Slacker and Steve - Fire Starter 11/29

Wednesday, November 29th


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Staying on and we occasionally com celebrate things we shouldn't celebrate necessarily oh. There's couple stories in the news and we just. Oh we know anybody misunderstand run an alleged. Goes higher so we're not so we're saying it. It happened so sometimes we make mistakes no it's humans more sometimes we do something deliberate when we were young or drunk or stupid mean and that's worked on and we're not necessarily. Home hook it but we are window Parsons not solid enough to talk has no we it's not fun it's not. Where are looking to make it's OK okay a couple of minutes of the fifth and it'll be just yeah. In the news and we just we've read this and we're all like. Who hasn't done it exactly like does this Oregon woman who wise. Just she'd lost her mind. Firefighters got to her apartment she sitting on the legend shares window. Of her apartment and she had lit on fire. Do you. No one knows why should start the fire descent did was arrested and charged and are taught first person. This is why I'm so that a little apartments anymore only takes one of these morons the bird assault dial speech. You have apartments you're just telling about the modern day and won the won an apartment fire was caused by something. I I I actually should leave the show right now and go home and do something all of our show because I we all forget this that that fire was all started by the crumbs on the bottom of a toaster you know we all have the crumbs fall we know that little trap you gotta clean out. Jana is a little slide a little something new slide out and that's where my toaster gets cleaned. Win one of two things happen I move. By doing no due to knocked over like in the body shadowy shape gone. The or one of my kids like throws a ball summoning potential. So your saying is true there's something you can remove here it is it's at the bottom as were the sides are a little door you'll put her little sly you pullout and that's we touches off of your bronze to get out. Because if it gets built up. The good that's due to host you'll set on fire I know. Two people had to be actually ask this building from toaster cross she's deeply letter had this toaster. Always use the high sending them I swear got a I don't think I've drama toaster. A little guts underneath you know we think we all I do I think we all look here's why I think you might be right oak desk Derek Thomas ordinary the other day. Like. My kids look bagels sometimes so I put the bagels and each time my goal like four in the leg and like to burns. Meg tried three in their not cooked in ASEAN pushing down the third time or whatever. And every day and might trying to find that sweet spots you'll bagel. My daughter comes by and goes. Pushes a button that says I want it I noticed how puck out. Just like to. I put the toaster that add to moving parts of singer you push down the data goes from one defies. That's sold the most for a little buttons I never realized she is a breeze pushed bagel but it's as bagel and you have one that says. Her son do you have one that says I don't even know what did a three button sit back and I do now I went by and so little time your try to slide. This title to go I love my theory year old figure it out. The good she probably showed you dilute or rational and Toronto so if I didn't notice a bagel but did you there's the crime trap yeah there's some trapped there using its. I our minds slides out you have and you just got to or used to them hopefully older is up he's now I mean do you you here's exactly how I know the you have won is because I have like a four dollar toaster from Wal-Mart yet he has wanted and I assume you definitely I have to find the trap door might have yes I don't become a fire shoot I've Richie your build up in there is just sit ahead. Yeah since I lived in this house 417. Years more than seven Y severe burn it down. There's a difference host are you stab the toaster they did beyond. I had one toast and so it made like teach me what muffins and stop muffin sandwich it Elizabeth didn't had a side compartment where you could cook sausage patty while an egg that's initiate all the same time while you're too much much like your engine these all items so as I. I usually and it finally burn out and so this is a new to this probably has like five years worth of don't get food everywhere you go home inched Goer and clean out your toaster your horrible re a fire starter you know another searching you're so. I'm BCC. Fun story that's just don't like the bad kind of firestorm. Peter Peter asserted fire. Accidentally removed what kind of like matches would you. Do photos back in junior high before fourth of July we buy bricks of firecrackers go rabbani's house and around the dining room table and the table and slowly on roll each firecracker and build a giant pile of gunpowder and detonating a bomb. You know like when I first saw that as we're doing this arduous process coupled would do is the table got up and grabs what are those. Spray. These queens code they were fighting amongst each other wall and all those some big under the table and just. Right out of the middle table so the middle