Slacker and Steve - Found It 6/14

Tuesday, June 14th

Phones, keys, wallets... human ashes? What do all these items have in common? They're all items that have been found by other people. What is the most ridiculous thing you've ever found?

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Steve I. Ours are in town where you would find out just keep did you give it back we'll yes here's the deal. I don't like admitting it but you you eat if you listen initial longer than two seconds. I I believe I'm I've I've tried to build myself into the moral compass of the show but because I grew up pour. Oh when I find some things yet I almost always keeping its you have no morality because you really left the morality it's it's like OK it's a little. It's like it's like to yeah you would keep its survival sang icu hoarding does you have anything you would pour whatever you sign yes or. So there's a story out there of and. Hoover driver. Who. In Vegas. Is that he's a guy gets in is in his car who's a World Series of poker player death end. He had 7000. Dollars on and it was a 7000 dollar anti now I don't know what what. Is the big World Series is like ten grand to get an or something and yet but there's little satellite tournaments in south is some extra cash in some chips in this bag it is. And that over you eat he gets in the car that money in and disrupt DOS and was a rule losers we urge stats I leader and is still brutal way I've always that's the rule I was done I'm driving through her. Ions. Again I'm not I don't I don't I'm not seen meaning that about Cooper but it's the people who are driving for older are trying to make an extra buck that is true. 7000 extra bucks just fell in the back to my car ha. Now what do you do you're looking here you're right now going. Jeff what do you want your money I guess what I wouldn't even in a car. Thank you you're irresponsible soared to begin US that's why you don't have it anymore. He came back he did he tracked down the steroid there was this. You know invested in trying to return it driver caught because I guess on their app statement pitching and they can communicate with you can you get calls I can't tear her drive around taking I'll be there in like one minute or whatever so he called the end I can't. You know thank bunch cash in the car W will you were saying all the driver had to do was still I don't know anything about her or is it's are you take somebody else up that's okay see it that sick right there and then it's done. Ronald and and we there with did you really some of them garlic. Yeah I could easily find a way to keep that meets you. Is that they just terrible you know and none whatsoever does it. Our now his status which you saying no it doesn't make hysterical dad and harsh realism. Kurt and that's. Clearly makes us who might seal and you don't want your team nobody took them. I also realize there are where's your ball. We that's true purple you spoke with. And then you work on it's something you sang on the playground that's not the Siemens hearing Muslim state statutes it's in their interest. First. Denied telling you do the right absolutely not you. Every year. Our recent journey you've got to. I see you. No way I do work for your money you don't just Bradley from the accede to me left and lean around there yeah. Guess you know you know I don't if she gets in my car with 7000 dollars. I'm not gonna but I'm not gonna hit Immelman had stealing. It he's Canadian he leaves it up. You're the victim he loves this always UK. What Jim Jones is proposition eager car into it you know your doors and back I 100 personally given you don't question thought it was seventy grand. I'd still give I give back even more. Futures on the money you give out your pocket or. Dating back there it means more like that's. Why did did he mean more he wouldn't have left it with yeah people make mistakes bulls and they get a paper to learn from their messiah Obama find hold onto and wait and see if he reaches out to me. Yeah that's a that's a different story. Holler hi this is what kind of what are you make that call to give it back up but it won't break yeah. I know Steve's answer on this when he's not somebody found a and full of crystal meth. What's the normally I don't know I've got to do. Hey can I get like you're gonna salads or what's the jail time a lot of salad here to do it and it's over the it was some nice extra boy in Ireland. Would he do it and we're in Ireland Ireland now they're pretty lack. It's. I really started to rise going. To we did the best. It's just that the team look like crap. My dad he's been up for days I didn't see if I you know we each time we do this sounded topic I knew I say this is so true. If I found drugs I would definitely turn those and why. I don't wanna get involved in now whole world but if I find money. I'm positive easily attract attached to drones don't know all of its top poker chips similar