Slacker and Steve - Field Trippin 5/17

Wednesday, May 17th

What is the best day while attending grade school? FIELD TRIPS! What was the best field trip you have ever been on?

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Staying on as we wanna talk about field trip intrepid. Stephen our orders we got we bring that conversation they don't know and as. It's just hilarious leagues so we got inspired because Daren trump is going to some. Columbia Graham Murray grammar and preparatory school can you tell I didn't know their grades are good on. And I guess he was able to bring. Eighty classmates AD cup. By their teachers in Secret Service agents all over to the White House that's pretty sweet. On kids got dressed girls were dressed as boys were intact to cancel button downs it was very cute. They were sources say eighty president trump gave them all of rousing speech about living up to your potential of being the best you could be. For your country I wanna say this I'm. And you'll troops are cut all the physical cohorts it's not even Eddie Payton. The field trips and I went on were under the guise of education up. And we can get into that but they don't even try that anymore they did. Now it's like we're gonna sue a church you parked a block away from the school and then the mourners studied. Alonso and mulch in the play it's the billiard. You know at a class I've done TG UC except that. Got sick leave for. Debra glad they don't care where we go to his sword die because there so I mean don't really know what kind of field trips you've got to go on did you did you get to go to law owns just a few I share the content we. I grew up in Colorado you grew up in the Dakotas here and we went to the same play. Ace he's broken down forests and apparently had a war element in the eighteen hundreds so I think this is a couple belongs to. Lyrics of the dirt maybe a wagon wheels and occasionally did did you ever have the Al building like. Like there was there was a trailer there was there was a decrepit old lady need blocking and it is smelled gas and if she can she like would have. A couple pictures like grainy pictures on the Logitech and they are and we're. Exactly yeah. I guess it's thirty yard sack lunches. There's a lot pass that was my favorite part back then my mom made his sack lunch would you do it see I always loved egg salad sandwiches. Don't you talk to you sir yeah I don't Libby in the sun while an orange crush but hey you look but I know you'll be more salads salmon. Right their necks of the wagon wheel in the dirt but you're I was actually Smart she would freeze your soda so by the time it was time to drink and eat it was cold and perfect I would that you call as soon as it's we we're rich people on this Revis couldn't afford no it was Shasta there was a similarly yes I personally don't look so we would freeze it like she. Now in wouldn't freeze it solid mile freezer just as we can afford ice pack and the think so yeah all I'd I'd have a partially frozen Shasta yeah. And then my sandwich will be up against sat in the my chip to be on the other side IEC and then some sort of fruit that's the best part of the field trip. I wouldn't be having an I source on my field trip. No one would be brazen enough to bring egg salad. Would be are pretty early college kids. Sure we don't find someplace to citizenship check and see you're right were all sitting in a dirt field with how the coolest little weary sigh colleges and that's. Do you describe their background they're like yeah. Woods. Actually. Oh no body. Can process that mustang rim I could expose picnic it's isn't sub Catholics. Hello kids it's thank you early seventies a mockup finds its parent out there isn't a permanent seed stands series the bad hubcaps. And us really assumed it does not informative. Other field trip that we took when I was when I was young I love story was what's to learn and see we didn't learn something this what is actually yes it's cool morning. Gross is things have ever experienced in my ways as well as well I would almost rather we did it in the opposite direction OK we did. Growing up in momma Colorado there's link we're only like third on the food chain for water. Meaning nine and that okay thanks so you if you lived in the mountains. Though the snow melts right the runner Rudy knows this is snow melts and turns and so we droll like up to this little town called I'm in school I illegal they're elated. Source would you want to watch the river and we tasted the river water like while we drove the first hits we like it out of the tabloids wow. And then we drove down to Loma Colorado and drank that particular they're like wow we know his locker. And then we went to the sewage plant there are currents I know loan money as you go longer. And so a lot jail and played first and we off the bus smells like. It's about our the loan also the first and we got the bus if you're not used to the overwhelming stench of waste