Slacker and Steve - Found in Food 1/30

Tuesday, January 30th


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I ask why why why do we have to do is every reason I know there's always so many stories about this topic there is some. Suddenly a bunch people are finding stuff in their sued in like tax some of. I'd like food and help but see here's my theory though if you if you were and a sushi then you shouldn't be really freaked out about any other stuff. I mean basically the same dude you go to a nice sushi place. Because they know how to select the proper fish and cut. Copyright. What there's something about the week when you talk condescending when I mean yeah the fire grew I want that doesn't it wasn't what I was when you go and hang. It's what skiing I don't through shoulder sure I do you people can hear your shoulder shrug and all of the tell him to mute though tech I was just say though that if if if you can get she sushi down you should be freaked out about fighting in my house or other foreign objects I should. Absolutely and he overall I usually just like voluntarily choose to we brought finish. I shouldn't have to you involuntary. Sucked down a mouse with my bread. Could still talk. If I don't will you Rhode torrents for a clearer what do we say let's see what the but did you know I don't make a joke little prick know yet. Not even a little bit there's a spider relook at things and see running punters a lot of bright spider looking. Matt Snyder well I think you're just about every your so called a beard this. Whatever. Decisions abroad cook stuff just like you far in the mouth said that's raw and cooked. Florida was less did you hear that there is just a point. We're like I just stop it is I did my engagements. With you just shows. I'm usery in the store I can tell I'm just I'm just gonna it's like it's usually preceded by a big sigh it's like. Florida has left bedridden for money in spite of parasitic worm. 10. He. Most likely got it from a parasite carried on a slow deep by accident that was hiding your salad. That he had on vacation in Hawaii while in the Hawaiian vacation was a tricky one. So it's like. You've got word and he told us. And so I'm getting to know your perfect it's all cool and tape but imagine he'd sushi. I don't want to ask you eat sushi bar them. He was stuck in bed for months because the parasite can cause multiple types of meningitis. While Broussard and don't know why you listen to my suddenly brought him back. Hornets actually doing wrong that I would suns yeah that's doing not. Extradite to look at Connecticut could slip to learn I don't extradition is the word shall we are medically. I guess that's what I would be clinging to hospitals like. Especially after. With a and yankees are now able to work but his he's lost his balance and ability to change. A suspect in salads he sounds. Be careful. I'm saying. I figured out over the years of working new. Bono when we read stories and we do different things you're just look and sorry excuse is still lives. Don't like if you listen what does that Rondo likes. We played no. Only 101000 stories and you'll see people on the street they're all like physically sick and then it's like. One runner drops is like see yeah that's why don't. The critical look at the excitement. This guy gets almost paralyzing ourselves you know share. Just out and see if I could tell us to actually do you have reported. Live your life just go in waiting for that one story to justify your crappy behavior. I do. You get an honor precise dollars and degree here's something to spice here's a story you're gonna be would you mind Oka and Indian restaurant owner has been arrested. Because somebody ordered cheese sticks eat and with their G six came aside ample Eileen. All of the world didn't. A little of that the overall also gotten woman told police she found a bag each. She ordered cheese six apparently you don't. Moves like blueprint the typical two to Easton so. So they called her and ask her bring her she's expect oh seriously. Gas which called cops investigators say the Simpsons in the bag. Field tested positive for cocaine meth while from the guys going now I feel like. We give she's six and marinara warriors yeah. I'm talking to better but a patient McLaughlin put dates. Susie yeah. And he's had some party in a club with a whole packet marinara. This report cocoa. I think that all that's often sets tools. Just there's more stories and but we want yours who's most fighters linked. The grapes. Clearly we packed on the show at some point that we were gonna stop the maggot thank ya and it in no. I there's maggots in this story I'm not gonna go there I I promise and it won't. To spiders though. A Miami family there last year that. He was the side that I was done with you and I'm Larry gamely says or catalogs raisin bran and how logs. Iran had bugs coming out of their own Noelle she thought Sarah she knows since something incredibly different as soon as they opened it. There's not one bit of reason brand in the box told me the reasons were actually some loans. I think whatever was in the box it eat all the contents of the box and make it. Pro created and you need more of themselves. It's box of Kellogg's prison Rand container right in cereals and appeared to include fruit loops like he turnstile and and other stuff in there. Blew it there seemed to be spider webs or something like a growing in there need. These larvae. He started to see Laura de Laura Obama. And maggots on UN their use out of it as senate but that's that's all we're gonna have been. Hum slur he looks like something you swept up from the floor is what she thought was in the back so there was this I. Only case. School lunch no residue at the maggots and it was a lower railway and they're all slimy and right you just. You're describing. Some larvae united. You know what you're doing and you just did you don't hear him just say you promised I've added to the story as you're not adding ice that I Zorro modeling is done we somewhere right around was not the M word. So would I. A man in Singapore was enjoying anchovies phones they're here sort noticed out in thirty tons of