Slacker and Steve - Food Injury 5/15

Tuesday, May 15th


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Risks and add an extra. I injure guys who geez just your brunt of them will be no tricks serial cocoa post or all of those that yet childhood things that yeah maybe for ferry preparing food but not actually. Well I mean we bought the one thing we all have in common. Is to Tina's pizza rolls in a hole the burn there's no the third degree do you think's what ever happened and we know with the volcano stuff and you're right there's this is. Libya war a war this is the because it's inside your fifth with with is leash. Either 65000. Cans of koskie being recalled because. Apparently they occasionally just for no reason things are. Did somewhere somewhere in the lives or do and I don't really understand it because I don't drink coffee that we did they say that koskie being TN. Did you can attack suddenly with force upon opening when missing an air valve on the bottom half Heidi Miller and later he's clearly the researchers at the yeah ditto all day you know like there's this sealed the pressurized like. When you first open up and I am saying yes yes they're saying that it's not light sealed properly and so that comes flying not a whole. You'll get a game well I mean injured trying to open. It up a co op Ed piece mostly done. I see I just so I have an app click. Karma Monty I don't know we know the last at noon so now this is my parents when they had Conti did we we user. It was a big team enemies. The can opener oh is that they do anymore now it's up to an approach pressure to single that. Interesting on top gear but yeah animal squeeze W ogre it's that whole thing. Noticed this but I I bring you more likely be cat food lid. Got all of like that yeah it's an attack planners penis when you okay. Well like soil saying they're like get it through the thanks we eventually got into something that I can relate to the you guys just walks me through that it's it's liquid mix. The two are so if you got one of those cans with the tab be careful yet they Selma public's Wal-Mart Kroger target whole foods blew an Amazon. So I'd be worried about Tom so we want to hear your soon injury stories we found a few to get you started so you can numb. Get inspired. The woman scares me the most is the rice crispy worse I don't think this is possible but that's what it did. So woman says I just I don't know why since woman. I said she was making rice crispy treats their kids. Accidentally added too much marshmallow oh so they were super congenial him. She went into biting into one and as she started to chew blood began slowing how it's earth. Turns out they were so stance stance that they pulled out several of her teeth. Rumors are Laker regular real teeth and morality she now has fourth eighteen throughout are using this you you want diseases of them before had zero. No price for still sticky it's good jerks or my. Except at at and that's her sued injury as rice crispy treats. Did dental surgery on her face you know it's amazing awesome I guess they were on a dated a steakhouse. There are things going great. Eight started screaming out in pain branded bathroom. There were staples in his mashed potato. Ball one got stuck in his tongue too long the other got stuck in his dumb I'll put to the that yeah I don't need you. He'll go back to to a team is pizza I do remember a time where I'd make it get hurt you makes you make homemade not homemade that night. Tarantino's pizza or what I wanna keep bragging until geno is whoever the fruit sort out their Nancy from the word that was deceiving me. Com for some reason when you make those it in my crazy or is like you can look at it and the cheese will look normal. Underneath it. Is good tomato sauce so. And the sauce is that is is magma so next it's nothing 'cause you got. And you'll you'll even toss it she's you know like there's no problem here and the new biting. And the cheese will literally fooled us now. Onto the roof was. I also want your tongue and then there's nothing to do we get off because it's not it's now sealed if so do you it's like some sort of Star Trek. Enemy alien organism this is nice. Okay now what are haw yeah I can't tell you right time to tap and the writer is. Literally. No escape from pizza gone rather go in just a synagogue wrote it's I mean he's not soft Reza. But this really fun to learn about all sorts of two Mexican experience how to do when you when you started it was serial. I mean yeah looks like the garden variety of real friendly and cool. Like that who's the biggest cult like you said Trixie because you're racing cocoa post just yeah it's weird to say because their rounds mom and you would think they wouldn't good point but there is so the other go to the sugar re older sharks Cody nodded and and you noted is you don't put in a knock on it. Yeah I don't whether it's OJ you run a way too fast irregular it's settled well also Australia now basic car who's really to. Ameristar. Encourages a worse off that there's no I mean yeah is that takes awhile to soften but I bet by bet your Hazmat desires when eat this I know and then there's. Seriously might recollection of being Captain Crunch as a as a kid. I don't think Captain Crunch tastes like what I think it's a scientist I almost never ate it without tasting blood. If if if if you say yeah they're big. Does your for your mouth is just only see land when you're done with it if you like this tastes like this at the blood did I buy a pre blunt and this looked at if you look. Look at the nutrition information it has iron on their but I think I hear this from here are so blunt Dell lags with with the eight or any any iron from the certainly going to be leading Niro and Matt is a lot. It's government will pay a call us. It's like god I wish I was trying to tap encourage injury doesn't achieve things and I have like. The pizza. Arnold Kazaa