Slacker and Steve - Fell Asleep 4/26

Thursday, April 26th


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Steve are there. Experts what at 1 June you'll never looked at our teams got Scott I spoke to him that by the way do I look weird when I was a snowstorm. You don't let you have a very own no gluten a guttural. Know you have Michael Long face. But you haven't you ever cease your whole face of yeah. And so like when you're out to fall asleep you well received in the studio before I have knives. But whatever. You wanna turn around what little they know her as she's. I think you try to put you don't wanna be on the record saying you didn't fall asleep so let's. You have a long series but the way we want to know when you zealously we are aware in or in a weird I hate people that have long faces with a little monologue hey listen you kind of you already have a long series and know like you like this you like Deborah straighten this. You slowly but surely just start. You try to take Europe the type dude who doesn't want anybody know they fall asleep. Just like already tonight. You have. To ask about it. I used to deal like you. Cool like I was afraid to say I've fallen asleep in weird places but once you're in a band I know this sounds weird. Sleep becomes the most sacred Deng and somebody can policy anywhere to not ask went down John. And so you've you've got to embrace sleet and take it where you can signed it. So your your reluctance to admit it you've just been in a full blown slumber in the studio between breaks. These kind of down under I remember maybe once that was not done I don't know we know you were sound asleep for a solid. I. Once was is. Should all of this sleep I would just have my eyes closed waiting for. Yelp anyway. With the kids did you see our he's got my back is the will the issue you're chasing the other way I was Paula. A lot of value I didn't beat Hillary and then just pick you up folks guy what ever follow the reason we're talking about Dennis is apparently and you know Bill Cosby going away happy here it he's a dirt bag I wish she died was guilty of more stuff to. But apparently. During late. The trial was it was a last night when there are Jordan when they were doing the re reads of some of the former testimony SO if I understand right the jury would go. Bring you back to their room they were talking over everything in and they said hey we want to reach more are we wanna hear some of the previous testimony from the previous time they use was on trial for it. And so they went back into the courtroom and the attorney or read a different guy in a courtroom was reading back that testimony from the previous trial. And that Cosby's attorney but this was that done and this is that like you know 789. O'clock. Like 12100 dollars an hour bro staying always taught that he was dutifully dramatic of sacked by guys you whenever you and I don't you know I'd. Well maybe. Are we literally Miley really literally can't tell. Unless you can. Its demise. Of these birds bats with everybody said he was out for like thirty minute I was so I would have really out. He wanted to sit using German he's he's like you guys were the jury he had Blake. Latest head on his hand and turned away from the jury so they couldn't see him but everybody on the opposite side the Koroma is like a beard. So it just look like he was so he was intently listening but he was a mess. That's Steve move test. Yeah a little bit so I try to view a ruse to big plays a nod as you turn your. This hey you turned your chair away put your seat up and then. As you started to doze off you go like. By now like you've you've got let's look at them like a great it was something I hadn't satellites and pain and anger him and and if you don't go along and they don't know the full on long iron eight long days. The soda and I would do this. A I'd move my chair around just seemed like did you like snapped and NASA and the viewers like you guys here's the thing about Steve being able flawlessly to anywhere. We went to it wasn't search of soy but it was like get them it was it was whatever the saying that's like it at the wind or somewhere was. Where Vegas we got content gets. And what I did notice there's these is enlightening enlightened. Did you talk and Steve's night. To do that allowed that was our music was louder than you could hear it loud when you're trying to start when you start your soft backed and then you're so Sony is trying to act like you didn't just ask Alex. Yeah. Let us to finish it took up up up up up up up up and stuff. Your vision. A it's an intermission things Borough. Do you know I'm gonna guttural about the Mac guy you have won't play that day depends on the what do you play well even every day we had drank a lot yeah so zooming asleep. We know then you're lautner I think when you've drank a Euro lautner OK but the day you were just here and tell us like I was quiet. The serene tranquil. Can you each month perhaps choose or to the hole as strange thing. It's like to close it's the style stop myself I don't think he's. Console we love you tell us where you fell asleep there's another story this dude on 23 year old graduate student. We into the Marshall stack bar in New York nearly went in the bathroom sat down install X com doubt they'll. Be drunk right well he claims he had a few Beers like three IPA is is what he said. Can't doubt on the toilet wakes up at 7 AM when the sun hits him in the siege why each how does that do and is he was sitting yeah yeah. I don't know if anybody can do it. If you don't know why it. Knowing who seem like you spent a lot of time and asked him you told me never I do take my time we've had some conversations from you and are that I am user 11 soil it was tax it was a much taught don't know we talked to just you did the volunteer and I didn't say you -- I think what I just started winning silver medalist toilet and steel burn away the elderly and Chad echoed the first half of the conversation in the back of stopped Reynolds in terms of flush after another. He's able to put this together you're in a room with a lot of Tyler second you know now your nine I was physically moved dogs and some food. Any nude guy cut instead of just like waiting great to call 911 in the scrambled swapping the it department data coming in out of a bar with hookah bars close at 7 in the morning nobody is there now so he's stuck he that's where he zealously. I have never