Slacker and Steve - Dumb Reason You Got Fired 10/19

Thursday, October 19th


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Steve I am and I'm tired some stupid are you always deserved and I deserve the. Dad I told you deserve I don't ever. I just fired from the radio station one times throughout this isn't vessels. Hired means to be the goofs eat dirt got him on the shelves. And then I didn't do enough for like three or four years. And they told me into the office one day. Like really said to me in my interview like you're young you know the pop culture stuff so we want you to go in there and like you. Actually you beat the young guy to zero it's you guys were a lot of old yes. Armed and then. You put the guy when he came tennis irony he goes. You know I since I got hired here and watch you injure the worst producer. I've ever he's entered just not a good producer Mike. Right because that's not yet you were hired a so what I do it if you're watching need to see what producer can somebody do. I imagine I'm terrible issues Girardeau dude you're bad that your job. I don't I love my job is he hired me. Wow. I mean that was my last day I was fired what I mean they they knew they hired me back like six weeks later and then hired a producer as well. I got tiger no I or not you not doing their job is if you were hired to do the problem was they called me slacker. The re producer on the air oh like a producer they come the reproduce it on a day. Yeah. If you could be listening to this Steven loves toys stylish that's right that's what they want an immune from where a woman who got fired from Wal-Mart. She's 84 years old I know but still she should've shot. She they have they have integrity and that business. They expect all employee if you are tired for something stupid we'd love to talk to you I. It's going to take me a moment to figure out if Steve is doing that saying where he gets under my skin or you did you honestly think there's 84 I know it's out. She's 84 year old Texas woman she was in the Wal-Mart store she's walking down the aisles while the store was closed she sounded dollar and one of the yachts built. To Tibet. Her body. Well yen next management Calder in it and they said did you find any money sit down O'Hare. Pulls dollar out here until. So it's not like she went out and made it down payment on so are you with 21 with a wedge all one dollar from Wal-Mart. I didn't belong to her that was on the premises and she finish your shift that night which came back the next day she was told she's being fired. For lack of integrity. They're they're big on that in that way too. All she gave it back. She couldn't give it to anybody that now he did so I was clos. Loosen me ask you this them as you age matter let's say it's a 22 year old you know fire that little punk culture. I know my hypocrite if I don't know she's 84 you don't think she slated style and why taller yeah but it's integrity. You think they set her up just how did they know some bad news senior. Reach over I don't feel like that was one of those yet they set her up as it is and integrity test and she's yeah she's closer to pick it up. Centered on the front cat owner right in detail though. How did my Mildred I sound design I will seventeen. In front of the jello which. Yeah these guys put an eighty feet from the owner of this one dollar bill. Yeah serial number. Bush did with PSI have more integrity than that show up at a caller ID you know I'm gonna there was like a hundred doesn't she do deserves to be fired right probably about it was a nickel. Powell should be fired for a dollar and dizziness it's a Hondo somebody may call the next tango. This I know as a long shot but I think I dropped a hundred no don't their Wal-Mart can go oh my god. What are you know. It did here we go nobody is going. 00 well this is not one dollar write because lawsuit a Wal-Mart all call in the morning. Let's go to nine to 24 hour won't know it is common accident damn dollar is no reason to fight. Or Mildred I just wish builder route follows a stores priciest terrorism by laws and then she still won't leaking on day one they're they're like. Here's your loose not if you ever find a dollar eternity and your chance to the no no that's not how. Howard more shooter about read the employee manual. Well earlier she always shocked. Steve is more or learned to read all the stupid stuff I just follow the dude. Jeff I got all my job and go and you guys seem redoing the lease amount AJ and so didn't say I'm gonna do exactly what you. That's how I roll and I didn't do anything to do is why I was tired and a human hair dryer is exactly his other dude games one cannot. This IE was working at a restaurant type address from Fort Lauderdale Malusis soc carjacking taken place. Went outside to stop you did there was a woman was a woman by herself and getting attacked and he jumped in there she was inside a nice guy and that's one woman in a car. He runs outside touch easy attacker holes into ground zero. Everybody called hero yeah you brought a ton of publicity on this ties to a restaurant though like. We don't we don't want this awesome free publicity feel that so he got fired for being she's seeing. That is a stupid reason wow against higher he should've followed the bylaws of the. Yeah. They haven't done all you could say. Yeah but not if you know isn't how long was an. This is no longer that's ridiculous it's those were too stupid reasons we got handed a story. And I wanna and whoever gave us this one is wrong this is not a stupid reason to Boca basketball coach playing on a school. Bombed it took care students and dyslexia. And other learning issues and the coach. Goes out there and runs the score up almost on this team 1100. No actually he was kinda lenient it could have been worse. Yes well they fired him because he's that cool what do you mean whose job is to win your stuff your job they do yeah. Is it's not the tea sparks made shaft kid it is when you're in the covenant schools. Phone