Slacker and Steve - Food Injuries 5/17

Tuesday, May 17th

Slacker & Steve

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Steve are there. All the cuts you've villagers apparently oh my god we order dot do you people you'd have to admit the community it. And even her buy food that we we consuming food for how many years now we still don't have it down there's still make mistakes. There's certain foods Nagano are destined. You don't I'm not one you know now I I would not being put this on my list. By. That isn't the most hurt I'd ever banned Internet would you just sad yeah which is so pizza roll the little took the little pizza rolls. Wright is like you said you believe I'm sitting on the cover for six hours to cool off the B cold would you. Jim got 200 touch did you like what are your face there's nothing left did. And storage you can determine how can this little putts you pulled that of Greece and nuclear hot tomato sauce. I just. A hundred madness. My dad had just moved here mountaineers like. As I've never fully enjoy it because they don't trust of the G it's all trip to. You know we have to kill you left and miss defeats the entire overall us to cut the moment. That tells you when you see. Cecily eat a pizza raw animal to tell you I'm gonna beat the system and make. You when you get him on the other annual range among your plane or whatever else and you get your little cleaver did you know. In his Kamal Nath. And one of them will inevitably still like not give up the ghost US should. It's not my mouth that you actually. I. Kinda guy. The face. Well forget its. Series of rules and they shouldn't have mr. On Warren who brags of excellent rule this. Is since you brought up another one real quick it's like it was because they don't have many more McDoogle McDonald's apple pies all right there's so awesome deployed got rid of reach is that if this series match. The restaurant's concrete the Deng was like we have a pocket of Mac whether we like just a pizza flavored magma. I who am I I'm like don't be mad happy new whenever. Get the whole thing snatched the bad apple pie on the over my color but in the middle of winter. Drive a 147. Miles an ounce and I know it's cold and you broke it. Is gets yet. The better it's so we don't talk about did you wanna know what absolutely has hurt you think there is any potentially explosive bat. Of tomatoes Chechnya tomatoes the good news for you is unless you live in the UK you're probably or you get your tomatoes specially ships trying to. Woolworth's. On the you're not candidate there SPC. Are more not whatever that is whole peeled vine ripened tomatoes they senate packaging problem has been detected him and there's I guess there are under. Fresher oh into my dad is too much pressure should be any pressure into it like why are you ever taking your came over an open soup tomatoes that go. She's on the cool today that it's like it's just doing tomato picked up all around 200. As this we will just explode on and so literally add time and I put my amounts. Staff at her now as they say do you can't get tomato sauce on anything now once it's in this is hard artist you just have almost you know she's gone now. Yeah I'm so that's that now we have beyond. Fifteen through related injury you wanna do it entails you know you're cooks a lot of the cooks all undersea every single one of these had done I think. I know when food injury is Peta and it AT go it's the exact concept. Of a the pizza roll. Hot talk to design yup the. Weeny news. You see it when when your cheese is magma my you know not to touch you can you can tell what's hot and then you see the cheese has cooled. And when you don't understand is tomato sauce and it's like waiting for nuclear fallout to go into it takes fifty to sixty years for tomatoes to cool. The and exaggerate right now players just hide underneath that so yeah that is what is you know it changes the external. This is still cheese you can totally eat this and I promise to. Well just aren't helped sponsor that she's actually. I just come. I don't hold it it's like these could get. Bullying and Hulu held you down at the other the other kid came and rob your lunch money that she's set though okay. At any other kid comes exact same junior I don't. That's very includes I hate that she's injuries the how opinion hands what does that. You're sorry you know it's was wearing protective love you mayor Richard you're really supposed to cut which are knuckles are supposed to put your like but I do what we eat blatant but. Like they do on TV camera club deceased. Tough shooting touch your fingers under reached. You don't score. We're excited I don't I don't every time I just excited. To. We don't sound so it's happened a thousand times and the worst time that through injuries or grab enemy is armed. And one assailed urinate is. Yet it was it was I mean I was preparing food. Standards here earlier earning a low and they know I was native but I know what Dan. I decided to have that and then what's the word I had some alone time I analysts. She is your time with say hello Neil Neil I didn't realize zarrella in your hands until it was way too late so. And I just different. The socially don't get militarism is to sustain our just mean I didn't expect it which is when she got home. You don't in my house nevermind I had a hop on different. How Daniel eyes that's another sort of zealous in your craziest you've you've touched any time you've cook without Daniel. But you have to rub limit on your hands any from Washington in debt