Slacker and Steve - Friends is Offensive 1/12

Friday, January 12th


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Slacker and steam until there. Bennett. Flow why was I don't get the friends thing. Oh yeah area of a British colonials or have they taken umbrage with you'll TV show friends. Why I normally be in trouble for this I know him when apple what's going on. They're really cared about it. I you know what I'll give you that. Because I love sides over the time and I was a living with lady friend Kelly and she loves friends so I kind of just kind of slop over on Camille Little. I feel like my parents' generation you either Brady Bunch. Or Partridge Family I I remember those two shows and I feel like it's our generation you read or signed selves where you were friends. And I did I tell you couldn't be both you may be one of the you are all on the same night regularly Wear a C plus you need there's an X yeah I think so they were. So we can but you went and signed tilt Mike my dad who I was and post what do you do when there's so you don't like we are old enough to be your dynamic. I had a little bit and if I think that's no I didn't like Santo because it was one of those things in my dad's life. OK now I now I go back and I've I've you know won't be in reruns I can appreciate it but yes. So let's go in the way back machine food and let's see. My hair oh. Can I ask your question the answer. Is you and I both did it I think there's only four claps. I I think he just had to do da da and only the fifth when I was just listen make sure why. All of us that. It's Boehner. Feel real quick sites are not like that I was at a party Rembrandts I was at a party one night Minneapolis the lead singer of the reverence of the song that she was actually the party and he laughed because. Everybody. She had no. Okay. I do have departed so here's what's going on with friends and because I wasn't really into a T I can't speak to these storyline so YouTube. Are gonna have to help me aloe you remember I don't know if I was out they were for what people are saying is. And I found this watching reruns until we humans Seinfeld reruns of the office. Are so incredibly sexual wow didn't really feel I played my son got into and we were watching him earlier episodes of both the opposition inside and south. And like oh my god it's harmless watching you. So until it's pretty racy pretty tight aren't separate clock at night must see him. Dude I mean talked an adult stopping there is no TV and they are monitoring that's all you had reviewed your son who you gonna stop him from watching these now. Let him watch his. Once seen highlights I. I did daddy I don't know if the more others then instead of yeah OK no I'm with you when you sit in judgment. It's a bit of patients and those are just so you well as yours you lied standing next to somebody on a treadmill when you're. Yes I do I go. This treadmill and I won't tell you how you're doing your part that's excellent took so according to this new thing came out it's an end pretty small and user are leading us. There are saying. Friends would never make it to that you did you can't. There's a political correct yes it's the millennium it's turned earn. Little d.s sperm and you can tell only did get every day people oh these are really don't showed everybody and thanks. You don't it's like people we don't do that if there's these blocks on the home forlorn and puts his little microwave dinner. My participation drugs. So here's here's sort of things that there's and others are running at about Monica being fat when she was young. And and we couldn't do that and RA it's bullying. Achy right because they're they're making fun of people that idea into a well it wasn't funny he wasn't cool and she wasn't hit until she got skinny she's like the mirror that they'll look down on and make fun of and then once she got skinny she could join all the cool yeah because the society found no worse than her until she got hot and now that's that was a lull while you're right if she got released today if you take you up to Twitter would take it out yeah yeah. Our chambers jokes about his trans dad always yeah. Ten to transact up. And he what do you say about it just like what was it recurring theme we're hit his dad would show up at like pivotal point in his life like when the Blake when him Monica got married and all that stuff his dad suddenly. And it it was just yet either way that he talked about it there was no there's no way it would lead content I don't know while Ross making fun of his lesbian ex wife and her new partner. That's right Ross likes. She turned after him India turned in air quotes so they made jokes about and stuff them that Laura made fun of Ross for. Well certainly turning her yeah and I president as opposed to it being something she was born this well yeah so does bullying to. I know you love that word slacker listeners keep seeing after every eggs with you chip but I just simply today's kind of it's OK to drink on the show you why not. Why don't we isn't everything working today I feel I don't believe so this is a there was a story early where Chandler is free now because he thought of the people thought he was Jack. So wrong. I don't remember that right up top my head of recycled there's nothing wrong as now there is anything wrong with that yeah. But they were making and you used to have that what's his biggest Orlando shall we because you. You don't you reached the age of thirty right you know I've never been married no kids red flag red flag is why I lied your sail essar guests. But I'm not I don't get norm not the not that there's any area. Auditors and rosters and coupled with a male Manny look Rachel hired for their daughter can you guys everybody did I do remember that part the name we couldn't we couldn't pull off today he was like well I mean maybe I think you could probably still get away without one. He had a huge deal with it like that guy be a way to the family that is definitely a girl's job. Dad yeah I'm now. You don't OK I am I the commentary at the end of all this hi how well Rachel hiring assistant who was totally qualified just because he was hot when the date imposed tax. And that's okay that that doesn't feel like I remember when that happened canyon like. That's a that's a little weird according to the British colonials they've saying that doesn't work in the meeting generational you slip those genders obviously I got crucified and present it in Anniston does or that it's okay it's kind of Q yeah. Here's my question about all of this. What shall we go back to the first thing about it in my mind is on staring at my my lovely and talented partner Steve Pope is Star Trek you the Star Trek. Yes captain James T. Kirk is the biggest womanizer on the planet the women on the ship to do not Judy exceptional jobs. They're often portrayed as captain Kirk's play thanks. They are but he did share a kiss was lieutenant of Europe who's African American who was the first interracial kiss ever on. Public still she's national captain she's just the operator oh yeah there there are no female old. They're start to anybody tell me it's a way journalists have so what show sit from and would play now Brady Bunch in the push to get him I don't think he even knew Brady Bunch because let's those stereotypical T got Allison made Sam the butcher like you know it's. Everybody gender and gender should put that was one of the first shows ever that had a blended family. Yet so that. Part of that works out majority of today's world if they were remaking it may be a different races impassive and an image he would be used in home data and Steve obscene winner architect and he widgets for spousal support when they got divorced so. Having settled this Netflix just seems to dump. Here's another thing attack advertising if I text or just brought something up that I didn't even think of that would probably never planned TV today either but even friends Rachel was. Constantly cold if you know enemy. Don't. Your right what might have called in the room it was cold like runs all lol go on knowledge and do that any that was ordered. That's that that's natural author does happen to have the actress naturally know they did and still you can't I think you might have done on purpose. She used to Wear a little sticker or things are lonely orca and make them like that yeah I won't fly then before we get rid of friends to Netflix but we have one chance to bend it and look for all fifty crystal is cold yeah.