Slacker and Steve - First World Problems 9/11

Monday, September 11th


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Steve Todd and I know it's weird to talk about personal problems but it's hard. I think we're the kind of showed they can do it we're gonna show that has the strength. You might seem apartment talking about this and let's your voice bookend. I reverend. Sweeps if you sobering news. This year because they you did in zero. What do you look at what's weird is then when you're actually console annually and passed out on the air that's what console only mean I was. I don't know what your real console invoices so I know how full of crap you are we doing. He's he's yeah a blitzer is say that I was being facetious or good so yeah. I'm sure it was really. Oh oh man that's so shouldn't you know I was I was conjured like pulling the pillow like did I might put him that well yeah thank you Christian. All that's well OK so here's my personal problem immortal you have our radio station yeah. Yeah knows this. Really you'd get your first rolled problems. Off your chest and break. So my my first LeBron men's. I well I mean I drink a night but he knows that when they each. I am really enjoying. Vodka drinks. Where in the vodka is cold. You put your vodka in a freezer in Q it needs in Lakewood every mixing in with tonic or whatever it is. So it just makes it you your ice cubes melt is that just everything about it upside all upside. Over with. So little worlds where I can I can have a chilled bottle. Abide came entries I think I just bought the new one point seven final Muster won much favor but at acting but in Tito's some will you throw it. Third in the freezer make sure it's nice and shields. In the morning my kids are like dead. You have any more. Of the egg oh. Go makes like these French toast bites are you put it in the toaster in the and it's a big cut into four little French host sites remove all I had opened it on. Unlike when we checked and I just open my freezer a second earlier or did something else out. So I am a sub zero freezer of corners topical and so it came in the house it was a foreclosure. Good. Yeah I. Oh soccer was forced to have to use that it came with the house seat had don't get it both Monday high end it's only available on hot like episodes cribs kind of friendship but is it came into foreclosure. So this sub zero freezer. Getting in my first world problem people. You've opened at once does is vacuum thing where I think a lot of but nicer freezers do you that's within the next and try to open it forget it it's trying to open Fort Knox it's not coming out and beat all you do is yanking the fridge away from the door a little wall and so on Wednesday. Pulling on antennas like. And I still. And finally. And might never been opened them completely perfectly chilled them. Idolized Tito's. Hits. C. Bolivian rose would hardwood floor. At 10:9 AM if you could pick a little. And shatters OK so the bottle of unopened to. We know now how high you could shatter. All know so much personal problem it. Because I like my vodka cold and I have a really nice treason that tries to freeze freeze every time you open it once it's because of those two circumstances me. It created a perfect storm in winch. Inning tie here. Tyre and brings him time leaders who do you mind if we're much more and then I had to clean enough. Heaven forbid because. I didn't want it so can an in my Bolivian rosewood slower CN huge hand sirens police amigo they keep kids juice box draw and just step. Up and now is getting my kids ready. Almost a third president they're very they're there they all jumped out of the glass debris fields nice. Had it not been a day where we had things to do I would've broken and orange juice bottle competitor and how much I didn't go over there for hardwood screw driver to. But that. So that's that's my attitude around dude it's a fact that you could share this time. I don't know I am very. Brave courageous is one of the words I would use to describe me it's that race. Now still if you get your face real real close to the art equipment and sponsor for martini almighty god. The problem. Our intern might just told me a really good one OK so he's he's got a car any in his car. Whenever it gets low on fuel they will give him one in lake to warn him hey you're you're about to run out of gas yeah but whenever the windshield wiper fluid is almost out. It never stops just a little. You saw blue water. They're constantly attacks annoyed that's a right from my dad hurts com. So I saw another one on a website did the day and I this is actually one that has happened need more often than not I know does that mean you because your perjury or neat freak yes the other day. I'd beaten when you get a Starbucks we've got bottled water something. And he did in your car anyone putting your cup holder oh you know but so I don't let me see. At my disposal in my truck I asked for cup holders right debt dynamics to wake up on the console and to. Henin next aware of they gear shift is. In one them is business cards it's another way to spin her changed note has general on all who don't have my dominant so you can hear it every news I have hot