Slacker and Steve - Faker 2/21

Wednesday, February 21st


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Seeing. As how there are some acres and then there's some thinkers in these people are good this. Well. You see who I just read over story and it makes me really scared known fact we'll GE should have been scared we were talking about. Little did day or revocation got a new airport you have to be careful when you go there are people who speak now you go to Mexico. Think I love apple vacations applications is awesome unsolicited endorsement there you go. But everybody in like they came to an airport. Knows it like a bunch of people are there. For apple vacations so they say each night like your application so if John and actually you cannot. It. Looked like this this and they take you loss. Aren't always endure these big deal like eight clicked or apple vacations and you're in this timeshare dang or they try to charge you forty bucks carrier bags twenty like. We really. So I mean if you're going applications guide anywhere dole out missed Hawaii insurance bawling because Larry the the blue shirts or not. Us faster keep walking in their stage Turks to beyond this couple. Got got tricked by a seeker they were trying to go. We'll go to Mexico actually but they do they just want it over to the airport and who rides and a 135 bucks or whatever according to the gap. Because it'll tell you ahead of time and it I don't just sit there at the airport. On. And somebody that does this car couples up as black suvs. Are not a party requests when we don't request is Karzai. Nor ignore him your phone. Any liked says I did that charge you react don't worry about it. So she cancels trip he's like I got a concert. And they get the car they drive and as soon as they get there is a Janet's 524. Bucks general watched. They do know isn't over Cooper black would you would you expect. It's like watch. And like what he's ranked junior credit card united now my car so on no I'm not let your bags out of the car she shake that makes each. It makes me sole bastards. And then they looked it up just to see what your real mover black what do Ben. It's 220 bucks she's so this I was running and might this say curse steam thing where he's got a respected. A little bit here's one you won't risk respects very much this woman in Georgia sakes pretended to be a federal agent at chick shall. With its chip. Apparently they get a discount. And so she did his whole ruse so she did forty cents off over chickens are part of this that I can get my brain around Wallace just. The drive through and she's like I'm a federal agent or whatever and persons like I don't care who you know like I got. What proof do I have a do you in your sienna minivan and you're a federal agent arm. Or discount and again we put it. It possibly be. Forty cents. Isn't at all Ers what I mean. She's and she's just. For me if I'm trying to pull that say cost. And the drive through employee at chick filet pour the nicest people you are just keep saying my pleasure my date but if you can't get it over on them drop it. This woman know though pull over I'm going inside ghost tour manager and lashes a badge it's like what you've formed thought she slashed to two managers hope to commence in the shoes of several law enforcement officer. It got so heated that she curse in front of children she and he's so then that's when she actually stop saying my pleasure is there all the poco. Good for of them she has been charged with felony counts of impersonating an officer is all just to get when he sits off what. To do chicken sandwich I mean. It's just shake your way in like six might wind up parties and stuff spicy and I know Clint. This is the one sacred thing and never talked about. So I got to go backstage for Taylor Swift link. Couple years ago on the 1989 to learn. And at some going back. There you've seen the night urging you into two lines there is to have this. And the have nots and I was. 100% and have not like I can tell I'm in how not plank as it's like you saw people own their lights radiant beautiful. I know I'm in the mine we're excited scourge of the earth and a walk in my heart you'll just hold you are you most original. One picture with you Emanuel. Left you. And then you just do whatever and the other line they're like. Which sometimes and she'll mingle Susan crap you talk to you for little now and I'm just like. So I ate steaks like I think I'm in the wrong line like no no that's best record label stuff that's. And I was like oh my god yup I'm with I'm a big Sheen records. And they were like. Bottom and it is just it just occurred to me it did machine records what's her label. Even opened Stiller labeled it they're like. Oh my god so sorry much. And is David Nathan and here. They're like oh my god they ushered me over the where I know best zero no none of those whatever you're supposed to number they took keywords EC ballot come to the beautiful person I get I stood in the room she mingled through the crowd and talked to everybody she had a couple minutes when me and was like. So chill puts new pressure tonight and just like it could be in the drill sergeant. At a drag the iron lay down our dad who do I had to do had to say did the worst part is. They had a cut off how many people could always hero world of usual. I don't wanna see his name on the air. Buddy you big guy who didn't make it into that line. He now programs and other radio station. He gave you your start in radio oh my gosh