Slacker and Steve - Food Injury 10/21

Friday, October 21st

If you ever come across a competition in life that involves eating a the world's hottest pepper, just respectfully decline! A man in San Francisco now has a one inch hole in his esophagus all because of  a ghost pepper. What food have you been personally injured by? 

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I and a welcome one and all to the noon improves on currency show here. Actually it's noon improves then it's totally smooth they're new and improved. Maybe different. Yell about. And I'll need to hear of that okay. We're real Harry today some are alone. Yeah injuries no. Dirty myself. Earlier man down man behind Dez Bryant where that is also famous NFL player there it is that's why you know. The fact we've played our firm they had a halo. Oh well. She's missed the last three games due to a knee injury. A bomb from well you practice death. You know the really important stuff success so cute and see why don't I nobody actually. She he did something else she's got a hand injury a finger issue on key suffered a major injury while making soup. So yeah. But opening the came here early. He was chalked up to your TV you know I can shoot guy he's out I'm gonna make my super fresh actually worsened that's booming soup is awful. Missed the first CCC Bremer dude. It's it's hit it says it does taste like kids do you know anyway you know we're under a microscope it's all I want you to rocks yeah that's. Holy but I do not assume person I don't like Superman much. But given the choice between. Which. Just add ten don't want her to sucks I'm still love you get the nod condensed time it's used for in the do you not ready to be honest about what's you the guy I know we do not McCain he's valued by the condensed kind and you don't have the water I totally go you're writing about a quarter of marijuana thicker yeah. What is good Dez Bryant a few yak Indonesia to die because I know you eat some crow Sabena NATO does some does I would even cold water and clean out just right to it yeah. And that's Mormon they do you bounce so. As fat yeah this is because of how big some are these kids. You can but anyway he was chopping carrots for his homemade soup. On your big carrots and anyway that's for steal anyway back to you oh yeah. No tear it's important but the well OK here you so I just yeah ball a little pieces these guys shot shot shot you practice like the cool thing anyway get back to what we're talking about sued injury the time you hurt yourself with Caron discuss. Another did armed groups or a one inch hole isn't really one inch. My job I guess it yes but he deserves and I'm glad this happened you either one of those ghost peppers you read it yet another Clinton goes copper stocks. Shot I was never meant to be eaten power consumed by human I eat another hot. Like spicy food Detroit worried for my parents. Now did skin graphs I don't know berries along the didn't challenges in my esophagus. Somehow they're enjoyable it's not. Like hot spicy food is is not enjoyable always spicy food is enjoyable moments happened. No no danger sometime around Africa action New Mexico Junichiro now. But the so. Ex pats got pass three can forget it I. I took the court and say this as another side note Steve how this week we've eaten night. We've done a Mexican restaurant he and like in their green chili tastes like being in vacancy there's literally nothing and it. But because it has the word Chilean it. You'll like Dick McCormick chipped and it put it towards is not doing it. It's one hockey Jersey Chris Farley. And you don't think it's it's not a one hour chilly and it doesn't think how nice it. Unpleasant. It doesn't do justice screams Doritos anyway you guys got in slide gets in there to look beyond whenever they do what's that chemical it's it's what mechanically is it's in a tapper but you should hear the wind hole in its well I. Lifeless just Toys 'R' Us and illegal but here's where we know we're in trouble why because now Manning has got a little become an end to correct this so why it's capsaicin. Is what's it called capsaicin. Is that that's the thing that makes sense to stop it and we would now be stupid story on the chassis some make you thin. It rents of your metabolism. Two story you never knew that my. We've seen her present I feel like I did child and after snorted and that's the cost but anyway but he's got an inch hole. May do that jolt in his esophagus good you are not easy arsenal for through automation notably it's just it's under Clinton and asserts we do need food again I didn't know strip resort I don't know. She took the picture. Only real quick fewest he's wasting and everyone wants drink milk can you guess what drink milk disposed to eat honey do Lemmon earned what Mellon honeydew melon takes away from the ghost copper. And I tell you why either. No I don't I don't I don't know what I would tell you why liquid doesn't work why because this president know. SSY liquid doesn't Wear name is a milk because creamy ice Brent spreads it legislation honey cancellation or do you millions soup without any water share. Sugar Null or did you put granules and company does that do you think it's like. When when a kid Boris on the ground right and you wanted to air that's for sure kitty litter on top of us ready so should I sat. Sugar in your mouth so to catch season not a celebrity recap. Team formerly granular consortium are matter serious drinkers sew up the middle of course back to literally should be good yeah. Ted distorted stripper who his problem okay. If anybody's still listening I wanna I wanna apologize on the real quick. Outside minutes guys and welcome to the new improves like currency if you think you're the new resolve its problems. Future but it's not