a few Captain Crunch are always will drink the orange juice which is a steady as. I don't know root for your vows are. You know why he's Guantanamo needs your pets. If that's a new way. We don't want our board. Well we got here yeah and you would much exactly grudge your whole thing among all the whole orange juice you know kind of been pulled does it stop you man that's who I don't know how we got. Holds for a lot she. You'll be talking and I. It is. Another level of that was a positive side you've been hurt damaged by food we won't hear your food injury tales Sarah. Yeah I go to injury. So you know little cartoon done I think it'd bed Bugs Bunny and that's where they would try to play a banana peel them. And he'll that it hurts enters super slippery these really aren't they really are not. Spat slippery. Brother and I thought we're gonna try it on the Lillian Koller. Really sticks and Gavin and Tony tried. Clearly the contract is now working but it can't Kennedy got stops and so. They sell totally depend on the corner ever really shirt I'm envisioning sudden. He'll hold right inside the head. So you go to the emergency I go really out hey good Donovan and human room. Syria is my mom. They nurse then we had to wake her up pitched it to our relationship is we've been she would protect. He's like what are we of course but then appealed her left out of like brown slime. Sorry I don't line fans see this times yeah we are boat didn't know she was not. Yeah. I never wanted did test mining and he's doing this city series there you know we are only going to be so much fun and it better horse yeah. Turns out nine now they used Sarah who. Mary. I know hey I'm not too dangerous. My friend had faced rhetoric second China plate and ended up but not out there apparently an ominous and it up on property back. Yeah all this position. Pan am got a fish aren't stuck in his colon. War war waved warrants. Oh my god you're calling I never even heard that Venus so she music you just sort of slowed down so sassy in realizing there's a middle fish don't emit. I mean electric caveat on it really is its second time having kids so you didn't know anything and she. It into the air came in England and that I apparently during their early and they threaten do give her surgery and how confident that. Holy See in any way past the bones. Yeah or read a barn OU's passing through huge how did I mean how could suppose some of her look like sixteen liar and was it that small. That was just a little teeny tiny driving you know. Wow that's why receives frozen like baby care it's IDC frozen she excites. He's very still sometimes. No. Most of them and tell me that's for sure would dare quality standards there relax. This. Is she deceived where the fish bone around his neck because I would okay fighting mole on that you saw you steal decision I guess I guess you're right it's probably. It is hard yeah. And tomorrow moderate with the with the all important he doesn't Wear it viewers as Colin are you as soon as I did Wear my colossal midnight because. They do for the column why wall map for a little skittish bone. How do how would it stop I guess must have been wide enough to it was just push tumbles citing the sand thinking all Matty. Yeah I. Yeah soon injuries. Yes so I led picking a president keep bad. It's a very angry though I didn't wait for it to cool and I get. Bit and yes and that's sought actually in doubt on my my blistered. Him off this year. How real. That's who pull it off oh. I'm telling few weeks or Zach. What I described fort stick cheese and tomato sauce works together one whole your whole team down right and the other punches you defer its birds you yes or you won't discard all hideous on your chin now we're. No I actually didn't guard but it did like. Pretty bad girl. I'll see that stuff Leo Amedisys there's. We don't we put a guy this is I'm I'm gonna get my soapbox for 12. We have in the United States of America sourced people who smoke who I don't smoke I don't likes. I don't wanna hang around smokers we forced him tweak size he away from the building detaining and get a pack of cigarettes now seen a black along there's labels all over everything you enjoy saying do this as your own risk rate and we all pizza just. We I don't. Looks like he's a good and you want. We feed from buildings until late the disabled and it should be a sign with Matt these days although we're not going the distance. Good afternoon. I mean to any more important that makes him adding that Tim. Yeah I thirty injury. OK okay oh how I ain't got out to dinner the girlfriend we are sitting down eating solid track. Eligible to perpetrate share. In the mirror. And seeing. They would be metal shavings from the canned. Under salsa. War all holes. More canned salsa because I was doing in general assembly and easier to use your five guys it has nothing home made an arrest Ryan loved so. The so we cut there are under a bit it anymore I know it's too big a change in the ninety. The chevys. No dang it I was you know he doesn't know armadillo monkey pox director at C. We do bureau then yeah. I am on all of them how dare not take all Melanie. Yeah yeah I ate food injury. OK I would add aide Billy Brett there knowing Billy Idol concert. I'm that there should be enjoying you know abroad and things like that onstage and I would. Straight outright or smack dab against the staged. And Germany did an approximate true they've Turkey model to a country in a direction and he would senior rebel yell and in the middle of say he had. I booted out station instead of Teddy don't announced they hit me straight in the eyes and well people. I imminent giddiness. You know minor black and I ended up in the third and he'd been down if you own your own rule long. Aurora are. I was so we are predicted that Sears good pain it really wasn't up. She's tall stuff yeah I was really don't know really. You're. Aces and.