that. Pepper oil won't come off your hands are supposed to Wear protective eyewear to learn chewing and dice our idea would give almost anything to watch you can look what you're seeing as it's like you've got gloves and ski goggles you yes I want to see you like gators belong to engineer. And make Neeson salsa you're supposed to do the popcorn eyes I don't know what that is and you get steamed from staring you need a lot of back home when you're on the bag yeah. That's happened you just season Minnesota injury but it never done openly dishwasher their own Panama puffs. Magma just always just pulls his team and adapt this one does cereal bowl rolls. That's tough coach like. I'm Steve your cereal called sort all of just cereal has introduced you the most it's me it's cocoa puffs tricks but probably captain and captain Jack what is a little day so my daughter came running up to me don't ranches like. Outskirts and I was like you're a Captain Crunch time. That's bad enough but it totally was Alice yeah had a branch that hurts a ritzy it's it's the nacho cheese to read no equivalent always got those things and in the pub. Tough ones which he took away on purpose because there were cousin of injuries. That Republicans are the only ones that didn't didn't hurt really big wheel T came in and he had like to rebuild. Did you read it was a we want you to tell us what happened to you how did food the harm you if how it you've got to how opinion dunk injury will we'll take your accounting habit but what if you've been injured nice food we'd love to hear your story. Erica. Yeah I dies soon injuries. Hill speaking Spanish might attract repeat because Lehman I do it in the microwave and a glass bullet chagrined ramp over to touch that sounds hasn't a lot of the close it is alleged pattern here. So. These aren't it's our guests. Hello Martin I'm sure you aggressively and I'm sorry I'm sorry. I hope that in the microwave and when it went eight victory and wrap our ops that popping into my Iannetta the waning in screeched her she. Other than that it's. It's this Steve open in the dishwasher Burt Hoss it is Israel. It's may yet so dad that my old faithful or whatever it's just Apple's line up with the you have to go to a hospital for. Yeah I completely get beer Q&A little period they told me that it with second degree bring an hurt so bad he I have a child and that he was Portland child. Saying. That'll teach you not to microwave and a silly comedy has the most is a good steak houses do it makes sure. My boy but not whenever there's payment no wonder and cedar plank or nothing Norton didn't even glass bowl it's the almost everywhere and steaming the doctor Theodore did devoted your whole Russia the outlook minor SP answer this okay so Christina. Yeah I injured my third. So you know that some shop has all the hot chocolate lined up along the counter sure. I didn't care about a hundred times and didn't realize that they have little sticker on the back tell you how happy are doing every time I go there I grabbed. Three eat you know are shaken a mind you the first two gigabyte no big deal. Third one. Thanks sticking in my mouth and take a IE and swallow I literally can't breathe. Oh god I mean clearly it's not breed wind gusts are under but yet was it when I went out what does it protecting those temper. Why I don't know whatever that steel there's there's a name for the steal somebody's probably tweeting into us right now and it's nights. It's eight stand subject series how they do tornadoes is it is a stale and now when his sights. It we will yeah that's pleasurable how's this pleasure he worried AJ it's not a pleasurable for people watching you go through it yeah the I don't know what happened. Eighth aren't your lunch hour yeah no I just stood next to that. Thought I didn't and stuck my hand up my company they cannot the pain home Helen Hunt and staying at staring at me when I can't read and I bet you're really am. Oh yeah John you put your head in that series went. Yes that's kind of a sign anybody. Holy small yeah what you got to do finally Serena and sales are some people who want it when and why I don't I I we have a friend who likes and what. His name is Ben in these Canadian. Should. I think you up. Kristen. It's. Nice but I'd injuries. OK so my best friend backing college came home drunk. Go to my grade but how prominent for eight minutes. Pulled it out to rocket on airplay completely disintegrate that fox universe. They they don't even at the level of first degree second negated it that terminology back in new York and like I have a hard script they don't serve like we're the only thing in a fire. And right red. This was gone. Gone is only just. So stunning and greens and just like you all need Manning he's in terminator death comes down to them yeah. Looked like a black. Jeep around a manner that was the sling aren't any. And has no recollection that it even could play well the next morning with the and it did in pain and regret we're going sinus. Doesn't even remember going to the emergency grammar any. She was Johncke if you can get aren't as bad and now you remember that while. Thank you for the call that hurts from an I think it was a little long Stanley rom because you get your militarily he takes so long even on this stove. So the microwave and he's got the time bella the court. Order call yes she at a nuclear bomb in there. Emily. Yeah you guys injured by students. Yes opening minute in the giant Carrot Top spot that work out the breach that turn a can opener to fire Elisa and