Slacker and Steve - Father’s Day Gifts 6/13

Wednesday, June 13th


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Staying on day. About fathers and and the gifts that you give dads miss mostly in intervention for Mike Stanley and that the assailant a cut at the inside printer does and right now. On the there's some great things you can get that. I really want out early morning news and your mom's every year when they do this thing they're designed to its top. What time alone now with the kids but I always find ironic on mothers and they and today to celebrate being a mom so I'm going to go off somewhere without anyone else. They'll float. I don't I don't I don't need that. Don't know what I want when you does that what DO what is it what what's going on. I can't think of anything from idol I don't want my kids have never done what I don't want. Typical things where kids will go out my time OK I cannot tell you the last time I saw you went into. DMZ in a funeral because that's not the only time great I don't Wear ties ever exactly the wire they're getting iced it you see it's the fathers don't you just still going to retail establishments and their life. Years and years watches where. Apple watch so I don't want to ask you a business say this most guys have real jobs that they have to Wear ties we don't. Both saw it's I have exactly a box is another anyone's socks okay but white athletic her I see that's an utterly Cianci. All like to decorative dress sought out there a loud and crazy. It slowed a bit now I don't wanna play and I don't want to you about going into that. Advertising works I'm gonna that un tucked its store and I hope my assuming buys me that all the shirts you talk sure it'll cool they're to spiral assured no tournament. Point oh. I'm not sure just because looks like somewhere and I think it scorched meg still a little oh you're right some lonely and talk seriously did you EU okay. Particularly do my thing we got me that because. And nearly news I'm kind of in between them and L and in M right now and clearly IC what did you dare at that store is their sizes are custom. OK so then it would be something I want I don't want soft side to buy songs you want a shirt that you don't know if I don't know. I'm just I'm trying to think what I want. It's hard. If you're a dad which you probably are but nobody ever. So I can put on this I think you valued at sixteen times over but you talk about your fear of commitment on the show so much they're resigned to even reach out to. I pubescent I am open. So but you also talk about the thank you throw money and at every situation and so I would take care of my children financially he would. Way over the top what would you want in return what would you lights if you if you were farther. Right now would you want your kids to get you. From a management about the so called corporate side are you gonna do that on the big birthday is always so obviously I ask Florida OK we're deadly never works out that he's yet to. Yeah. Majorities and that's the one with no deploy maybe don't know I was very serious. And it's like shock and. Yeah that's that's been announced and I think it's. Now you can't do that a virus and bro OK so womanizer is out I don't a lot of fathers are going like mothers are they want time they want they want time to what I really does want to answer to and with the kids with a mom so they would just say to kids away from mom for the yes yeah. I did just what I think he wants him into. I would take that yeah it's because they don't give him a time the other 3641. Quarter days of the year I don't think. Damn before you pressured you have to look like to hero father by wanting to spend time with the kids don't want I want I just gonna what I want. I want some of the Stanley and my wife not to say clean anything. OK okay she's on mr. Gregg now or it's like she sends me calendar invite every late Saturday and Sunday it's nice if the Don marvel and shower my mop to clean garage and I want no calendar and nights but underwater that well after an amen gosh OK so. Those two X through the mobile coupons I want what that's a similar free hug you gets. So there's no telling used in this offering a cool guest let's ask dads that they would want this. We wanna do here though is if you got a killer Father's Day gift to you and let us know what that is if you've done something amazing for dad. That wasn't tied it wasn't whatever. This is your moment there's still time if you if you're listening your likes. Oh I have these debt current Sox and I got dad I think he loves him because he goes DA every year but he doesn't use doesn't so you've still got time just slipped out. For this Tony 5000 dollar Father's Day I guess while from post oak hotel once you get a one night stay in their 5000 square foot presidential suite who a private cabana by the pool while a one hour massage for dad and his guests. I see city Houston Astros game then a 500 dollar bar tab. And it dinner provided by either a private chef in the suite where dinner for six at