Slacker and Steve - Family Secrets 8/22

Monday, August 22nd

Alyssa called into the show the other day, but we didn't have time to talk to her on air, but we have to play her call and get her some advice. Her father had just recently passed away and that's when her mother dropped a major bombshell. Alyssa's mother told her that he was not her biological father. She feels like her whole life has been a lie. What should she do now?

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And it's a really weird way to start a show by it. Last week. Remember what we were doing we wrapped in something not right in this woman called when will these are we even as our reasons like we really needed talked to this woman. Whenever we talk to anybody needs constant being recorded it's a radio station and we might use you want hair and her situation. If she says she wants this on the air she's got to ask. Scam really weird situation. Here let's just we're gonna play you the call is what it sound like Ali. So I know Heidi what's going. To show. I'm I'm sitting in my car and opening the eyes and I get. Need to call in and it earned an okay what. He's something we said we. Did you not know what that does not mean begging either I I I love listening to you guys are yeah I mean you but I guess. I had a problem is if each quiche shell. My add my gadget packed it up more. And they get eaten it for awhile like when you are coming at drain it. So. I came to my mom's couch. And it went anywhere and narrower cry ever talked about him it's not a sudden she actually Barack. That man was not my got a. Your dad was not your. Look how do you tease your biological father is are we sank. Apparently apparently you bit not my biological father. Lou why would she tell you what why why would she tell you. Know of all times. When you're now. Great question and yes I am sure I decided don't know what to do. With this information cash amazing. Apparently he didn't know there. It. He's he's so I raise you as his biological China tenth so was discriminate Sierra or something. I I guess I don't sell but she can't she get into all that she didn't want her spare me although it. Nasty heat panels to track. Yeah I know she'd been lying to go to like I didn't. I am 28 year old church and my entirely I could spell I. Our. Wow first of all have to deal degree from just losing a loved one that's hard enough that you piles these layers and what are you what you can do like what what are you. What are you gonna do if she did this protect you somehow was your mom she was being mean my issue was doing this to protect deal is that what she setter. Yes I mean she. She didn't it was a mistake you know she didn't do it I didn't articulate it in a small very little mistake she didn't mean to do it our way. My dad well not my dad I guess you. I don't like I'm real sure what a what I like you're here. How woods. This I don't even if I don't I don't wanna stir your emotional state at all what do you use. So that's a valid question but what are your thoughts about your model right now do you you've just lost your dads so to. Legal right now like become a strange sure your mom seems like a bad idea what what are you what are you gonna do. Parent but I you know I don't want to talk to her at least at the moment I I ran out of her house. I just I couldn't I can't believe she'll lie you know supplement for 28 he urged. I don't I don't have the answer to that there is I mean she. She probably helped put Okaloosa. His love for you was genuine though just because it was an absolutely he's absolutely your dad guessing your love for him won't change either that's. But now. I think I would this is it's way too soon even have this conversation but I would probably go find my biological father at this point. Let me know I I think he just out of curiosity so you're not hurting anybody's feelings at this point. That's a terrible way to put and I and so certainly don't just don't. Get you shouldn't do anything at this point is I literally just happened like let's just exorbitant everybody listens. Did Shia and you call this half elf yeah it's nice I. I let my mom's house from my car and I did you know it didn't help time. On her and afraid at the same time. I'm Craig but okay I don't okay FEE. Is this something of that never Mike Allred yeah how about iTunes I know exactly what you're doing right now you wanna say things behind her back to you guys are realists and you know Alicia cheers I think. We want more than we want to TU. A little bit more maybe Aussie I think. Hang on hang on just things are combining best equipped that's something you take to the grave you wait till they're thirty some years old model's sudden just bombshell list. That health wise she has to Norris regatta but that's that's OJ 10 my god. A mother waited a couple months this could have been handled a lot it eat you know I guess they just died in they. That's the view brighter die I don't know you definitely I I'm with you on the ride Delilah and definitely longer a means well he's got a teller and maybe you guys I guess she and her today. I know it would if you sick this whole time that would that would definitely taken more life out of them but. Yet this is why we should have you know testing in delivery room so I know you're Euro bonus for that as we Germany in the room is an idea comment. So now you know what do