Slacker and Steve - Foot in Mouth 8/1

Monday, August 1st

Sometimes we blurt things out in a conversation that we immediately regret. What happened when you put your foot in your mouth?

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And we are about. People and feet in in mouths and mouth. You do is often an idea I was CIA doesn't have to me because everything I say I mean. So technically Disney movies I don't care who. Is when you're just. I don't think you just you're in 88 that you know your being an idiot when you're saying these things what you do is go forward anyway sometimes are hard. Friend of show. He's actually. He he he does what we do for a living and who bomb. And he is. I do what I don't political correctness thing drives me crazy what are like what is he Hispanic is that when Colin. Latino well I. I just say I'm I'm Hispanic it's finally mean site as a still okay right we can say that I I don't know well a few senate then OK okay so he's Hispanic. Oh. Finally. No this is not a story about me this story about him and somebody else putting her foot and it in their mouth you loan. He she was able to buy a house in the birds he got himself. House out there and nights. Deuce he's just full of pride that he loves his house it's awesome especially his yard tee so there removed what. One day after work he's out in his yard. Mole and away nice just taken the tried to be things. Edgy you know whatever he sees this car drive by or whatever he's like he's got the mower and Carter is by Jan in their little slower each time. And on the third pass they like pull over and their lights. OK I don't know how she for a buck up. New new brown did call hey you pay a like this yeah so burdened. White woman and you know it's just auto and couldn't possibly owned. How does that neighborhood must obviously has to be a landscaper. To donate this second he's like. I live here she and she's like why he's an outside. Don't know her racism stocks how. Do you realize that bad moments don't. Okay show. Suddenly bit her petite you are mean to see how this deal this. And she doesn't live immediately next orbit pretty close proxy battle I gonna receive a putts I. Had the hour. He was a good sport among. Yeah it's more of and so I asked them off. To do it for I know the biggest example of foot in mouth in the end like I I don't wanna put a moratorium on these relate. This happens on time you see a larger woman no and you asked her when she's do what struck mr. Yu is right. Right well this dude was as part of his foot in mouth blog that we found. Gee she's doing the typical way were you asked a person's obviously not pregnant when they're due. He made regular delivery ease. Days like this is somebody he interacted with a customer yeah right so he's into and she's pregnant and it's nice. Once and she's she's a constituent song sounds like it was only to lose track time so he sees her at some oh. To maritime later she's a house and it's I thought oh my god don't be so excited when he did she's like. Had to be nearly two months ago I assume I see year's speech where. I can go. I zone so you know what you trust what got toilet it's typical when you do debate you yet he yeah yeah and she. He's. It's. Huge there's no recovery just wiley Tyrrell is walk away pretty do what do you and I raced only eggs hold. You're nearer. Like a train track or. Of SaaS swift moving bus actually. When I it's done the bad ones where I well I don't get the latest we just dumb dumb I tell the same story every time there was a blind girl. No I was another story OK what was she had a speech of her speech impediment that's what laws and it was time and everybody comes out at clubs every night and good. It's college girls would just be pierce and Antonio. For the first few days after here's your turn nine. Those who do not give the news good return because they're the tongue pierced they're Thomas maul him. And just nine units class genius of Tina just talk delayed. I'm like why can't I just don't think piercing him like. So the first time this bull car. Talking like that her. I want to be cool guy no. I don't know which he did I don't ask currently are actually legal how that Berry no some length is you don't. There's gonna work. I'm like oh dude. Xia our. Oh yeah you can she. Saw her body Greece fully recover hugest I jumped in front of a moving car. Since it's such a shift. Ho hum that was that was fairly or did you do one movie I had one just the other day so some gay no is getting treatment for cancer and so I was talking to them. And you know we are just throughout the course or conversations like edited on you know what Hedo below in any thome he was on the way to get treatment for his cancer he was going there late. Now and so I didn't know how to end the conversation when me and end the conversation came and it was like. I will have somebody have a great rest today no all I'm usually wait. I don't know our have a couldn't get back sit there all day honeymoon down. Gunned down two to teach and write a book reviewer I don't know yeah you're gone you're Timonen. I thought Leo yeah I don't hear that hurts actually did