Slacker and Steve - First Date Disasters 10/20

Friday, October 20th


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Staying on the you're going to get zero information whatever I know it's open you have to do of Arnold and I went out went snow we want some first aid disaster stories like disaster. This dude. And this girl grow George Norris from Cedar Rapids, Iowa when I first when a woman last month some guy at one point noted that the date he likes. Takes his leave from the bar. Any goes out and breaks into her car I know. All she got suspicious when I'm gone for dead she went outside Saudi broken a window with a rock and was stealing herself on twenty bucks out of her while she won us wallet in the car see it's diluted at this is on her. She yelled at him and he took up running. Cops tracked him down the debt capacity is Craig's a state is that tender days and a half how do you. When he got twenty bucks and use some good for you dude he was charged with third degree burglary which you know two years in prison. Just staying on the days that who wouldn't mind spending quality time with a female. Sort of be better than a point he locks iPhone 420 bucks you know. Watch it with the united I know I'm the only reason I say iPhone four as his advance through I imagine your first day disasters are. If you sit down and you Italians I. It antenna cutting edge I snapped. It right on back. It could coloreds or exit polls on sheer fact you know particular data no data for a free upstate cigar you know it's like I can support will be nice send message to seize cool honey do that isn't. But you need time machine. Kids your phone saw a site monitors yeah you are there as well it's pretty Thursday easily write these C failures on their Romo missed the this is married and this guys that he did for swimmers on to the bottom line is we don't know. What happened to you to make your first date such a disaster. All the air now so I was six seconds before we turn the mics on Steve asked me one of the most riveting questions I've ever been asked was. Remove these wife put out on the first yeah it's yeah looks. I didn't know. Exactly he's the baby exactly what it's like I as I pulled slacker to to see if his life. Unlike the ice at. Respectfully I said I changed little lamb would never know if you just isn't my answer is hell yeah she didn't hold chip so yeah. Friends before it's not tell you met her on tender oh yeah I'm Allman got no wonder your mom. You guys on tender you're friends for a long time so all I finally went on a date. In relations is a foregone conclusion that here's here's exactly how wind down as we work together for a long time and we never even talk to each other work and we started talking to each other a little bit. And I was like hey I got this these tickets to a sporting event. We do you wanna go maybe inches I don't have should be awesome and so we had to drives like an hour from our college town to go to sporting event. I -- talks to people that I knew that lived Intel that were like and I was like hey I need a really nice restaurant to go to can you recommend anything yen got a bunch recommendations pick the nicest one made a reservation. Got everything done had this big cold to do dinner. Took her to the team it was great conversation great time of the game had a nice talk all the way back and then. I got to worry. Got back tour house and I was like Niles like you know like thinks of that I had a ton of fun on that date Jews like. That was the date. Okay. We'll yeah. And OIV. Yeah I do Leighton good. Tonight I thought I was gonna go I'd go all the oh. All I wanted to auspicious beginning that's such did you bring out window and Steelers own us pat cash enjoy I didn't ask. Time now with Larry I. You took her to dinner I'm nice nice dinner tonight sporty. Yeah I'm still you know what I did get her back ms. later she knew that I was going to be proposing tour and I took her to that restaurant and the same exact one who until. Had a whole nice fancy meal do you worry nice jacket with my back you know ten and I do not propose. Falwell. Playing. Yeah there's it was a disaster kit she you know you want no idea dog doesn't rule out that sucks are so your first day disasters blue best stories. That I saw on line was. This woman and I ask don't plan coworker. They and he was from actually neighboring town Susan it took up and and and I actually like she was meeting her parents and nine that they met the parents. Armed grammar I happen to be with the parents of anagram does hair. And she's a well Tony you know important Heidi you know my dates from a neighboring town that's where she's at all. His mom and her cousins. Oh it's just so dearly go to over ancestry dot. Yeah solo day day when it they would had went four Wheeling or whatever but they were like this that was their first day disaster I just want asked. The weird question isn't the first day disaster. It's your meeting their parents on your first say oh we I would say so it's like oh. We're julliard Chile's first in just a tiny got to meet my mom you know have you ever hurt us moms hotter than the some sort of and the other one and I like was this woman living in. Some new cities you know much about the city and she she might this guy to a museum and she got a museums mixed up. She got there are only two museum of natural history. But they went to the museum of