Slacker and Steve - First World Problems 5/3

Wednesday, May 3rd

Don’t you hate when the shower water isn’t quite hot enough. We call that a first world problem, and we want to hear yours! What first world problems do you have?

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Steve are there. He's not about personal problems are awesome problem. And if you don't notice first world problem is what she didn't mean it's just it's basically. How all. How screwed up we are then we find. Pain. In places. Where. He said the other day there was a mean of a kid saying something night we only industry you guys fight with water. Not. I'll overall. Rise you saw a strange. We we need real load up super soaker is going to Clark and glass each other in the face meanwhile there's there's people drinking age you already have filled pond scum water the if they can even find that you know if you do I'm. Don't I don't like me now I took the OK so here's some examples from us you Alex. Someone that I have is literally no people and this is a unique. But eighth. They went to 88 Range Rover dealership. It's and that's it I must say this in addition to the Audi that I used to have them a range rovers on my dream car so nice. They wish they ordered this Carson the need saved up for eight days had enriched. Modify it put a roof racks on it was a white with a black opting easy it was one of the most beautiful cars I've ever seen. They did dare I mean this is a six figure car by the time it's also amusing. They're beautiful he did in cool leather seats amazing Range Rover vehicle. Was too. Halt. And too long for their garage just barely. So you're just so clone they had to take him back in CA. And that is a first with my brains are over the cost more than most housing in Third World countries wouldn't fit into my palatial go awry correct yeah because killing that's it melts sides and I got to take a sure I tell you the gross is part of the storm. There was a good day or two period where they considered. Moving. All by your bigger rock just to accommodate. There's Six Feet Under mark meant so much to on the they're like that's harder do you think we can sell our palatial mansion for one with a told her if she would just take a moment to put ourselves in their 'cause I should it. Doubt that is spoil they went through oil good war or sleep every now know there's like oil street. We can't unlike ten so it's like you have to have yet taken it to you back now. What's your first world problem okay mines lame comparison army and stuff and we don't appear to have some little once. Are my you know the receiver Leo that receiver you have your TV your surround sound yes that by certain to go out. And I hate all those chords and deal with the receiver got a ton of course yeah so what I'm about one of those are sound bars yeah with yeah wireless subwoofer. And I bought knew each tees the high death of four KE DVR saying the you have player was on sale. Well might he brought home in my TVs up four K so my new stuff is like. Panels or K see someone out I did buy a new fourteen TV. Scenario stuff in my living room eminent probably my new TV and I had a set of from a fireplace underneath my mounted TV my old non forecast when you haven't gotten rid of yet right cash. And now I can use my fireplace I'll do I can't do this she should know there's no place else to hold so what's past is sit in front of replaced and now a free easy or you're amazing. To dive I pushed a button fireplace it's in your palatial mansion and wealth that is blocked. By your brand new forty TV it is the. Hello Louis. You eat super high Def. I know I don't so everybody who's doing what you drive can with this on your money now and I do I I'm over your head I managed by. Drug so I can be in front of my my airplane. I got for government funnier actually looks like it's been so long that I ask you know couple might fireplaces don't even turn a couple of the fire focus I guess that's how fast you're secretary about Moore and I really need I have three fireplaces. My house and using none of them I would use the one in my bedroom but it didn't turn owns. Because that is that it's hard as I do and it's not easy to movies I'll write my dishwasher broke so I've had a washed dishes by hand last week taught. So in order to fix it I went on to Amazon prime and ordered myself a new part two they shipped in here and ship me the wrong part. So I had a rich too hot in my dishwasher still does pork and yourself to my hero and yeah. Who does that anymore I will tell you this you guys must SATA hard when your kids is like I I am how. Old do you see. Now there's nothing wrong. Dishwasher. I'm I'm at one point she would have. No longer personal problems and what should we do a little do you look at the content and are you doing all he finally knows the struggle oh. This did Mel. I read my blog publicity I don't know what we're doing that yeah. Oh my god you are dead yeah. Home you know OK so we don't we have some other personal problems we wanted to we wanna read from the Internet but we want years as well my favorite one guy whose wife favored to do. My fear was the Ferrari all this guy says my Ferrari sits to load the ground. So the headlights of other cars. Are blind and that is true it when you said that low and a luxury tell inaudible that is. What that is the epitome of first for a problem it's like I've always dreamed of having a Ferrari but I didn't realize. The other side of the coin would be the I would be blinded by other cars. I knew a guy he brought a brand new Lamborghini and when he was about to pull into his driveway he couldn't because he got the curb there in the Lambeau to do it. A lot of skill and you have to buy such special rate jumps