Slacker and Steve - First Date Disaster 3/16

Friday, March 16th


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We got on the a little story here a bowel. I signs. You're on a first date with somebody. And it's got to be your last all Tom. Sawyer wanna talk about first day disaster said whom you do an eighty is basically. Here are the five science you should bounce on a day number one. Date controls the conversational agenda so our cleats he quickly dismisses. When you have to say changes subject for you ready he's visibly impatient when you speak say. I've never been on a date with you. But I imagine you don't control look I mean. Use steer the conversation away from yourself so I do because I wanna learn about her so you're right I she can go I want her to go on and on on about her sort of learn about her but you understand what's that you're a guy who doesn't want commitment you. The day and when you do something so. Amazing moment. As being a great conversational us in a listener but good listener you sent to hook and they want they want Motorola and you're never going to give it to an event that is true that's why I kind of be upfront and honest. Local. That's a couple yeah. Well at this sort of thing you always like a little printout laminated and you sign Grassley and he's read this and check the box at the bottom payment acknowledge that there's no commitment in the best buy you screwed no this. It's star who should put your right I I beat you guys do it broke yup. Just listen and to work shut your mouth of the blizzard that answer the questions and then there you go listen. I he shares things about his personal life they reveal his faults or incompatible values serious if he brings out topics like his therapy history. Finley dysfunction or criminal run institutes. I'm gonna say I do all of us I don't criminal run its III. Is honesty on the first that you won a literal everything about you including. I feel like it's important people know that I've been to therapy. OK maybe a lot of the scorched Yang might be right now tractor you order a for a gallon of bad days good to see him yeah yeah. Jenna might not yeah. I guess that's bad and it's your first it should be your last he can't stop talking about what went wrong in his last relationship don't bring up up at fashion. All even if she ask what we. Actually what did you bring over the last what are you say it's like -- we just it's just and we just didn't work out cheaper generic you want to give you details adult throw the blame on the other person does your just as much to boy well and you look like you're right you are so says she's never wrong at that point yeah eyes he should lose you a signal that he's only interested in a casual relations based relationship. Or whether I want. Things what's wrong with a mr. real artist a number on your letter and three it says for instance he slides you you laminated card that says a my name is you should check this specific products or you're going to fall in love with me the end of tonight well but all I want is relations. Bringing success so that's the only when you do bad. He discusses your debt to be born children. What a vacation. Or re deals you with stories of your future together. Your just a moron if you're doing that I was on a day with a girly denied she had your whole life plan Nowotny was our first day yeah. She was saying things she she already. Announced she she taught she talked about how. Well her first name flowed with my last and yet I was like. Are you kidding me like. First date and she's putting her for you know I remember in high school girl's writing writing notes to. Mary Diaz is spilling the ice and Johnson and Larry I tens faster until. Yeah no she was like I prefer. I was like what are you and I was twenties sometimes. Blow the unanimous yes he got up pretty well she was probably hard and so you just. You are no further ignite the domestic tracks oaks of course he honestly now is I should get all the Data Domain should I. There was a point in in in the night what I realized she was Rick I thought she was just being cute. But then as the night progressed she was saying other things like oh my god we may drink. We your hazel eyes and whenever I shoot she sits on the about us making kids together okay and then when he came to having relations I was like. Am not here all I know I didn't. Good and I was like she were she was so so you are she was -- she was she wanted that's wicket the shoes cheap. The truth. So you'll know if you've been on a first dates. That turned out to be a complete disaster we saw a couple things on credit bump. So we talked about being honest first state to do you met on tender in the entire time they argued. I don't understand. Have you ever argue with somebody that ever did I don't like sourced I'm still put on my balls they still. This this present either he didn't agree with me or I didn't agree with him on anything. Normally I don't argue with someone just because I don't agree with them but this guy was so arrogant after leaving the Boris some outside it'll be good idea. To ask me to come into his place over saying no was the last time I spoke to tell you right who argues. On August 1 date he got on tender tutor you bolts. All of presumably there for the same reason isn't even when there's nothing to fight about just it just a story would talk Patterson heard news of how you're. Cocktails and then boom adjourn to the relations department. So we want you to top these stories if you've gone on the first day. It was such a disaster you never went back we want your first date disasters to. Yes I yeah I. I met a doctor on the expansion. And you go to clock cock in me at the dinner there and we went out to the people think. 500 dollars out our enemy. Into it you can win more money and I ended up cheating and we have hired an ex that he had and it's all. Hope he's 'cause this disaster Europe's seventh ring rocks. Yeah he's yeah. It was his seed money but he said let's see what looks weekend oh win for me he is that you need to keep. Can't he can't keep government that EX if the people any heated. Sherry not the same pile and all of that what that might fifteen to Kirk. Oakland guys are still only did you think heat do you think she should have been allowed to keep some of the right things so I will Aaron. Got a gambling problem and no you're right oh others that I guess we did. I feel really cheaper is like just zero impulse control of the yeah. That that was the first and last a long record what Susan Wright got down awkward to you yeah yeah. We're just say it's called opt out you're like I know I don't be you do anymore but I have to play nice for at least an hour and Australia. Not ideal thank you can. Brooks. Yeah hey you know I first day disasters. On the so I went and how the how I am happy with the terror. Drinks it like I have the movie event half are they have to eat. On the legal action without them watching movie and at the end of it he is not being uncontrollably. At that maybe that he. I admittedly seeing them before and not knows how. I just wanted to see how emotional I am 10 I heard though oh sorry since I missed a broad. We was yeah I did likes the notebook her. I've cup now it's called kicking and screaming but not feel like Will Ferrell our goal Parker creek kicking and screaming and it's like track and making ninety's. Like singles technically. Weird though and he he has you know he was Dolan four in the I'm sensitive Wii U was sleep with me. You have Wii U console me and then sleep with I would did you get their relationship it's yeah that's first and disaster took the explorer. The thing for sure that's not ideal thank you for the call Brooke Bridget. Yeah this first day disaster if I I think. Can't currently. What we met on my ninety and it now that you're going to be terrible because he couldn't album are anything. But. We go to Cracker Barrel here now live five seconds after we sit down that he got that I dollars. I'll let you know how long. That's a he's very very clear to me OK. So I ordered. Think we'd be and I am might be thinking what does Porter in my column and I am I on better me. I I very quickly that you did not a bright emboldening our. It's. So nice outflanked at a restaurant called my baby daughter and mother to get me an emergency call. I've never done that before. You ads you I mean hey yeah beauty. You know I think. No but I ain't. Laid out why not it might they think better. And they're okay. I hope I'm like well I got a gal. Yeah I did. And the city do you get a song on the outside after being you know suspicious a lot of yeah did you know minus dinner then or now you just got out what. I don't get paid for the heat but it kept the weight champ car ever to get. I did read the parent. I'm. Sarah shops and turn out and he grabbed my vote. Walks Sox had a highlight. Yeah might. Help you know Yasser. I don't take those seven dollars and they usually call bridges.