and chief and it yet. But it's got its its got to bundle of dope within it. I I got that via what do you do with a billion don't call them the authority to move here. Well I'm why it yet this does sell it northern no it's actually nice days in north claimed it. I am exact opposite on you with this one because like with if it's drugs or something like that. I just keep gone pretend like I never saw anything I would never call and turn it in I wouldn't do anything I wouldn't try to tracked him I would do. Anything you would just throw I put my blinders on and walk right by it may be yet toss in regards Bagger and bush you know where your fingerprints are on another. Yes I would what I wouldn't want questions I would want any that's up to pretend like you're silence. Law enforcement or the mama exactly hard. Well right knee in the Irish people on the PL turned and it into the authorities they did in Damascus on. We are run through a few more things here and this one's a little bit old but the box of blood that was found on the streets of Madison. What it was just label blood right are you know what's blood system Bob see through box of but I can see it says dean did words human blood on the boxes. You sit Houston. This stuff organs before that I boxes of what Hamas is a blood I. This is another line where CI and I know it seems like I don't have a moral compass does it still has seven grand fright Hoover car the organs blood things like dad somebody needs it so what are you gonna do with it. Why would well keep in mind whatsoever blood type a and you run a celestial slips stark gap they pay high dollar for that type blood you can just walk walk up to their blood. Box of age. But when you put you wouldn't. Well I'm OK yeah I think they wanna see. Come out in the open so they know the sticky cute well I do believe he didn't sense any doubt that this is when you can't stand Jamal. You can shrine one cents on the dollar did this there's there's a story recently where somebody got drunk and lost their prosthetic arm. There's a couple different lines and would you would you lomb. If you found a prosthetic limbs a buy on makers like high tech and some of them are keeping that. We don't know how what do you do you eat doesn't work unless you're missing your arm just keep little less in value. That's how we learn the lesson joked how or else the loyalty is switched into these guys they don't always use our America. OS. Google. Yeah exactly even your arms lawyer around noon. For yeah I know I'd give that back tracked him down or only hard it's not going to be that difficult I think if I put it up on Craig's list hey. Miss in your heart to describe it could benefit if the I've got it I. Reported missing towners and maybe you've got to do the there was thousands of bucks so what do you what do you do with dad get a reward sing tell it into a lamp. Oh my god you guys are ruining it sounded took the all right so what we want you to do is tell us a huge stain you found death. GE N 800 huge it inside is just some significant thing you found diamonds drugs. Limbs loosen what you know whenever somebody found butter in a bonding thing 2000 old year old daughter bogged yeah it's bogged voter. The story in the bog. It's still good so little butter well ladylike dress for the secretary into the historical side income or you make him but but but I'm you'll let me but unable late but night on board with the in the immigrants' kids did. If that's. So we wanna know which found. And before you don't don't don't ruin your story by going so I don't exactly serious charitable decision to stop dad with what you found. Stephen I will test our own moral compass which you already know it's do you look at what point do we sell your still aren't immoral purpose everyone as far from north as humanly possible. So we wanna know what you found and we're gonna try to guess if you attempt. It's. Stephanie. Yeah I hate when you find. I ban an iPad in the middle of the road a lot guiding my kids in the school. Walls. Me all right so you you could see it and you like pulled over and stop trafficking grab days. Another side street and I just. Colorectal and on hasn't started out loop. My god I haven't seen how they didn't run over. It would be perfect condition with a password protect it until it edit appear around at night. I. As a person he's drink he put out there apple Coolidge. I am I I I would keep it Boca good not politics it's it's in working order a good jump. And T denied you got a new gear right away and I know how to do that politics are we keep it to in the my first call is to you making you new to this music go here's the deal with Stephanie and kids in the car. She hasn't she is a teachable moment right there did she go forward or not this though he's initiatives. Step aside just for your voice I can tell that you're good honest person I think you you went through it you've found the name and you return