Slacker and Steve - Embarrassing Parents 10/23

Monday, October 23rd


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Slacker and Steve on the day. Let me just sit down right now fast. When a series when up. Steve just said something or remarkable out here are did not. She said no this is a good reason to become a dad took away all. God. It was not a context. You know. I guess now I'll do a good reason to become a day and you are right out of town. Steve how are you okay and the somebody Steve yeah new high you know it makes you say. Sentence. Like back to some of these stories these examples are pretty these are pretty suing my life is almost complete OK anyway. Sing you've ever heard a car would just wanna have kids just for this reason than not sensitive so. We we found this story like some embarrassing. Funny and I don't know if it's a little deal our intern Mike or who it is but a light. All the stories of embarrassing parents. Now 89 point 9% of the stories about Amir's endurance or about that now because you guys are embarrassed and he can be just does it burying. Which you don't see moms and their underworld are. Rude little car that's why did the glass bottle long on color dairy. But he sees room age. Craziness that is an embarrassing parent while driving you monster truck your. Rose by. 00 sweet old lady mum so this isn't a big grave digger how good the couple. The top of unsuspecting recruits takes the odd so there's this story out that says dad dancing certain age 37. Salt and that's our sees some of those videos you see the young daughter early due to dance routine dental shall open the background to do better than I do and sang. I. In the father. Not a dancer I'll never be a dad uh oh cut it when I dance I put it down I mean it's V news. I did so that you put it down thank god puts. Down hard luck it's so do you see it that way lowered its commitment that you guys. I don't understand I put it. Our Africa. And but. Over here just. Down putter Har. They say the dead dancing is only the gas source most embarrassing thing to dads didn't woke is dead DNC's birdied number isn't. Did your parents you better embarrass you didn't either dare I mean that's just set my mom to milk. My daddy humiliated me every click every Friday night I can see you Lou do and that's all you sons Theodore on purpose I think she would go outside in his underwear that's right stand their yelled the neighbors. Don't let anybody out driving by Kurt since. You always expected somebody was stealing something out of his truck when they don't want the streets that they were so he was very hard to PGA Hewitt out there rafter shotgun in his underwear I have never met you that before but every time you talk about in my picture like read from that seventy's show to dad from That '70s Show you know. Anybody could be cool yeah. My daddy's cool. Yeah as he did dark side is not yet know it's not ideal he's a typical of bribes do world while I was I was squirrels don't just go back. Steve hearing how humiliating. Also other can be to his children now is as follows six hired him to maybe become a father god just more just for today what story got you. Inspired song let's see where was it was. It's when it's added the daughter they went into that would into the grocery store tagged by some cap know some cat food. And apparently there was a good looking young high school boy that was a cashier inside the daughters are blue moon. He's Cheney now so Dag pricked up to value cat food and turn the daughter in Sonoma shoot you don't he don't losing good and his walk down. Leave her sucks or glorified in front of price what you bush. I wanna make sure that's soft rock is simple speed is beautifully embarrassing if you're what I wanna make sure. This you do finally decide to have a baby with somebody who just as your batting her downs and this is the moment. Where you we're Steve's seed will become. A new life it says I waited teller the reason I'm doing now six. The following story. It's like to zero you can tell hurt the tattooed story did while you're impregnated. We weren't she good. I can let it go that's the reason I have a job. Are you the idea because of some stupid I wanna carry on the Linear inch smaller donors the crowd or reasoning is so much yeah I. It's great yeah. I understood the nature of all I got hooked up. Our soon. A critical I think is the fans love it or did this story that I really loved and I can't wait to do this senator Mike did some day visit this person wrote my dad and just on a CD from a sore or bad tells you how long ago this was. And they walked into another store. And for some reason end. This CD. Still had some sort of security device on it you know they made the alarm go loss in store number two you know I've done that Watson was once a mom myself Luke who's making up and they dad goes. I don't know if I'm Obama and daughters I'm just stand there are going. And order. I'm like yeah all the time that's is slow how often do you get your own actions Arnold. Do you where's your kids yet none and I did not build up but what does and high school I had all of the basketball team over my house one time for like a team dinner thing or whatever check my dad used to be like. A part time stand up comic Bono and. And show you that he you literally decide throughout his whole routine on the basketball team while they are all my house no. Doing that break. How good my dad yeah. Wedges into all your kids and. And I got exactly brings them I so yeah that's Ozzie if you got an embarrassing dad or even more importantly. An embarrassing ma ma if your parents and embarrass you we wanna hear how they did it stop lacy. Yeah I Moet we got media I knew we can but it's not always disguised as you'll be so much prettier now online they see whatever would your parents. So my grandmother's Halloween and an eighth grader having Harley party while in he front row an old lady made it that I back. You know the late idiot writer or you get the Carolina line lock your mom was. I think mighty power. And you already knew of my mother and woman and generally have. So she's SO wandering around nobody's here they're real estate movies on in the whole thing while. But yeah. Informal money it's great friend. Com eighth grade that's born and I'm a notice how it's brilliant. She made sure you do lose your. Oh yeah I know boy is going to be OK I think I'll take a run of lazy isn't this crazy make me Zach I want mom you don't wanna will play mom makes you really normally sees. Michael's. Hey you head I embarrassing rents. My parents needn't mean Michael is an Ajax and my name is Michael Jackson. But if that. He proudly on purpose so. Yeah no no it was an actually my mom like Michael Anthony from Van Halen didn't realize my dad's last name is Jackson. Sometimes certain Anemia after the bass player from me anyway and if so then knowing her husband's last name. Correct so I don't know everything under the sun from Merck. Like oh you're the only real Q are hurt like I've had every saying. All Michael he. That yeah you're Bob rock your mom this mine was Vietnam if they usually call the thing with the audio has sentenced thing you know your last this. Yeah. You hear us. I know I embarrassing parents what are you guys. Rae will back in the days before cellphones we are going through Indian Paramount. And blew it McConnell as a teenager and. And I hate it they would take till there. And my dad would say yes. And hang ups. Let there be more specific cents a cup UI is your questions. Oh yeah. That's that's 40. Other Smart dads and your daughters be carted to accessing his inner it was simply brilliant low end. That is a great one day you really call hill Channing. I I embarrassing parents what you got. The program my father would try every wearable art that you can match. Birds and I Wear them or kept. And an eight great aunt I'd veritable highlight. Got it idea be touched I had my dad picked me up one day after school late in power after all that out. Puberty keep hold up just does the boy that I like with any Whitney and my dad had put a bumper sticker just above. It's happened to the side door that said show me your mommy part. So spent just didn't say mommy tortured it'd save more graphic words. Mark Russia or oh so tough is is it ever happened. High school he had that on his car. Yeah classy classy. Mets don't you're. The boy your sweet and so on the show us your client is innocent. Yep I keep my dad's little yellow car coming down the jury of my got a note that not happen. I don't tell me it did go now alone this is really Tyler. Yeah I arrived there isn't parents what happened. So well I would when I was a teenager we lived in kind of authority household and we had this game called the foreign Olympics where you have to do some kind of led gymnastic moves lay out hard in the Goldman you get laid on about whatever. Remember he has while. I'm. I was Adam make you know this girl on my couch and my mom comes in the room sent this to. And good government met last year so are you just. Need clothes really do with a girl that's completely red. Although. She committed. Big time Max did use. Steve and you know I mean you know well. Still that's only because something else going.