Slacker and Steve - Entangled 2/28

Wednesday, February 28th


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Staying on the I think I got you know you so I got you this is still you owe you believe in Albert Einstein you believe he was genius of coerced. Hopefully she didn't say definitively. No open it up he was generic here's ordeal went. We want you to tell us a story. Of we knew were entangled with somebody and I'll explain what that means but it's. It's I'm using the scientific word that they use because it really didn't there's not a better scientific way of saying what they're saying. They're saying. When to humans who are made of energy come stick a lot of time together and have feelings and share energy and out of got. Their energy he's become. And tank car. And and they can sense things in the universe. Sometimes when they're not to Decker what they know something's happened to the other one sometimes in the art together. The universe tells them. Everything around us is made of energy as well like yours of the universe is telling us the energy that the entanglements. Between two people I guarantee you we're gonna get people. And are entangled yes they can say. I woke up 1 morning and I just knew I had to call my sister. I woke up 1 morning and I knew I had to call my best friend from college all that's twins' wins do that stuff okay that's why she. Colleagues friends here or did the twit and it's the same thing. Osu you supply the twin thing to a regular Don -- right but how could that be if they're not born six champion it can be even Albert Einstein she called it spooky action at. At a distance he is to see it existed though he's said it it could be why we have inexplicable closed at no wings. Or stay emotionally connected to people after years of being a part with the keywords could. Another researcher says entanglements. Is legitimate and it's it's like a psychic experience he equates the connection and I'd seen this. Like your animals. Will know. If if I would go on a trip. Mode so we know I was coming home. Before I got home. He would just starting antsy at the door he didn't and shift the flight schedules he just Neil. That I was coming books because you told them before you oh yeah. Thorough and sort of third anyway no doubt that's because animals can sense it. I see animals they can sense like weather pattern changes and just you endanger Alaska's defense now. President Caribbean and trying to tangle with the weather can be entangled into the desert energy in their nests mom that's. Dared to Kathy you ever get overwhelmed by strong emotions with no apparent source they're Tim asking the wrong guy ranks fifth among you you do. Yes yes you have I feel like come entangled with people there are times where I'm like. I've never had this thing where you know. Can't talk to Heather and forever and also an. You get attacks from Heather who loves Heather and I had a falling you know lawyers using that as a Jean yeah. Are we think you have there and then have her would like text relay or you get caught and it's like how I you know what's so weird I was just talking about you. That's what we call it coincidence seat you can call it whatever you want but it's not cool it's not entitled unsigned dubbed it in tangles. Yeah it happens. It doesn't have to be when your far apart there's OK here's where I got I guess speakers are excited because I you've found your hold this is you know like sound I think. H Amazon about a munitions or psychic stuff through you do that joke and then you know you can do it was a good. I'm all we know. You finish Parker yeah that's okay recent time the other two people are gonna be entangled it's going to be our side now so would your like off a near Brazil trip so I can sense I can feel like no it's me because you have no emotion and so unsecured or improper. Please don't let the Steve. I'm sure I have a good day JC NN Lauren tangle. All it took a subtle you so here's this woman okay there we go we are actual. Partner and you. She's I'd she's famous for some doesn't matter if mom. She. Each she wouldn't caller premonition but her husband they went out with the dogs and have a daily walk Oca and they stop us to this local coffee shop. And for months this coffee shop the front of the buildings coffee shop is in has been under construction is that scaffolding above it Oca. Never thought anything of it nothing. This day. Bold Vista. They're walking in in the entanglement. Between her remand her and her dog oh you given ten with a hole yeah. So I just slowing you know I don't know as far as could be hugely more than one person to once or did you tell it was OK a little gust and this is her husband and a dog if you would make an emotional connection with more than one person ever go right you could feel what entanglement feels with the group oh yeah it doesn't. Just have to be grouped into one move. You know entanglements pretty pretty complicated at all. It's like