not. Okay. That's way worsening human we don't sit back let us tell this but you know what I remember from him I don't do this you do what I've never done this. This wasn't exactly a sudden announcement to kinda still says why. We went out to a bar one night you'll main. And we get seated at this table. And a man who sat us why are all mine and I'm. Racist like you remember Zach just as it was it was oak that guy goes is this table good and unite. And life's just like dat and it's an African American man who did it and now Steve can't stop. Doing. African it's like the pro let me match. But you've turned into I did insists it ration my DL IC brother day anybody I. You say it did you have a day didn't you. Are you sure you. You just couldn't stop shopping Europe because I thought it the more I see it the more reason to think all he regularly speaks that way until he really know it may lower collection. You're only imagine rob I don't radio in your grills and Udrih. And I know it's so I was like stop talking. Your leg is senior tour. I think she's she's the rest my body is out eventually Steve imploded I remember that inside out Steve Howe wasn't so I wasn't you know you you warrants but you were you know what's. I hope OK I. I thought our record so early. Okay but it's you're still a two brother she did you had to shelve your foot in your mouth we would love to hear your story Peter. Yeah IE not KE so I'm. I I would toward him like an open not the space can now one day. When my co workers who is standing around kind of will be you know let him and he inspires some couldn't send he he was teasing by. All along all. I don't know I am flattered and all that makes you read you know. There's there's no way to know London via. A robot. Lieutenant standing there and out and they're like you're talking you're looking at my coworkers. Out of play joking around the globe the McGinn putted and everyone looked at me all the same time because it was an open office costs. I like tried to turn around and pretend I was lurking but I will be starting my computers like they even knew that. And you know the inevitable. You're worried that went on to see how can you do business I mean like where we were they do radio people like Stephen arable wearing jeans and we don't we don't dress up. But I don't was calling me every time somebody comes in in a suit. And he's like. Joseph there's like no my mom died it's like what you I finally ever learn while still not. We now holds his when one of us is dressed nicer it's probably because we're getting an inner guide I think you know if you I didn't think funerals I don't think more people getting fired eighteen years that such. On June. Costs. Job costs. On roads would mouse. Oh big black so I'm so we heard in your reflection a lovely lovely woman unfortunately lost. Part of turn around and her hand in an accident of course he started I was training car. And I get clients and we were just working right there room. And I went got a good and would literally shoveling it in my case except when I'm notorious for being rude I think they're hungry are going to not my arm off. Oh. Do you both the so I thought okay. Yeah. Of course follow it happened true passion about a week later with an email that I was happy to lend a patent. What don't care that you can't you can't help kids love her phrasing. Are they you say on the daily and it's like now she's here take offense though let's just. She she laughed it off with me but I have never. Felt like much a jerk in all of my life. And knowing your own our mouth is not. Now the funny to someone who's Norman's offs you it would. All girls to think the that's the things you take your they come Jennifer. Julie. Yeah yeah I food announced. Check out our production office. And my coworkers they're actually backed the world are always joking around it's an ops well I'd I'm gonna co worker behind you Loney one day I should stand. And sure they're there by now every one of our patients here. Very very severely special needs this little battle to keep your. Almighty god she's Graham mole who won on here and finish it. Couple and joy and. I didn't exactly how old they look at me like I had Burnett. I had no idea I thought you Greg bird goofing off backyard so I don't see skin and now I'm little dirt. There's like no mom involved there appearance. Check it. Caregiver and even get a look at me like I was the heartless. Yeah oh. Your show rushing per cent in medical crisis from Friday night it took a great move cycles say did you Sydney. Yeah hey guys he's still I. Hey short get pressure I am one of our customers his regular eating and he never ever con than at any Stanley coming for years and he won eighteen minute somebody and each other when asked un. Not like all of it into your mommy only Ichiro he's legs. No big bedroom and YE from. Yeah yeah and Melinda felt that I waiting got another pair right it's not their them. Please you couldn't even Stacy McGee and real snow and she had not saying she can turn the heading lac LA an outlay I felt so that you'll never units shipped remember remember I know now I never ever observed that