Slacker and Steve - Family Fisticuffs 5/31

Tuesday, May 31st

Slacker & Steve

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Steve. And your family remember Jessica snow was reckon my green now we were just totally sane and normal. We were aggressive. I'm pretty sure you should your mom and I don't wanna see it now because god rest her soul I did. So well OK you don't it would. What are the equipment guy and you feel if you. Once in a deserved and I pushed my mom offer me in NG Amanda is Irwin army so basically it was her sister tossed out. Says guards immune man this. I take you to be like to back and forth fight the pluses and how does someone else it's like that system spanking. Look at what this woman a woman. Beat up her son because he got to the wrong Taco Bell burrito is that the same as Stephen is mom going out it. That one kind is utterly the wrong toppings had to fight back now. Non she saw said she started attacking him we don't know how big he is the things of the police report. She is six feet and 240 while. So there was probably so but if you didn't have the real correct there when. You get a Taco Bell burrito wrong it's not like it's. You know a sex sell our true I didn't even customize you'd think we did talk talk until we got a sure I mean you can do never die off the top Obama knows god forbid you customize anything they won't get it right so. Yeah she beat him up while so being in Steve's world that doesn't count as a fight it's just somebody will announce them. No I guess it's fisticuffs but it's not it takes two people to be in a slight how many times your mom you do you think. Blue room soon I try. Many. I don't know maybe later I can put on some sort of floor you're up to lay down and you pretend to be your mall I'll be your mom and oh wail on you and you hope people. Just love. Yeah. And do you mean. So I. No we got like twenty different stories I remember a bogey didn't you like you let your brother out. I totally did we are on vacation in Massachusetts and we are on the beach and for some reason he used one of my flip flop. Run up to the hot dog stand or something like that. And ended up breaking it ends though. My my mom was like come odd he can't break your Brothers flip flop now what is he can Wear on me dog started berating him on the beach gone after him. And my brother lost it I have never heard it teenager spewed that many cuss words at their parent in my entire life. His mother being in public in public poll embryos I was probably fifteen or sixteen I know he was like twelve or thirteen somewhere in that ballpark. In Seoul yet he just surged two and my mom out yell and cuss words shattered and I sit there and I was looking around and all these people were staring out on the plane. Can do an anti in my head I was just like I gotta put an end to this and I don't know where it came from. But I just reared back and knocked him straight in the takes its its only time I've made like closed fist contacted his debut that. HM knocked him out cold start to break in the middle of it and everybody got a lot. That's one way to let my mom was losing its neglect. Know how. I just can't blow to the teenager. And it's a snack right now exactly. Did you get in trouble Friday. I got to waste got free guy he's great yeah I felt so good I would I would give examples from my job but I don't think like I. Adding spice to my Brothers that was his brother stopped right plus your Brothers are so much older than you that's five years and yeah twelve years of public I can't how on this nine year old you know they could you could still going to move and I don't you love. It isn't just the idea is all it was mostly wrestling in my has not really see. A Pennsylvania man got arrested after use a taser on his stepfather and stabbed him. Eat. Nobody is saying what started the argument he stabbed him in the back with a box a cut with the boxer sheets and don't tase him. The Dutch don't mean no it's not really fisticuffs it's a stab end. Sorted so we're calling it simply fisticuffs it's. Physical any physical guys not only should manned a literati shot live. OK so any time you've got into a physical confrontation you taser to be. Back lit only physical fights hurry up and attacked. I was seeded how did we just don't want when you were funny when you were or doing right yes she's not escalate like let. This woman in Romania who tore off her husband's last down. Yeah. He didn't give her flowers on international Wednesday do you know when that is some Opel among the most. What about an hour now earlier in the day I don't world yes the Internet hasn't if you get yourself a Romanian bride you better damn well while they're dais. 39 year old do Russian hospital with his. To that he did in the satchel. He's gonna say that the satchel was torn open noon his wife grabbed hold and pulled violently during an argument. I don't I just I'm just gonna say you win but not an argument. With my significant other. I don't look don't get close to my style variety and assists on what I think none to none. Do you find the site would anybody down I may start walking towards me with hand out in a co author and if I'm not. He said should you she said she'd been given a bottle of one. For days we're considering getting paid he came home drunk. Is mean ordering around and hadn't bought brought her