going out with its so chic is having a stealing about the scaffolding that day she's thanks. As they're walking she's like I want to feel weird about Kevin music but then norms are strong Bremer our. They walk inside and they get their copies or whatever it is or walk him back out. The entanglement. He's inspect moment it like her emotions get the better she's like something is wrong. And she shoves her man. And her dog. Out of the way. And a huge chunk of scaffolding comes falling down no way she could have known it was coming your you'd see it go so you can hear it you'd see it. The faulty engineering of an all you do is news that's how she knew who dated debt that yes she's the I remember when she's famous for she's a scaffolding came generic. CO this apple becomes even cheer you know she's so she knew who. Armed she likely walk in the cottage she literally sent frank I feel really funny about that scaffolding. I can just see it following now while because it was windy Jewish eighteen that's probably why a guy so then. Until they shot him out of the way to drink the chef frank and their dog out of the way. A huge chunk of scaffolding fell down and they both stood there a bus had a locker Mott has a cell down my into the road also far away from them morally wrong. This was a big shot she's shot and out of the way it was OK you know been in the bus. The bus driver jumped out asked him brings okay NC you guys would have been killed if it wasn't for your entanglement. If it was a different angle you would have died yes. And so the dog Suze stolen her she shut the dog is Bologna because she shoved them all out of the way they what are some good news this show because it was over out there in the street in the bus she should show the boss effective you can be shot. Bus driver rating why she show where these guys there's just. Try to enjoy their culture you know I hate the most I have one more quick story that Goran meets and it also has a bus and it makes notoriety and focus on bus. Buses and you're gonna somehow ruined. You know my entire planet talking to people about their entanglement has tiger and it's gonna you're gonna make it about Greyhound dogs are your coach Joey Graham stories tomorrow bride there's dogs and I swear he. Underdog if you just let me have entanglement and entangled with a great that's okay this this girl. Was close friends or somebody else spoke and down she was jump and on a bus to go home from. School Luka to a she's out of school and what are her best friends call their French frantically. Or frantically. And said. You need just about it off to school bus she's a debt off the bus she said I just imagined the boss having some kind of accident. She's okay she got to the bus. Had to wait for the next vice hookah next baskets Erin she's like Terry on this one you know friends adjust course or I don't know I just hope we are. If we have some sort of entanglement. So she gets on the second bottle oh and the drivers are still is that now we can go roads blocked let's robots. The earlier bust any huge accident. Wait no it for. Dogs don't lose the ball is. Beyond the accident I'd say the. What sort. Please note of his first of all it wasn't a huge accident it was a sub is a little fender Bender and since it was soccer match has CME here hey she's shaken up I didn't just miss the political. Acts if you don't oh so you read the story in your just your putting. I know Liza and bats mighty Joseph bench with I stage heights or go right wing social class is yes the I think a nuclear bomb fell off a nuclear file. Our cameraman was riding the nuclear club is that how a little while but yeah this table that messes this things that can happen and approve the deal right now okay you're soaring you are proof your reopen a trunks. Oh I'm originally somebody almost into some entangling yes I'm so excited I was gonna tell you somebody you care about skimming it hurt but you don't care about anybody but yourself this is true Celso entanglement doesn't work and so what I need is a piece of scaffolding to. I think that's a construction next door and nine squarely on you talk. With the I've entangled with scab here entangled with yourself jazz since the doesn't. Don't happen to me because I love me that I would stay go there. Plus if you understand the concept of entanglement you have threatens not discriminate can be. Whatever it's can be you can feel this thing you can even add this thing where you knew some was gonna happen to somebody Heusen did governor somebody who somebody die before anybody else who clearest today. I'm desperate. You do need help I need always anywhere real hard police showed what was story ends just as well. Spores to entangle people features should be here helping you out raffle lines entangled. You know Latino I can tell Pollack I know you're not saying no prisoners sentenced Hilton phones are ringing. Should we. It's not certain. If you really you've got an entanglement story