mean sort talk about is. My favorite dull moment that's ever happened I mean I hate to go back to a story in this wasn't me being down mocha do you remember when I was late talking to a person. Who remember what I was taught them out they were like this and we just never wanna go back to pal me. Hope I. Which I just think still a lot of veterans would like fly the flag of POW MIA Yang how media it was somebody who was just really trying to relate. It was like a veterans day thing that we were at a resort and then Vietnam's back Korea. Obviously Germany all these places would slump wars act. Nothing like coming up from fifty to realize a Prisoner of War after missing all got it isn't like little. Where's pound hockey that we try to figure out where I met him recently and I wanna say how long ago. I discovered that some. There's no such thing as a nurse shark yeah it's a nursing plus yards you just realize this whole time in Europe pro diver. Soft cinema products your approach and Dario and diver doesn't mean we're not sure senator chuck it's. Because when you're talking. Yeah. It sounds racist to my poignant but you're down in Mexico. And the dude is nice. I think just a nurse sharks on the car to feel like OK so that's the only smokers don't OJ is I just always her. Uh huh. As Spanish legs a broken English and English versions and so I'd always thought they were nurse sharks made speak with the me the chief. Don't cook at home so we will blades of us so it's yes she did they actually. Look there's so it's nurse did you know that now is critical of the guy was at the same guy. They keep seeing these signs it's like free Wi-Fi I am like cool political prisoners name Wi-Fi when we want a free (%expletive) I do remember that is the time that they were linked everybody and finally being championed odd Nelson Mandela because out of jail. If it was like now we're. How are you lied to a. If you asked him knows I'm from demeans what you think your success on the little bit would you like sheriff cloud. Slow my I'd like minds definitely not a nurse sharks I. It isn't fun. I DNC Hussein hears is worse or better I don't know. So this avenue a couple of weekends ago IE I was like a Saturday morning and that would aid to start we don't even come to work in the morning we go to work in like the app. Afternoons of my morning routine does not include coming to work at all catch and so I got into the car. And I had to go somewhere that was like four blocks from my house and I got the car and just started driving. And worked from my house is about thirty minutes away do it's not like it's that John just right down the street it's trash you know and I literally got in the car. And drove for about 28 minutes and was getting off the highway here. Works and I was like cut back at how. They have done that we're our own Al yeah I totally can't judge this guy got in the car and all of a sudden there is a song on oh liked or something and I just zoned out and went into auto pilot in started driving. Drove for a solid thirty minutes it was like to play. It's sad I don't. That's not the right did not even the rate did part it's in the like nothing was my time you don't. Johnny was stupid does or does he. You have to admit something where if we expect a little prayers go. Kirstie do all we all have to like owned. So my it's actually kind of recently too we all had a thing up at a hotel we ought to stay out and Jeff remember Roseanne on smokers patio. And I was following someone else back into the hotel. And that they realize they hit the the button for the door though. Physically challenge it opens the door for you then disable Zacks. It's like while I realize he hit the button I know that was that's at the door I was just follow back again and it was you can drill. Slow and so I was like we should mimic what's wrong with that support her why does it pump up on the map was still. The content that's I Selig a couple of employees in the coming towards me look at me like what are you doing and why you wouldn't tell us. Kurds that I realized oh it's a special all. Pretty nice portrait that's like to push the and I should take you for a had to put it was hard to premiere. I have had. There's a couple different ones that are similar for me like my Weis one day was like it was one of those days where she was sleep deprived. But she is. Walking around how she's literally exhausting like going into this room. And she's going room to room to room caught him to pitch room next room she's finally. Mike what is just calm down Tony Molinaro agers I don't know. Help you tell me what's on my man I'll fix your problems and yes it she's like. Tips on my cell phone just call it Michael can't grab my phone that the putter numbering boots she's literally holding it in her left here at island does that. You just watch. You're like a dream is on like you're sort there's times where your cellphone is just an extension of you blue and you forget it. Had to stop looking at me like I was so I don't go to look if you include so you introduced in your shoes literally holding it in and it's like. She's this who you didn't occur to me either would you like to just call him a great call Lou influences from Coca. I was I took a YouTube like this is what you're good at the workers until morning. I'm asking follow my. One was I better of you remember this there was a girl who was dating and the first time I met her mother. I walked in and it and her mom was like slow to change. She just kept talking about and might until tomorrow and I remove she's sitting there -- shooting in her basement. In her sunglasses yes it can't understand why isn't dim dark it is because she had prescription sunglasses. I don't prescription regular glasses and she was like I. How many nick sushi tour glasses on. And had no idea shoots. You had thrown nine. The dark corner that's when you broke up with her daughter like on the spot you left here huh. Oh you dog house