Slacker and Steve - First World Problems 8/1

Monday, August 1st

Something terrible happened while Steve was making breakfast this morning. He had to cut his pre-cut English muffin! First world problems! What are your first world problems? 

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Staying. Man I know this is hard treated in IE earth. I want you view the talk about it now it's it's important that we therapeutic. Town thome thome what's going on with your war with with. Do you mourn my thumb war with my students nerds. No Bob. Sat I I hate bush mob there and we kind of just a regular you know fluffy blueberry muffins those are permitted the climb right and it's a very specific marketing it is you are warring with why what happened. And and why is it a first world problem. I've beaten toast my whole life I've come this far with toes so few toasts and I'll walk hand in hand and again I don't number awful. Yeah toaster right oh my god what has every now and then like it was in this it was in the grocery story will we see on a market by all of English muffins you know I don't know though and I am not happening bush mount put in forever so what they had picked up a package of English muffins. Took him home you know excited Obama got to know since Mariam that Lebanese English muffins fit about four seconds to realize I have why haven't body English muffin like aren't you bottomless well. Now put it off to ball. They eat they purgatory and just not enough already so you can't pull them apart so I'm here I'm struggling with the mob English muffins got to pull begins tomorrow night it's more of a puppet adapt its Otis is trying to get a Wednesday egregious ones yes. They just it's going you leave half of what it is like separating siamese twins. And that's why don't. I it is all those big thing hang up the other side is not enough and all that stuff and while I'm. One trying to bullies them English muffins apart that's what I remembered on top with a muffin at this find greed. See under some real what is what are. I don't know good frontrunner but will not apply all of that hole might laugh. On the countertop and that would put him in the toaster I take about. Carmelo the bottom of the posters. Struggling so bad that I went to the package ago I wonder if they have instructions on how to shirt out. They do they ever instructions on how to separate their pass. Katrina we say take a fork in you kind of push the sport you know on all sides of the English muffin and yes he had a diagrams and clearly the rest of the world have this problem they had to put the directions on the condition he's just. While so your your first real problem is English muffins is to our descent. And lead to could I got. If you're already sustenance self directed so I don't mean to make light of your problem and I don't think it's just that the two particular brand named after a guy that the muffins. Well you know which one I don't know I don't play just about all they get the he Tommy Q okay thank you they also big titles like but let me try the medals console sure enough they kind of do split them up a little bit more on the Bengals but there's still that one size only hearsay and you need to go to Tommy factory down hey reach. Calibrate all your choppers just. To go just a little decides. Did you saw Elvis plays. We should go far in the directions and I'd pull our it's not precise it's like hey we got it started for Sierra successful case you've got to. It's very different speaker of the FedEx Cup are your first room content that's a big problem. Bastard. I'm you know I was I was racking my brain because my life I I am very humble them is you're not eyes yeah. Maybe first world problems and I asked. I team up with one though. And it's so. Game he's played games slit their I don't know it's the snake game break and I'd been playing slit their I know. On my iPad pro which is just massive and other big idea and air for so long to have. That today well was killing time in the dentist's office I tried to play it. Oh my little phone and I kept dying because the screen wasn't big enough -- here real dumb just site's users so you how doing. When you're when you're you stood at 550 yeah. And my fingers digging in the waning and dying who I wouldn't normally dive because I. I didn't have my full size I think there's new technology you gotta go with lower lowest snow it's suck dude don't pay. Former Costa though it's Helio I'm with you on this one yes I do. OK I don't oracle can kick my owner is Jessica I have a wine fridge. And to Heidi employed free and it's supposed to be a dual zone but if he doesn't work so now rock come off so now I thought I'd ask to eat there. Chill all my red wine to the same temperatures my white line coach. Or but my white wine be as warm as the red mark and do know this one hurts you that I can you tell you may know the reach votes on. I'm Alicia are damn right well as well there's hot so reset in the next demo Mike made up metallic move since losing his cool you know I. That's actually this is not a first well this is just a problem is kidding joy allied nation can you imagine no. Opening line at your house trying to have English muffins wouldn't have. I don't really just below the put a show Harrington. I am I still lots contract with. What's yours Levine with so my my Amazon prime delivery was late. And citing get my dishwasher so open time but it washing dishes by hand to all of you all remember hot. They do that I know I always stay here yes I could do it here's what I really messed up his first I didn't have like I I traded dude did dead washed sink and then the rink side yeah wash side rent side and then so when I was doing it. I had too much soap in the wash side so