Slacker and Steve - Everyone Knew But Me 10/17

Tuesday, October 17th


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You. This this this is I wish I I wish I had the forest thought ten not. Show you this is I think I could've fooled you once we now know. I I'd aviation equipment and their so I don't even know who did this survey but asking people out. Like five different things. They ask you about a bunch of some others going blow the surprise was fastened a bunch of its Oka and eat large percentage of people didn't know what brought me in Morrison while. How do you not know what brought. Pretty outspoken opponent this I didn't know LeBron was until I was an adult. Once which is weird because I grow pour my parents never but my parents never did prominent supporters of the poor fool my god you can sometimes get ten for a dollar right there Donnie my PC you guys never touched by a never prominence against while. But people were like 24% of people polled. Said they thought it was the name of religious festival. Oh I see they got to was drama directed at the 13% was named an Egyptian pharaoh. I can yeah. Restaurant and right ramseys but yeah. And the other one and then. On. 4% thought it was a position comes suture. Well and is now. Had done a key words undo and Iran be OK you know you're not in its push is on them. There's not what I wanted to say which he's out until it was one of the few that most people got. On at 6% of people thought it was an animal found in the jungles of South America but a potential lot of saint enchilada. Do I say this on July you have come a long way I have had a recent override it when we used to play poker my body Ben's house before it came tool. Alms to fit in just a little birdie on ten key would bring his restaurants saw the best. Chicken enchiladas and dude you would never you're like to encourage you can have on July 2 Mike what the -- and all of job. I'm sure a lot I'm like what are you what what word. Past is speed they are no I can't speak the way to originate the food you like his chickens I do it's a bus our own Sheila. I am really a duty to do. I I don't say it enough I'm proud of oh thank you and I Tom young boom. It's a dude. I don't I never had it it's a type of soup in Thailand 12% thought it was a form of martial arts the fifth at 11% thought it was an Indonesian born player. But I'm with them I had spoke. Who have gone yet and then this is a big one and this this blue group you can yell and say it's been around longer I did it but just who has blown up in the last five years ten maxed. I am not saying you curse word that the the food is saw. Blow always at the pronunciation wrong yacht that's every lets you 15% of people thought it was an exotic fish. Grew 10% thought it was somebody union drugs. And well didn't they make you look yet. He's got to tell. Everybody guys are thrown to the my dogs it's polluted it is really does till this year. I should sassy because I'm getting close you are talking and you're not in the arm but he felt like kangaroo after anymore going to be a lot of trouble. With the world. Anger over. As Spitzer so lawful 5% of people thought it was name of Russian poet. And those 3% thought it was one of the components of a jet engine. Hard. Moved one of the American dudes on the list was dumbo it the most common incorrect answer for that was isn't that dumb those brother. All com mall I know I'm telling you there's some stupid well stupid people on the planet. So it's a goddess inspired. You have something you can admit we wanna admit something that everybody knew. But you. Several on this other listen I could. I I will take credit for the very first thing I legitimately I grew up terribly. Terribly religious men I knew more about the Bible. And I knew about the human body. And my entire life and tell I don't remember how old I was when somebody made fun of me I thought men. Had one less red than women. All because of the story however and Adam. Made from them man's rib and all you see thug God's literally took in the rear about a madam when she doesn't really know he's he's down rim. The floating written. In the know and he wasn't that one clearly. I checked his options out there that is the job or it's I think your besides that though that means and an all men have more must written to do it I can walk out terror. Let's and I I you can say but it's one of those things he just so. Know if you're one of those people who like wal day use a Bible to explain because there's people who go like you know. These big Jewish culture doesn't it didn't eat pork and all this stuff and there's people go holding the date may god rule because the pork was so tainted in people were dying from a sudden they just said. It's got things is not Decourt and they never did people stop dying straight. So if you if you go term logic 'cause I was going to might. Don't maybe even guys have harmless ribbon this is a story they moved into each. Reason you know I want you to your union you earns. Earlier. But there a tie your life because she I don't know why it is our. While it's so what is recently we worked furiously he was your wife can you tell voter she oval you wait you are gonna what I don't. I don't remember where I was I was night. You're wasn't almost I'm sure remember a couple years it was more than a couple years till my kids were little and I broke. I don't even know if they were broken or just bruised my ribs we. On physical memory like no team and Johnson likes bull sneezing no my chest was a and you know Arizona he's got a rapid he's got to suck it up you know true or whatever. And I it's said it you I think it was probably my wife. And he knows somebody jump from her was it. Can be careful mommy is more ribs and I do you do you know and I was like that moment where it's ranked so no OT Hewitt what are you good. Yes I know you might wives and we talk about Mike small two women. We have the one extra Ripken. Spoke. You dislike admitting this sitting there doing that anything. Why does have won recently and you guys Marty Meehan do and leave everybody knew you what did everybody know that's roto or frozen the throw but you'll grow we don't. That's not thrown over his milk nevermind you do have been together for a week to statistic frozen yogurt started to throw you out so just silly sad. You didn't know us Lange ever good enough bridal is edged. What does why don't you worked your whole team character out bugs some throat or what are you talking about it no I don't eat yogurt so. Clearly there almost certain let me ask you this 'cause we got a list of some other things. I I know people who believe this one. Who didn't know that the sun. He's a star. Wants I dude. There are people who just don't they don't need to equation because stars or little tiny dots in suns this huge glowing yellow ball they don't they're like we are different during their marriage if it hasn't and so it was started a little white Doris. We have a big your rules are different. There's people who. I believe these sound exactly like a secret I'm telling you I'm hoping we