Slacker and Steve - Everything Is Going Wrong 4/26

Thursday, April 26th


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I ask you know something from you guys. It. Are you guys feeling. Hearst right now. Or is it just our show picked on kind of singled out a little bit. And maybe you is you've gone through a time period like this and we just want to stories when your curse but even more so if you're feeling curse right now. It's not just our show is even dig dude now the conspiracy do this illness is a lot of other people all the same time in the last 48 hours. None of this is earth shattering it's not life threatening its there'll kind of personal problems. But I feel like come wading through the newer. Links nothing is going writes. And and I get a text from usually it's happening to you in little dean is he. I have some sort of summoned but I don't know what it is it's it's not great. I'm site and it yesterday was worsened today but it's no fun it is what it is that's one little thing my life it's in her car today. Goes to is trying to go to work air conditioner likes stops working. Shakes season placed by her work and they go ice to be 127 months cosmic backs humanist lenders is like. No it's couple things like senator bunch calls back no there's actually a massive oil leak in went they're they're doing the same way they loved it and I'm like I. I walked out in our garage and there's oil all deformed like nevermind they're not lying and suddenly lights out losing 634000. Dollars what is. A guy every time she took your phone rang and it was like I'm back. It just hit it just kept getting worse and like a guy it's just you don't feel good in this. I got new Internet put in and none of it worked in it still doesn't work and it's not their fault it's my fault like this big equipment I am doesn't talk in so. I'm cut off from the world. It's gonna cost you money you try to get it to work her car is stealing a light and it's coming get sick I was sick I get my heart goes. Makes it sound like a mobile. But it just made it one time in my windows rolled down so Michael can just get back in my garage. Trilateral my would go up if it won't roll up it's like what so I turn my car boss and turn back on doesn't it. Sam but now the window rules not so now I'm afraid to ever roll my window down again I'm never really don't again as it goes down and it snows this. And it's about 500 bucks to fix I don't and that's what it costs for mine. So I mean. I just got stuck in the elevator just now 'cause like I don't know how whatever I got one I don't know one go into the basement and it went to the basement wouldn't dull. So do you often don't don't elevator in the basement locate him why I don't know what. What's going on but so let's I encourage it's not stopping with fuel it's like he just keeps piling up with you we were supposed to go to this charity thing this morning I don't need that and then you're gonna go and represent rest. Is that because you guys had all this weird crazy crap going on I think you know what I got this is an easy drive when we get there and that's what I've blown a tire in a busy area where I have to polo illegal U turn to get to wealth a repair shops and tell the story to another guy in the holy ghost who blows up tires it doesn't have to blow unless you're. It's bright Turks Bryson that's what happened to be supplied couldn't get toward charity function and now we look like a couple of bunch. No rights and thought yeah lions. When I put my sunglasses on one analyst Jeff just replaced pops out it did all within the and so I'm complaining your complaining little. Last night I could not sleep at all I had zero sleep I was up all night laying in bed. And so finally the kids got out of bad about what my wife had like a training thing for her work this morning so I was on daddy is like. No problem didn't get any sleep last that are all but I'll be fine whatever. So the kids wake up to remember film like crap and some deal with that they want Brett this unlike what kind of cereal do what I want go go pebbles perfect world doubles cocoa double set them down first on like. I didn't want cocoa Alabama for Rudy I want fruit loops and don't like. Fine on the other groups that don't like opera lipstick joke find out observed one good wobble wobble bought. And so then they youngest one it takes like two bites of his cereal that I just replace gets up from the table. Takes two steps off the hard wood onto the carpet and everywhere although carpet are so they don't sit there was like no problem still a multi are right delta did it together clean it up so when got all the cleaning stuff and I'm down going into neither on the carpet scrub and all the puke out of the corporate. And suddenly I hear. Behind me and I turn around and there's a bowl of fruit loops on the floor with fruit loops scattered in twenty feet in every direction from where. I it was just nonstop what but if. I wanna know to thanks right now. Is it just us I know people go through this and we'll take calls from you if you've gone through a spate just you personally where you liked. Curse the world is against us. But I also really feel and I know you believe in this crap you and you might be coming around to a right now sees. I think there's something going on in the universe means it's a surreal us. The conspiracy do the other person you some hallway former intern now turns rock star Madison and you us. Crashed her car months ago finally get to back today and you crash your car today. Mine is a whole universe and retro greater good constant urges us I. Astrology god is makes something you're touching Venus or some sort of yeah they're somebody weird. There's no way that all of us are having. When this when they talked after. I didn't sixteenth calls from my wife seen bills itself it was literally like being part of the telethon I'm going to happen. And then like it's it's too comical to be real and then I'd put this unless someone had an