Slacker and Steve - Fiver Parties 6/13

Wednesday, June 13th


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Staying on and so how many throes of trying to plan a birthday party for my daughter all Leo. She's. Birthday in the middle of summer which is is kind of tragic because like they're being in school SE featured David down so the announcement. Thank you did everything he treats coming to school every kid right shook hard the whole thing. When you December to underscore. Any any up until this year we have forgotten we haven't forgotten about her birthday but I'll you don't do that for the you've got that you have to reach out to all the parents also links we don't know all of the kids information. To be able to deliver imitate continuously updated Bertie in the middle of the school year they just want. Julian did you know Jeremy here we go to any ego cheeky and you handle like summer you write embedded with your plans in the summertime. My goal so might my my daughter like last year comes and goes hey you win violent. Michaela I mean she's her name only people who like I don't know her mom are we don't know how to reach damn you you don't have that nobody should invite any of those people could tailor your did not have but this year we got a week. Ask the teacher can you forward in email to the following. Five students and we have their information so we can plan a party died so well done Clinton ahead yeah. She's turning hates we have sale eighth time. I need my like the grown adult and she's got a delight Britney and she has never lighten up never had a party better never had a party all you have those just. This Bertuzzi hit left out of everything too well there are about to get left out of more because there's a new. There's a new trend called tough cyber party. Cyber. Fight terror. Yeah it's like it's like. You invite people to the party here's the reason why this fire party was a minute I get the logic behind it because if you got a kid that's in the Lagos hookah. Average Lego set the ones the kids want. Are now like sixty bucks while. And people don't wanna spend sixty bucks on a kid that isn't barracks and apparently they don't want the good Lego set could what are well I mean yeah way more than. Well I'm talking about like boxing is that our I did it's hard to do that that's size of the jigsaw puzzle I need to get the one's better the little jigsaw puzzles for like fifteen bucks. But you're your kids already have all the little ones who did not with a piggy bank money if you want a really good -- goes nuts have been what he's just yeah I mean like sixties the middle ones and then it goes up from their I mean some of the silly the millennium falcon is like 200 box and Rick what did you say no one wants to spend that much money Unix it's it's no you don't I have to do you write eastern with Yahoo! that is it good what am I might hit a three designers must where -- My Hindi bagel millennium that's cool. Or does jump start us with the stars like 500. If you're holding Ameren is like X wing is like seventy bucks. But so it's I mean they did so ridiculous so what they what people come up with is something called the fiber part by over where everybody invited. Just pass to bring five bucks and you put it in. To a pool so that you can call. I angle your teenage certainly brings five bucks and and you have enough people there we're now I have a hundred bucks and you invite Tony people. And now I am a hundred bucks and I combined ninety and a hundred dollar legacy that. No harm no foul boom shall collect and we're happy so if I'm invited to read a brief argues brings our armed wild five bucks is all it and I get taken her to her side. I hit clothes you're seen loophole that makes me Matt. Oh no that's it that's no outsider party is a terrorist. You you come to my party where it's five dollars what yeah what these sort what are my supplying you. About five bucks food. So should take your eyes more if I if I got twenty people come to this party you know I spent more than a hundred bucks on my text easy probably to the easy. But where are we having it. On oh act like Chucky she's gonna ring and guess what it's like twenty bucks a head to get through the door that's before they get a little dull game cards and tokens and all I. Get the machine. Needs it and who Coca-Cola is that it probably get all of those are fox. It is certain by flashing her this dumbest idea I've never I've put. I never did before because they obviously don't have kids but to meet kids parties are just like a wedding. Okay and is if I'm having my wedding at chateau it fox meadows innate it's like 55 bucks ahead for next hater and I don't and then that. Okay I see where you're you're Tim present there are worth more than a 55 plus C open bar you bring me. I'm into you for coming in my wedding for eighty some bucks you'll end. With some stupid Tiffany bowl for 49 bucks see you got him on that slightly bumpy and dinner thing BC's good. My wedding you're not employer and I here do not. It's actually. You support the wedding gift is supposed to be above and beyond what you debt at the wedding. Okay real quick now I never knew that was the car never knew that was a cognizant of it until you brought up slacker and now I've always cup yes OK they're studying how much I mean minus shift back or cash she shouldn't be significantly narrower and what they spent Tonya. Okay no we've we apply that to the birth state. Absolutely hey if you're if you're in laser tag today you know that's probably thirty bucks a kid -- plus there's peaks on all that's. Plus there's. But I mean you roll in the mighty birthday party with a laser tag to shoot and ropes courses you can all this stuff that is like. Gosh I almost forgot. Here's a five hour. He did next trip to Europe you just can't a big kick. And honestly that's. More actually destroys him well why do I don't totally disagree with you I think you're having one of those birthday parties and Chucky cheese or whatever yet you should probably step up from buys it so. I party. Eberhard parallel to fifty but if it's. Your backyard barbecue birthday party type things your kid you know whatever come play in the jump house in the backyard since. Cost 200 bucks to rent so you committed to your kids are pretty it's your party it's like. Do you do you have a party at your house where you have a wide out you were you break out the expense of one your friends demoted you don't go around got. Oh yes yummy 500 dollars for having some of them want a nice. The one game with a bottle sure exactly that's that's what I was gonna say is. I don't think that there should be some sort of expectation that you hostage you know spending equal amount on the gift as what the party cost because. Mike you went to your birthday party teams they're pretty good your kid is coming my birthday to my kid's birthday party right so we're gonna make up that we're gonna break even in the end anyway. Not but here's a they would my daughter's college she hasn't been to any of these girls party so this is all our lower input the alcohol. It's. I'm sorry why can't. You guys about it I'm sure that she's in rent a missing my body. Is just. Now there's no one to talk about it a little easier to back me up OK I haven't set everything that happens at a birthday party and this is gonna blow your mind Steve but I. I'm gonna supply the pizza and the tokens and the whatever else did they need from whatever she wants to do. And yeah. The party's over. That little back to give to each kid. Because you now have party favors and the party sabres have to have a gift that golds with Justine Sylvester prince's party it's got to have a little one minute cool tiara inning helped the Celtic each kid gets a bag. So they. Since my daughter's party oil. That's a sacked and no ads cost twenty bucks plus way would you go to the dollar store didn't put ten things in there. Just your face. That's that's. They truly you don't go to seven year old Borger always I have never felt good but so what we're greats of the birthday kid yes it's gutter. Be sure that all the gas kids have a presence. Yes Buddha yeah but I know the kids bring the presence of the birthday that's that's what our. Our generation did my friend but now we have to there's got to be in this assumes I don't know when it's apparent. Anyway so now what I have when I got an ear birthday party and I have to buy you get to have to take him to consider the side of food you're serving well is what kind of give getting all of that stuff yes. Now man you do I. We went our little party that's I get a laser tag place and I know the parents are picking up on that. I know they picked up like DQ buster bars to play down. I take into account so I don't go to Wal-Mart and buy the twelve dollar like a sack I buy a bigger sat in that. So you got to spend money I'd give us free your guests see you do if confirmed for my kids third birthday he had a car is birthday party we literally when a guy like that die casting you know meter is and what do you around Tony five bucks again owe more than what you won't easily forty bucks a kid you probably giving suggests kids as gifts then they're bringing into your city. Actually did their ruling in my house. Yeah sorry I.