Slacker and Steve - Eating Ashes 1/2

Tuesday, January 2nd


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Staying on the man has a really weird story in the news and I am disturbed by it and I guess what I mostly disturbed by is that you were not district. They nickel or acting I usually tell who could be mine makes a certain talking about the story and you're like what that's cool I'm like no it's not cool or else it's the opposite of cool. Woman whose mother died. Oh months and months ago mom was cremated. And now this 41 year old Deborah Parsons says she now has the urge to each her mom. Yes actually but not that the way you okay it's it's so whenever there's a special occasion she misses her mom. So she's decided at my age based inning Christmas. Valentine's I don't know maybe now Valentine's Day when your mom like birthdays. She wants you mom. Sprinkle mom on. Turkeys. Every moment. Wouldn't. On the couldn't hit Turkey implosion her mom died from an airway obstruction on. It's a so so is she said my mom and I had a really strong bonds could never be broken so now I'm going to eater so doing. So I thought maybe this was something weird death request by the mom anyway your Thanksgiving spread globally over your bulletin no no this is the shots she's having this sound so. I ask you then our goal OK so is her health risk in in consuming is that really a first question is what is attack. She's basically is saying is that health. And I don't have to get there through my. And he says that's my mom yeah is I don't hear she's burn you guys more of its idol doesn't matter I'm not I'm not heeding my mom. Yes but so she's intense on thinking. She's gonna consume ashes of of a burnt human. Of the others though nobody. Yes yes it was there and it happened she said it was an urge one day she could describe your box Lichter fingers dipped just. And a Paris she knew my. I'd steer inner mouth and talking salty taste goal was comforting you pour endorse shaker and you can control publisher comes at a solid and she they'll go on. As she knew she did you. Hey dude that's she didn't think that's disrespectful to teach she said it was a first bit of comfort and closeness that she had since her mother's death. Okay you here's a couple of smoker right. It would have been doing lately is when I'm stopped at a later in a red light or something that I consider putting my cigarette out throwing around the streets all too was calling a tornado all twisted chair reed. Author of the cigarette but that the birds. Odds tobacco leaves. The ground littering. You're just going glittering on the ground oh yes you wanna hear what was your first Ashley's something on the ground that isn't gonna hurt it's -- -- its its Burton released there's all there's there's going to be some farmers who controlled burns all the time I'm doing the exact same thing I'm not throwing my butt on the street history but I do I twisted cherry off the Cherie burns out it's his burn leaves on the pavement I put those but bad in my car. It pains me to say this allowed. I think I think you're right I guess they. Right after I think that's OK because I'm not really like we see bus back sore story tell you she be allowed to go sprinkles crash your mom's ashes at Wrigley Field right can you will not at Wrigley but that's right everybody's dream you know you're supposed to be illegal right yeah you're allowed to take your and throw them in the air that's burnt human that's all it is my argument that's Burton believes that's all I'm -- I'm not I'm I'm not literally in the public tiger reaches the ground it's gold and it's incinerated it's it's his office. So then shouldn't. You should and should we eat your cigarette or else they want our. Yeah he's just caught my Turkey and migrate in my I don't feel like I you're you're out there recently you're ashtray at home but there have been at least one time where you've licked her fingers and shots in there and it's not yourself. Last minute don't we don't do what I. Mac for the fans but the I don't think you're doing anything wrong way Cubans got a dirty look I mean I wouldn't say I saw ahead this lady that was the next immunity she bore winnowed out as it was ten years ago lets you literally I go watch I am twisting the birds leads Justin nice yeah I'm saving the button putting it in my car. I think that's okay thank you think here they Q you're off the hook my present and you mom to them our Tom since then I don't know if you want to. You have your parents notorious bad. A series of sleep mom's recipes. From. Patrick Steve basement there.