off. It comes to mind a little alien looking American American going to. I don't feel like I should be in a call you out just who they really society. Yeah I know are we spreading it out tonight is the clock we re embarrassing pressures are. Yeah I feel like why does something is to everybody here it was is all we are at once we era we're we're a black cloud will Arab world plague we're some who were bogus I mean. Just. There was haven't figured Dei could that's its debt locust all right so two questions we're asking. One is this happening to you. If there's anybody is happening to specifically right now we'll talk to you first tell us how bad the last 48 hours have been because not everything is accident. And if it's just happened you any time. Maybe call NTELOS to seventeen events that happened in a row and tell us what was exciting. Schools are designed lead. I need to win. I think I need. I need Steve free tired of falloff to try yeah okay so. What are you going to break this to supplement this cycle right now is so negative that this that the three of us are ready to marriage. Do something rash if you steal in curse we wanna talk to you about it Dylan. Night you coerced. Yeah that definitely is happening right now ordered a long time ago when it happened. It happened yesterday or it it's still going on wow what's happen. So everybody at like basically around like by Brendan Stanley are all getting stomach bug. And all the oil and are working. Well. Yeah that's so black night I met my girlfriend parents for the first time. And I had to go to the back over them. And after that the toilet did not watch. Sure you can it it got. Heck yeah absolutely just what it was like overflow it was a makes stuff up now. No I do it they reject it just went slush there's and what I ordered. So you are left of of us does a donation deposit. And you can't get rid of it. I I tried. I don't know I'd tried really hard to get rid a bit. You were there what are they now use it okay here you did you go oh my god. Oh dear there's an awful 'cause I did it's I'm telling you. The stomach I can assassins donor donates on to road there's something in the dude. I don't know what it is somebody is here if you're astrologers or somebody can tell us exactly what's going on some Saturday and others. Sheila. Yeah yeah. Post show and all along I had lagging car insurance canceled preparing actually speeding ticket. Read it after that I hardly changed oil. By tax breaks where we can preclude a little tray you have territories are trying to tiger arch we. During and after that would actually changed and I drink a little bit cheaper you aren't topped over alien restaurant broke my goal. But at least a week after I had to have my ankle surgery. After my ulcer treatment Sharon and actual owner Eric and why destroy it like auction Abiola sector or go to sleep I always action. Hard to walk my dog to my car. I like our battery won't start. OMG shoot for my love the fact that you get your car insurance canceled. Iraq and Iran. It's gonna. Charles hall Catholic I. Anger that you worsened by Ali had a flat tires and feel better no brighter he means you you yeah Eagles are good it's. Any consolation that. Is uncertain and Carl. Maybe if nothing else to do we're gonna feel better than leg we're not as curses we thought we were mic hole. Aren't you guys terrorists. As I am and that I'm in the universe collapsed during my campaign I haven't gotten amber and we thought about literally nothing. Lesson that the bedroom and everything that morning I then. And it kicked but I have been killing better than Conan and I bet and I feel like ethnic and that's money you know I know it is. I have to go right to my car and I need a sentence. We got to mention play and I my aunt got her wouldn't like W I at least not like our government and I called a couple played them. Nobody can get an entire month. And and my tactics. And pick and roll hall passes the you on the run from one that the minute you can't talk to your boyfriend because you don't like teach us your ball. To tell your story losers who you then I'm Nicole and her ears or sense of humility and Stephen. They don't deny terrorists. Yet so my employer to at first you're teaching a graduate from Missouri literally consider an Asian diluted Kansas. Her first year and try to get the license transferred and she actually didn't do transferred sushi. He's get paid for like the first two or three months so no there you know. The men she's her car broken into dollars eighty stolen this. And then at the end today years her apartment complex actually caught on fire and installation at a. Short out of the blue hurricane and in some agility and retain only use this book yeah. It's eight Leon Talley a much better deal and about almost a bomb going through that hurt that's painful thank you Stephen. I'm Jessica. Oh yeah yeah I cursed. I'm okay politically. My daughter ever turning three he got appendicitis. And stand up gummery and they spent breeding animal hospital burn its eighth. Oh yeah how. And might aren't cut coupon or a lot of different looks yeah I'm in the last couple months. Now have a huge meadow hospital bill. That's really. Yeah. Your kids and drive and just much the whole lot of trash if it you thank you does present its Allen was bad since the Victoria. You know my first. It actually happened a couple of times you right out popularly called them with heat and my boyfriend Nick Lachey. Seattle this week my eighty Alec over trying to chill up my card or decline when trying to purchase is glad they had Mike Karney a couple of iron. And then about two years ago I mean that the hospitals and in different I'm Burkle and Gary. Once. I'm diabetic so I heading and went on whether or sex cliche or not I'm it would try to let her insulin. Oh man I epic. Why your bank account is overdrawn so he can you have four in the way and god what are the I. I should actually give you a hug my resume on a straight we'd probably breakfast.