to what do you think soccer dad it's EDT teachable moment if the kids born in the car she would money would you iPad game I'm going to I'm going you gave him back. Would you deal. I am that bad because you incomplete but I think that's the be primary and I didn't want to have. Yep he's different you know I bet you are like either complete and ask them. They're creepy all the ads and apps on there I do to borrow so look out below wall I didn't know that. I'm so the police then were able to return it is said creepy after her guy. Including I don't know all right well then that's what you forget you got. Go to mass slacker Glor moving out of it except those kind of yeah. That's the debate because every night got to rise I mean personally we got it wrong club and errands. Yeah guy you sounded. Our guys found 500 dollar in my creamy and stuck underneath a registered. Stuck underneath the red disciplined they were just sitting there like hey what's up like. I'm 100 dollar bills in mind. Atlanta all five dollar builder bootstrap them by a dollar bill that would all that's the end up underneath their district are closed. I want to go look and it was sitting there Alec I think helped me a bit. You said it was dusty that means are we don't like fresh fingerprints around when it was planted there or defend Baghdad against attacks are a morality test. Steve cameras do you have cameras in your place of business. We did it but they were not working at trying to hi Josh. Aaron's your tailor made yeah you captains are tactics Perry kept to what you I would keep any acts it's for me. I've always had the mine sat. Bites how much do you mix because like if you get caught. He's more you don't seem to sell it might really curious to my 20000 dollar a year job over a 500 dollar hit. While so in this case being that it's MI employer I know it sounds. Crazy but I wouldn't keep that one and what do you think here and I think Aron sounds like us to ease back hey hey hey can guarantee a win and was like buying stuff with five dollar bills for the next couple days I think so it's you or would you do. I actually turn it ends. I called district manager to let you know him to come to find out the store manager actually locked. And put them back into the dirt bike you don't teach actually good at getting tired like. This he didn't wanna get caught you're nice you didn't wanna be an inept managers so we put the money in. As you probably did the books of the and one a.'s Michael might know we're 500 shore oh yeah tired. And then when you're down yeah off. Why did you or your manager Michael. Dregs guy and do everything. He's just. And it oh yeah we no moral compass and they do. Shells. Yeah I he found it with burns. OK so my boyfriend and I had to pull over or under I had a really it's up flat tire. What do you change the tire he found equally loaded nine millimeter chip stole it eight pilot there chat. War oh there are people I'd love to take out in the world who wronged me I mean and I see that facetiously. Obviously. You signing done. Especially dome of the silence. That's a professional yes still it is scarce is sitting across the road waiting to make for traffic to clear come back. U I either walk away from it now or I definitely called I do you. Do not keep that now won that one I do not keep up everything you said is right opportunity you can see yeah I would I. Probably would even call the authorities are going to be the guy who called I would just walk away would you guys. You. While my boyfriend I would in the Marines and a each alleged jacket and pick it up. And we predictably they. Do you do the right things you on the hunt they ask you. That's all and it clearly visible on top leaders are open cart door that we had to actually will always car. Wow it's easily pick what's awesome as we all got now when right yeah grow good people us Indians. Yeah I know I found it I am about 3600 dollar match. Leave where you find it I think at a mini and import needs. California at the time at it in Tibet and early lead and it's eighty apartment complex area it was sitting in a little woman who collects Kirsch rate there and I always felt I looked through it. I'd be met enough demand because Nikki you know come and ask can. That's without. This is a center and it's a shady apartment building a shady area. Is this is a dancers wages that I see is or drug but either way it's 3600 in cold hard cash yup there's I don't think there's any mistake in my UN I would do we have to keep because there's no idea what they're our. Rebuilding. Their loss never is like oh it's all good saying since the and you see them and examine their new segue is. Yeah. Reports say no yeah I don't know if you miss the I would keep it yeah. See it's probably relate under world there yeah what do you think she did Cynthia I think this is a tough call. You tried didn't look for right. You wanna know why I think she kept him alive