of the belief was like this huge burn marks the slash blinded assault and we're like Patti and Al for the whole table for now. So we had to start all over the fire commanders on the line. After the disaster you still wanted to complete you know I. Managing assets checked we're is that we were committed not determined to do anything as an adult is known as a kid who. I'm always. Had a goal and we solute your thought. Starters are restoring it's kind of fun but not content a thirteen year old girl went to sleep with the galaxy S four cellphone you're told us a good road ice won it yeah that's galaxy iphones and deuce. Oh cool. Insider for my friends. That's. But the gore sending me and I zones and it's the epitome zones and guess. Is she woke up to the smell something burning down our own an overheated and sparked a fire. Oh whoa damage is minimal but Samsung offered her phone replaced. And a replacement badge so she was sleeping with a under her pillow pet idea. But why want to fight me if I'm expecting a call or something employers sleeping decades and it's a good. Pitcher had. You feel you've never put your phone and your fellow now. I've never I have to win it's I think there was a time where somebody's come from somewhere else had to take over the airport like 3 in the morning I might play a news comments on history. The sack do you land and wake me up and come. So include your faces and yeah. I've really got. The deal is annual I'm tired the it's getting allegedly Samsung's dock your lawsuit I can hear the lawyers liked to. Are. But eliciting an effort to. This fire starter we'd love to hear your stories Connie. Yeah knife fighter starter. Yeah I'm a fire starter so my aunt my friend and I Leland college driving its arms even driving on the passenger's side and and like finish a cigarette like let it fly out the window like you see beautiful day. No you. Zone. And then I know it's like a few miles further down the road. Can't laundry in an act the we like started this book no success and that's really good gut feeling like an old car would I help you expect really disgusting you know jailed there he's. It's yeah and so I and we had to pull over. And like totally a higher in the back like pulling up the clothing dumping on them although I was shouting let it burn. No I'm kidding. Okay. Just like being chisel Gloria who almost took out I. I wanna I wanna say I'm sorry for you guys that because you're gonna litter with a cigarette but that's true it's sort of serves you right behind Missouri wow you're truly a fires are you starting your golf on embryonic. Yeah I know he's. Yeah I would two years old and I got there at child spot on one of those and Ely area and let it drag road arrangement on iron to Britain on I rarely let the lions fired my dad and it spread all out no room. A hole he's helped a place where I am not. Three years old two years old I can't let the distant owners will go to to sing in the yeah how did you do it well. Eileen O'Neill because now I have the hardest time using mountain. Took a quick look at the museum into a two year old Mickey knew she worked now but I your parents just really good childhood there. You can bring nothing but ask what all the pros are next to where we store the lack her rags to. With the terrific are you kidding me you're the victim here usually do all of the line or shall ever figure that out. It. Affects your first words Bernanke to burn. A now smokers who kind of blossom and release period and then you're the go Rihanna residents far. Right non fire starters. Yeah I'm so a couple months ago my boyfriend he it and if they got eight U Iowa. Oh dirt with they had managerial and seven hours later at 2 in the morning and our neighbors are content on our door that the fire there the fire. You. What can have your daily car. Compost dirty have a language is all the time he married to a slow burn. Typical mom long haul all in order a little while we are not something where the weather very very current form he had no idea that in the end her nose. It's like entire fire you that's slow verbal ones. It's like it has nothing there you go let it burn out on my and so what are you guys still. What do it on our balcony. He. Our neighbors as far as materials and there was no one dollar apartment on their farewell until we just put it out. A little over an inflated. Fire department won't. Playing a little Richardson off your melting regions don't miss the problems through the free topic. They're low blood. Assistant U us just an X. Yeah I'm. Gonna fire starter. Yeah actually my little brother has earned my brother went about. Eleven I just it was my anger Baylor in the bedroom on Beckett barrier the house. The lighting your paper airplanes arms. Iron Man. Yeah. Deep that's balloons. Send him about the bedroom window at the Atlantic coast how to bolt bring against the house. My mother came home from college course. And try and fire trucks police. Man oh are. So yeah and I Blair house and these kids are out there's still ice so you okay. And to thank you. All hope we will more bit and so we need DD always disguise her jasmine. You know you are disguised. Are a lot of barter. Cause slacker. I yeah yet deliberately doing and if he goes down I don't. I.