Slacker and Steve - Found in Food 11/17

Friday, November 17th


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Staying on the there's a little my least favorite things are run on the job well founded Blue Jackets and oh my gosh yes rocks actually sorry I'm. He's the bass some of these stories it's it's everyone's mothers and if news stories we have no choice and we let you then to and then we try to reduce we can't make it let's leave the names restaurants out of it but makes. If you found something really nasty in your sued them. We love to hear from you guys odd couple found dead drug name Waffle House water glass in the war hawks in you she served you couldn't see. Of that when you served at right. Hot topic how do you like that frogs head although it. We just can expect a lot less than just the evening I'm gonna just I it's there's certain places where you know. You're sorry and sushi rest tried you're not gonna find somewhere but it's. You're at some point you look at your trucks up its 3 morning value out there the odds I'm I'm actually floor when they bring me clean cut. Like the you said back perhaps because it should be noted. That you know what's weird. And it's not an anniversary and I mean we got different things and any needle in in ASEAN which from the sassou dress hugged good. I'll rats in another fast food restaurant armed. A little easier elite you. Has recently will be his brother will. Had things running error in their in there I don't I don't see an incumbent but it's beyond it's sort of strange now named after a Florida team. Yeah. Yeah does that narrow announcer got the aid to not well okay so hole. What is it. So much of a couple months the price about a month ago my brother god one of those beverages and he before I went to go opening it he he kind of like held up could he couldn't get the lid off so he's holed that like China and close to his face yeah. Any and all of a sudden the light caught it right any saw. I mean the only way that I can describe it is it kind of looks like a ghost floating in the liquid is like a Madrid the team. Animal embryo could it sucks right it is yeah Jolie Fisher yes. Jelly fish anymore. And they treated him back in and they were like chances are the bottle just didn't get sealed properly in. Something happened minutes late some sort of like mole that was grown in there it's not harmful if you drink any of editor error anything like that just. And so. Like yesterday. I would I got completely different package completely different store completely different CD everything. I went and got the same beverage. Seems flavor their own way same bottle type everything. And I I was not feeling great and so I went to go dump it into my water bottle to bring to work in what I did that it was a clear water bottle. Same stuff the caller hears a smaller class jelly fish and his was more like one of them with the confining dory big. Yeah yeah exactly you have shot back what makes it's days like I did not during come I didn't get close we'll never know now but it's not they're claiming it's not a lie it's not. It's not harmful and it's not some they're crawled in there and I did not linger in the house that guy yeah tell us your breast implant lieutenant Bob. I don't. Remember this years ago you might just saw strange it was started happening people thought it was like a brat and all of it here. Had come off a bit and they had to say. It's not it's this mold they can grow and it it grows into shape and makes it look like Weinstein an animal embryo or whatever. Put it slid so tell you. We gotta match didn't it. It's dry with relevant with with the click what does that takes its own my doctor Susan Todd. Julie I want us im pretty notable wanna reduce fraud and Adam are I don't know like. So you take a subject little dear will you use I don't know that he did not just dumped it out and every bottle was as soon know every bottle wasn't it was just that one. Boots for Janet I I doubt aren't tarnoff and announced. I tried to be but then I was so I was I knew why did you elect Charlie actually it's so bad that day the next bottle I just dumped it in and looked overlooked no good to go. Oh yeah does what I sound I sound like to piece of plastic from the chicken did they used in my suit and a Mexican restaurant the united returned and really an incident that restaurant closed down senator think it was I was responsible for the name of the show these days you're wondering club which has these are just minutes. I'm so. This would. The stories and we wish him real these are we ready to yours there's likes to steal in the in another facet of restaurants. And aids part of human finger morning. If you found something and ease. Funky in your food. Again please keep the name of the restaurants just give us generic description what kind of food illiterate or you've got to the don't. It was all these lizards and salad bags have big wherever you sounds opening your food we'd love to hear your story Ayers. You know I towns include. All my