Slacker and Steve - Eating Peels 8/29

Wednesday, August 30th


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Aren't ever listening has got everybody in the studio flared up a little bit with this up he'll study that just came out there you guys are disgusted. And all of a sudden I'm discussed hump this study came out that said. Most of us know this. The fuel of a lot of fruits. He's wearing the nutritionist. That's true. So there are certain fruits and vegetables. That you're supposed to eat good most of. Them you're supposed to eat the peel but we don't we like didn't really appeal because it sucks. So let's start with the easy once. Apple T peel it or do you just needed for the longest time until about 1015 years ago I donated appeal. Is Jimmy V actual meat of it but now. I community which ones so you you you probably won't duel red delicious dessert to its stats to stick of appeals for you you're more of yeah that's true about soy gradually. We know we aren't that Al love honey Chris. Yahoo! ID Chris Klug. I swear to god I I know your life it's you the only vegetable you we mean correct me if I'm wrong probably. Corn on the cob specifically would you right it's do you know why it's so listeners I. Let's say two words I didn't know there are bad vegetables and it turns out the only two alike are the juvenile were so bad blood sugar yeah I don't sugar theirs Alex Sink in would you end the honey crisp it's like does genetically modified. The honey crisp as like a deeply apples. And honey Chris is the marijuana. With the on the apple Apple's okay we just don't read Elizabeth Johnson wrote the Orioles got guys you know or granny Smith went to green now oh okay death. Oh my guys. And then there's a grapple with a grateful when McLellan yup that's totally did site that's did you use did we Jews or something yeah and I didn't tastes like a great that's so weird it is I want an apple does 1000094%. Of people eat appeal on an apple OK that we can do that that's a bad it's the next one that really peeves in the number two Poteat toasty in 78% of people. What should appreciate it isn't as large as part of touches the ground in the dirt. Nutrition it's like literally 132. Of an inch state. You meet any nutritional value should anyone ever asked what apple peel it's just that's where it's and that's where some of the spouses it's coerced. It's covered in dirt just Q do you watch an apple before you read still dark to come up if I'm much. There is that's where if you wanna beat appeal what we eat up into an apple but when your regular mashed potatoes. Until well I. Message with disdain and it is really no it's the worst ever not. Let's and it's better for you are one that you might potatoes ready to baked potato or some bank you had quit making up my mind for a kid. Peels out in my email actually we entertain us again. Unceremoniously yes right his government ousted sour cream and almost on paper yeah I can now because you know what it is equally big eighteen and she's and you should eat that Jesse I know we do you do stupid out and lead this yet and so you're eating grapes there like I mean an artichoke latest post script is good stuff as a kid what to do was straight out to potato a good part did you read that student to hide other bad foods did. So good as yeah. We did a good day always usually the potatoes do you really Brussels sprouts. Legend. I didn't get away tonight save for parents. I will by the way I would eat raw potatoes as well you can get but I don't know Rollins yes. You're cutting incisive and put some time trying to blow that we're. But I think what you're looking for is discussing not got resilient though I guarantee you there's other rough potato people who listen how can you feel like that starchy potato we have now. Happiness like a film that it leaves your mouth yeah that's disgusting like undercooked potatoes are now not edible know that. Completely on cooks are awesome it's like eating a really crisp turn out. Or radish fix radishes yeah you're really convincing me yet heard of no also you've got because you don't need those kind of vegetables you'll exceeds all we're going to put us through your. We tomatoes and on here but yes you leave this demon tomatoes well I know people who begins meciar and if you try to do. Axis it's like to listen I don't you had to rise on a terror appeal. We cannot. I didn't outlawed those good looks Netanyahu needs parents wouldn't second sweetness and I usually say I had already who. Should. I was pretty sections are to be here we have the farmer's murder I. Imagine steaming carrots with spoon in ranch dressing like yeah. Yeah nasty that's the best I don't really eat a lot of tears when I need to pre peel carrots like we devote a man I don't like to know Brady's foot tall small ones when his own told me that. This makes me feel really stupid for the longest time I thought maybe Terrence were baby carrots and fatigued engineer remotely grooming just they just picked him no. Oh another kind of Mellon. Do you do you know that its single handedly saved the care industry. Are you mention some but I did I told you that. Some dude was like. Like these farmers are usually you get weird to form keratin nobody wants is just like how to plenty he'd kill them and cut them down in the small call the baby carriage did you like. Oh my god look at the acute. Good parents go to get bought two that's cool is being human like species do that with a every vegetable. Mr. potato and a way to make it turn apple good computer equipment or or a radish relief and a matter of an asset kiwis again. Ernie duties. Yet not only to skin. This you do the artichoke and yeah like I got a mostly due later grapefruit with that links I mean it happens when in doubt the reason I don't like it's very great yeah. That's something key lime pie cooler like. No there's so you know you would bash Byzantine emperor of fruits and you impound and probably Shockey. He lacks the critical hole that's the word is out with the clever clever. That was pretty clever how I really such a long buildup for that. I didn't know it's just a smaller more sour it's called key low key lines you know aren't but the hockey we go thirteen no search he should ask people to dearest and mango PL do not need to mangled. Idea and read a freshman no I don't think got you there yeah freshman who asks. Are there among and it's like it it's like impeach it's like foreign review with the peaches this season the PGH. Is growing in Colorado I'm telling you right now color peaches argument I would hate to say I don't know her better. It's a combination of the long hot days and then cool nights. President to cantaloupe. Doesn't matter how bad BitTorrent if you're all right Gloria and that's no I'm telling you know pinot does the same way it's weird that you're saying that but peaches and Pino grows in the right yeah. You my main appeal tempers and he knew it you're it's. Orange peel never. 4% of people eat it why. I don't now. Okay you rom border with you I don't know I don't really does anyone who is normally is what you feel a little orange like I do artichokes into orange I don't like. The stuff that holds an orange wedge to death I stand now don't put my mouth the gulf. And generally Jews out of it and spit this match. I was doing the wrong I don't eat the Pope either most sought to June so just throw around so why that's okay we're doing or are getting almost no nutritional value and help them decide and I know I'll finally. Banana peel our loved but never does appeal as the packaging it's when it's all packaged together it's one big package looks to the guerrilla. They eat the whole thing Daniels bossi to puritan. What kind of people of whom he's owed a banana peel ruinous 1% of the population did I ought to meet that 1%. Lauren I wanna hang out with them select ten memo you wanna fight a massage. It's your least he'll leaders got to look familiar if your appeal leader wow that's a cut its own sort of reasons for cook. But it's not racist it's a things for the tour. Wrong you're cheerleader he discipline or FaceBook page and you have to be a minute. We're Liberal Party your house in movies and into tomorrow but it'll be fun.