that clear if that actually. He's as real proud we are so it's more or less goes for our then there's a North Carolina couple who arrested after a police said they assaulting each other with one of the most deadly weapons known to man. What lies pizza rolls. Dude I'll give you that. What does that no blob that she's had squares are. All I can't just worsen in the atomic whatever I think you're getting it wrong on what it's not that she's well enough punches it's sauce yes whenever square off you have with these states the states that they Clinton's Ausprey he squeezed support out annuity and that you get that. Yeah third degree burn in your mouth in the chic it's a sauce and then if you don't meet in there close to the media is Griese it's I didn't Griese yes. I don't purpose when did Griese pepperoni the Griese sausage right ma'am it's neat yeah I believe she's only can cling to your lips you can't pull gently try yoga and it just it's just like stocks are off base in your face is not not in your life I house. I have to Tino is pizza roll mountain sheep that take away the ghost pepper and useless due to talk team the FDI challenge. We'll show goes peppers inside pizza rolls after we should motor giant rusher and we don't bring type one pizza roll all right we knew them all for thirty seconds paso recommend an amount of time. The there we all take senator bill O what I. I. Don't know what is going out there and look at the shot fat (%expletive) anybody new mallet few hours nobody should it. How we do base. Break one of the new improved aren't so anyway if you. If you look in injuries of the food we don't care what it is great food somehow hurt you may be you hurt yourself preparing food. I do reels any of those things could have capped tactical move Taylor what is your worst food injuries each. Non tax. I nice food injuries and I stabbed and get it. Cabinet Jenin and in my comment link or don't slyly making great chicken. Hole with but don't read all day you're one of those people are slowly homeless. Solves that went insulated but we know. Not that I didn't chicken on the bone in taste they can you get a little bit that you can call people. You would like to give more fat lazy to skin anyways its good to get better for the ducks made it is digital. As far or down trees are other Bloomberg our show to both series. They keep you there and you'll get stabbed and if you're one of those people who Kutcher and chicken up then. I yeah I would actually abducting Erica I and smells. Re could not think about them. And I think we like about it because I'm working pregnant when he. And I went up there and slammed into your equinox. When they pulled it down there with bill that chicken like hanging on you. All the sir not a guarantee I see you've got to open wounds yeah. Salmonella yeah yeah yeah hey I don't get it Salmonella islander under around bleeding breaking now. What's it sucked the boys so little but of that out of you're doing the clintons and they invited and so now you have this stigmata and stuff until we can have chickens stigmata if you have like that nevermind the with the idea of. Yeah. Or more importantly go belly up I date engine test our whole not everybody notes are not meantime you can. And attend a news it's if Christie. Not the stigmata the coach lute did you ever see fit through the. Our wind and the ambulance Friday next I had a gun calendar that axed me and nearly 45 minutes to be seen because they are working out and girl that had at picking your other Atlanta Georgia he get stuck in her hair out. Plus no no that's our. Yeah I don't priorities. I cracked my head open and was bleeding for I was wearing a white shirt to keep an eye on breeding bleeding for breeding. I didn't think I mean it's covered in blood I said Ni ER for three hours every got to do both yeah I go inside and out. Lyoto. I'm a big guy. All chipped it to my little bump somebody it was actually cutting off for breeding sow was like cool like wished inner stroke. No it hit like poking our show would hurting her throw. Oh no she Aubrey. That's worse in the gunshot wounds you this case it's watered down her throat like some plates song you. Know. Okay you're afraid you're gonna drown the yup and that's WebMD said do this season. Bump that's weird nobody her life was towards where you gotta save that thirteen chill poor judgment in your gun shy guy. Yes Jeff the Carolina area islanders and anyone who blood regularly got bunkers if. I did you know. Yeah 9000. Injuries. Yeah I thought I sure hope they act. Cracked you're all your ranking your laden wanted to know they're they're the Bane of our existence sincerest. Thanks to power Macs but yeah. I'm going I I would try not Obey on why you bet they stayed in the car. Yeah and wind as part of why unaccountable. And a little metal cap and young. Are you back in backing it will brighten our product that we are 00. It's. Not seen that told investors it has said that a medal there and it'll cost you only in the middle comes off is when you're open and beyond. It's did he know it's done it's. Chris minerals ones because they have people who drive the price on the Internet data becomes a project that's true. I don't know but I haven't been able. And try to be like I am. And separates the you have somebody you go on Craig's list. Chris little blades as we come opens oriental. In our motorcycle helmet down over. People say oh yeah you're moving on there's no Ryan. You guys soon injuries. I was playing HM top tie out of ten didn't they eat greens you know he can generic team in the mid all the bills. All over or both of my bio. Room. Oh. Say this I knew I had the two worst things is Esther reed knows him and and and Latinos pizza roll but I did my. That's all magma kicked the water how long you let