government the local diner. And brought her played out like her breakfast with the book Theron. No holes you could tell it was a Boehner. Sure it could have been just some tune salary so I don't know what we've reached I'll I don't know what synonymous with. Curry lining jet out there on purpose. I ask you to derail the show for a cited if you're a medical professional. We need you call our show immediately. Apparently Steve's bloggers look like tunis so I don't know and he's usually diagnosed what are your conditions as bad as they allowed. I'm Steve puts food just I. I don't I don't know but the fact if we if you heard Booker and bought tuna salad heights there's a plethora of things clearly wrong with you physically you can pitch you're gonna require immediate impact if you slide the medical helicopter I'm gonna go on the roof of the building with a couple of close states collegial and hearing did Steve to hospitals that big dogs in what he could've slowed it looks similar light up like chicken salad well I don't know I'd probably blow your nose in your hand so I don't look at your blog sites looks kind of venue. They didn't call I did you get a free meal then what happened after the bugger incident. Now they want out. Okay oh while you're out I would do to one thing is when you might have been in your student. The restaurant typically just goes oh here we Georgia gift certificates for more of our soon are very smooth your food what I'm. I'm content I'm now. No it's a couple times longer to cook your fruit album title if it isn't albums I collateral for writing those down the order food is something good with the putter and her albums I don't night. Now Dan in Chelsea to fit the neat he had The Who or should I mean don't have good to have left. Yeah I was actually a server. Barbecue restaurant and was waiting order a ballad she is claiming that. Not a battery wasn't her salad and wouldn't you like then. A circle watch battery. Always gonna say when he calling Roger reporter wanted to nickel Chad here is what is so yeah. I was just so we each and every piece so. Equipment in the back about any kind of battery and we don't even use that kind we're pretty positive that she landed. Right and then all of it out all the time we're a battery or get. Yet they get treated at bringing a decent the last I'd known I slowed down easy on you but they the key is if you bring in the wrong kind of glass Plexiglas I would know well yes Steve is like well we. And older in the back so not sure where you got that nobody likes to you bring in a sinker chunk of like your just class or whatever you're in a sign restaurant that has all liked Riddell stem where you're you say to review. I don't think she's older over precluded. I know it's still stack NB a battery that's you know whatever that's a pretty low you for the call now. Brennan's. Yeah guys sound and sued. Unfortunately. I had an experience over wealthy. Real sing your legs like drinks. You all know what would say well what isn't so. I don't know if Erlich I guess I call the company can I Jerry Owens today. Lou. I I called them and they couldn't as the same devastating effect a mold that they didn't Gillick are frightened as it is disgusting now. Are you so you're injuring those beverages. You know. You your times why I naturally occurring. Yes. It could happen any bright honored again. I think he yes think yeah that's my thing now is you know what. Do you like green knowledge right. A black better mega degree yeah okay I'd be I'd tell you make a case of who you like to the other way there's green all this didn't and we buy more time tournament is always tough to notre whenever. If you leave them if you open a jar and leave it for like a week or so they start to form this white style. I emphasize I switched brands from the late. Dry and one satellite. Store brand or whatever it is how you install any single soon so not so I was like I either have to jump off the ball is forever. Org were you faster or accept that that's just testing that happens and that's whimsical DS to accept everything. Every brand of that particular thing can grow that mold. He's got to throw those away and move on Jason's. Yeah I but you're fighting your students. I would not open up against Andre tomatoes and I had a pretty got a lot and one of them kind of funny I pulled out one gigabyte a bit. Get bigger buttons. While my guitar wants to see this what I see something that looks funny my first instinct is why should he's now one person took the push to. I totally yeah. That's you know it was but it was still red in color. I just like president made so that. Hardly be part of it can't hurt David been beaten or something and didn't go quite a bit but it out pretty quick and Leo I did that figure out. Year to see this is why don't you sun dried tomatoes why you would these sun dried tomatoes like her son right yeah it is just the cigarette markets but you've got to I don't know if he smokes now. It's costly I was. Now says lose so you drive it's it's a.