Slacker and Steve - Flight Follies 1/3

Wednesday, January 3rd


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And I eight. I sometimes wish we have to play songs or commercials or anything else who had just lit. Ridiculous information you say between stuff OK so could be heard by everybody know we're going to notice it. Wow dude it's true but no we don't need to go to I don't know we're. Books but what are. The path to go there are only a slight follies because suddenly. You know we just had a did you only breaking people might have been traveling so yeah something weird happened on a plane yes or press your in B. Airline industry there's this big story recently where. I'm an Alaska Airlines flight had to be canceled because there was a rat on the plane. Yeah I'm people think what's the big deal is to fly him rat. Rats eat while yours rats eat electronics and rats eat everything PM was seen jumping from the jet wing into the plane. 110 passengers got on the cycle where they had to legs plus morehouse college's lead to left to learn the true. For strings like every person you know to put the way I talk. To do to fix that. So did present. Massive. Blaze does that do ranks first press Wheeler you know if it lets anyone of that and it included his budget an aunt and while she's. It's the you. The I. Palm so she was telling me as part of his slight folly of that begins. I don't know how you know this might you. The flight attendants when they're doing that hi how are you hi hi how are you hi there hi welcome aboard high. They're not just greeting you're there doing something much more important which is why exercising you or not they are sizing you up six we also watch because if there's anything that happens that means physical some thing. Very big to make a mental notes sold millions I don't know 43 asks yes they don't think Joe's dad yeah I don't hits point three or the person sitting in the exit row is not capable they make a mental though the Nobel approach shoot first so they think your panel of 23 asked. So they literally see just telling me she flexes as he gets what track it simple acts. Africa and its commitment to rip. Cutter who won't be easy and who. Well enough I guess from now on I'm bringing in dumb bells with Mexican President Obama might do it Charles. Know that I can squad. Oprah I ask you believe the earth but I don't wanna be there anyway just know this they are sizing every single solitary passenger up and to the point where they think you might cause a problem too. Add that that's me yet to even come and only teach them how well you are. Did you see. Did you see this and this and other flights holly story and we don't have your little dignity human don't worry this Christy G in tanks and John Legend what was the deal what was going on do slowly somewhere for the holidays and like they took a picture of them like laying down their super. First class seats apparently the plane to turn around. Because you know because somebody on the plane was on the wrong damn plane so they the plane literally takes off that it. Us are here to walk up to date within a lead he cited says. Our next to the the person goes well or don't like to find ya so. You don't play isn't out Kwame our budget our products. It. Everybody says it's sixteen times and it's not soaking and not soaking and taxiing not soaking in and it didn't Jackson. Like we did this in Frankfurt. The. Right what makes you irks me. The ones have been the majority. Got screwed doesn't go long had a lady are tired of that well I didn't swear to die early to date I would be destitute it's really just don't. Actually all out all the roll back. Very issue not mine Lleyton shouldn't size peppers and up and know you can smell. So good going Dawson. Could. You find it yeah anywhere they go in Tokyo it a good person after. After four hours realize they were on the wrong plane and they are. There was an eight hour flight back to LA. You can get your news. Our home I hatred it's a must read is polisario. Yeah and I know this video was like they realize they were on the wrong between the person in the flew their crew on the plane discovered that there was an unauthorized person on the plane that somebody had boarded the plane without a ticket. So for our I don't know why they said let's turn this about border around and head back to LA also I was the majority. Oh I'd be off us and there's another sandwich Condo they were on southwest flight the daughter. Had some dry skin and among my picks and addressed in her hair whenever coax I think. And somebody else because she's got lice alerted the flight attendants and they booted the whole family office like they're trying to go to Disney. We some random passenger no expert on lice are headed now dim don't follow. Her hair and then they booed the salient everybody else. Buddha CME my deal would turn around and never. Received an apology or anything. They're working with us and we make things right this had become a rather sit next a slice them screaming baby you know. Do you think maybe a slight intended should now part of their