flowers for international ones they flew us here at the very tough. Okay but I Andrews sisters under generate headlines from here and ornate yours that Andrews sisters arrested after brother standing hand during food type. Com or eight Stanley physical fisticuffs like yeah a woman chops off her husband's fingers for reading your text messages. Geez. Once again how can you not see this cup how do you know. Florida was beat up her husband for getting the wrong candy and flowers for Mother's Day and what the women get so recently finally emboldens. And it's just stuff and then here's my favorite not my favorite. Florida man kills his brother over over a cheeseburger. Always a cheeseburger from the our does not say. If there was any doubt I'd say worth it it's a tough call yeah they said they began bullying you begin to get bullied about a cheeseburger so I'd. Use shocks he grabbed a gun and shot him she's. Just move these version since he's won going through the cause. We want you then we won't even tell us when your team we got to fisticuffs extra points if you're doing boys. Boys go to fisticuffs but it's your girl and started to tell her after your mom. On me when I ask your sister and we'll take any it will whoever you are if you had family fisticuffs physical. Fun with families don't tech will take your boss. Danny. Mean it's our guys handling this because what happened you know. Older brother are younger playing in the basement and start making fun of me you know I carruthers yeah I got as. And are walking up stairs in your song leaders kept going on itself. I weighted toward the top of the stairs. Around gave them a nice big players who found out. She went through all the bottom. Jack and I are all your you know the older brother did you say you know our owner. You truly your older brother off this parents. Yeah how united and. Or Sony could not graduate trying to sell a house in new artists. Yeah and morneau and Johnny Harris is Portland the bottom and it's pretty. See a lot trouble in their big crash some long can run and our brother laying all firewall. And he can actually guard cracking up actually. Yeah. I was really. Pretty upset that she heard cracking up and you know Barrett is on ish from the stood. Not have an idea now I don't. I'm kind of that way myself once you've been on the wall basic they simply do not photos from a study is no agreement. That's a cook but you can't teach fifth why it was so long here. Until Weaver I don't know I thought the energy that was one of those time release all go to a desire to see an inch from the instant. A Sabrina took. Hi I'm really know we're doing well Stanley says it comes up. Okay well I want my dad and actually talking really badly about I have been one name. Heidi here I wasn't happening and I have been with the spirit that I had my hands. Sticks apple pie. OK I know that it works if you throw a spoon and we'll stick in flash for you have to have some Siri makes social work yeah I don't know. Oh yeah unless you are part of a feeling that teachers spoons on sharpton's sprouted did you bring him. No one gives you a little bit emulator like a lot. I'd bet. He stopped at that point once you realize his daughters a psychopath. Oh yeah I do not know what in the camera and into the meat anymore. Yeah you're this food color you can yeah you couldn't disprove his son. Kim on so how's his relationship when your husband now he has good. I'm only nineteen and I have been 29 to my dad. Really doesn't like. Need to devote some time actually it's it's definitely Jerry tell you like your dad it's well. How old were you when you metastatic. Eighteen doesn't so he was three Euro. Yeah I yeah about a friend brother. Tommy since the good for you are concerned for him hot. You gonna call we know we don't get stabbed Simpson's fast anymore questions. Crystal. Yeah eyes and we just accounts when revenue. Oh I am the oldest does multiple Brothers and one who had just turned eighteen a few days before you know it. Decided it was a great idea to keep popping needless towels in front of this friend. As I'm trying to cook dinner and a link did you know I'm gonna give you much warning of possible. That mean you're gonna get big MRI and and turning it either Bennett or Bowden. Last one got and then. I grabbed him by eight Armin back with head and smashed him into the linoleum on the floor sang me in the other side of this ain't. I his body well flailing everywhere. Well it's basically duck the war I need. Adults and wrestling moves you put it down. Him Darryl intro. Where yeah yeah he's turned they had to be done. I've had. Yeah this how. After word. Yeah I T and. I didn't you can I'd rather be physically punched it does something about him being pinched. Or being just snapped linked to well just how your sons and it's just need to each have to clean it irritation now. You guessed it you for the call you did the right thing crystal Jason. Guy namely there's a test. My brother on an auto repair shop and we got a little bit of argument one bad Diop been. Yelled at me in front of a bunch of employees and then after the conversations every kind of pushed me out of low double early. And I worked I worked for animal control I had it checked by direct all of my car. And I know it's you know. I would up I Carr played for him to go to the other end to shop but