treatment yes he would make people in the early and everywhere all saw what one kid in particular because you don't know what our view his name is dean and if I say is home name again he's like an educator and I will be in trouble off. I'm. So we do that and that we drive to the it's like they knew we dress to the very next. I remember the next town over was those like where you go so we've followed this fresh snowflake all the way. Lay down now it's covered in poop. And we watched teens aren't so this is a field trip. And then we're go to the next town to a pair of the water they are all well we drank on top of the mound that's such a cool. How we should you be actually made me do my. They purported jab what are we get we always felt like I had to open it before. And we all. I deeds bars and I look from our government and I am not drinking because. He just had proven adept at doing drugs to processing plant is like you know not exuberance just wish Sarah and the guys working guys a judgment call. Yeah. Early to make him there's not enough beer bottle on its class casino trips and Smart water and some days you have. I have is still sugars were ordeal all delivered a high treat each on this guy at the moment bottled water was blues readily available or can I stop drinking Amitabh now moment I would see it was like I'll never do it again I like health snowflake commercial featured good of who you are players. It was a beautiful cross well never forget it because now I realize. That if you don't live news. As close to where this noses and a lot of risk for surgery didn't do so in the landlocked in middle America. No snowflakes no rain pawn collecting like whatever just understand. Look either look up because the cities that are above you then drained now obviously that's the news chicken poop out. If there's shallower water there yeah. The statute congratulations that's what I learned in my field trips you grew up the raw hopefully get I was only one town. Literary lions from the but the next town after bookmark all your there's like me and the any drives as it's known people like no we're moving upstream. And took the 'cause she doesn't informative and mobile I'm delete his gig to lose just try to go a little from you though there's we've got a ton of news stories we're a couple of teachers left arm. A teacher left two students in Nellie museum because they were being nice they were acting out all Jews I. I'm getting you're the educator and you're in charge of getting them I'll overrule. Or you say yeah good to talk to you you're gonna leave you behind now. Would you teens got sick on a bus at all. I just something didn't work on the moody air musings whatever like the bomb packed to make salad for their lunch. OK okay. It's all eyes you don't like it did the stories you should ask a true experience to the there's. The story the NS and was off a rented this is. I don't know where I guess you're going to school in Catalina Island that's what happens there's field trip. Was a snorkeling adventure always it's nice beautiful I'll go and they start called. Except I shark came in bed to teach our jet only teacher yet but didn't really was teaching yeah let's. It kid and this and vice principal or counselor. I look at the blue Jay bill. It is like did you do daily yelled yeah. What happened that while Utley hit the net and act to do that I think do you don't watch and learn the game first Ito that field trip your learned off to ensure. I heard it like they go oh yeah for sharks. Right Steve we learned a lot part of that I don't cut my food a little bit and gives it. A new one didn't that this is her I think by so bottom line is this if you've been on a good on an epic. Field trip for some thin. Zhang Qi hands hopefully is better than just go into a fort in the middle of the Dakotas what I had seen him. In days terror. There was laws and I'm serious you don't know how do you. Resolve and preservatives and you. Brazen. Are you jacked it's. Sad because she's come home. It's kind of may call a lot of mad zoo a high energy really hard Kelly and we've all hello Gary Haas many. When you bet it's. A we're together and your call because you've been on the field trips ago we heard and we're all gonna come together their story well we call it field trip in Dallas seat with the. At. Fields are. I was an elementary school Harry until a couple of big outdoor at these places that are really are. Popular in Colorado mountains and so I went and I need background and I know that. All hope she's okay. But a big tournament between the that may lead you. Add Eilat to me and I had to try and security about empowering I about. Towns. They did not jumping at me and I know they double counted them but here. Sure that they miss exam this and then. I would be dead ball really soothing answer on all come back to your mom gonna compete queue up her yellow we might hear a quote oh what may in the. That's some this. These are