job she reached sizing them up for lice they have to get out to a 20 yes yes. Told. Me I have some management gasoline didn't find something in your hair. She got to check lice than school Leo it's like what we need to know. Injuries go Gerri tests. And you're not exit from. I'll play didn't turn I saw this immunity to deterrent is a bird got loose in the cockpit. Plus there's a bird in the continent could probably go but it's the birds are going might. Oh bunkers yes I was like well so does open a window and this should I don't know shows that I have just been charged slightly. It adds 500 miles per hour. Why every character today interestingly you can tell the rat named Jessica took it. I had to talk you can hear a good job golf club to duplicate that nobody won the. Hi my my brother at. This morning my brother was flying back here and they're about forty minutes away from the airport and a woman collapsed on the flight of diabetic in diabetic shock though they had to clear out like the first six rows of the airplane make an announcement like are there any nurses doctors anyone on and where did somebody yeah I guess some people did step up play yet hit Peter you have in the fly them last forty minutes or half hour of the flight with the whole like 61 rose. Completely. Clear it up. Community needed sick I really later down in the Iowa late round. I don't know again warrior around trying to work on her and then like the flight attendants were trying to get stuff for and every always what was her problem and she she went into diabetic shock oh well yes in his own insulin what do you need I should know I think so yeah I do I don't know I don't think you give the sugars Steve notified the sugar Kenya just put it right well that's good good oh but that's no oh my god Steve golden rule now. The I was in the exit row. I don't know lies underneath the Hudson with the rats in the burn. You guys have witnessed something weird wacky flights pollyannish. Please act did this ridiculous conversation. And yeah. Would ask you wanna clean. Error I am not sure what might actually it turned wedding and and seed to cotton and seriously didn't get her release he became an hour and got two chimps. So you talk minutes to pocket. And they shall. See kind you only Internet chat dim its. Intended and that didn't stimulus. No crap but yeah. The guys at my oh god to. Art unless it's. Don't they don't love don't. It's. And lesions. Canyons and my own back and now we are or aren't you rush and arrow. To resume the coldness. A lot. Cleaner. But it I'd take you mega and that's disgusting. Yeah. I mean yeah you guys so I can always. He has so when my brother and I able her younger eight. 810 years old my parents. And gave us some hand there are a Christmas present and inherent. We somehow managed just snapped and then to our. World dostum amongst media didn't. Confident. Have we got some under the plane if it at all but one Williams their bet they ended up having babies. Crazy but at least three or more hamsters I was on the airplane and. You'll. Yeah. Are you on the radio so they're still living on some plane but. Somewhere like having baby events yeah I don't know. Pretzels and strike that's yeah. They're surviving on the but still could falls out of remains dentures when they are not a all the alien values Opsound Jenny. Hey flights always. So I would now like Walter's old I was headed to actor Martin this is my grandparents. Were common in the ER eight. And like hundred did you speed up the ground you know we older talent this nighttime. That power shots up in the white go. And she holed it. So you'll just be you could still be engine's going right. Yeah yeah I mean. It's screaming her head I. Option that eat and he got a court Gerald blade was solid audio. Do here's what I yeah I was military. Like John that's. You at least two years down I just teasing you know to be whoever the Lieberman was okay the little. That's no boys like cosmic bowling have. Sometimes I. What. Are you look at the food because there are a Jan. I it's like slow these. So might have been a traveling internationally. And made it clear courts are anchored flight and the other component of the flight. I didn't pull them oh. Yeah well when he landed in my hand. Could come albeit frantically sought apparent that the pin and I airplane. In the camp and holding how kept in their flow multiple our questioning and they called up like and then compare what you're done. Although I can. How it works well he's doing I am in a French prison and that's so. You get stuck in your courage well at a at a hotel outside the airport that think racial eat graciously gave notre streak. And then had to wait another twenty yards per play. Clinton and answered the phone otherwise you know I hear your oh my god but it all worked out. I'm guide chicken an extra two days to get to Yemen glad he made a difference. That is an incredible story thank you for the cause and on the rest of our calls were about insulin. So if you wanna share your favorite insulin recipes to do that that's what turns these days and days should.