Slacker and Steve - Food Injuries 12/12

Tuesday, December 12th


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Steam. Then why it's a man delivered it's it doesn't a little weak as you could harm consulates. I would be amazing to suit injuries and so. Oh yeah I just wanna say right now what we're talking about which sued injuries come and just keep saying sued injuries is what we're talking about because here in a few minutes. Where it goes so deep into the woods on the wing Steve cook an ankle or. Yeah oh yeah oh I'm. So injuries are. It can be when you got hurt trying to cook something or win this something that you cooked or someone else cooked actually harmed you're you and the biggest cult rate. All things cheats are related I think are one of the biggest culprits. Of suit injuries through that pot. It's odd Bjorn is it's a hot tomato sauce and Greece from the pepperoni or whenever us and Mike. You you take a piece of pizza. Or more specifically to Tino is pizza roll those little killer he looks don't count her flanked. Six days and your likes clearly it's cool to the touch your lights know that she did a decent pizza big cheese is reaching G old you know. You're right. There's no possible way this could still be hot and you play your mouth. And we'll talk about the took Tina's pizza roll. As usual by the end of an opportune time this little lob a squirt a leash and tomato sauce goes directly in here like you feel like comic. Baton and hangs on your lives you kick off things now you're on high tech and there's no stop drop and roll when the fighter inside your mouth. How do you stop drop and roll your mouth with Q what you've seen this I'll throw dirt mile. Third there's no but how do you stop the mouth fire. Anyone. Water go uh oh that's close to be best Morris. You don't deal with water trust me you take. Chocolate milk mix of powder in need to do you could spoonful yes the school or cinnamon. She'll make you forget about Teddy got the I'm. Say I have to admit I honestly believe that in your house is there's like a fifty gallon drum bit of chocolate milk mixed just like bellied up right next to protect marijuana as. You establish a big night and not even teaspoons it's horrible here I think it's it was owns warmer lakes punch bowl legal circles that the previous bunker by not. His let it all into your head and it'll take some regular Milken to slam it socially a bully and AJ yeah now are you do you swisher around Sergio. Stick my mouth wash no now dogs you let it can make itself in your stomach or you don't know can never realizes its true potential and tell us are resumed when you when you describe what that he's fatter part of do just know what I mean you're doing it right for you okay with. As long as it doesn't hurt you buddy with the home so there's a dude who microwave gave the hard boiled egg. Oh you're not supposed to do apparently. I guess. I'm good similar videos I guess where you you put in the microwave and then it explodes I seen that taking Easter trick your buddies like Lou just said what age does. He's zero the movie a little dealers and videotape did you have a normal accident yeah I did just happen to him and accidentally shot while they are hard boiled egg is peeled right. So he's cooked he's previously lick you when got a dozen eggs hard boiled them all threw me in the fridge and so they were they're ready to go and then he took one out. There in the microwave for like three minutes that it would be hot and warm Blakey I. One I want. They do all heard the words you know nobody here right nobody no way I know our biggest cold I wanna cold period and yes so anyway he throws in the microwave to warm it up well. What what happened was when he pulled it out he peeled it through the whole thing in his mouth took one chum on him. Let it exploded in his mouth opens with Andy's lost his hearing because of it basically he ruptured his eardrums holy smoke she's asked from that. According to the story yes that's a food injury. Staff that's a thing regular salad that's not that's it's. He's always date in the shelf too I do yeah. I don't know so here's what they did they win did all these studies on it to see if this was some rare phenomenon that would happen there if there was some really could be a regular occurrence with stakes. And they found that like it happens more often than you would think because. It's a bit about when you cook the eggs and then you let them cool and you read keep them in the microwave the protein in the yoke traps in the moisture. And so any any can't get out has nowhere to go in there when you bite into it it explode owns one. Half a hole so it's like a protein explosion in your mouth yes. I salsa. Well and he did well I summarize how the curtain. I'm so you soon injury like and we will take anything like what. What's so item injured do what I mean if you have this if you fewer severely burned from Tarantino's. To Harbour was attacked or I'd been injured by so many different things we're gonna get to that in a second but moments ago Steve told me. He doesn't own a baking pan and then he makes brownies in a piece of aluminum foil and I'd like you to try to explain what the hell you're talking a while it's easy sixty sheet aluminum foil in thirteen by nine. The useful look the edges. So it keeps all your brownie and usually when you pantomime holding up a binges just for my benefit of life especially I just sold the Muppets are you hopeful not hire an estimate brownie yet it is an okay how they don't. You're right they don't come out to toss a little poll pour out of brownie mix and yes it does take longer to break our machine tin foil why we can. I will. All of Gillette now it's. All on the dogs so I put the empty tin foil while the blue above and heating up and Miller goes Dane. Then going pour it right I did the Hahnemann. A pull Iraq out poured in there push Iraq back in L take about twice as long to make but it doesn't work. I kinda like it see. There's dollar for dollar stores have them have baking sheets O literally there yes but the good six good ones are those. Are you really don't bitch about the thickness of the one you're gonna buy when you're you're using just compliment yeah. Started coming around makes me wanna punish you come to symbol it's what. You talking about Oprah and so you have to stop us after the you've got to get hypocritical if that's the draft. You should. Just trying to prove to the dumbest thing I've ever. I just learned from you guys are content from an injured Mike you know your boiler macaroni and almost in the white frost are still not rookie. Actually talk always used to put a wooden spoon you put on top. Welcome to life tax from what 98 all you guys do I. EAC. And yes that's been my tax forever I was bringing value of the conversation you all. Hot hot dogs know full. If you're familiar hardware. Although it's gonna go on a proves he needs to. Don't think I'm so here's today given her I have to. Tell you the last thing I got