Slacker and Steve - Foot in Mouth 10/5

Thursday, October 5th


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Steve on every time we don't hustlin' owls now would you do. It's meet all through what is I mean. A few stories. He is trying to show then today as I just this is what amounts. You don't know he's there's a woman who named her amendment do you block. Children Herman do it. Her Madden and guilt though. Permanent healed up pretty Gilda yes her meaning he'll go Beltran and as a from Placer little in northern California chi com. What's his name. A finishing three Regis so anyway his name his her manager you don't Beltran meant south. In his life was mad at him because you spend so much money and scratch off lottery tickets. And had about one more than one million bucks well oh mama so. So where are you reload. She's like oh your third or more important or more world that's the dumb. So we like to do here is maybe have you tell us time. You shoved a footing normality in light for example one of my favorite stories. Was this dude who was working women diner. Like short order chefs in the back or whatever then. Every once in awhile you just you wind up like two to the did judges in the Muppets but you just stand and they're judging people you're just talking smack about the customers. And you look out and saw a couple of an attractive older women coming in restaurants signing their appearance amusing he says oh look settle ladies and baseball caps. His body didn't jump in on this bashing you know. It turned out that that the women were on his. Mother in his sister yeah coming in to see him in most dude yeah mass diner who who now. That's a foot you know that is when you pull its do we have a story the other day. On the air where a bartender said. But some dude team any news fully slurred his words and she was like I can't serve you sir I'm sorry. You're obviously Jack tell you guys do did you lengthy and all of his friends relates. He's he's got a speech impediment you. It made it compliments like. That we are extremely Zach Senator John McCain the. That's not so I didn't didn't tell that girl I did that I did exactly not an exact same thing but a girl. Came up and talked need weird and I thought she just got her tongue Peterson Michael let me see your tongue race because people wouldn't talk to me was when everybody in their doggone it appears on I know it's their fault it wasn't your. In how people don't like to look good. There's the meal and I'm like and I'm like oh god what's wrong and then they like it got me in terms are you close moment grade and this person came over time you might think it'd usually like to assist each person to talk to me like dat. I'm just like I'm just cutting strategies. And friends like yeah. No shop which you know you're still the victim and that's there I. Just couldn't let the can I just it has in the past when you call me out of my narcissism Coppola it hurts me by two quick but I need you too hot to handle each row for the sake of all I know I mean you've to let me. Continue to believe somehow that with everyone else's fault leading up to that moment wiwa and not my fault totally up. ET I can do so. Other big one and let's just get to turn off the table right now is the pregnant tank a little ruining their dog does that and put into pro tips from saccharine Steve. If you see somebody who's bigger. Don't ever congratulate him on I don't know why would you shot he does stare digger and there and babies. And I think that's holding us sonogram expert and ultrasound. And still. Oh look you are named looking going I think this is perfect for my kid. Still don't say hey man and not do on a train offer pregnant lady his seat sit here you go have my seat I know what it's life like. My wife is pregnant tip. It and it's not pretty just aren't cool Greg you don't even compliment anyone nobody Sakhalin barber. Would you do an elevator years ago meat you know we were on the ground level in the lobby and I. You're setting me up to this something you don't know who's so I thought it was you what is it woman someone are gonna the older we were the back there in the front in the elevator stopped its board member to and I thought it was you go to select call log really you can't walk up one flight. But I was not mean you have the the woman that got off she had a team or Shia those two people. I'm sorry I took its toll now this whole deal teams as we couldn't see because we are in the back. Thought for sure. Dudack because we she got our lord tell the story the more I think it was you know I don't you know maybe you want to know I thought I swore that was you because it she. Suing you under the biggest plus right now I hate everything about it maybe it wasn't you remember that she didn't even look back she just kept Golan and you can tell that she. I thought it was I'm sorry. I figure something out about you I unifying way you guys I didn't do it for me to look you know I'm not I gave wasn't. So when you're at that funeral and you're walking out you're like hey thanks for having me over great parties. You did X I expect so little and you did exceed your I don't know I remember that tough talk for the that's still OK I take you back it was it you are the elevator. I thought it was an oil that a pipe dude I wasn't me that I don't doomed our laurels I wouldn't expect to excel this influence. This is in the shelf hooks that did not any keep going. If you've got a foot in mouth story. If we decide to come back to we have been killed each other journal will hear the best foot mouth stories in a later. Yeah yeah I couldn't mouse. I shutout Larry everyone remembers that on about a decade ago just jacket got it can't second noble are big news. Later he avalanche yeah yeah I think you bet the coach but I want some better yes. Well. Been looking at a hockey dharma guy comes and we'll camp all banded. So my husband just try to make light of the situation because what you get your hands but that's close snowblower. I have to leave room and they guy my husband works with those are you shouldn't need to know who got what it was not it was like I'm not. There's no way you can hear Joseph xanax I guess that's why it sounds awful. As show me your hole that's a foot and mouth all that she ate his whole torso after eating more than his own leg so what are the odds almighty god to. Well why don't you just shut your mouths. Of some sort of. She's at the hot declare an issue could it about more marked by. So second to restore Mallory just out of his. He just kind of look at them and he turned around a lot yeah. It started out. Oh my god alone yeah that is painful thank you for that Molina. Is June has. Yes yes Ford you know I yeah I. Ka. I was. Yes on the Imus CNA and I was working at this you're living thinner 1 evening I went into character and they work as a group are sitting around them. The table having a meal. Well there was a daughter visiting one of her elder parents. In cheek I'm stoked and so full but I can eat like a horse for a cat look you're anything like Mickey let's have a hollow leg. Let them know which he stepped and stepped throughout the cable issue indeed had a prosthetic from the knee down. All playing good RBR. Odds no I mean there's no no yankees and we just kidding yeah I know I don't yet know you're you're moving its you have to reexamine all your cliches just how. Colin out of your head into yet they could extend the crap out of somebody and a good way. What do you and then what happens when you shove your what your mouse to do there's two ways to approach it adopt what you can either to shut the hell up and take your losses. What most people do is try to keep talking you go and then the more you talk now Dorsey is I may also mean you're always on all. I did shot easiest thing it's the Carol. The first round I blush is the most deepest red and I just kept my mouth shut. It was a case of it's a smarter player really is but it can't do the damage is done you just slink away. I still try to start to seed Murray doesn't really I was never even though I was never read thank you for the college. Chris since. I. Footed mouse. Decided that it at a college party ever your realize that one of our friends let Max torque so we went back sort of I had and she looked really down and I said. What mattered looks like you're not just diet and she said my god just diet problem but I'm mostly it's taken some psychedelic and we couldn't stop laughing. Oh you know it's. I recommend you learn here oh actually a nonstop. Now I secessionist early. It's another. Had dug a little while Stein and ice to get to go over when he had to get this bad can't urging much hope. That is only because you're just loud it's not your fault it is your song you know your should not be laughing which are the most. The drug business here yes I don't know Crist and that's why the day you very sorry jams. Yeah yeah. Yeah I don't I. Well the company you work for a perfect big carry every air handle. We were getting aren't atheist and I love the guy that came out you got out of our kicking a numbing but all I'm no expert care. When you thought oh we're getting a divorce. Manhattan announced that case. Food. And she heard the news you know return your legs jab but I didn't know what happened she leave all of reminds me when you talk about things to work how many times have I can learn from this one. Like you see somebody all dressed up and they become what it's like. Or somebody die. And every time you do that that's why they were dressed how PSA attended a funeral this morning yeah in my arms concerns slacker. I did yeah why and as you slink away and I didn't do the elevator when the U the guys did not you what was are you more foot mouse stuff will take on the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.