got into girl I did us a little decent Specter patiently it's a girl isn't it I know that. It says Audi was a guy Micah. I have here is that you as the girl's basketball coach I just your it was a guy OK he led his team to a hundred another near Walt the other team should be deemed up better so that's right as it kind of run really fast so I mean she didn't even if you're taking it easy on a Blake you'd send. Yeah you fifteen enough then. Not seen you got to let him score I'm seeing you gotta pander. But it. Run in the score keeping your your starters and it's. Knocking them down shooting threes did is okay you do see updates one the game and he got fired for he should have been fired he got teach sportsmanship. I was a street and another story to apparently there was this dental assistant that was an Iowa and she was fired can she was too hot. Well what Bill Clinton did just that she works for my. Wife found out how much all right you gotta get rid ever billions holder that's the reason why yeah kids. I'm sorry to the dentist did say she she complained about her lack of relations at home and so he told her like his wife caught him telling her like that's like having a labor genie in the garage and never taken it out. I will include language like so I had gone gaga. I saw the biggest video if you things I aired or something stupid knot the score all. Our lives on a you have disabled team has never should have been fired he should have been fired. We want to know why you got fired for something steam it let's start with candy. Yeah IE you are disguised. You are slated for some stupid. Well yeah I hope you are way I would credit Norma Carl English. He moved integration of milling about there's he'd go but apparently there are important parking space in the parking lot where you're not growth spurt. And that's why it was available I guess it took our reply with power sparking a lot perch in the one available spot. But I was so lucky. To get through great spot right by the door. On the turned out dark. The beauty Boehner. Oh yeah and that's why they S why the stock closes the door. Who's always OK okay now you know that's you know you are geared for vast. If you if you if you didn't fire you for that. If I do you have the park. In the overflow parking lot across the street and walk over it you can't afford good bi weekly meetings and blah blah blah about it anyway. What's really was Klebold were our user resign that is as preserved for grand Obama or was it just. No it wasn't mark it would just sport and how might be delighted he's spotting up on the quirks including you are. All. This group. So then you showed your inattentive mr. retails for not noticing. Company directives. And no may be going to hurt you guys think it probably didn't see that misfire what's your card was so. Excited is that. In your own suggest I think your hand tightening down on our way it handled the key group movement cry every cruiser revise my whole. Keep in mind. You but if that's that's you know you Janie write down and down on your residence is an idea like I don't want explain why include while. Thank you for for the college in the united sun's third or you Gina. I fired for some savings. I'd be out why and how bad of. At ease why would they fire you so that's good job requires you know since. Is the girl a hardware so our southeast. And I ordered a mandatory and I had I would stole and I couldn't squat down to bottom shelf decal little cloning people have spoken and I got fired for using this old. Does your sitting on the job all and I didn't. Put you. That's yeah. We don't leave set aside and oh yeah and they're doing the sit no it's. Does do. It when I got hired it what. I need it when I hire and do you sue America. Apparently even anyway OK but still you were you fired first while it now on the job yeah. You're fired from the show now okay well you. America obviously it's the I don't know that I have the ability to hire fire and everybody looks have you all we're gonna San Jose. Don't don't sign it and I can you just finally ask you. I think the only person may have fired from the show is mean I think for a few and I am not even during a news that the truth is John. Yeah us buyers some say did I. Expired they're ready in new really India owed. From the video artwork that. It's always been renting and you really yeah I had the group customers. I. American it would after I had already left my hip I went in like a person any other person that would not a shell pirate that. It was a new release I got tired. Like on the spot Minnesota gives you the movie there's a just here's your pink slip and sleet and. No the next anywhere we went and. Boozer policy that you guys even on your own time you can't rent the first releases learner. I guess they're. Once again she didn't read the results is like Zorro and don't even know Sean. In super important and knowing the movie was that does not I don't know why I put. I am kinda I don't know. War and come home. And not. Losing your job over right elbow your I saw Acxiom shown today you've really hard but you should Rachel. Young guy yeah by these fires some stupid. I'd say I was fired because my life like their doctors less stress if you had a it's unfair steer meet our food. And that's what not a bylaws by the way welcome and he's got a very near and far despite about how when I was hired by the practice I know what you are particularly determined on the offense urban big step. How can fire me because well let's just. She looks much like the girl who you can stay. Yeah I doubt that as you out. I mean you didn't soon you didn't race. Now that's went way back in me you know like the late eighties. Very. Yeah yeah. I thought there was this use do you think he hired you because you look like her away. I'm I'm one term but I I don't know I'd never seen a woman. And I guess he'd been away the group for a whole year we are tired but it. Yeah. You just feel it. How did when he hired to do that easily gone.