pretty unhappy extra. Happy are you so I hit on a roll now. Yeah. Is he in trouble somehow yeah I don't get a lot of trouble us. Tornado looks yeah no. It's. Now this is. Okay you've really got dizzy with the Lindsay. Out yeah. Daschle and I. I learned that and then the second grade and my dad and chaperone on my guilt trip oh and might actually is that we're on the back wanted to get Democrats are Betemit. There aren't actually mean it looked at the end of like. Well I wouldn't get too big dish Arabic year old. Next to my dad and I didn't secondary is. Plus a hot and the kid was also a second greater. Yeah that's pretty advanced questioning for a second Guerrero Nagano I day so would you. You. My dad didn't edit it teacher actually had healed physically restrain my father. I imagine you wouldn't be accurate about me coming Blair now yeah. A chaperone funny did you ever get to take a shower or a decade later in life. Now you would like Democrats it probably peaked. Yeah he's that kid now. So maybe he is actually wanted to see you shower and he she digital. You win yeah all of it lets you wanted to or be jealous that I actually how I got used to have a it's no wonder yeah I shall we do you have too much yeah out of context points or easy to add a little barriers our. While different are the daughter that's going to feel through today's hypocrite hopeless. Only guy who knocked it to you how does just. God you feel should spend. I was trying to attract Alastair trying to Chicago on our country and yeah yeah yeah. Everything and we need he'd even think I would just for my business trip three days we could he didn't think I would just for breakfast lunch and then act. Why wheels were TV in Jan F yeah. Preston that in and direct her I was giving it a once yeah. What school out of money this enjoy a two week trip to Chicago New York to just not enough money for soon rice. Really hook do you hate you have to APV endgame now. Look yeah. Feeling I mean when you are now muscle yeah gardeners you're done don't home now. A year later and I don't count like get it I don't like naral and rim blog and I'm just like. Yeah usually I smell led and it states you Bruce Collins yes. Our men are burnout all for awhile and I'm back vote on the general vengeance always a strawberry jam Stallone rely what are you great it's going to be it's about America re warm inside America's great did you know we have to be great guy doesn't use jam us every Jolie no I use the smooth industries not a lot of tankers is good it's people are aliens I get to Loescher one. Do what I believe real tight goes even I'm not trying to kill myself and not on the cost her. Leg that I. What do you want your BJ no actually we're doing fuel driven. So Georgia that are influencing your shirt. We go to Disney World that a bunch of guidance package up the matches did beside. A snap or a couple hours into that they've been approached me you're good not in a pot. So big. Got physically violent warrant mascots and. Well basically died at a time now for the big dog but no panic. Yeah I was driven by easy I guess that it wasn't a play and good heart a defensive move if you look I probably didn't know my concern growing exponential. Yeah doesn't know remember this guy. The net dogs don't grow or mean you don't have pins are it's true you kicked out of the park with the. I alone they were kicked out of the car again and that they had finished finals then they were expelled. Always my feelings through and got a menace go that is no no way man. Then you've heard a couple of a stripper who. I don't hear a drop an acid gonna feel good stories Britney. Yeah I feel driven. I mean it might be okay. We quit premiere so you saw your phone isn't that awful what happens. Saying she's a teacher to army lost Brittany her bonus. I eat and and I feel good enough. Both sit there are cooler there when I was younger I thought in mind and that's our parents and a summer camps. Our current two weeks. Well summer camp pick it up on a field trip there ever. And now we all found a huge rock did you bought into the river are you know higher credit dump and not let you know. Bakley. All it girl jumped off. Went into the water and cannot do its soaring need acne. So what turned out she jumped wrong and that and that kind of rock and broker Blake. But they'll worst forum a hole if you look at our buddy and I were trying to act we're gonna bad kids. Oh we have let her out I wanted to tired of our other big bear a lot of girls scream and enact. And you're out there cold metal like oh well I don't recall the early years they're always hold anybody had. So whom she had to go through that pain because you will wrap scale you know all life. On it. And take your legs he always is yeah. You know her. I know and I wish I didn't sign up in the united. Yeah oh I endured terrible mess there are only human beings are more steals your Missouri's over on the slacker and Steve sees blue paint.