surgery. History. I even exist I guess so. Instead of like. Look at it neanderthals and whenever there there's like open wounds and no person Doris do she talked about like there's formaldehyde filled containers with men parts and it O Ohio and likes. Floating this. Techniques loading PP's suffer it in the all that's that's an effort easy. So that is out our kindness first state masters first if you've gone out on a date. And they rob do. They maybe didn't know was doing what ever happened to you that would constitute your first date as a total disaster we want you first day disaster stories actually. Yeah yeah I first date disasters. It was 130. Spraying the bike on a hill there on bird some banks in the middle of are me all. A waiter brings dedicate that says happy anniversary. And then the diet wheat toast to the future. What would he play on the she wished he set it up like you have an anniversary dinner to get a discount or sort of what the hell is going on. All you must have brought decade before he came and picked me up and all that because the waiter brings it out he says a toast your future and it freaked me out and now with only days after. Limited so you say in happy anniversary like this is our zero anniversary us this is the beginning of what many more gloom eyes. Well these Stockard dear you've got to operate and learned my you have did you stay. You don't people ate it was a good cake wasn't it. RR yeah I really got me up and then not while all that is super guy did that. So you like I think there's I went on a day with a girl who the entire time started using her first name and my last moonstruck she's like oh my god that really works and Mike. Well I'm beer and we know you. And she was good she was like oh my god it's so great OK that's my name sound so good that way I was lead not severe the OJ used to it's okay. That is creepy actually good for you pretty amount of that. I seraph. I I he's actually out. My eight care golfers they've story is I went on a Saturday with a guy and everything went fine but we went banner are sitting at dinner earnings start to act. And I'm pretty meg thinking in the man's gonna grow up biting me and prevent heat like that goes good app Germany's gotten like an imminent. They come back to me like already and sweaty and I in my area Caylee union back up the food and move like a recap. I don't ever really tiny wrote so why don't she might do well I'm not. In my throat I have to go and remove it. And he told me that says it NN medical institution at the end of that. And Miley wants this. On you I would feel like tiny Sherwood beyond your tender profiles OK yeah I think. This is an outstanding for guys don't know what this magnitude cook took a look at what it that's it seems I you can have a tiny stroke engines and I was. I don't know but all I thought of like if you throw that on me I'm going you've got all of my clothes and just blocked my car make it because I'm not. Not be a good bit. That's going to be my new first movie is nice dinner make you an idea as yet another car foreigner associate it got there but oh my god my limits Heidi fruit she took a day. Hello Sarah. I can honestly say that's the first time I've ever heard those words uttered every two I think dude I'm not I I didn't doesn't exist that's just a guy who had like him we. He's given eating disorder my pocket I have a tiny. And a British. I. Your sorrow and ever and I've done. Big disasters C. I actually I like Serb very long time and I made didn't realize that it's he had gotten together ex girlfriend and he's clearly altered your iPad that's not an geekspeak his seat brought her. Yeah it's. He's he's thought it was like a friendly get to death you remind him how would you like a thing. What was her lonely girl and all my guys. It. I'm more on the story has stated break up and we are now married. Will it lol oh my god that's my years so you know you won you at a table for here she comes I don't know sir in your life or Baja. Then you win in the end. It's good for you can graduate student at the day you're called Britney. That's a crazy but I don't even know what to do that I Jennifer back aren't you guys first day disaster. So I would beating your diet and how we broke up I met I knew I'd totally hot went to go pick him up actually at how that I was writing that they. You can't bet you'll learn what action will lead my acts it was simple brother. Oh no oh where in hell yeah. Viewers keeping it in the family YouTube. Yes so I'm not really our diet we we didn't I want to. So you out so it would have been pretty horrified at the end of the. Not hey neat. Little brother can you about it stare at my public about it its ways yeah uncle still use. Alfred paint anyone it was really nice under our current awkwardly like prospect without a liquid that Riley. My guy and so my hero pap tests might soon it's too familiar are literally they you've for the content of her best. Yeah I think first dates disasters. You're living in half quite how and he didn't wanna tell me why he's kind of just went beyond the let him. Option coops. Where does sell yourself to go. At the end of the day and you know I don't think you know we did what you've done in my very own did you stay right with the I do so but I admit like Matt Blunt they're letting him drive me so it's style he yeah. I didn't measure you see the whole I don't know it's.