Slacker and Steve - The End of Titanic is Wrong! 10/6

Friday, October 6th


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Slacker and Steve on the day. I don't even know why weren't linked ever listen why did he spoiler alert yeah okay car for victory go cook really in the Damon Jones noted nothing you do in ovals are no. The Titanic and I know. This movie has been talked about analyzed done today I thought nauseam spawn but. Love it when you say that I know right is that you be right and I do I got a wrong you know I said I remember the bomb. Anyway Titanic has been discussed but now that kid that that a stroller juror no astrophysicist. Is not an astrologers say OK okay TF. Right this cooling required to do I'm with you price is you know I did you should go and carries a yeah. I think you got to look good together that's Neil deGrasse Tyson did and astrologers he's actually astrophysicist. Armed. And he is tearing the ending of Titanic apart because he showed he's makes sense this guy's brilliant she thinks that we don't know if you if you're if you if you're on any spoiler. Read it spreads or any thing. We give them roses on that door floating and they're big and there's been all sorts of drawings and even the dudes from Mythbusters busters like two people could've there's six different ways were two people could have coexisted. On that door you and it would have been fine. On good meal the grass C insurance in his own name wrong but come. She's wondering why didn't Jack trying harder there it is he says I would've tried more than once you try once I was not gonna work. I just freeze to death in the water no yourself preservation skills take over it's exactly what that's exactly what he says he says the survival instinct is way stronger than that in every human being especially in. That particular character in Jack's character he's been a survivor throughout the whole this whole life if you assume it's true he gets by he said don't tell you this attack character was Matt Damon from the martian would be an outboard motor concede everybody this is house thanks Philadelphia based he is dead right back to the point his self preservation skills Jack put a shuttle rose off the door. Moon Noelle you would have women work he wanted to do would have found it through and hugs to save body warmth feels nice yes so there's another Syrian I don't have the whole thing in front of me right now revenue Jack. There's a theory this is Jack was never there. We in the water never there on the Titanic. Jack's not real. Jackie is he is a signal into her imagination and then got her out of this relationship and opened her up. And once she was finally ready she she helped her through OK it's like when people have liked that imaginary friend OK I get some through the tough times. There's a theory out there they jacked easing real. So they make you brought outer sexiness when he pain in your stature and whoever imagined all that she imagined all of it. Hong and then win once she was strong enough. To survives. The sinking of the ship. And Jack stayed with her in the water. Even she would've been like. If you are real there's you know like why should try to get out here is you're probably totally out of there is here so did the other theory is spending a Jack was in. Jack was like. Being bombed he was her imaginary friend do you know what the way you exploited soccer both both of those sound kind of possible Leo so. Or how we end this close and it says if if you don't know Jack guys stand the Titanic sinks all hot. I may never know he's in your series you have. How about Titanic we day go run the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.