Slacker and Steve - Fell Down 6/21

Tuesday, June 21st

Falling down can sometimes be extremely embarrassing, but it's even more embarrassing if you take a digger on stage in front of thousands! Justin Bieber recently took a massive fall off stage and was able to laugh it off later! What is your best falling down story?

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At some people thought and now all you did again. It's a funeral or would you can never walk from here to. Movie I did I will admit that I am a bit of a Klutz value big time I'm not Justin Bieber blessings tonight and RAI. Apparently he took no early fall during a show in Saskatoon. Berries and a bomb. Pretty country until that dispute when Saskatoon medium he wasn't looking where is gone any pulled the foreign. While down a number of them yet he disappeared immediately off the stage sleeping there was a trap door opener something. But true these men and he said he spring rate back up and said you know what I literally feet. But anyway it's all over he says he's like you chat yes. Actually spring back up on stage like nothing ever happens what it looks like him one of the videos is that he's he's like playing with the shorts he's he's doing that didn't slow is John condensed. And he's staring at that announcement that he's going to the another woman fell Downey thirty flow well. She was looking around a home that was being auctioned though you can't see them because they stick out. Well. There aren't terribly disillusioned dweller you kinda had built like brick built up. Do you. See. All they'll have their eyes said while looking around the house I she stumbled across a rather in conspicuous hole in the garden. She was a prospective buyer tumble down the well at the rear of the property who they wrote teams to get down or two she fell down it's awful a number of them. What's your personal I just totally cured. Konami IEC. I've equilibrium yeah I know you don't have your headphones and anybody who races when you think Steve is the first order Boston athletes absolutely not. I want to play Kaplow got caught carpets. That's that's as Jack is funny. No you're surprised I'm precision to your guess is finally Jaron athletic prowess does sound is paint and demonstrates yeah. I was today I don't. That's heading into today's opposite the composite Derek I'm. I pulled down a lot to tell you do what I am fallen down like a sleep watching Chinese woman fell out of a window to how far. Let's see she was in her to Janet's car level this is stories written it outright but he's a is isn't isn't so we'll find out what she felt it up because if there are. Com it's like you're Chinese menu of the latest stories written finish Hiroshi was spotted in her jammies PYG. A club the get a dragged her under a flat under the second floor through it's when a science she was a duel today. She was diss on a canopy on the senate floor. She sleep walking them but luckily they didn't wake her up because of that was killer addiction disorders don't turn somebody anybody sleepwalking take your stomach tangent you know it's just not number one cause of death in America now is waking up sleep walkers. More than heart diseases and I didn't realize we re just surpassed. I think I'd just stick with the people there's there's poignant. That there we work. Another woman fell off of what clinched it. So us all feel the end of the southeast fall she was camping with a dog Barney and they decided to go for a hike. Everything's going perfectly until she fell off a cliff to renal AM she did she was like. Addressing her junk Bieber style. Sheets. Would have sued what's the though but don't have to run the dog the dog plunge whether or. It's a funny I guess or darn right you only did not funny money is still on top of the cliffs knowing full well Bonnie. Bonnie is a surprise Josh. My son Stephen is looking around going. And Italy can just gets it. But I'm not I'm Don sometime in the person. Close IRS include the rest. I'll bunny was able to did some dog treats understanding that before she felt. Oh well all that well that's an odd the dog had some of the woman's belongings including her phone. Oh. Apparently was in the back there she is an honor back in them. Yes so I don't know the dog knew that she would think you hit the dog. Doctor packed tour I guess I don't know why oh yeah. Dropped back down low tough new mom was going to need it she's in regular phone out of the pack Dutch boy Justin Tuck was then on the dog. Results or to have this fight erase everything we said I now know all sorts of space. Dodgy and Dina Bonnie in the united ponies dogs walking along doesn't look at cliff Dina didn't see it she felt. Barney the dog tearing a backpack because that's what you do go I'm a lazy cat owner. I'm gonna strap on myself to my pretty little dog like there a pack mule that. Which is fortuitous so because she yeah I do I don't know. The top knew that you need to sang and then sushi letter packed down and and then she was able to not call go baloney snapped spur dog it's so confusing because Bonnie is the name of the dog you know name your dog yeah I don't mean a dog person naming key soccer and see their after do this story is that as an adult things to do is Mike is Bonnie the person or is Barney the dog. Peter Dawson and like dogs their wish. Brought trust to cook while thing. Earlier offering her go eat here at ten Canadian club be something. It makes it clear that it's not that are angry drunk and fell down. The elevator shaft did I know. Hope he had karate ticked the doors open. Every day he's exaggerating his girlfriend he was unable to wait for the elevator Ted descend so well on this guy in China. I just love it they keep calling it lifts