then the rink side got all soapy soon plates. So well you know yeah. And then you just torched the place up by should have I didn't my hands are still pruned did you use those things that you put in the center of the dream so with a water stays in the room yeah he's got a yeah. My guess what they're new they're the reason I honestly don't even have. I'm yeah okay go under this CNET don't want who feel like way back in the back with like Ajax that you. Years ago now. Oh my god that's not I am first republic I had one time recently had this off frozen shrimp out and it took me like an hour to find my stopper once. No yeah just because you don't understand you know the team that just so we want unit knew we going to determine what are the things that are. I know. We have a couple that I wanna read from from different web sites there's this woman who wrote she'd been vacationing in the Caribbean for so long. It seems to ten for the color of her make up. Oh stop dude come on these or did you all right so which stands alters your Tom brown and and you like put on yourself pasty make cat breeds how does she. There's somebody else writes from my house is too big. Wi-Fi doesn't. Wi-Fi doesn't reach every room all my car gotta get out of that some time now house cleaners are too loud and they wake me up. I was at that don't. My clubs in which was cut in cross tabs instead of diagonal quarters. Now there's no way to get a good angle first by. There and it's I guess yeah. Any doubt as to what kind of he's in touch it before square just up well idiots you know you don't trust where's my arm is tired from holding my iPad. Yet you have well within its. Pro please let there I don't think you kidding me right now. There are times are like I wake up the next morning and Mike was tied at Wimbledon. This like carpets at such a simple life. So here's another one that has to do with your iPad being heavy is my charger plugged into my alarm clock on the side in my bed and into when I plug my phone in and night. It's long enough that I can lay on my left side. So don't watch my phone to watch something on my phone but if my left side like falls asleep I have to roll over to the bright side I'm in charge now not long I don't know job. Leo yeah. The whole thing off day and table and it's just who do your news forum now I know we're now getting there yeah I mean one shoulders can when you watch you pulled the right now we know there's a little bit the all right. We will be almost this facetiously that. I think of these tough what is this thing you're going through you will give either radio station complain about. We're looking for your first world problems. Come to us where your Brothers will appeal. Chris. What's your first real problems. Well I'll what I want in my hand and then I turned around an area that already have it brick fell out of the suspense there's so I have been soaring. From so these are paper ballot. I can honestly tell you I not only did this is an end to see I've actually bend in your position I stood. I do remember rich. Airport had d.'s I stood there weeping my hand in front it's do you paper towel dispenser that's like five minutes telling a side bureau what I was night. It down a mindset. All. This isn't touched the we'll let everyone else is out and there's a real Jeremy yeah out as a whole is I just want. I want technology to do this format that's the but but but like. Why can't you be met Chris we feel your struggle brother you're OK mentally get us to do and a doctor don't be ashamed Tulsa he. It's perfectly but you know the other bathroom things like when you go in there and you can't get a little. The ones and and the automatic sense that you can plates yeah yeah it's nice. That the what. On any pain I hear you should know that I'm here is I'm gonna chloride a slush bonds are Jacob. Yeah yeah yeah really. It's personal problems. Was yours tell a different tell whether the automatic start my car at turn number eight seed in my car. But it did not turn on my feet coolers. Was born east yeah glorious. Again while. Anywhere. Yeah I got a black car chief surrogate and I still get in the people still hot and desire to cool and is not now. Though now your view do you have cracks well no it's just it's a whole DC did deck car up to like 657 miles an hour shoulder roll out and about what's left you scratching your immediate response and yeah there's no point him in that car series typical shift. We can hear your voice I'll ask. Actresses I do hear your backs lack Sasser is songs we. I know it's hot out here. How has sorry Jacque Jones a funeral and antibody. The strug moment because daddy. You know I first world problems. I have to keep my dishwasher in the. MT wan would. Brown steps turned can't figure out what to do their dirty initialed it but it's Russia not in the hi all why she did she isn't there an art into even fresher and did you pretty soon just into short. That's that's so you don't have any you know you men and although I already empty. Since the fifth you have to turn your design a well lose another windy in new I don't know what you're. And here I'm mr. thrown in the trash. Dat I know let's utilize its a pretty terrifying then you've really gone then the millions. Yeah this guy all right first world problems. Oh my car is and the shock and I love my car and I'm afraid it won't be done and and you go accused of my own deacon and I'm really bummed out I did not hot to take my husband's car. With the a how I guess I need to know Megan how you do it how. Did you find the strings to dial this number silence factors so gray your silver hit that tonight to tell us where you go. Oh I did not columns is living hell the rest of the week. Who knows. While age you