yet let that bad a shot over the back of the dark. So why are we just learn. It takes about seven minutes through different certain size and yeah I'm gonna take from your down. I didn't wanna light go to jail and leaves you got that as the Internet but has built a list daily back I'll react. But there's so that really call you can use the church so your job today. Sam remembered that the that is awesome video vs ninety obviously knew it was deal. All we are infinitely and hit it and you know whatever the brand already shot at a dark. Well since the act ultimate Diageo Bailey had bought a point. While I thank you for the car I'll Tom Brady's. Yes yes. And there are at odds and we says he does what he got. Well I had to cover an uncle live and let us say and they accuse here. Yeah and at the bar underage or not. I knocked my cousin or collapses on all spelled. Herman the patio door and broke. So I come home there's and Daniel runs in the driveway. And that he had been trying to get on the move out her six month it finally bit because of that that bit up. You punched a once in their face and broke his glasses into his face. While Greg essentially turn over so were you at the bar underage you must do it to the point yeah yeah early. You similar to what got you out to the parents I guess. It. Bear that's that's not bad yeah actually got among your how your parents didn't probably this year literally hearing really. But here's the Syria because they tilt talent. I hate being with this accounts. Absolutely so my mother my stepfather were getting divorced at this time. But they were at the same place so then why everywhere mark my age stepfather and my mother to get something from Jean. Are etched car she discovered some of her jewelry she cannot Q stool and it had the intending to get a cure his next stressed. It's I have to do you really want. Literacy from over Internet that you seal premiere was okay that's awesome. Andrew choke or she confront him about it it's become the European giant seen on the property. They she train to get him not to leave it and get her car in order. Course it's her out of the incident you grabbed the laptop off of the passenger train keeps them current legal. And he just starts driving the ways she gets really angry so she threw a top court. It. Since I directly at him and kissed and she called the cops Choo train report for jury it'll stop us. And implement a dollar and apparently. It means that huge domestic. Are the domestic violence and she got credit inch hole that night and spent the data. I'm in jail on Herbert. It's. While yeah. Only it's class. He's in trouble for the jewelry thing or not. No we can make it and prevent eco by the and they let let Victor should Carty. It's. Always like come up and I got to register as embryonic if that's the beauty Camilla don't Juba. Hill I've got a little moody was the fifth. We got denied Brazil's president house so it's at the un. Cool I. I see that was the end of their relationship already is. Yeah guide well they can even call a lot of women tend to meet hang around with the world we learned something hasn't yet that's the Lauren. Yeah oh yeah he's and we fisticuffs. So my sister I Wear in colleague and interdicting school and your exciting when he wanted to try app she will. And reached kind of started going back in sport and an and and renew each other's. Ain't a thing you know all my time we're gonna be ready this in more and okay oh yeah. So we're like O line is I think I'm not well. Caps I'd. Tell my mom come in and she's like you know trying to break it up and she has not won again in the middle seat and my little brother it. I don't you know it's like oh I pulled me out her room and yeah I Allard U I think you actually he's around you guys physically signing on. Scraps rule air well how do you even in the car and go to school either. Well we apologize the next gay and yet we just. Gailey dismayed that your eye is accurate or very emotional night. Outlets Internet on different time from either whether well more than just delivered to the but I don't I don't I just don't I'm not done in small. He fit. Hi he must put it out whenever bell who get no more you know Brian. Yeah I Stanley says accounts. So and I just turned eighteen. And yeah under an argument or iPad IQ did they don't remember what this argument heard about it is really stupid. But I thought it since I was eighteen if I'm I'm going to take my father. Well okay. This is what gusty and I talk to sees something most people wanna do I do women want to their mom out went right I still to this day in my daddy's ED I don't think going to take my dad out. I've I've met Lou I don't think I. I know I only knew you do probably out yeah I don't basically you're eighteen you're like I've got to stack. Yeah I figured I got a lot of guys who already cleared the time I got awesome and put him in their sleep all. Enjoy it about today actually play into this leads. Oh and I try outlook over the shoulder to my job. And I think I look up probably ten or twelve minutes later. Then scenario remains. Here how does India I wanted to talk about it. All off all the yeah true did you are not outfitted a house just sits on that you critical riot. You still have to and we physical stories you wanna share will take them online FaceBook dot com slash slacker and Steve fans.