Slacker and Steve - Eating Snow 2/16

Friday, February 16th


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Staying on the entire question for you and I don't know if that's I think that's why it's more snow. Eating snow do you did you ever eats now they're actually not supposed to because of these heats up your metabolism makes even the worst year when you hadn't beaten snow. Anyway I'm not talking about OK ultimately you're talking about it is you're straining your car and on the side of the road for like. Three days old horror I go god and so many am dying so snows are wondering if that is bad right knee is yet because. EC took him downloading like your new tell all you to try to do like you out to receive him thirsty you're in London to study snow to begin so the Smart plays in that just to put her just to put guys period on your contingent we'll check in the Smart plays and is. So like how. Have some sort of receptacle bringing it in near warm car and let the snow melts just like Tom Hanks in castaway were arraigned he gathered the water in many drink gathered gathered yes it's so don't GLE to snow let it become water water drink or so colder you wanted to be like room temperature do you prefer blue room temperature but he got to do what you gotta do you drink it cold. Stuff wise so we are your you regarding what are you here's my thing I used heats know a lot as a kid I was a kid yeah. And I don't I don't wanna say how often you did it as an adult things come out shoveling. You'll eat this you know he likes. Just to see what kind of noticed is you know there's different kind with a kind of socially and say where there isn't the stuff fluffy stuff which super. Super cold and night. It feels like the snow has no more history and it cut when you're so even when you're like shoveling is like. It's like dried yeah. Yes it's dry snow was a weird little taste yeah yeah I have to like sales all the way error while mind you don't do. Was this like you both say yeah this is starting wars if it is just a matter more about it yes they were like but the Kansas the big six slushy stuff for the wetter heavier stuff yes and they're all sorts of stuff in between there's just slight difference knows have a different. The idol did actually yes I believe you buddy though you're right I'm not asking you believe me I'm asking if you've ever tried snow is as an adult and as an adult know you remember his kids Reese makes no walls in Newbury amid and put him in the freezer and then you'd just you'd be just human error for like months they watch. Some disorder woman's a more snow outside you still got snow. Return spring and summer program people you meet them walked. Now you're gonna make a snow come anonymous now like Corel served on it some people would nor I rented and why it's here comes the first candidate Jerry bomb. That Hawaiian punch. Was actually invented. As an ice cream topic did not know guys. That would suck when you snow cone to operate well no we said ice cream tubby ice cream towns that you know myself it make a better snow cone topping wrestling whatever and your ice cream toppings to be fixed gem that's sold wrote me I just would you be Torre be sitting here have troughs of light skinned red juicy presumably would stick to the top of the industry ID number sorry yeah I can see business notebooks don't absolutely I hate snow cones and never gonna miss no you didn't know kids still love them because it's eating snow but eating nicely after initially colonized countries should actually yeah. We don't. If you love so nobody gets ready rank but there's a study out that says how long snow. Is good for before it's. For a lot of better word spoiled it's actually com. No longer safe to eat. But there's an expiration date on yes eating snow camera say this act and having read this no wonder I was a sick little child oh no because you were doing a little far past. God like. It did snowed in like a week later you're put some good deep snow this gossip prince and it and of course I know not teeth yellow snows and to cure there's no deal little. But there's like a spot of pure white snow to really tell that nobody's. Stepped and it OK it's it's it's bird it's pristine. I'd scrape up and eat at any even if it like oh has known two weeks but it's this is up on the top like there was a rocket saying. At our playground near our house and you know climb all the way up and I would climb on the outside to talk and eat the the fresh snow off the top OK you know your notes I don't think well according to a new study out. Me yeah I should be dead either. I it's so it's not really teach pitches I don't wish Julie but it's as your best bet is key to know that's less than twelve hours old if it if your seal and snow are key you can push it to 24 hour move poor chip. But bomb at 24 hours there's already a ton of bacteria and it. Oh whoa dude you by the time it's 36 to 48 hours you need to. Oh boy the snow at all costs. He's no longer safe use coal life for me no I don't know where we did cold doesn't have this whole line you know take it. No you know Michael Rosen is you would they can that would maybe kill you. No I guess for getting it from my parents that's what colts to stop digs the couple. And you guys do I know. A little bit of a boy and boats on and then maybe you know real handed.