her bike and it's really dumb is it your chef knives no deaths injury and the last thing got her buying. Pop tarts come into. In inside the thing I never understood that either got a new era gotten you shouldn't know human sheet to him at a time one. I didn't know that so they when you open up the singer six total in the box and there's three things to Oka and so my kids no not to eat too so there's ice Dayton one kid wants pop star puts it in there. And in Louisiana when Mexicans are like our pop tart. Opens a new line so eventually all of our packages of open pop tart God's truth and I don't know how long they had been in my cupboard. No date your food from. Oh I'm sure you real sharp yeah mister. Shore deep you don't in Beijing death I clarified its ninety sued the but ice fashion in my own hands out of a room for what we cleared might I add everything actor really doing little for your brother that tough but chocolate milk mix. I never got back. So I like I'm starving it's like 3 in the morning and I grabbed one and as I pull it out you can feel the middle it's still pop tart. So it's you can as a trial. Hasn't like dried out right Boca so I take the first part of the corner right centered try to get the corners out of the way. Would have dried out around the edges from the outside of the pop tart had turned into. He strawberry. Asks labored to Reno might say Kooks who stabbed instantly into the top of myself I feel like some don't like. And then like trying to fire on the and it's like it's dry. And you dealer might now there is no one's gonna. I've and it's similar wanted to lose a little putt oh that's good but I wanna play thirty seconds and pop stars who Motorola I don't know Bob's song. But it only them but in my living room with 3 in the morning group certain popped it strawberry and we'll see you. Move birthday to one. Purse and the kind of the best by June. Well a couple of my guys sort of an empty at what this virtue. What some who is Urquhart has harmed you don't read Joe's pizza rolls pop tarts. We'll take you know we wanna hear your food injuries it. Yeah I. I think we need to do her achieve them. I was looking to lawful permanent nerve to stand back on the note the laid out but did you know I got under it. My body on what's your body it can pretend they outlawed too skinny guy has. All do you know are you seriously what's so awful. And a little. Almost you get a Greek restaurant. That's the little crap all CO OK I think I did it meet an MR name is it true there's a sweet thank that's buck who's a buckle them. Mark great leader. Like out most to you knew that and so you try to joke Dewayne what did you do. We're now. No I didn't they would still back there like oh my god and then suddenly in her. Part one like after a good in Grafton and they're in a hospital and horrible and want to bring you my daughter home and look. Are she yeah such as my children. And I like. Yeah yeah are you falafel shy you still make a lot more word. Oh no no 08 dollars and go to our bond at all yeah. Yeah. Nowadays you gonna sing about. I wanted to added to the official list so awful shot if he isn't now one of my man and it's certainly possessive of space. It's the shock. My did my being out and ultimately though but it's definitely something's jealousy of the yeah yeah. Those guys took the good names student prince is on and then it's almost the same. Thing. You. Oh I'm getting ready to audit diet and violate fundamental and light they are staying at a budget vegetables that are healthy Chris. Now time out real quick does anyone windows or seed as this. Look and he's over their pantomime in someone on you go really get as that sort of not only know a minute that is Amanda limited mandolin slicer is liked. It looks like a board and it leaked is linked. On a downward angle and like right in the middle of does that sting like this where it's a blade in my GT to charitable cook in puts him in perfect slice is a hello. It is just yeah are you making any size like you slicing cucumbers or Kerry joint. Making their own uniform perfect is how does that sound New York. Wow okay that's amend the law that's a mandolin slicer students are now Steve can now hear the rest of your story without picturing someone in a country western metrics. The next hour with that I. Understand how this is your diet yeah it's duck the minute I Jihad so what do you and your mentally and physically at the. Pretty well there they speak I think McCain might pick. Not crucial. And yeah I would like cucumbers. NRA. Was watching TV at the bit passed. It right despite what you might Ender I'm. Didn't badly does it until it everywhere. Yeah now holds ruined cucumbers all but beyond that the world. Oh. Blame the cucumber. It's all know your lack of your moral code assists. But could you make mandolin sound with me listen together. A quick that was a finger they're some fired it Africa thank you Jesse. She's. Yeah. If you heard my students. What brand new people are in. A brand new teacher was. At a brand new kidney injury what happened. I broke my jaw on the front step that he. Can song no fruits and yeah he has. That's you know it's. Just on both for her. And I'm denounced kidney or my doctor. I had I had a can put in my job. I got a little tiny bit of it. Action around and well I had microwave. The left ever peek back and let her keep the crowd trying to turn to concrete might. Little Apple's hard. Our move to dismantle. All its shot at ten in the Ural infected ten now oh my god yeah. News was just laying there on here yeah you're gonna do I want to do is not true says. John the they're good at just. Earl core I know I yeah doll pizza broken jock that's and SS pretty injured jellies. Hi booed injuries. Well economic fifteenth birthday and my chimney technically it's really nice French restaurant and I wanna bet you Brad Bird. And the order is delicious pentagon had this really rich train stopped and it stands. Extreme thought and led the straw that broke became a Oxford me and triggered gallbladder Staley are and I stand out in the American spirit. Or are the next morning and had to get my outlet every yeah. Caused by his son saw. All letter like greedy rich foods will eventually take your gallbladder I did not know that's probably been eaten like him clean for a long time no sudden. It was like a tipping the right. I think yeah tipping point because the digest spat. There wasn't able to do it on my birthday dinner let me see the hurt your. Since then that's a student and I can't pay you really go while Dutch airlines. Yeah I nice. Well at night I got hit in the eighth but it. Well and eight and make eagle that. Let's say triple to the meat on. Why do I would want to deal with. I neighborhood believe we are currently bikini around it. I A is you know being a brat highlight that I ain't I open at 88 and eating at any get it right Ellie how well. What are you debate that I turn this. I got hot topic blown through you can lead to mistakes and not Smart.