pharmacies anywhere near for I wish we are trying to figure Lisa don't work related trip you've not doze off policy for church but I think a lot of people did that idea when your little society. It's a droning I was is due and decide you know it's a droning in its in Catholic Church when they just keep singing that same note for like ten minutes and the only drop there was a. The memo and then there soon and we'll. Those nerves blues. Oh look it's. Definitely yeah ha ha. No matter how did grow. I anyway if you zealously somewhere duke ceasefire and we love to hear stories have their. I fell asleep. I don't sleep well. Okay passed out early we know we're doing Seles lead stories and I was so we have an idea of what happened how does that happen. Ennui and carpenter from our runner up how much fun or infield letters that you get it taken apple. Democrat on the calendar. For some Q does that. Rode the elevator people stepped over your sleeping body and how to respect and I. Wait a minute let's just surety got a little more on. Every hotel. Lately there's guys stand by DOD does it make sure your and how they've just shown your remote area so you're not bring in hook around her whenever. I was up 21 of the reasons the number. Like musical or Canadian security group bad. How could the. You are on those it's really strange that nobody. Nobody south Cubans were stolen series. You wake up when nada and no kid and you're asked yeah. So I think the other Terrell. Hadi. Mostly. I don't I don't leave and at my current money. Anywhere that day after I got married and my husband and I thought well. During my power now helps our best so. And I did it look like bringing a much different in any but and I went early in the chin like you got a lead up. We are dealing teller in the wedding. Bono and a lot of tripping it was right behind the current study oh. To let all your has usually you're on the video is nice and not to tripod over schools. Yeah that sounds. Yeah I'm gonna go a little while they. And I am now you're working out we combine more pummel the words. I can't blame I do the same of what the few weddings I do attend uses beyond its just all bass man it's like yeah. I didn't know enough yeah mass hasn't Sandra and it's hard and you're okay and artists it would quit without being urged. You I take you to the call Chris don't. Crystal. I thought you were asleep there cleared all the. I I am back and I plywood big inquirer height Crennel and every day beat inning and betting with my music and in the mood been high on the I would just don't adopt. It's happening slowly equipment can bite in it we were sitting usually follow the Tacoma and I are known as that seen sleeping girl. An hour but everybody knew I would just like knockouts in early and I would don't wait for the conference always. Packed up and. It's like her saying hi sopranos too so you never believed you do it for is did. He's so much did you ever really folks. I passed out. Singing marching band overwhelmed from emotional figuring it's it's when he stands on an island on your knees and they write to him. No knee locked and they are we seeing a little chorus you wanna go to Jill West Side Story with me and when you reject you know Newman's. She was gonna yeah you're not always. She's an article leapt out on us who while VD here for Christie voice disguise there received. Yeah I guy I OK so I remember they had a picture or coming end and there are getting admitted their room. And I would hate the other end. Take information out there and there are surging crude error on the car and everything you know on the wallet. And my idol voting so there are because commercial enterprise but little wallet urging all the closed my eyes I had you know. Old include larger per sports market. And they did not so quick you know you all that you wake up you know like the only joking really quite impressed. That's why did the end arm spirit of daring and I do like all other free. Yeah you do that hard jolt like office. That's what you do with I don't know hard Giulio slowly hard Joseph you sing along face but I don't you aren't auto Jason's new heart Joseph took a look that's music. She parred crazy with. Ourselves is yes the open heart is long jolt our Joseph Montana's. Home. Oh Christine thank you go oh wait I just I saw the media on I don't sleep for a second there. Tallies. How are you fallen asleep. I say oh. Well why don't who really knows and has announced its person and. I was totally over a middle of the day I had been diving probably have like no more than four minutes per hour. I'll find my friend and I straight all laid out a spotlight had no idea what you. Colts a pocket Tom what would you do all right but don't we stick with its. Interest in Don Barrett. I'm pushing for everywhere in the behind you yes he's here and in the car ads that's for everybody thank you. British and. Yeah yeah I zealously. I thought he played at a ballet the nutcracker I'm my spot and show their. So pretty sock Cubans allowed to look for the nutcracker it's not quiet. Please. A new boss Nolan yes. Rule is that what you couldn't release was always played to. And then today while walking out nothing was as I haven't really they were all retake it each other really changed peanut and I thought. Somehow ended up next the Hammond who have been such a long day. And I tried to do that all late cheerful and Spain and like trying to lean your arms down late Heath who I'm not our. And. Might I hadn't yeah I remember having pandemic and and then all air remembers waking up on an apparent that they haven't looked at an opera. Yeah I have not gotten another. And her sick and you're a terrible person for sleeping tennis is why you and if there are people you you could get slog in other countries Mac it's a big deal. Liz. I I yeah I Ellis right at. Ami and actually grandpa there's my college graduation I left he might like and the time was not my husband. My dad and my seven year old grant but hopefully granted aggression historic. I came back home he was asleep on the floor underneath my kitchen people. On the mend their side like I felt from the couch of the bidder in the world you know you just. Well done a good. The error trustees. Quite late I have no idea. This is it's like me grow oranges like any. Well I mean I don't know what are probably eat that. After being on tour bus and reported moments haven't zeal and Don Manuel mostly just about anyway.