like to change its elevator every time why. Now I'm seeing video of this and it's actually pretty impressive. Only elevator were sitting on the imitating on the military's waiting for and he's getting angry because it's not coming and he starts karate job in the door and stuff. And even though he's super and he created. It's pretty impressive swallow one of the current jobs actually gets the door open. Kind of kinda he'd pitching great hits an antenna does like that Frye and like looked down to see if you elevator is coming or not many just disappears he's out there and you know down the only dish it's. Yeah in a little stop you know this. You can't put the don't know. So you don't read up on the screen I guess it here in the grim cable's arts as a condition of the drunk hotel guests is currently unclear. But he did survive the fall. He did you know well when you're drunk but he's driving your spring now since I didn't get to put a strike that occurred at. The narrow shaft though Steve and I. Why are getting drunk is trying day. All above the buildings sans parents fear it could look at the end we'll be able drive his car in your face so I could could look at the urge yeah. Tiger and Steve junior Joseph you can survive and you can bet that the charge on both of you mule team that I finally Selena. My as this one's the freshest one she's onstage in Tulsa. On general mishap she fell in front of the massive crowd bush isn't wholesale. I mean just following whoever she should just so apparently hurry nine Justin Bieber have the same from their readjusting their John Cook and kind of celebrity gossip is like the. Just ended this if there. Is that the we're looking for you falling down yeah. Every drug is just your epic fall million for the time you sell or you and we will let. You rat somebody else out of you've got a good story about your mom or dad's face planting a whenever we're just calling it falling down so if you got a good following don't story we'd love to hear Jordan. Yeah I think. Oh. I would train all within the scourge to Manning. And first runner extra left and shall. And I leaned on the outdoor station I. He's out perhaps it hadn't had surgery. You're here cash. Am going through that over 121000 dollars out of pot. Insurer and soul and I still don't short range of emotion and went my arm hurt. And. Hold short because of T ball is why nearly outnumbered them embark on sure that's the only doing a lot of no more here I thought put out my elbow into motion. It's cool because I hate competitor trot stop my entire life and I never brought that mean you're bound. And at all and then they certainly looking straight majors. He's he's all downhill the his name well I will you have normally. Probably not. That fortunately. I Welsh they at that I would absolutely aware Eric's chat I got app. I rancher shot finished speaking in the trial into the ER. Look at Jews that's no that's true pay mall or attention to help first of course does paintball in the snow well. I wanna be warm Olbermann united and Houston where all the close. 'cause I don't wanna get in the skin. And my. A lot of this sort Nash has burst apes and I don't wanna kick out. My home being human costs are about your arm who. Money can. You fall down go boom. Oh my I'm I don't know how are quite story since. Shafts are okay and how. Close you are working on her where insurance company in early April 16 and our little. And you're reading your all players are needed a wet connection while they ban. A copy it's an insurance are also a pilot and yes I like millions of dollars. Less so you are looking to resume. Early. The elevator company could shut up that door. That there what are all these are actually locked and. On an insurance companies so she's suing. Last year my god. What happened to her action. Comical tone she'd just had a rural. All their rural Tunisia and they are a lot of thank you Carl Manning is suing bank should bring a lot better as last year. Well Carter campaign rally it was kind of a blessing in the. Yes Sheila because there's a lot now our sheets are. Would absolutely. Beings who are you kidding me. So Sheila I'll. I'm glad you're. Yeah are you landed on the island new direction and all he must firefighters. Were calling garlic actually Alter the way they thought that they were finishing up about Bobby. So almighty god what happened was only five stories up or could the elevator then Laura she could ever farther. The tour now it went all the way into the election of school where it's. Although he Gallup there was one person I know working. Diet that's sucks that it's not epics all announcer it's good that she's alive and yes Friday the can you imagine usual reading you're not even thinking you know you'll. While pain you gonna go Monica. Tiffany. Yes. I. Don't go down Arne. Iowa and high school and had told my mom and I and he and I didn't turn out and actually ended up going to part eat. And somehow my mom caught wind event and she actually showed up at the party while I skinny. And cut chat and more the schools and I guess I'm freaked out and kind of grabbed the nearest Howell and ran a bigger act which went mission hill in the backyard edge. Hi Chad led wage. On the hill yeah Hannah and let them my towel. I'll fire lately. Okay rule hi mom again. I'm not but yeah how old. Where is actually in the car and while it. And luckily he did not commit any chance that would have been even worse. The brother was a little out of season. Well I don't know I don't. Look it up pretty and a they don't have it doesn't end there. Please hold and Susan how long her narrative that the wow now does son Tim thank you for the golf Christine. EEye guys saw them. So it was my birthday. And it happened to be a