kind of pull it out makes it even energies on telling us is to Derek you know such slow. The ball cans and animal managed by a few weeks soup is eager not to mention you ruined the whole team and it's not Zacks. People who. Already Atlantic hockey herein May Day a lot more like chairing a blood body doubles. See it coming on both. Under the water nobody Moscow. And overlap no no let's. I'd like to lead candidate double bye and young everybody at that point you know day here you can call phone known not to do that I know you open tuning Kansas has just. If it goes and just leaving just. Alienate them approach our animals I've got a whole bunch of teams Khalil and my dad debris and money. You can get whatever is in and you can have the chance. Yeah I ate food injuries hurt bad I don't. Demeaning attitude. A friend I mean a guy I went on and it would. And that we went to a finding by. And Adam at the end when they did they're figuring out the chocolate chocolate with the plain English where our next. And bring up a marshmallows and you restricting a marshmallow. I can't fire and he didn't like it that burns so he brought it back to blow it out and hit notes. Well you know on prior. Yeah. Now eyeing an avid nose and of course I burst out laughing much at the worst thing could be done by states and he had a red nose like can earn on and it managed relate. A month and a half after it's of course it was right before Christmas so he got the nickname the grew up. Oh music you say with Tim after the dude. Why are you marshmallow is the exact same things we described earlier with two cheese on the peace only. Yeah I don't trust we're not just in indeed it was more injuries he met. An ally royals killer apps it does outside the marshmallow is deceiving it looks like it's hard to. And inside is just this massive smile your mob. A slight but how should. And I don't have a vivid picture of him with mr. rationale I'm burning on his notes this is no. No I mean he was on fire. Explaining on him now I guess. You blasting news probably the worst is humans glad you get hit pretty humiliated but you know what can you do not last season. You certainly can't see and now some. Connie. Yeah I sued injuries. Oh and my interest at heart and I had like. Eight iron skillet and a hot Chad and I were speaking cramping in the and then and I want to grab it else and that hat chat all at and I cooked lake. The greens section of my column it was. Cast iron. So it is he holds the heat out forever. And once your hands on me your hand is. On meet the putting your serious leg unless you got a statue in handy you're on it saying my own good. Here it late. Are there drilling the brand name in your home forever now let's is an awful it is my brand name that's funny my. Lodging or the like it would start it. I it is you know it's even admin rights yeah. Dylan here and he had to say hey isn't that good enough alcohol while Danny you really can't. Danced. Yet now I stood injuries. Sixteen years ago where work is cooking my now ex wife's been girlfriends and I was wearing a leopard print cease true man strong and six. It's tough is that is that for play every other. I think I mean so you're okay. I just I always do on his zinc content that he anticipates. An old joke in the book is really a general yeah oh yeah I never could Beijing scantily dressed OK so. So does happen and some not spaghetti things like dungy don't go to marching steadily sure assertion laughing at me. Slump but as we get to under any strain out the spaghetti how. A little contrasting into the sank all splash out on your mind. And comes. Is completely. Out first and second degree and everything you know screw around the grounds usually sit in a lot from me which is probably watch it Rex White. Wait see your thought your little leopard print volunteered junk at all. Unlike leopard jumped into the Tata. I know addiction so I still haven't analyzed habit but it it is still in charge. What has so what do you give birth to hold off Johnson third degree he's. Now and dirtier he was due definitely opens starring the fellowship center. Holy hour weeds jam we will touch you had a good new strain Snyder will cost you ask so little (%expletive) and exit. Hi Danny de even called him yeah we go to the visuals which is awesome. Oh hum cordoning. Yes it. Through injuries. I hate that a comedy and it keeps your restaurant and I had never and it reflects. I had a really complicated role and what happened back. The actual deeply in the role that's secondly throat just wouldn't talk wouldn't go out actually how to get a Heimlich you know where are on the and at that had it. No you know go it was just the CI didn't exit the black kelp it's kind of rally outside like losing a match lodged might and it doesn't really sound great it's. I think I I thought I was the guy. I would like Billy had not made but I am regrettable we annexed after the deed how old then like I mean how it or make it sound area but you left. What you were still children and go to sleep and a die hard day to host a conference scenario. Little black dude and man he just incredibly Blake you left never heard her mood yet. It was really really are predict it but story and I felt all right you who are dying. That's ridiculous so we don't bit it's too early. I told us like her can eat sushi there's no intrinsic cyclical component I think that's a very idea this golf I know remiss in some food so you wanna add to our food injury list who bolted down on my FaceBook dot com slash selector and Steve Ference.