my stroh's steak house. Or Willie geez seafood while this is huge and if you're not from Houston you'll get a helicopter ride from the airport and hotel. That's pretty perfect for 25 green and to anybody wanna buy me that. That's a no go how about this one. There is a really don't have that in your child is over here and the big cheese head. All the craft auction the crafty will do matter how many years are gonna do business and I know they're they're doing like oh the top five bidders. You can submit a photo of your dad. And no Dell's sculpt his face and the one they school did was really good ball they doing your job oh my god it looks like to do it in she's in Kraft Cheese in the last forever or just going to be she's so eskimo dot orbital gas utility maybe guys also around us humanizing knee pads and could kick it off. We sure as an amateur partners have drugs or what's your best. She had to switch to the bombed the so we keep giving you the bad ideas or overly extensive ideas I thought we'd rather hear what you've got a mind what you had in mind if your dad and you got a great idea. Give us. Best Father's Day against. I'm Jennifer. Yeah I'd blow would you do for Father's Day. I had data not diet list RE three other U. How I'm he only travels beat me a couple of times or eight events like college and had the graduation. So I had purchased an airlines jet and to get chill out Iraqis Gator with Allstate Dodgers fans. And it was for fourth of July. Fireworks show and she didn't know what I'd play and all of that I had a time. That's he's leading up to scholars and and she I'd attend Jim Carty each we each. I gave little hint as to what Pratt president going to be and then on Father's Day here's he would do airlines jet and to get it came. That's Q that is in new awesome for you now memories right hard Phelps spent time with his daughter is favored daughter now exactly and the fireworks Iraqis fireworks are no slouch glamorous job they can blow it up. Jennifer you do good war. He had no thoughtful and since then it's just. It's nothing you just refer realized C back to 2012. Step that is anti. You can almost club. That's a good one days you really thoughtful who Wear what I wanna fly I go inspect the animal like baseball. The so darn it I'm gonna get my kids are getting zero good ideas on your hard to buy before I could really and I'm really glad my kids are probably listening and heard the word demonized him out of my mouth 47 there is. Carolyn. Yeah I Father's Day. So I'm gonna take some time I'm only eighteen but I'm planning and I might add one days and old Russian track but he can take Gephardt put it. They're like people wanted to. All wow. All in one of those old to think I'd try and figure of what it's all dodge trucks to have that we're Jess exactly yeah all right back. You see steady diet so a guy old age or closer to be awesome Caroline so you're gonna give him a rusted out crowd. She brought to this site since ceremony on yes that's the dad he he's good at old carded. Like take apart learn how to go to them but IPO that's the cool Caroline that's super cool. It it is your right. If you're one of those people you're right notice a great. I think he'd be in bad guys who flew into that to know that otherwise if you just gave a loss is huge bills like just don't look our budget is house here's the more dangerous. It's and all that comes with a married you know I'm 2000 dollar monthly payments in perpetuity. The goal. Yeah yeah. How might get is about my grandmother died just a couple months ago he had with what I didn't look. Barry it would no intention. Your brilliant but you're did you hurt and he. We control expert road so numbered page and other convert into doctor. And it's just it I mean this is a really weird quick but does it still like smell like her in they. I am I we're a nonprofit. And so are all in areas. Key pillar order out of our car as me and so they offered to you in another workers. And so they are ten of my grandmother died and the Mangold I'd within close. Oh. You're acting or use their deaths are. You called this is thought this once again and so I thought Hezbollah's presence right sentimental. Day you for the call Nicole we know that was a tough call to make a day we appreciated. That's a that's a were you really an idea. Armed but I don't yeah. Anybody you know I did your idols in my mom did they give him yeah affix the and you're. Yeah as far as it president when he got. Our looks different patriots to me yes I know give it to my dad red brick bats the way and it seemed like it just. Made him complete. Bali took him out there and you you toward up one last time. Yeah what are the only time he never got to go what do you have casinos. And so me and my little brother we got him out there and that is fast. Andrew once again you when your bro thoughts full. So that was so cool and gave him some closure on nice memorize each side is super low to oh where have clearly running out of time but will take more of these. Over on the slacker and Steve case co pay.