bit like a schedule I annual how it appointment I'm like. Yeah I great. How to hurt so I had I AM on the exam table and I felt lucky to ban K so April. While she was the most cold oh I'm cold and got a very good do you and. Yet there are and paper at spray on the table and new. Standards mr. snow you're just. Since this morning are you in this particularly when no one bit angered and I got back up. Where we're. Most value of shoot it. We look a little bit waited to see ardor and we know yeah doctor I don't want her master back together. Not exactly the right now. I she's gonna pageant jump together both seemed like at the height of the deals but these are now with the guys that technical term Diana whether I'm going to go. I Feingold law. My mom can't walk and you don't let alone our stand up troops are aren't so. Each cheek and Chevrolet engine washing. And what I see sushi yeah it's not upon us shaking our Chirac you know you are right. Don't sit on the same you're going to talk. In the shower and that's what it's more you only do your body up bullets. It's what. You cannot go ahead. So are you Bernard. She talks she actually capture or lake into play. So did the. Sakic job sir he almost six weeks. She gets darn. Actually you know option (%expletive) Eragon magic again you know lost. All began and richer older. No she didn't net. Bones he broke the other Z if you break in the same spot is that RU I heard my aunt. Maybe at this point you know maybe just being hairy I don't know that the I think it is something. US sentiment is always let me bring it up I guess I'll I'll. Now what she did you Poland's only if you wash your battery your business in your mom is up there on the on the donor. Yeah our. Although our modern corporations are short channel could have been a whole lot worse by yet not your kids all the time and an architecture triggered are accused of child but it checker you kind of get past. Yeah there. Note on the first on what's your co pays and if you think you're jammed home a hug Jenn. Yeah you got me. I. Now I broke my arm and you walk out. You're Serio. That sounds pretty typical how do you go down a waffle 08 plus plus you were drunk yeah. An American out there aren't all out and high heels. And ask ask I can't stat fortunately I had finished. Doing my bit. And go and just. Walk off on the cell down. I got out and bought back out to my friend and I'd like I don't. Like charm I tried that they're really see here is. And that went home went to bed. Woke up the next morning MIA I can't live without it is my body. Oh and I did not not nearly broke in and dirty play kids. Okay so you're. Drawn sharp jab at you if you didn't feel that you're always I mean she pain tolerance is he's a little bit but like you were you act you are toast and. I I paint dollar and I know. I am I did actually in another statement that happened I had a lie back the right it is six and I don't take a nap and Tyler and I'll. And surgery and I'm just a person that I maybe he's just a pro tips from drinker to drinker. Leg win when I'm drunk and I am going to Perkins Denny's I not want the house. Take my heels off series clone. Ready to think that I. Lower yourself. I'm all for at least eight perhaps going forward that's. Being all of my friend nobody told me. At all but where I guess that's that's the right answer to thank you Jan. Sam. You know yeah so. Hi yeah I. So first or second years here. My buddy trickier to the highest. Mountain yeah ten a picture like however committed to psych myself up to drop in on this thing. And I drop since first turned skis go write a prominent experts numbness which beat distraught part of the mountain. But I didn't actually easier netbooks here on the tribe counsel not flooding I'm not adverse. Effect either the gimmick pop right off. I did my and then it turned reroute and our pitching downhill a guide to regulatory leash stuff. And I sit up there I looked my left and there's this huge outcropping of rocks that I should assist. Maliki to wind Bouvier I'm sorry Colin. Well I would killer right there at the British couple who had just missed also chilling about it Buick. It's only suspect at this pill a solid follow like tendered to video hundred feet Turkey aren't public followed six or 700 seek. Seem to Britain's yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah. They are yelling at audiobook. Yeah crazy America. And he did I still didn't use all. No no where I am no match out but the Yankees announced that they had some hostile. Nagin. Yeah he's solid rounds I'm Obama has been held down and broke both admit outlook. Or our lack. I hope customers of the body cast. Just following. Flu or the ability to do little more muscle. Like I can't do any library Latin underneath or Chile broke. Like no wind on your elbow and it could be it's like the one that what you're doing you know own so. Always a toss it out yes we wrestler and he ran into Italy. Everybody we call and a straitjacket yeah basically. Higher. Merida menuing may have. You didn't throw agree with that it is the these castles oh bags and consummate the marriage you know we can bring to you that is. In the wow. Yeah I stink you made in candy. They are down. They. Say about McCain and their kind get air why. Elaine it add that make it to the dad and I and the bottom of the cut and and I can't find. Think you're unraveling at the time. And not wait like I. Okay on the series yeah or interest in the in the cartoon the little threads keep the Tweety earlier it's it's something and it's coming straight up his curtain like the. I am not unfamiliar Albanian liking me Ed. People wherever I like help me an all out war and. Guess there's a bunch of guys general but I know you are best. On the 42.