I know it's tough you've got so you boast about he's legit man he was higher write a bunch Jimmie out of I. Coming out and I got my home runs in all we have I see him in the in the like a loser. When you've got to purchase it. I think my way why are well played though is that no you have to do generally do I feel like I'm not an unite America now though Jimmy should replace. Try John. But a all right anyway if you say to. So we get to these two kids wanted to glossy black panther. Oh yeah. Yeah eight. Ultimate say you it's pretty cool they didn't feel like singing seen cartoons where you put on transco Monty gets on your kid's shoulders and pretends to be super all your movement yet who turns out it only works. In cartoons oh. They got talent yeah bus and there should be privy to look awkward it did did did he never looks right when you have a six foot tall guy with a tiny little kiss. They're huge long drenching him yet just don't want. Well because I saw you shake your way into something more voices guys if you needed the wanna hear the biggest thing you staked in your likes to any. Yeah I eat I seekers. Yes RIA at the plant like you quit we want to underwent only greens like. And I ended up getting in the front of the line Greg against the staged by acting and I don't let somebody important. Flashing lights are sizing you please give me coming through now I didn't classless. You'll. See I don't know I think you really don't predict anything you when your body in front of them when you got a flashlight here. I'm letting your current Internet can I just didn't even bigger queer. Anyway and your flashlight and a couple sharp piece I don't. Ernie and even didn't actually glad to Condit told. But it would just been walked briskly like you own the place. Yeah I'm Eric you to meet que me give me just say some of the don't. Ask. They mall right on the airwaves. A day next big concert in town and every hour. I feel it is gene that is saying hey yeah. I never thought of that and you're right everywhere as usual moved flies like your doctor and are you the question first no you assume their part of the Bigelow. That's good list. Yes yeah I sit here. Now I told I look like you remember at all but I'm so backs like you know my younger days ever the all star week and they're VIP parties everywhere each unions like that's. So I am. We need somebody who's doing that security to what is left for Kmart you know those guys and I get and we ended up Spain I wouldn't Amanda didn't get bottle they're good. I think you know. He got caught. A host that she huge fuel that much like her or people were just. Love your ghost Iran yeah. You see now moving up at the base NASA news is that the Nicolas Cage you go to newsstands and that's why haven't seen he's and then my home with us. I thought in my kitchen that's not an. Yeah how we get out my back and hate that we get all the time you met them all we're back. I don't know what some eyebrows only still asks how do you don't have been the cause him I guess. Super cool cynicism on tasteless so we can start you know each get back to dance. I acre. Aren't talking to a casino hotel I won't soon in that hotel but I do in my. What should have immediately need did you do drought. While mixing their operating meet basically out of my first time there in the same. Welcome back and the tone noted that it just stuck it out and we ended up I guess I was somebody else they'd match is somebody else and knocked it could mean a rumor it's truly units. Yeah 200 dollars cops you sleep you decide you earn zero wail yeah these are your eye roll out what that's. Up until this I mean I get to seventy million. But didn't duplicate their directors. On the idea that hadn't I ended up even promoting health food club. It is that brought a separate person you are you girls play any of these games. Lisa I don't you talk. Usually I. Both my job as recently were bit by two. Alexander yeah these two and three but able to do that we're all there didn't throw a particular car. That I know. You are nice nice taker. Our our and I chipped it got her back and any red rocks and I hit a quoted in a bit and so aren't we all went in and then we got your party in the VIP or gotten the part broke. They pretended like I would local liberty has started asking me for autograph. Card this chain reaction all around. Where random and started me. You signed I know we're just might mean to do so you're signing your own name. I'm learning their older and starting their game. I don't I'd handle it and then boarded a plane and I asked security package you get me out here it'd probably back page you are gonna me jet rapper. Portland huh huh huh. Diabolical assist us oh my god as one of my favorite takes I've ever that stage of her car. He's got to do it if you get excited people doing it in and Iran used the AG the mob mentality mentioned happened police just. Hello. This to you. And I. Figured. I very rarely it could mean medical or put them. They are pregnant needed a medical opinion that he was tired of hiring what did they are doing well like what are you. I'd like you didn't really good market that you need the work I mean I don't like shots. All of your genes you up I'm going to win back. They really their. You if you doom. Article for not procedures is not like you're doing an appendectomy but you've given shots and Donna thanks. I have an. Idea of old balls still loom I'm still doing the a nanny. And I'll. Every opportunity here and I'm. Oh yeah. This.