many commitment Tokyo what it. Our Sydney sees what she much out of his league she was like that couldn. I don't know if they only just one night that she just did not has. And you make up any hair not charter I don't know what robbing banks he'll look like at my on you and sport is that you let him but I don't. I don't know what acting thing yeah. I never say anything I didn't say my name I don't. It's a message this whole battle where exactly you're all personal conversation to a minimum fate thank you very because it nugget. Jamie. Yeah I foot in mouth. Short in the culture and her and I chase you know about sixty or more called the minimum benched most customers and the color you know have a wonderful day each and I'll show you channel I had an irate caller who told me that basically apple all of and I actually did send you cute. What record he makes needed more man. If you. We'll see Nextel you do that yeah. Yeah yeah probably miss the comfortable on record for quality assurance so you you drop since. Actually do anything to worry here and play and so the tips from your lowest customer service call that onstage you for the call candy. Yeah yeah I think foot in mouth. Yeah I I don't know bit ultra amount. So about two years ago I was looking Adobe do you plan on there. The end that we can what's lacking at it's like in the our medication or checking it for her first pregnancy appointment. Armed and I opened her charter and. Without thinking there with a beautiful picture of a little baby boy aliens by any other chart without thinking oh the goal of total cutie is you'd better on the that they are. It was my story was your phone. He it was a baby they lost. Right out of the layout you know looted a little Easter triggered by the picture of the baby and ship goes a little one that we lie. And I. All about a half hour later I spot albeit by had been what is wrong and I locked. It home why how would you why I mean not just you wanna put legion post it note on their advice. You can't put down somebody say I heart that they are those mall I didn't see it I didn't Obama. It was great inner yeah. 090s. It Selig would just walk notre she's never come back I don't know. No but she coming in every comic art my heart broke a little bit yeah. That's I don't know what our overall prize not your solvent like hers is hasn't seen. They did you meet Stephen. Yeah I guy slipped in mouse. OK so I would I just moved into a new paradigm of Hispanic if they're now without doing yard where. You know on insurgent and I had a lady drive by. Just like interiors aren't you stop and finally asked how much would I charge that you are yard. And I just replied. Her way inside that the charge magically what they're. Hey you what are you gonna stay in the third why you all white people saying gee anybody right hates Hispanic is automatically. Servants to them five not to anyone my age I did I would you be the last call I believe it for my sprinkler repair needs ya. With tests. And that this literally happened to me yesterday how we're talking about tactic that worked. And might not opt out by getting a CAPTCHA maker. And an acorn around my ankle. Angie and she got Lionel the work of family vacation like why because Donna that's I'm like Mel get my father who I had written a column about how he what he wasn't scared to back. And that he he compared himself to acorn. He knew he would get Brokeback epic yet. All my sincere but she's she's like thrown out you're just not stuff. If you make allies to get your honor that are now without my mother who died at age. Did go you're about a call. I am. Getting in your grab back topic yet. You raise your answer we preach it leaves I don't we throw any Ningxia can't tolerate anybody sentiment. That's stupid. Know all wounds paying that is harsh thank you Lou contests Marines. Yeah yeah I hate foot in mouth. And now am I worked for alliance Courtney can't see and we have to do a hell. AT&T when asked by the army is enroute to a call. And and let the airing at irritant route 28 big party I erred that they are gradually the party. Sex parties and shouldn't yeah over the FCC regulated radio is new resides. But related firemen come over he's as correct because well. As her. Are there that allow slavery when you go maroon Joseph's. Guide foot in mouth. Also me and my friend Loretta Brandon and brand new double what sounds sounds yup they're doing their. And so we're all standing around at lunch at the break and my friend was that they're eating and a guy walked up dominant like OL launched in our brand. Dario are so poor and the guy with a carefully picked it couldn't they're in a wheelchair. And I got wiped its hands and acted like you look in at stand up and without thinking about it my friend look like oh don't worry about span and out shape and realize nobody's said anything like took toll of you left it to watch the race. The now what she can do special branding. It's definitely an item brandy is the worst place to show us your entire. But by me you still want to make us feel terrible give us your foot in mouth stories online FaceBook dot com slash slacker fans the fans.