weird to want here historic as that's where wrap. So stoop. Was intentionally union chose Jason and I feel like Marty at the end of his sole coach but because I. A legitimate residual reasons like. This well let's go to story I want them yet he used instead there was a top. Roche hanging out of one and hello Chris be and should be slaughter. And the congress was even camouflaged. With sesame seeds from a fund but you tried to make itself look like an inch of its last defiant packets to. Stick in little sesame smooth over. The grainy pause so they can't I think you're yes they know. Have. Tried so we enter this arena quit nosy be fun she. Supports regularly in your story. There will be no larvae calls and there will be no M word colossal. We'll take him just don't try to make me bars I don't feel like that's not cool it's any can't be about sushi either because I love sushi. If you if you found something in your soon. For some reason we would love to hear all about it odd Jesse. And yardage when designing your food. Okay so I feel like the very that I all of that comes up and Alex are never happened to me so I went home with him Preston and I. And put a bundle of banana and of course the person might pick out outcome of the re tired. More like you what was weird Brazilian starters. Even dirty donor Brazilian I don't know spider. But they weren't big enough and any of that. Morning all just fighters don't. And there's certain. One banana I hear that six Brazilians and that's really Syrian resigns over here under an and that will not torrential a big but I just. They're deadly. Derek I didn't I don't wanna didn't yes sometimes sort of yeah. It's like I killed in the hand into the issue or something I killed it. But there are three of them came running out right away. That's creepy dude did you did you buy and eat bananas since then her new. I mean the nano yet but let's just. Just I didn't expect my daddy. At the store at store level you're like shrewd. And a normal open. Right corner on the guy. Thanks opulence usually call my god yup you're gonna have no. Most iron but don't browns with the almighty god that they even called Jesse. Leo you're she's opening up its political coup but I wanna I wanna shop and old man's it's no good movies and it helps. What are some X Christie's. Tonight. I worked at they're spiritual music and and it roaming team in the real dear man mr. Obama and I asked him. So maybe I can you don't hear me hook up extra large bandage out of a cult are set at the white they're incorrect and it was here. Extra long but he indeed how hot liquid peace a road to do well. This yeah. He's going to do. You believe all of it. Okay anyway the big dogs. I just I think the story is better hooked up because someone literally had an ankle injury. And had the fourteen seed in the east and needs they lost track of in the whole slump and look like yeah. It's got to know one time UK received accurate although it's a small. But at the store you say. And I had the I know we don't shoot me or how she does all have great stuff on and we dried blow you know that's where it's no well. Physical some meat on site did you find the guy really injury and might. Lead you did find the guy who don't know this script. You weren't. Content that is put him back no minimum. The cook political softies concrete yet. Put about guns are likely did you get bit by rabid dog refusals bring dogging him tested that is true she had demanded that you bring the guys and I'm. Victory today after June he's got the actor did tack to the palace. Josh you. Found in some. Yeah I went to do I get tired of macaroni cheese to restore its fresh pot. Went home to cook it didn't pocket or cooking and merit at all gonna try to put its security. I don't really need to go like no comment old senate seat about it. It's actually blue box number no I was using those I wasn't crowded the second she says yes. Why no that's the Oscars the arm and else's thing I don't do crap I was there and two we are at the box and I know sat in my house right now to lose. But here's the good news there's could noose I've been trying to wean my daughter often match. I did I can tell our kids get I think she loves us so much she just like the bugs out oh track hurricanes this deal with the. You ever go back and it. No I never a lot of our yeah they would like Richie Daley did everything like I couldn't hurt about it. You know million is not enough they made food after it was bad movie should shoot or did you not talk smack you talk smack about a lot of stuff today on NLC is not when you you don't wanna take that. Juggernaut like the bond Jason's. Yeah confidence. Go to Perry and the way it. Need not be able to get by exploded in net carjacked and my iPod that they were that cute batted it. So I could likely get shut anything down they're like well you get what I doubt though I'd start I dreaded stuck it out. Our shot of Maggie it. All down as though Jack and it came from alt pop tart that I was enjoying a couple hours earlier. Where the rest but it little prep work. All to. Pick which was a strawberry pop third. You know as you know by doing any flavor exists when I ask you my injury. So that's if you. To. Her and actually right now if you saw. Hadn't been plunged America that's all hop supposed to do you do you tar hug why does it. So what if I'd be definitely need to back it left day I didn't even notice. That there where are yet there Cadbury in the air when I was leaning so what really that's I didn't I have a magnet. We should know who's your popped heard it kills millions and stuffed the ball cap and that's that makes me feel so much better at least a maggots are warm and dead Yuma visual. I did this. I didn't say no word and just. Yeah. Yeah I found ensued. I good screening or restaurant cable because they American industry and I'm months. On the dirty dishes left now and everything with the lament that Bob. Check it won't we'll. Yeah Neil it's intended chillier borrowers that Watson this. No it was just a month period dirty dishes so on about cleaning netlabel. All right oh my god how do we haven't done one of these and wildlife signs. Okay. Yeah.