to get over the curb doctor driveway you have those Saddam he's got to Lambeau that she city she is sure yeah. I typically get a hope that's what's your favor one on this list so it was some. I don't have time to set up the Wi-Fi in my new washing machine types utilities he was that. Yes it's gonna talk to the dry areas this yeah it's do I just bought an air purifier for our house like this. It's just a little one that goes in the room whenever. And for some reason I got connected to my Wi-Fi. But it's not compiling the data so I don't know with the air quality is in my room range whole thing I want people look back to how much it's improved air quality. And when I go to data and results you don't know you'll ever know. I may never know you will remember how much this. Ridiculously expensive yeah looks 2000 IE error saying this is doing your closet error in your basement air you know. Roger no idea gig when the garage onto it how would I don't Gracia you can dial out there I could hear you earlier. Okay here's an owner loves. This person. Paid a bunch of money. For beautiful stone tile work I think it's in their bathroom. And but to tie it was so cold. That they had to buy a Bronx for when they get out of the shower. Now they can't see they're beautiful Hyatt. But they should be at war Moyer floor for. Us. What did they needed six. Here's my other big moment. I hate having guests over because they bond dooming them to know you always true oh that is a first world problem yes every commit he was right professor rumored all. Hustle but LOG yeah. And I use it and this is Euro put your own yeah. Pretty much all my friends and their. Brad knows TU dealt with there I can. As an inning. Single person I know hats might not ask worked sort of feel like taciturn parking in front of my good. And it's. I'm Kramnik has run I have in my house is I was the apple snob in my house and I slowly introduce my wife and my kids do it and now they all have their devices and so now my network suck. 1010 tell him secretly. Glad that you by the divided network with the in the side Jason. And you only give them the transfer to the TJ all right well Donnelly what and you know what key is don't broadcast the five G patent and broadcast so they don't know the network exists in the house but we know field after the kids because they're stuck on telling my kids are LT JG inserted. The ultimate test might know. Oh I got to. If you've got a first world problem your Ferrari is sitting sauce around your diamond earrings scratch your eyes saw no. It's horrifying but if you've got to strings to call we'd love to hear about your personal problems. Do annual. Yeah I am I first world's problems. My cell stone broke a whole lot on that don't mean to call you from the stolen my watch right now. Oh my god bread and you'll be friends with that the Braves giants are you okay. ER. Is gone and so you're literally talking in your wrist right now like chasing them. Our young people people think that's cool but that's just no let's. It's awkward or are you do you need a hug what do we do to make it better means. Scott should but that's that would probably all right well then are you just did are you gonna get another phone do you all her half it's only a deputy like telling Sharon amen all. The red tape together another computer in your pockets with the cook is a horrifying things to Denny thank you Daniel to do and everybody hang in there with the Ellen yeah I. I first world problems. You have this whole list two weeks ago I made a 3500 dollar profit on a piece of diluted. It until the data Seles I BF 5500. Its all time are all you can go back. Well you know write your own money. Money out fusion a new milestone home Allen. And so us. I tell you how to avoid that first world problem Powell don't ever look up anything against it but I think I did people go OK if you checked is still a lesson and on the house she sold like ten years I don't like not like it's got. Like 3% of mice. See you can do. Us I know you're wrong I don't. I barely broke even moxie he does like. In the next couple billionaire couple weeks and slight slippage for free or die for their day did almost a newspaper with the oh and he gonna do you need to do we capital gains are I don't know that's you know you don't ask don't file when you're better off without that extra cheers and if they do for the Collins. Terms is strong with my kick. Yes I I first world problems. I'm I'm totally how old are growing up. By assembly plant will produce one or I hate going anywhere. My. Sister my that is one of the most pretentious thing I've ever hit another human beings and flight to. And I think he's a legend goes so if I was little sleep over power play in the and I used to try to get it. Commercial flights. Every time I doubt brought outs lying but I am so whoever we're going to lose. You know I'm curious you've been assassinated. Oh my god Mike's real your salie at a plane and you sound a way to complain about it. Yeah. And I'd never noticed I was doing yet until I complaining about one bad. Actual somebody doesn't do this year earlier. You know we might struggle is. Mad that they do they have a faster doing now then. I. Don and related. I'll ask disown your family at Illinois until you know value William Hurt anybody awards for the Boeing corporation barriers on the agent of the Golan Heights that's a new round. Have you ever heard she imagined here in somebody your school say that we're not beating them up it is just a dozen guys why your family's plane is too slow Weiner I'm Katie. Yeah I first road problems. So that aren't here are my following it showed schori said I want you to upon it while charging I'm glad I got an ally to crowd out hunch over. It