Slacker and Steve - Freak Injuries 9/7

Friday, September 7th


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Staying on there are a ton of stories in the news of weird little things freak injuries freak accidents. There's 2300. Americans every year or at least in Tony seventeen were hospitalized. By. Pizza Hut pizza alone in the presence of pizza. How its most most of them do this because people are eating embedded in their reaching over to grab a slice a shot all out they pull a muscle. I was I was just a burning their lives but it's no it's reaching for peace say there are very hard core for Pete's economy. She should US Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that thousands of America's we didn't ER ER for Pete's are related injuries or no please we just do a whole hour that I don't Lisa features are related PRI's. On deck cuts aren't slips and falls and falls from bad. For the main culprits who keeps on set injuries thousands of times a freak accident don't call her Bosnia yeah yeah for a monster is. It's a meat pizza prize that's if I mean that that's not enough. I would do you eat and that's why don't have ever actually moved out of the pizza would not be probably my first to wean you go to Greece. So I you know a lot of different things about. And now it's your I think I've made a mistake you might cheese it's withstand an eight when your rolled around in your basically yeah you're like fried chicken little crumbs all that you might morning it's just awesome tennis to palm anything anything punching like that is a bad idea I've had peanuts in bed no nods that's just don't even doing nothing to fall off pizza or maybe a whole pepperoni OK but still as high as Jews his grief all right yeah as much -- which he uses them yet you're assuming a tot mom but all your throat your cold calls and I needed any day aren't so. I'm never gonna harmed by my pizza are narrow and it's so hard you know. Army in this custody slacker on our own Sean Carroll is you know Maria's. He's a co I would relief pitcher. Major League do you look at chill for illusion of Oakland Athletics released pitcher. By his freak accident. He nearly cut the tip of his sons are lay offs while he was washing a sharp knife cuts is teaching him who's doing dishes are you know this year how. I need to work. Our Marshall brown I'm also I was gonna say you can you are Major League ball contract and you don't have and I'll rinsed knife under the water when I won't like washed and I should be more user I would like you put in the dishwasher. Mean fortunately for you I doubt you ever economy things what's probably Charles what do you cutting your house. I'm Wilson stale. You have to slice this failed neutralize. Yeah say you're not serious oh usually use of butter yeah sometimes when did you just say you're doing that to make me feel windows bill I don't cut vegetables. You do you eat spam for real yeah. You still do lots of I think you're kidding no spam spread usually it's to spread the Null value actually fell resort to the hoop why you can really do with it you did it. You cook it you can alone. Disputes and caught a slice of this called Cadillac this weird sort of Wonder Bread with some mayonnaise and make a similar liked hot anyway so that's a ring tonight but it won't. You only Brewster called Gillette this. I am never eating which her house some of those cooking shows or can you chop the gas and we talk you know sort of hesitant journal calls Cassel got. That's probably what he was do we know he was washing you want and it cites in his if you have a really good night I've done this I don't cut my hand only to take a sponge and you'll like run and all these so much light dole. If it's really not the cuts are responsible cut through royalties are used to simulate. How you do what I see him did he do that that's a freak freak accident on he's lucky his fingernail kept the knife from completely severing his stuff. Sit up miss Tom Donnelly and that's apparently your thumb as part of you're all elite all all of us now pitching vital. So here's another one we found off the inner web. Somebody accidentally super glued to your tongue to the roof of their mouth all right that's a freak accident site August. Here's what happened on no cap was on it it was one of those twists open ones and he's not been had a tap on a sort of put it that all dialogue to similar that was on like. I guess it just immediately how your mouth is well. Super glue won't drive when it's wet. It I think he's doing he's doing it does everything to lose. So that's how they do well yeah I don't. And it was stuck to their of their mouth and doctors couldn't possibly basically had to cut it off all all the rules or Collison. To steel bullet tricks and just rips up through here and they had a car that was sort of bolster the roof of their mouth and their tongues script had to keep their tongue wrapped in a bandage for two weeks yeah I. How could only consumes. Food through a straw and into what we're those cones on your totally did your dog is still exists. But it can be weird I think. Doctor IA. I believe in importantly. You've created a billion dollar industry and its own cook who yeah that's a. Yeah your joke hundreds of sort of free speech at cork Jacqueline Drudge and ahead. I'm starter is is don't know it's. On its own story any part of your I. But you're zepa and injured Joseph turner told by aliens and I'll. But ladies and gentlemen welcome to the study's. On the but it's just the almighty god for real. But but the tongue cone is better than junk comes up well. When can open reveals the truth with. Yeah it's you know it's big jungle gym open outcry. Don't. This and other persons there the club with their friends friends to drink somewhere in their asked to move so they did not enough. Right