get calls from people when Sandra knows. Oh yeah. I did. You Bhutto or now are. That's. Another call in their solar company oh well. I'll start. The back of the notes of different. All right I. I found out on a trip and I didn't know this is not something I would know. I've done other pineapples. I don't think particles from Bush's I think you assume legal music paradise what you think up. Oh that's a really good palm trees nude so there's coconuts on big old trees been as our military is she's assumed everything. Those exotic fruits. I assume there's like kiwi trio there kind of a tree over there is a proprietary. A mango tree. And there's not a pineapple tree there's little. Tiny they'll birds which is we are bush is there like not as tall or they're a little since Republicans support the weight of that heavy clothing isn't. I don't know if that's and everyone knew remain Lou bombs this is one I didn't know that you. Point that a second it was a Christopher Columbus never came to America. Never set foot in a merit technically he never set foot on American right he actually made. What things he made one trip over in those no he made three trips to the new world in fact the last I don't see gentlemen I've fumble or did you what else you got the job done the last your life. I his crew actually abandon him because he was such such a do you bags to loom so I really ideal appeal he left mine where. How exactly do you really believe they even know where they help quickly I don't. You anybody got back some announcement to pick them up and I know that funnel crude has had enough of them. So what's my favorite part of about everyone knew but me is you have just an ax to sound slightly Intel is about certain things if you could. But every day I'm all right so is something that everyone knew bite you if you got a story and you're willing to admit it. We would take your everyone knew. But maybe. I'm happy. I thank everyone knew yes. So I just don't we don't have the literally. Great aunt it slow high school I spoke to Rick Perry but I understand Natalie. It's the law. Did it all first named the big song rehab and how'd you find out you methods when it. Does it. Like you're talking about it but another road. Let's wind it definitely. Definitely a link to you what that means that now oh. Because that's our hockey till that moment when somebody makes you feel stupid about something everybody knew recycling bombs. Pretty little. So it's her fault it's your sister's slope to the for an unknown though. Yeah now what action if that's did you tell her once you've found a fifth or did you just. Yeah she acted like she did I don't think it's a bit. You shouldn't OK you guys have that telepathy Jones-Drew me as usual there's eighteen yeah yes so we don't ask don't. Hit it is a fix your sister yeah all right thank you gonna that's. That's understand them Todd. Yes thank you pick the car. My tired. My entire adult life I thought every guy can opener at chaebol were broken because that turned down. So it not gone oligarchy mean Michael has some eat slowly and raping cable and they'll return to die not a lot mom my own loan. Oh yeah I'm. That's not a whole arm him all these kids value these little courthouse yeah you didn't know that. Yes I always unraveled I always clutter directly with broken. But Jude's the hockey yet. The moment don't feel like the guy doesn't coal court tomorrow the ones who was like. I'm incensed three minutes to ask for fifty this is the one don't always it. Our Hala it's fun all of that is really. Really fine thank you for the call and. Everyone new knew this. Yeah I I I. Noon up until my brother were like fourteen I had lunch early age that speaker Newt quarterly Jacqueline hopes what's. Slick shiny late creatures that they were actually legitimately real success and may see. Evolution it's what we you know and I. And speaking of ultra cool we'll invade you or break so that's what I learned today I don't know and it's. Each K guru actually aren't reais. Legitimate creature is I almost half now. You see an upper class. Since the oh. Seventeen Arctic. I realize that he hadn't found only. A don't Weaver cute to make a good play your best. Hold Turkish you know something like that information age our current. He'd go now any time I tell him 88 he really spent that like kangaroo. Do you seriously I don't militaries around a young good intensity now. It seems it seems rent seems like a marsupial tamales Jaycee is so listen are. You could call that. I'm telling you I I would I can soften you would be that guy that's it seems mythical once you realize it Jack Hillary's. It's like. Animals. Are my side pricing on new XX. He invented the baby Bjorn who didn't stop she it's just stick it never really knew why do I get why it. Don't you convention I think somebody always kangaroos money the baby Bjorn company's name is sorry we can select from a joke. Yeah yeah I think everyone knew that she. When I first started driving I thought it would be interrupted during our right. Anything your system I didn't realize who just stop. Obstacle. To put traditionalist dehydrated all the water are a lot of playoff. Thought our road trip he'd be right through the Arizona desert tonight we are different today because the nasty and drink and drive. Think the real you would not drink liquid while driving. Well I can't but I hit it I got pulled over the why are barred but like I can get into graduate and so a lot of I couldn't think anything's. Show that is that's Q classic for the day thank you for the call you know while. I Shah whose henchmen. Simmons. And I. Everyone knew you. He's really needs. I am glad I'm not applied it can happen. And I sale of that aggression started my friend I like they. No holes or actually a little bit. Truman. There are literally labeled buttons. Yeah. I never click you can. Are there at the limit. Yeah it's. Yeah. Eating eat all of those are currently. Only if they ever. They're literally call the hole now it's literal. We are. Thank you call it's you know what that's. It's actually labeled Ron what because a whole is nothing. Oh it certainly was a goal or should we go okay you have former what came out of the hole sell shares why. So such a good discussion. Not a don't hold you don't you don't only this but now it's nothing. Yet you can't sell a whole would you say it was it was a very attractive name. It's sort though that the hole was an old recruit with the men. Who. Could cook it. In the doughnut hole that's where that. Kelly. Yeah united everyone knew Jim. I'm sure Netflix and shell. So yeah me a lot of trouble all I. I look at your program and how I did a trend alerts you watch Netflix and out nights. We're at it and wanna come over and watch Netflix and channel thirteen I had. And melody that Sarah tried it and tweet it out there that would dirty and net. Friend of mine that trend up my Alley did not want to smoke redneck. And I. Watch Netflix out. On ice sheet she actually can't and now whenever we can hang out I asked Terry do you want it watch Netflix and outlet hello I'm. It is on.