dogs. So old spot it. Beverage but bulge in my hand. While drives you now know my life now my life is coming to. All this is effects. I have kind of one closer that I don't know why you guys know I feel open now Jean bottled water and bring that thing with me everywhere all the time them and my cup holder it's got like you know little. Stack the bowl system so that it's like all you can down below in there you can get the big gulp or like a simple can of Coke you know lake you can fit it in there but now Jean bottle you know like. Half meters TJ if you try to either centered on top and wobble just a little bit. I just got to throw it in the front seat on the job. No dog that is. And outrage but that. I say here's what we're doing okay this reiterate how do braves both the viewer and do what you wanna share you just kill a dead none of them above you solve our lifetimes. First world problem we're giving your radio station we don't care what it is. But it's time for you to be the brave one yeah we've shown our drinks side. Welcomed little camper. We its. This is our if you wanna get out your first world problem. Take it next Jalen. Nice with a U so brave for you and are even making the call you. Our brains but what what happened what's your first rule from. So I literally bought and they Amazon Acco. I don't have to get out of bed and I in turn off the white Pletcher. This for you. Because you know that in sucks more when you comfy pillows are perfect together everything just office you know it's cheaper than an echo. Well I don't know a clapper now that's true. Well seeing is skill I have a Smart home. I could literally go on my phone and turn off spared but even top a lot of work. Oh yeah my god you look so firm. By noon on through life should do it's all good Sharjah scores long so I have to really. So now I just wanna say. Yeah no but there are no lights are trying just put the luckily it was and that happens for you. Let's do your very brave you are braves and there are people who you know who you right now behavior over the hump day you're someone else later Evans your drivers on the floor now that's consistent part could guess that's that's the it's not essential is it sounds. Hi nice. You guys you first drove problems. All right so followed called me today told me that her car. It not reading her checks messages aloud to her eighty longer. Wants. So wait yeah just asks Elijah Wood floor and read them more breaks alone read them all driving there. Really. We should just go to school. Record but yeah what kind of world do we live then you have to pull all know now. See I told C. That is beyond earth that is beyond pale but that is the Palin isn't that what that's our. Yeah this is beyond next the Jennifer. But yeah I. Don't sign up for our first real problems what are you got. I'm living in a chip will. Tamper with my thirteen year old and then two year old four year old into. Would you say thirteen year old husband's got a respect that's gonna musical T shirt with the. I. You know all things up on thirty day period that forty feet away we're building our brand and out. Oh god you guys he were your is staying got to live in the is. At its apple looks. Nicer than Cleveland people in the club bellows in Brazil live in a cardboard box she's slowing and she's dual campaign wall someone who knows her problem mansion on 35 this morning yet. I okay. We just got electric and why if I in the camper. About a week you doubt. Did any of you were rough was so you've been without Netflix for all this time. Thirteen year old Linda Kelly can give me your husband's thing I thought I'd I'd pentagon. In the fifth I thank you good guns in America that she's. Did your husband and I she's bodies into thirteen year old third come on as husband and multi blue and Camille but yeah. I first oral problems what you got. Oh I heavy cart that has an umbrella and I don't learn like every or whatever. The issue raised its cage too long to get the umbrella out that the doors start to shut because it has an automatic brains and here's why your card I think he'll let you can get the umbrella. Outfits. Camille I know what prayer in your driving. And I know I'm not she's driving high end super high end. So the cars to smarter thanks I really need the umbrella but. I don't want my seats wet yes silly closes on you know does that umbrella in the door is as a day of the high end feature of this round real analysis say she's driving a silver cloud probably not. Oh well that's that is a personal problems they usually called tailings. Yeah I first world's problems now. So when I got engaged tear it Leo I at this big diamond ring great. Diet. Well I have high and it just type in my finger and when I was cool that is Hulu on my finger. You know Brian it's this is her first. Hey I decided I credit quiet down there and Ed Colonna upside down but if I I doubt they'll be too tight. Even get on making your I just can't clean away whatever it's called my big. Your giant to court that this is now well how long that it's such horror you know the track being the expansion of retirement age. I thank you for the call I hate halo. I hate how sick we are as yours is wrong problem people.