but please tell us families with. Yeah yeah I entanglement. So I changed and we you're apt. Our turnout action on getting ready her grandma and doctors are played and I eat we shouldn't just moved out of our current L. And we especially Atlanta in the current terrorist out of got a call from us and we really can't the doctor Eric. I really don't eager and Arnie issued. Our moral well won't get home I'll call on her daughter and we we go for her I does nursing home because she. I'll let moves to a nursing home she yeah aren't out of it my mom we call Sierra my mom just about trying to sort out the jets to their took both Florida. Sometimes yeah and Aaron. Shops aren't searched innings and I like what mom and she goes. On how to almost I grant actually and I'm not a doctor between militant. Like you know she can't show not by Internet faster I had told. Him. When I sensed it hurt your entangled with all you says could use our be put in a nurse I hope you. I should I don't they are nursing homes so use it for a hole and apple she was five did she know that she and understand that she wasn't like. All all on hospice so. And set my pastas and watched. It's not stood stop stealing my entanglement who Kathy and I believe you're entangled wouldn't and I will you were entangled. That is cool you couldn't be but you never to return to do you should I know you would eventually stopped turned you can Stockton chipped away for harming your heart and she should not let you stop nickel and there's no way to stop and Anna's death but there's a way to stop you cook. Thank you good golf by new wife Michelle. Yeah I entanglements. I wouldn't loans which has little more anxious and different things. Listen to how we act channel I called him and actually you know okay each. And nobody had just been an cracked it. Ouch you knew you felt it Paula you knew because he was laid out. I was Lloyd that's what made her call I mean she's always probably good teachers who that's all right okay I see you haven't noticed. Just get pitched the no zeal to Beirut turner. It sank into the Internet I didn't get it and things. He was worried yeah I wouldn't see my dog is you know I'd choose Sarah I'd do Michelle you did awesome you do awesome Michelle. Integra or use our current angle. Your husband doesn't get mad you're sad what's that I am entangled everybody listens to are showing you won't recommend a I would tell you guys to know that we're entangled with. And you have no connection to Steve was well what is he was mocking our intent I am not your your mocking my right now maybe I'm too little you're talking about Joseph I know when a mock such a it's a I did to my wife feels mocked right now on Jeanne thank you Rivera outside and I don't know were entangled. That's what she's entered. The good guys and my wife your market. She just submission and agreement and a half. And Savannah. Yeah I entangled too. Entangled. With the well. When need. Dark Knight will now. You hear me and my spirit of friendly Oliver Perez yeah I was my boyfriend at that time. And the vulgar at burger kind of bailed. I was kind of like you know I don't want to see that movie and I could have you know the midnight Elena what am tired and he got up aware. I like bella bella bella does so we've magically found ticket at the closest theater we get by and. And I just had a bad feeling well I like you know like a not go widely debated it for like twenty minutes. Finally yes he won out and I have like OK I'm not we knew we are gonna ideally we have these tickets. We had that we had cream by. Why and well we had literally every single red light on the land air sea to the Peter. At this point they're just what would ever see where it might not be showtime that you were a network but in a theater. And so because you're so lately it had been a completely different leader than we were originally opposed sales. And eerie I was out the year Laura. Shots but your mouse. You're out that's the issue that's so used you were supposed to be sitting in that theater. Two year old are normally. She. And spot within purse cell lung about it they're like twenty minute so that completely here about parted later. And then proceeded every red light and got a different either. Her because you were entangled. Or just you know about it keeping just showing up on it's that's an amazing story Genesis I saved your life you can't. I'm about what it's like you're right I'm not really you ruined ya and another one of my entanglements stories Jesse. Yeah I I. A date now I went yeah I know all there on the white cheaper right. And right before I get home different technique would you like Cuba right Allen like oh my god you got war outlined all the Elan I did you know. What the hell's Chiba but if you like it. Oh OK so your friend was actually but that's it you're like so so they did and she. It is did she thought vibes to you as man gives them the whole college now oh yeah and all right my themselves.