Slacker and Steve - Eye Injuries 1/9

Tuesday, January 9th


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Steve I am so essential and I injuries nice because I think first off everyone of us have had some sort by injury right big time. You could you really you lose tonight yeah I could've. You've got one big glass. Test was so why do I broke received a clay playing baseball way back when I broke my safety glasses well aware my real glass lenses. Metal frames for that game I was on first base policy you didn't have classes that wouldn't of done that just sport Gaza protective glass have a very bad words these real ones. That was running from first to second and the battery it's ball to shortstop abrupt turn the double play second baseman made the turn to first to throw the ball at what point point blank all right all right. Yeah and so when a lens fly off to the left field I had another one that dog and in my face the metal frames of the glass is broke dug into my feast. And so there McCauley and most is all situation you're in Europe I was like you know Dixie Alley orbit exploded and so then do surgery had to Wear a patch relate of the rest of the summer. The reason we are brings about I on I injuries right now is there's a new study out saying dat I injuries are becoming more prevalent in kids from doing water. Heat ball and pellet gun raised there were people so he's bald Pate and just go and I don't know I thought that was I guess ninety's saying you're zero. But just old men blog so. Are shooting anybody who. It's it's I'd never done it while it looks really on trust part of the knees. Because your ball OK now here I thought a whole legs they're reminding me your donor drives her thirties. You journalists pain or you guys this race ahead of the girls Davis. Cup but it starts like this is good. If you stay out of the car. And with the com. So I mean I I would never even knew we might French and you pelicans got I would do it oh yeah William Beebe a war zone and those securities if you know you just when you gear up though you were more cycle helmet with a full face shield and owns some pads stone though you don't know we needed. Country to what you guys didn't tell. Why didn't run in the field now when I started out that way as when these kids didn't hurt because these elegant more soon. I'm you're I injured all. Yes so you know when you go to the circuit you know they have like those classic so words that they sell to everybody that you know you might up in shaker. I know is there's so swords in the circus and no matter what used to be a long time ago or something I have. Have no idea putting it right ankle against Renaissance festival back and write what it's like they should sell old little elephants or motorcycle riders were jumbled things but not so word right at the circuit makes a lot more sense I. So anyway my dad got us my brother and I each has soared and so what we got home. We were sword fighting with state and out on the street that we live we lived in this apartment complex and the one side of the apartment complex had this giant cinder block wall. And so I didn't wanna sort fighting more when side my little brother stayed outside an practice sword fighting. He thought the cinder block wall which basically did nothing but sharpen his sore and I'm. That's sort of the Stoney sharp and actual mines right exactly so his was like a razor blade. In so I went back outside to play and he is like c'mon let's sword fight so we started sword fighting and he wet started to swipe high so I ducked down when I ducked down you brought the sword down. And it went right across my actual eye ball and caught my eye ball all night I saw no actually I'd Bible reading from the eyeball hole lead. Our. Exactly so I screamed I've let out like this noise that my dad said he even to this day he's never. Did the second to scream came out of my mouth he knew we're going where are you -- yeah it does seem there's no blood curdling scream it's different enough I'm kind of heard screams yes and so I ended up being blind in the I have to like a month's oil like Baghdad arm I was really little son remember exactly how long was but. I remember I had to sit on the couch I didn't get to go to school for like two weeks and that I had to sit on the couch and watch TV with one eye and it via. I will never forget either when we went to go leave my dad there was one of those moments it was burned and in my brain as a kid. I mean sitting in the front seat on my step mom slap bleeding from my eyeball in my dad is packed in his pockets like. We thought look where my cigarettes you can. To encourage these stock a copy this into the cigarette before we left. Think I isn't all went out. Wouldn't glide over here this is a big eyeball falling out with I do we got to get to this story on our stories though. Story and never in my life noon New Zealand breakers forward I keel Mitchell. He suffered a nine injuries is less eyeballs. I can even say these words it's. His left eyeball popped out of the socket to did you win a term rebound I've seen the video. And those I have is a dangling from the fiber optic you know that it's okay yes I don't think it's called cyber. Didn't know until you're combining your doing what they do at the end of real fortunes. So that's where they combine two things. Coach if this if there's optic nerve and there's fiber all I gotta let us get hurt nobody really thin cord that you did your bits of information to touch you're on the something though he's. I'm players freezing courts are Danes were visibly upset many awful sight hole he said he's doing fine zero C a two match I don't know tradition to back and won. She told reporters. That she could still see from the eyes when it was popped out of it's socket. Saying it was like being chameleon because he could see was due to say Audi is one guy forward in his other guy going down multi don't that's cool. Let's let's call hello this is an employee we know and spoon how it's all out bellows. We are going up for rebound would use corn up eight I'd IRS I'll figure got poked a shot. Basically worked like. Actually Irish guy yeah I got it out an and so he's like me you rides around on the ground for a second and you can't tell what's wrong with him. Like it may be guy hit in the mouth third. Friday nobody stands up here's what I didn't understand either is like I can't touch my eyeball you know like I. I I'd Wear contacts and I like have to do really quick and I can't actually touch the eyeball part of my high. You know how when some gets hurt and sports daily run up and put Gatorade towel on the home lol this like grabbed his I was Gatorade and it's really the are you ready when it's ready can see it hates the Mittal is Nancy Drew. Are you know look I all Assad. That's god wow but that's not to IDs okayed everything you see in some some big shots. Good acting good note note they took him off and it was still new England and I'm. Because the hospitals are hectic but. CEO the whole ride yeah I think