into the drink puddle they stabbed slipped toward their ACL. Also blew up their usual. Three putt a limo. Why did tonic bottles of tequila sunrise touched tearing me how. Half fifty kids and streak odd job but it was Tito's those cells that you if it's okay you yeah. Right there are so if you've you've you've been part of a freak. Accident we want to hear your story Paula. Yeah I freak accident. Arm I was watching issue that I looked up my hand and that they can I cut myself on an IQ. She's on an ice cube saudis don't I. How does that happen. Don't ask me it was a freak accident. So using ice Julie stopped the bleeding yes it's good because you don't hurt me I didn't popularize and I want whoever eats at me as I write downs with help. Mom I side that's a sharp eyes you know you are running with ice on it means you leave this RS. I was trying to look at the kitchen without the work and I have spoken for the did you decide that they connect will bring and a op slight somebody had just wrapped up boldly I think back to America. And it it got my bigger. Soccer or you can view of Manhattan ice balls until you should because there's smooth and yeah that you need the big steers rose now we are to become the speaker silver with the O Paulo and freak accident. I am I lived at how you go shopping for Lincoln can't tailor my contact was bothering me. Palin and encouraged to get my contact Felicia and no home no and I grabbed my nail bullet. Mirror oh yeah. Oh my I. Yeah I quote you can contact riddle wrapped. We use a liquid meals and don't like to nail glue to a sales and nails 00 your put your nail perfect male yes that's. This is true yet as a freak accident over men similar containers especially in industries and we're excited I. Go Rosie your body should look like something that shouldn't go when your body the euros AMP. Which Tuesday's Oprah Marcia major and a similar to who's heard of many people are thinking about it right. Also one that's on you know that coach if you yeah god that is a freak accident. Bonnie. You know I freak accidents. I knew where is tricky you know Mexico. Panic buying aren't are who are clips. And wet next to our hollow picture I blood. And that hacker that came out aren't to my letter and it's stuck on me show restraint needed. And you see all with a rash. They broke his autorads friends alike we looked at least. I also. Hurt you go girl you know what good are you OK I know what happened. Yes actually I think injured wherever it about five years ago and I. Iranians still match up and I Elaine that I let it has always been about Scott but luckily that he looks fine. Whenever the sweater in the rats and gushing necessary. All our players in our own wolf. Well I do and where are up and try to borrow many or where it up top. What my sister. Wow that's weekends are nice and all right Alex. Hey I'm a freak accidents. Create the claim that their paper cutting our own as they as a very itchy you know Latin. We're really young how my everything my brother actually patent most of the way you're so that'd be keeping and it's. Oh yeah. They are playing you know well we like you know doubled yeah I though that a little. Army classic care and you're right but eminent. Boomerang. They you know that I haven't fingernail all I can't hear it just me entirely and you know it I mingled pinky came in below. I was controlling the cutting thing at the time were you were him. Let me Bruins with your parents who believe he's alone you view accompanying you're now. Here says but it's. Like. This when you. Since that's display no anger at least I knew I didn't size hurts singer. Idaho. It's definitely a free Jackson was the army guy OK this is a actually it's really well down unscathed I didn't then I saw how thanks. Soggy. Yeah. Freak accidents. I'm sorry that it is I hate outlook is making my problems on the weekend. And I didn't cutting shears to. I cannot and I package and neat and I slipped and sent a hole and many. This. All right. I've done that 190 down. I com truckload and Camilo I don't have a Vienna at all or are. Obama needs and it tends doesn't really mean yeah yeah. Untouched and that it that's terrible lenient how many pit box over exaggerating her. Liked her immediately almost edit anxious. And I compliment and they obviously don't mean the hospital. And. I'm Kristi given your hand to explore how bursts. And panels in and getting tickets. I had just stick a syringe in all for the next few weeks to clean it out. You walk it's. There's an earlier window. Remember how long before I guess before things start to make the crunch over in the nerves and stuff right eat so your view you know I belliard is sure. And it reads this is really. First shirts with the owner the meat says oh this you know today Jeff guy I don't noted meats is there is I just use regular scissors and there's on the they even call those sunny. Powell aiming. And I are freak accidents. I'm OI and and I thought my opponent and you're walking along the beach got the report on all based. All the old lot shares after the attack each and look out into the ocean and I I. Or may not eat. Important but he keeps. You and I would like in your packet happening and I opened her but it might not. And eat I'll watch out and hit it and and look up and error and it you've got. Hey Internet that they don't wanna this year. And then play and you. All the jets key is how the sale save staying for the second you fall on its stock I was gonna earnings. And they feel like Rick get hurt something. Around your yeah study looked at. What. And like she call so I'm also a bit hit nobody all. You know more and a. Art is some reason a person down and whenever it's OK. All lying on. Top it all. Somebody rig that it's like slide into the dealer is free just. So often have you peel it off your face.