debuted at Eric. That is where do that is I totally attack. That's the charge nearly 210 my nightstand is it's just long enough from the floor to the nightstand so then and if my phone is like dead. And somebody calls Murat to sit at home I can't tell my phone up and look at it. I either have to get out of bed and put my C East Coast to all of last unplug it and hoping it's like cook charged enough. Short phone cords charging the miracle computer that is in your pocket who is like one of the worst things you can have been in this license and you'd be a longer record I would just have my email woods moved up higher yes you know construction crew yes I. Let's at eye level that we keep much of what streets no. Just me my phone chargers be close to my face is actually problems supple but. JD fits the state Johns Jessica and I did pray wanted to pay you for the call. Carolina. Lou. Personal problems. Simon and I highways it in my navigation system is workings. And he my kid and I'm tapping it you realize that obviously it is now working the worst thing about it end that's an expected at ten miles away. All now you can do you Kia is so good at 100 miles in your problems your probably in a luxury SUV is some sort. I asked you for playing nine you know. Tiger and Steve on the radio heated and cooled seats analysts tend yeah I can't attend miles that's also I don't know how how. Idiots are running did stem back all I did the last 44 miles right eats it yet how are you brave enough to didn't. Are you are you near a hospital can you get attention if you need it with. The the brain spank you Carolina. Johns. Yeah I first oral problems. First our problems I had a week eat my Eric Arctic get delivered Kabila backcourt. Eighths weeks we know we floods for these these 400 dollar and little earbuds or you're gonna lose within a week ago cancer could. And build there are yeah. The my brother got it's it's six I had only 82 mine's pretty ascetic. So what do you do you use beats than like their yeah I just use headphones that you plug in I know Itanium believe I sent it out loud. It's like almost to the wire the court there isn't an actual court. I know the music going into your head via accord how archaic I would've done manually and that. I'm both did you know he could do. Action C I had. A bootleg pair of up to two had gone so you go. OK so managed to get by my data and an logo on it and people look did you and they were like Reich is generally more. Oh my god you know you can't put here on Joseph Hamas didn't catch your hands they want it's almost too. Determined back quarter. They even because I'm the tragic Michelle. Time in personal problems who. My dad and I are going on a trip she or he hasn't decided that he wants league and his trip because he can't get to neglect not quite you want to go back. Oh that's no good this yellow laugh at that does this is real soon my guy can do ya that's slightly coach forgive its. So I the light. Biggest economies Hillary Dexter oh yeah like not doing it. Stay impairs one more night because the seats on the plane are big announcer you there as that's his first for a problem. That's what he saw it though that's a good way to any day yes ingenuity is the heat assaulted her Jersey she's your particular protocol Michel the that's discussed I'm telling you I know people exactly like that I'm exactly like that to come meals. Yeah I first rolled problems. So we are. Look I belong likes live picture right wing T and they'll get a heated driveway that we've gotten stalled a few years ago thanks and sometimes. It'll add an automatic about the patent and it'll melt the snow and then turn up in you know hotline editor at preakness factors. Did issue a IE. No. More let's see guys so to recap who think the you're lazy butts who don't shovel snow have a huge driveway now dad sometimes gives you ice instead of snow defeats the purpose. Because that's like a long driveway oh yeah that's. Actually it is so. But sometimes like all the time but sometimes little shut off early. Oh my god simply it's more dangerous all yeah it did and I know it happens is I have more mortar in my master bath and sometimes it'll survive when I'm on the John BC. Again little chilly. Is in the auto shot I ask are gonna reprogramming but there's got to reach around underwater club mrs. Clinton now. Basics if you half the strength it takes you coming here everyday worries Sheridan sings let me see what I would be more support and harbor anybody's eyes. They even call Camille. I I though it so good. So I didn't have enough time for my iPad experience both have had happened early this is their rush job. And then I had that you write notes and we'll get you know like they're really when you eat clock did you ride in carts for a while Mike Hurst I know. Have to deal with the you don't. And in so I'm looking Pannemon he and they allowed the little things you know between the code and having to try and I'm. Average you right now. We know now. Thank god I was I usually was oh my god you're in next we I would say pullover and we will send a helicopter a little insulting. To your location to do you. I don't. I don't have my regular huge sitting next me on the feet. Blocks but I think. At the lies the the courage that it takes to recruiters say that your word you are an amazing woman meg in danger for the call Anchorage all right well after that courageous woman to call C may be able. I know they're blowing up on FaceBook right now and some of them are around you will drew fake eyelashes keeps bringing into word designer sunglasses oh yeah now that's. Right eats I don't know how you live that's spy more of your first world problems over on the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.