so Brey notre whole new lease a low blow so we shut it in dole need to man. Laughs I only get grew up split its equipment and don't get matters it probably matter. He doesn't it's all the world's a one iron right center of another Roman Garcia would take a while you use him I don't like that I don't like you need them to be the US concept that's all right so somehow. Try sixty people okay if if you hurt your I should a fun way largest daily. Well I think we're only getting like 1 called good morning it's so gross now we're gonna move logs. Oh my god I'll probably throw out. There was dangling Slattery was usually I do you. You sing it Martin was put Benjamin thought it was sloppy it was definitely a pendulum back and forth. Season with my own guess is starting to get to be just a good mirror and you know what happened like we wrap it up there and I did just I did see that. It's how they Terry cloth of the Gatorade towel got a light boat drive me dry. You are it would drive you might ask you cook your sinuses are all kind of connecting your iPod it's like. Put a growing problem or a dry eye socket got it. Like it's pretty who lost his I have a game we're like that all was on the street and had to catch in the cup all you like did that with his dial you let me play slacker he probably played that game with a couple generate content and what are you still hear the are you do you towel I don't it and we have a towel that he won't run the show will be OK okay. No car no because they don't like when terminator in Boston I. I think Karzai government to stop talking to attempt at the towel on stuff didn't they are going back just to wrap this up to fifteen we work did you eyes stories. I guess we still are yeah we might only get one of you and so don't be mad is a good bar she yeah so if you men's. Hurt Obama and I hate at least so excited to get on she's already yeah I guess if I knew he didn't send your eye injury. I had to have my eyes probe. Let numbing that they put on my I had warned not to be so well why maybe they do it neither of them and I and I could feel it and it hurt. So back a picture of it hero. Hey you really want to. I think she acts like as evidence now iGoogle bubbled out of my. Mind you know our stuff no that's disgusting. And I am running the source need to win then you're like how low I feel bad illness. Added element there are a lot of pressure building up my eye and then that so I like it to really show our IE LA it's I. Let me start should be working a Mike did not approve. GE. I don't know Lee Bailey's face eroding our show. They never call and I don't ITN you know I didn't realize that it is we don't ever talked about eyes specifically bold changes is that this is hot but I never realized it was a hot button for sure that stopped more real star of the iris noise I had laser surgery right and yes he's the greatest thing ever did silence them and they give you that they can. Hanks I would never I would tell you people I'm not lying I say it's a great it's the greatest thing that's ever happened to me it changed my life no Wear glasses or cut it was awesome to. Why would anyone want to write watch it to writes it's it's likely that the Alessio. And I don't want to talk about it anymore all the balls the pressure than the ball a man. I'm telling you are just terrible either later on today tomorrow support doing we're just doing the weirdest thing to have when mucus or even your you did or didn't change right I know we are hot and you keep pushing. Always stop I. Pushed back on you okay it's like we have a choice you we can either be fresh news or we can be enemies so you aren't choosing a shot she. We're gonna you guys eyes with the. Alright so everybody debt that's threatening coat that dude yeah bet dude. Other well all the fellas have one too many picked up by with a run direct hit so Horton state did not actually I out of the socket stick let you do that you know he doesn't leave or its key tried to push it. They rushed into his head slats is key skull collapses are right into itself with his own welcome people who leaderboard taken to us. So I know all the guys easy easy guy worked his words and overt. If you know this launch heated yet iChat for awhile what you would bet you're so that's what we don't lose your cool. I actually think you can ever imagine my simple. We need to make note of this will be the first blast only time we're ever talking about owns mobilized yet that's it this is I never do I am honest to god you a little these someday when I don't feel good. You guys can do I stories from beginning initial to the end. I'm doing this again accuser did a little I am dude I'm starting to defend since uncertain get angry I could see you're here it's not great no because I am trying to not arson I know the guy though since they are. You can also also you're gonna reiterate just to make sure that I don't overlap. To do so it's just a weaker. I'm still sitting here man but that's really your position that's really steamy you're gonna make right now we're just talking about this topic that's over Rhode. Yeah I can yours do America you know what you use your words you're the victims of its best but yeah. I hate the. I. Basically a shot and I know in my era. You want to assign us this than we didn't know I was actually a pretty people a lot of people do their bet. And that's something out of this feeling with a string I go to paying them I had a motive hanging. And it it got deployed on an eight day and I thought it might it and I put my hand up. And it was in my eyes are all this then let's go try it and I had to push into around that animate them pull it out. Now ha ha ha good. Should we even. Now you're right that's the number one public service message to get something ideally the better you get cannot spell dogs and I corps are all the way crop that I ended up being blind for ten years yeah see now. Yup because of technology changed and I ended up getting their artificial lens implant Google really long time ago. And then they had a corneal transplant. So reuse. Yeah I thought actually doesn't end up feeling it everything around it. So why own. So really is true information led to give more but I'm in a bar so yeah so easily too soon to follow up to choose your words I was just. Talking about your condition. I want everybody getting in their head there with the next 48 hours it's enough in the mucus while you are I would root because. Wall the wall you can handle all of you cage to the yeah I used to yeah. Group food not my high injury and didn't I would for the girls that we earned training to get there. I'm you ignore this in order I actually opt out of the pocket all the time. It's just she is we have. Haven't come rescission it's a staff meeting it's like you can put the okay. If not he is not apply she would need to we're dining and Sarah. Needs. And opt out but both of them out we just stopped Jane I mean I'm Eric and I'm sitting there looking at the woman with no I it. It up up at the site penalty here murder.