because he's really common in America you think we're toll on you knew on this one with the giants. Sorry guys I first drove problems. Almost too much attention primarily the victorians it. He saw Jim. Oh my god that there are people lose weight on you you're distress. The only Zach you don't want her promise to ask the cool steady miles from their village that they've crawled through through broken glass united. Yeah. I thought the federal and that's our job. You my friend are braves do thank you really good job buddy yes hey. Just know that if you just keep note is key clouds are still eventually use on an additional times with the let's keep going here bill. Yeah yeah I first world problems. My kids had so many light regulation at one carmike sport car garage. That cut could go drill drill doom and you know build the moment. It's a tough talk. Did tornado learning bill. Owner had a fit now you just like deer in order and we. You try to have a garage of an old dog civilian parks this outside aid in the saloon in the world and I don't I don't want is that zero C which are. Dudes we feel for if they usually do anything bill has no they except for stories Mississippi and do not hunt Jennifer. Yeah yeah 81 rose to announce. I have to root I'm. That clean your floors or you need to see Muslims putting him small I have to bend over every time to clean them out after every room. I think that way they did all the work you know we deal why suds bend over it's still work did you Lum did you say room buzz you have more than one. I do I have one preached or so except the fact that ma and he's. Early every rule but to please this is easily into the Tuesday under on the does it all yeah. Certain everything and you and nothing really load the ground to band we'll. Jennifer you still women that Paulus now that's. On. What Ron what if you've got a different room both free room and now wouldn't have to clean in his Austin. Any hire somebody just come over and clean your screen that's one of his since. Made it clean your room yes he's in that feels like new actual first rural brown explain it a midnight slower times got a clean my room. But it is now are like green or red. Deserve scrutiny usually call to. Non Mac. I seasons root problems. So for a long time now my only will assure the child remembered there was to get alive lobster or just myself. And I'd always got a ticket out of the tank when they're alive another month and there at one time where an adult I'm looking in the tank. I just don't see my roster. And that I don't like any of these lobsters I can't find the blogs are war and Obama had a moment. Let your version that you have the means to byline monster and one day none of them amuse you announce tomorrow I think it's. It did not alert. A look at this quote purely. This is not match drugs and you are brave few you sound like you're getting through a bulls. She's due to an easy shot to drawn butter that birthdays it's perfect beat up the pitch then you really all that Katie. Guy first world's problems. I K I got it just all bad delivery yesterday and then spinning in my head and I pressed a button highlight clip that I didn't. At the lord he each and I carried an impact Eric mood I'm in Atlanta I gonna mad men like to see how. I want skills. You bring some light Tibetans it's what does not robust. Don't say no I'm going to be comfortable and Anelka it's. Out of that. Confirmed. To us. And Miley get out of. Third oh man. T a man's got to know have you thought about maybe in a strong kooky straw 315 the fifth the. Try to litigate immediately. Good job of how I don't play and your tray that poor. It's. Too yeah oh yeah they get to the line and have it its little out of Atlanta. Pro sit high and lose some when I'm going to bed and improper myself on both pillows or anything I just a wine and a camelback so it's just sites because he's on me and I just turned my head exists. And I just Pulitzer there. I can't remember advocate this be trapped her one and maybe I'm not. Are. Simmer roll so truly we are we're pretty similar occasions first world problems though give your belly just crying. You gotta find another way to you know calling your heads can sleep I didn't do what you gotta do you can beat out thanks you for the come home Scott. Yeah yeah now. First road problems. Might sound bar with my GD. Yeah that's dad. I turned his door remote turned everything but disembarked on this. It won't it'll hurt our source summary and but it won't hurt aren't so I have had a two remote still it's. Sound bar. Scott died two feet of the hole per day more not less than you are in any given that that that process and only first world problem people to know where you like. Turn your universal remote towards your TV new interns your TV on your cable box often you'll like. Oak avenue yen in nineteen he's gone dim light is on its notoriety I Howard I am format like you all. I think the better. Not true get debated we don't need. I don't even say it's still possible sites but don't ever want to cross the room for that guy do you may wanna prayers something's. It features that we're now occurs rarely see this as an answer you can read a breeze and it exercise your right the truth corals. Yeah. First world problems. I'm writing my boyfriend Corvette and I hated because that Sheila to the ground. Yeah it sucks when you get out your deal ideals not well in these are values in and out of the car. Oh my god and how do you you do is karma okay coral continue to pull over. I always go out there we saw is some sort of bogs Roddy years as we June dealerships to come bring you a taller car at the hi we wanna keep this going but we're gonna do it online instead FaceBook dot com slash slacker and Steve stay on.