rules the ultimate up with a I realize the DNA RC. A its own and slow decline into the little while I have you before all those bad. Happier if it was I'll hang out with the with the columns or there's somebody on Twitter Hussein that like you're holding a coffee in the left CN later got hot dog you would know lid on it. And then there are driving and wish you go checked the time. Now all over them in the cooling can even think about it suckered as a with a spit denotes. It's not so. The cash. If your dumb and are willing to admit it we'd like to hear more boisterous guys do your co workers don't have to now we just gotta know the dumbest thing you've done. Baca. A guy on the it. So. I didn't realize that in the last you heard. It. He wouldn't add any cute she age specific. I don't know don't say don't sickest he's got interviews like well it's our I think these pronounce saw. In the letter you know. You know I. Yeah the short run first I want you know it's you know we knew she takes you on something you know what it means Saxon. Some. I think some days I mean I am sure I got around and I was in his office equipment thing isn't it. Mike I your easy and simple on who you really don't know you are with you on this and Rebecca so no not at all. Net tell him what it is Rebecca. We. Went around. So why don't your likes you figure out you're like cable box whenever you won your company's site are things you and you like you click. To see some other media had the same question as you before while they inevitably dots after the letters because otherwise decent stats. And number 00 my god who told you there was frequently asked questions. How can I turn to the aids thing Kursk's to a content not fair they knew he can't play each candidate pretending I can usually talks. So it's not me oh my god I'm an idiot. So we're back to you sound out those reluctant. To run them out of you know but won't quite do what you sound the first two out weeks. Though because Augusta your first shooting gather in the U gotta CTO because that would tell artist and that's what I thought 'cause I'm ten tomorrow. We're doing dumb today because I'm ten tomorrow actually a guy John who. I locked myself inside my car. Movies I didn't hide how well you know that's not possible I did you do that. Bill we have one of those cars that have liked best. He obviously it's cracked up by the army out. Our window he saw something on the ice if my god. Like automatically unlocks your car we hear him. You're ot get no wow my young they had it and walked away from the Carlisle it's under is it's an odd. Automatically locked the car and activated. By the. Out of that car. If you open the door they'll just see alarm go off when you're not a lot here tragedy are going to be embarrassed. No no no no no no peace lockdown is they handle and it won't unlock the car like when you're like park in the U unlocking it unlocked apart from when it was blocked well you're writing. It wouldn't do that wouldn't unlocking it. And then when you hold no lock OP and yeah it. Activate the latch and that's off the LR. Two slackers and you have electric clocks are shown for years usually actually had to put down for you don't go with the so what are. Paul might be on to have him come back downstairs from our art and it. And no. I had I had neighbors walking by looking in the MIT fuel you know I am. Like him always. I'm not dead. At all. God still get a cinder block he gives me hope that. Window I can hardly free stuff that sounds that's another level you're kind of an entire. In video when eight tonight. I'm a law and any way so I'm blind and in a drag. Locked inside my own car. That's the necessarily a thank you for this story actually. I really didn't think that was possible with the. As share. Guys. Okay that did really really don't know. It's I think my mother and how would parked in the driveway. It on and blow they'll nonemergency. I didn't I didn't arm it was really I heard her really do Brighton Beach. I leave my mom and how did we forget I'd the American didn't break it great and I'm like why tapped into going. Here we Obama op yeah. It did to try and and you can make healthily and I'd like how did he didn't really eager to me I didn't even rain building okay. We know like I haven't Openshaw I don't careening toward. His hands. Don't know I don't pleaded not not not only waving frantically I already quite remic. He got a rating on the immediate debt load up my comic why he got a weakening economic argued on that I got. Nobody emergent. I don't. Oh. My birdies. Rollers. And yeah. I why is yeah to smell really bad right now because it does I've done that for a little bit like oh so you do while I. Kramer do you. The driver and I'm sure politically it's a yeah. This particular and to. Eating there you know in a global nuclear labor and married yeah I'm Craig's list is a joke and pass that Don Caitlin. I am like I. I found out like three months ago that you don't measure model list I'm like you're trying to split. Way Nolan so you literally side at a mile for me. He's different than a mile for you with the size six and asks. Yeah I I would like how do you like you have like a diet in half. How do you how I measure filed what size. Sheila that's one of the satisfactory. Progress and do it needs but for me that's blood shortages primarily inside a little. Oh what she's the one where where a cowboy boots though so. I didn't look that is since super assassinate a maneuver the ball stop Matalin the. Yeah I guy. Sadness and dom is still well I was in my net start back in its early in the morning it'll hit and I didn't order that I had its game marrying. I and everybody got there are turning me. You were still on the RD you drink size. Yeah now an hour tomorrow in the dried tomato salad in my car in order I was at a very spelling Darryl and. This should only assume believe it is still a little review. You've gone now brown are harmful or else I kind of see the.