we like Teoma. There's nothing like I don't. How do this too as we continue to nineteen the first one is do you this woman some advice are you what they can. Why would amount you know what she should start searching for the dad now like what would you do what have you done. If you've been in that situation we'll talk to you and I think the first thing the strings in my mind is you have like a family secret. Ecstatic came out in a weird way or maybe one that's just. Mean over you so. 22 things always. Held for Elisa and the bombshell exactly the best. Guy what do you think. I can't. Put touched connection with Margaret connection to her bed when I touch Moneyline my gap that the surgery that he didn't think you'd get out of my parents were divorced and he decided to let you know that I. For the donor and in my letter he talked about and you're like I hate usage herb that I'm not sure I. But did it. Was. So you're you're sitting there Ahmadinejad hoping gets you this surgery and he drops this bombshell on new. He. Time. And so I handled on that I didn't tell my mom that I knew her eight year. I just kinda I it's wanted to see if she would tell me. But I think the only thing I can really say it is that it should they do we hear it changing everything but it changes absolutely epic. I don't listen dad is her debt she's at she's not my dad's teachings on my dad he's absolutely your day yes and those feelings you've always had those were always legitimate he loves you were you loved him that doesn't change all that to this point in being a biological father and being a dad are two totally different unit. So you you might. Social dat cute my other here's my dad he was in the delivery around the Doctor Who delivered a didn't even delivered meet that need it now. What what do you make it to the surgery was also not get. You apply. I do you have any desire to sign this other persons are totally load it right out of my dad I think it should it. It's human nature to want it now. It's also human nature best to feel betrayed the first with the NC you've heard of found out it was all the trail and don't even know you people or is it not. Well in her case sperm donor must have trailed and slut he almost says mom who kept it from everybody. And then dumps it on her lap. The day of the funeral prior off. Yeah that's not cool mom but I think bombed early dealing Durham stepped into the white oh crap but I need to tell you now you know. Wow that's. Really weird you're listening and this like I didn't think there's anybody else out there in the world that this has could have possibly. They keep the car I don't I mean that's weird right then Stephanie. Yes I don't resent. I wanted to tell another let's do the exact same day last year when I was forty pills. And to win I found out with my mom does Spaniard told us but my mom had just passed and though. I'm my mom's best friend didn't know who the father was that we looked him up because. I think it's important fact helped create then taking action. Then she'll be able to enter health history are hurting her kids then people enter accurately as valid by motivating factor. I am I actually think she should try to look for her biological dad and I can really I was so mad at my mom chill but she had just passed but I still had a lot of. He traded to the all volleyed. Why. Are you should give you found your guys. We'd we'd get on the biological dad yes and speech he had just past three months before our mom. Yes back to root out it was kind of blessing really because we thought they obituary in our that we had other deadly. And I'm so we got to know them just recently in the past few months and really treat the fact it's also been a blessing because now we know some other state links. Have you forgiven her mom you are you a peace with your mom and. I LEX I found out like he said he a year ago it took me July oh complex. Yes I am now. You cut off date stated and it cost. How many people. Have relied sue the I mean I know you you. You've said before you said on the show more than once do you think there's a lot of men out there raising children that aren't there as millions know I guess is slates. In the manner just walking around and even accuse Iran and with plates there it is all over their eyes enjoys Ray Nagin. Yeah guy what do you think. If this can happen I mean I capture everything that the shore her. I think I mean I we're in addition I would wanna know. More information from the mother because you don't want action LE and at beating your sibling. Our school my athletes it's great to throw another and can do that. And I think it will lift this what if 300 per night excluding that would that the anchor at court jerk gorgeous and are a bit or a mother. I would say it isn't she didn't want to expose this issue more people know she's a Smart move month. I mean even okay well I don't really I don't know I'm idle I'm sorry I'm lashing out it's like her mom hitting it. Don't help well we don't know the circumstances under which the capital what else. It sounds like maybe Hewitt with the dad and then that happened on the I'd probably kind of how it out. Which lets her have her I have known situation where they're at the air but it was known about and then they it couple act ever at a child. But they ever adding at all. Right those data that was bad or you are and what I expect she really thinks