because she made a point of saying it's a shady players can she was trying to. You are me. I love you guys that is the person you got no money was probably a bad person anyway it's so easy sell land somebody like me yeah your right you kept it Cynthia what is he did. Well what might be women make lemonade when life can eliminate. I kept. Said glad about it but it. Did you ever see anybody like who frantically running up and. I'm always going no no no I mean it wasn't quite that easy I had a lot of moral conflict that rhetoric is trying to hit it for a wild man. It's slowly started spending and in Erica did you have bigger anything else. The Theodore deposit large amounts of cash oh good for you since he did the right thing. Is that we wouldn't you did that's saying I don't know this the right thanks thank you for the call nice. Yeah us. Sounded I hey how ya get sound I have and I we're backup cooling Obey it. And I heard from the drop I look better on the floor and I learned a character Apache and black. Do we know there were hundreds of dollars you've heard them drops with a person who dropped them this is literally. Like at this point your moral compass for Unix he'd dad is is set to full on. There are any nobody you live. I don't. What all is ever clear space who's drunk she had a on top of her head out and they sell off because they just don't wolf Pixar did you drop these. Links on CIE I I would here's my this is I'm such a hypocrite. I I I eat what I spend money on make two things alcohol and sunglasses civilian and they spare. I would she is somebody grabbed my easily if they had a chance I saw my what is the least I would go to Los boundary name and I would have said something at that moment. I would have gone like so they get a digests. Dropped two days and I was done at least that's good no senator thing that you would just I would teach them OK I item I would even gone that far you resist joint him I loaded gun was my cabana towel or contact your fashion decently hit and that I would oh yeah oh wow yeah and in the end I think Molly ball gowns she's the she's already thrown down the day as I. You guys are not good drive. As she jest or she's definitely tough tomorrow how are your personalities he. I returned it to our own it's lost count of the ministries Hamas. They did and they lack Atmel C. This isn't there like say sit backing but I laugh at this point but yes. And Molly. Oh my god yeah I'd say thank you for the call Molly and I did this. God I found it. All of 70000 dollars in and lead guitar back deck. I know we're resists that. You look at a club building in the parking lot on the news in the game outscored. Hold on don't you just would stop their real quick Louis Vuitton back map pack it up. That's that's thousands right down seventy K in cash big bill's little bills. It goes really with a bundle relief package builds a urges loose bills. There were XP we're all like rubber band together. Wow no paperwork not a Nelson there. Is not an audio and so you can't find the original older you're you're like Stalin I do your teeth and you still like he talked did we know you're deepening. And I'm pretty sure. Cool has a louima did he stays at girl's backpack are boy's backpack. Opt I don't I don't even know Alicia. I can't tell I mean kind of look at neighborhood I guess recommended that can kind of. Wow seventy Cray I. If if I don't think it's drug related to as you know I don't wanna give wrapped up in that. I am gonna. I MT connect Donte' and no matter what you know I don't care bill as our other team in the bag to catch everything. Here's a sing about did the tone of Davids who I am no I don't I don't not only do I think you kept it. I think this happened recently when my Jersey you're practically looking at the bag right now that's like your sitting on this whole thing wondering what we're what we think you should do what I. You keep did you keep him. He had absolutely had to object it's been about a year and a half. I have been I haven't spent any of it. It would it would at a club parking lot. And they were about to the morning on global up spike started underworld of dog you my car I looked I see people runnin' utes I look at my eight door I opened my door on the back and actually backtracked and cash in my grad output in the car. I took off my heart would be the whole time about driving hole. But go look to the back connection buckled my god explore holy. My lunch. That's draw Melanie did. For sure got a yeah I think so you understand yet I was sports for hanging onto for so long just so you just lifting some malaria so lame now I think where you major did instead was calling the radio show off. Well. If you will be athletic. Authorities some information from you hey I'm right there that afternoon the you know allowance by if you still wanna admit to finding something big will take your stories on my FaceBook dot com slash a slacker and Steve stay on.