a satirical slam. I'm going to be there for six daisy like I'm cool down by announcing he just. Slipped. Burning explain your crime. Stimulate my leg Wear it like I believe will be tried they would until I. See their helping me find an emergency round. I I came into the kitchen and and set. You are. Know what I am. For you know your eye you know every speaker yeah you'll see it live. Well here's my. That's like sting like these weird only their video. Actually I. I'm churn out a few weeks it takes them humankind and now it's completely out. You are you back on the putt I horse can you still. I don't think idol angry another chicken pot. Righty then I guess that's the best kind to the about my there's another kind of got exactly what are kind of surreal though his beef so big always when did you mobile bloom in the shop until you you don't flavors no no such thing as a team want rash flavored pop on here comes it'll be Turkey pot pie is the passing on the face of the year Turkey pot pie tonight I'm truly. Just blow your. I'm sure he. I turned up playing chicken umpire in the same now no poultry tasteless we know inside great Wednesday near you know it's not to taste the same there's no difference to different yup. Our viewers you got earlier poultry prices. I think we're gonna blind taste yeah. Are you guys are knocked down and still in my eyes yeah it's different. Byrd is not impressive to me but knowing that there's a beat when that blows my mind you others shrimp and in the you know there is no. Shoe print my client crystal crystal and her. I'm not. And alleged Thanksgiving last year and I had an extra out making it as you and I have long blond hair to my way to my Mac that suns. And over my shoulder and the Dutch let seconds. That Peter had gone rather my hair cut my waist all the way to my Al why. He's. Just you know usually you go. So I didn't pull your head down to pull the the major roles. Are puzzled that news. And tell you mixers don't have a reverse your decision 08 to zero on whole whole Rick Perry out. And yes all of my husband came they continued to expand and it's. It's like scalp and we took your hand off the trigger I guess it's switch to institute Tito's moves. A little what do you. That's not nothing is worse now guys Elizabeth asks Karl if you're so roundup crystal anyway on CNN now. So my husband Sam Adam who rationing and screaming I'll begin addressing a grappling iron and convict entrenched and backhand. That mixture and showed that Peter is of course they stuck in my and that hair. Oh yeah and makes her harder. Flying. You so I was dads aren't pleasant it's probably part of his entire tape trading in. Or out the sun. And Christine crop but it however potatoes and you're yeah you do have a minimum beef. I don't know I don't know I would and that's about he's so hot that really bad. Thanks so I'm this excited since you've crystal's thing Melissa. Nigh night. An injury. Yeah I hope I get a certain degree burn on make eight from lying on its success on this. Yeah I was making my own on need to take that I like not air mailed or hand can. Hardly wait wait. Yeah collect would be Naipaul though it went he can literally. Burn into the Blanche nightcap actual on the ball and let Y and gonna go well why I mean bright that they right between the boat people. Oh no renteria added young Greer hideous you remarks there now burned one tough loss in the sun. Yeah I look like and headed by good guy or beyond my Tre Stallings. It is worse off. I just want Aaron Nelson OnStar is now thanks ladies jealous. Aren't we show you my karma. Everybody yeah. Dad but thanks yet but we're selling only minutes to merge they're. And it could Wallace at the hey there did you used to merge. Now a disclaimer on this planet still feels terrible about there but I'm it's I meet people do Kyle and I make it super spicy and our minds it deeper spicy. Somebody ten. Carol idea and democratic written it pertinent to your container and then comes the next got a makes more tacos and my sign didn't eleven months old is blocking now. And I are free to greater. And some how one tiny little drop of just keep her Kyle in this container go to break to it I it's. I felt so bad and you like immediately started like shaking some and either so screaming it's. And hurts worse and you know more than the guys who do exist yeah. There's an adult I've had how opinion in my eyes and it's terrible hole you can understand what's happening DD. It's just like Jesus what Helena I don't understand why its own independent mom yeah. It's an early lead singer you 128 is. As. Good Jolie in my eyes he showed it. Your guarantee that you'll let us go your listened to it roots and no longer response team that are going in the right. Had a white kid I like Nicole Powell my name's. Tom thank god Hewitt in got a week are also I'm like okay well. He's really remember that oh yeah. They view loans amber. Yeah I guys. Due to injury. I immediate Pete he'd begun and it just come out the other and it might hot and that she stuck to their mind now. I still lit us a half hour later the big blistered an important element and out popped. In no bullet service taped ahead. A week after I was in off the route but I'm now. I know the number of Palin horrible all girls are taught this class is more liquid either you do things is yeah yeah well. Oh who that's amazing do is thank you are spinning. Bolivia. Yeah yeah sort of injury I NIC. OK so I let eating candy bar. And I was me out of my board that the times and then one thing led to another and I gave him such a consists and the huge. Argentina and thirteen that they can. Anybody I need him he's. Ellen hi low already had Gary. Here's ones and it okay. So wait are you. All I got. It only yeah. And slowly he would have been OK okay.