or her belly biology knowing coop where eighteenth and it's important she and asked mom did the I think you're not a carton because that's what every contact I should know we it is and it's error search Giant Eagle but we you're. Biologically related Q without pre. I never thought about accidentally these things his sibling that's a really weird this. Dynamic data day you can call Megan might. Assert yes sir what do you think. Well you know three years ago was forty years old setup that I would adopt went in my entire life. Believing that I would be biological child of my mom and dad. Almost tell I don't mean interruption I am so sorry public option to do what its adoption of italics what adolescents or something usually right you. So you know they usually do and an end to what they both what I understand my my birth mother stopped me. You know it was like a 1% chance but I wouldn't melt. So yeah I didn't know I I got my mom when I was eight years old because the neighbor kid you view the troops are you know your adopted a source I am not. So of course are not. So not put that they'll be over the so you know my birth father down me it it it change your life and it's it's definitely like judging by. You know in my parents offense they treated me in the you know I I would bears and bite I never will going to be different and my sister. What biologically theirs. You know they they were phenomenal parenting they are my momma bear you know I. Why are. It's you feel betrayed him like they were liars did you know that. I mean deep down in day in your situation. They did it kind of for their own gonna think I think Elisa as mom clearly did it for her own selfish reasons she wanted to limit and infidelity or something. Yeah you know her timing was way off. You know I think he would come out at some point but it. Gosh not not bad day. That's not our mission months nine necessarily even this year it's an H. Thank you for the call Mike at in and I'm I'm glad things worked out for you I just can't imagine. It's just as you would always thinking one thing we you and I are Boston you're going. The club is the same isn't yet indicted but. None of what I believe my whole life it's true that's just Amanda. I. She turned on I want to just tell us what she would not do it by her air. To spend our. I got it. Our primary and it looks tension about buying her OK just out. Her adopted carry her older should not get your biological parent at your. Only used for so they had it biggest her own good. And she did tell you Irish didn't everyday on the I was adopted because my doctor parent term chair and now she liked to terrify you like it because that's what it I didn't need to try to tell us your bracket like. OK and. Is that something we do we pass announcer DNA like to IUD addiction genus and then I was I believe knots but people say your stuff like alcoholism as a your dad was your brother I know I'm always knew about drugs though. War so she. You know aren't aren't characters tell her kerik she helped allay some people like regret and I know she actually. Credit or are out bashing is at top. Whilst thank you for the call I don't know are we helping Melissa I don't know or we just commiserate and so Lisa. Yeah I night thanks. Tom so I actually into my old. I didn't know my father time like fifteen I was a product cabinet Sergio. Are you and I every cal men aren't found my complaint when Iowa is. When he checks. And Patrick and and I am my biological father once did nothing to do that he can be extinct. What I wanted to treat her with Blake. Can be prepared this year I know why his reaction that's totally true huge would have an easier as well that's all right and I didn't. And then I I also get what I pray. K encourage her a little back separate black mark last night that art and my biological or in the same mind. Few weeks for the Carter. I am and barrel leg and it. And I wanted to encourage turn that just because she cannot he not actually a partner at that very adamant change our relationship not at all everything. I don't actually mean in pinching gesture and then that. I don't see changes or religion and their mom irreparably forever probably. You know actually a family all went crazy it back on my any biological father hi I am Ahmed Kipling plants for arbor. Items without yelling and actually hired. Probably according Q my father's I wish I am probably about it doesn't that link now so where are you. Can't make you change your diet I am one of their sisters I'm an elite. You know keep either sister are still you know I was introduced to her at apple and my sister actually is not because they're not cheap I am what child. These people are just for creating over here now so creating. Well all over the place I am so glad the year but they're all there are they handling any have there issues and everything else I mean. My biggest began in there get it I am and mean. I didn't really I would take me quite a wildwood process oriented my mom yes but she could've told you that. The other day but got down payment. Wanna see guys with we're floor by how many you've been through this. If you've got more support groups or something you know people are a few copies of mad about this or they just give her advice bomb a little bit of both cash with you wanna be part of the constructive thing for Alyssa. Find these slacker and Steve page on FaceBook.