Slacker and Steve - Getting Over a Breakup 2/21

Wednesday, February 21st


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Staying there. I know you've signed this topic probably one of the most ridiculous things to possibly talk I didn't know that most of how. Half and half you people do this stuff because you don't you don't hit it we want to talk about post break up south what do you do to get over a break up. And you don't do anything because you want to break kind of indeed you're right you senator earlier I kind of a kind of steered him towards that I kind of guy endures a break up so that they knew the breaking up. Do you ever actually break up your way yes you do you'll do the ghost staying out of flake in and then when they're like how can you slice it. Opinion they break up with you when you're like why you brought. You don't care. Does what you. You're you don't want your puppet master absolutely be a little and that's not cool to do the other isn't usually. Yes good word dates would see what that I still feel bad I mean what do you do when you feel bad. You'll do anything fight which I think typical girl singing it's I don't think girls really do this for days and go buy it kind of hot and honestly. Don't airline food and wine ice creams hair cut back some of the and one change your physical appearance I don't do anything physical. After I just I just kind of you remember the good stuff. Trying to tumor of the bad stuff and just move you don't trip. And I don't there's and that's what resources do you move our love your pretending to be so it's far above this abandoned viewed on you just move on because you wanna have relations somebody different you're not doing it out of some light. Broader. No no knowledge of yourself go to my shot knows it's better from these factors none of that you're just you just you don't care enough about anybody. To be. Upset that they're not I mean you're not happy right and I'm not Alderman you know. You don't ever want to worked out after a break but that's that's one thing I do is I like to get active. It's not even. Because I I it's another selfish to hang. I'm only trying to get hot for the next one bright boy let myself go Vanessa that's what guys think about we were looking forward to the next one while women let's just do well on the old ones the resource I don't know what you would what you do post breakup is because we just found out ash and culture. Just Jack shephard has a podcast he does yes actually pretty popular isn't it on its called armchair expert and she talked to him about when he went to the divorce would do me. And his post breakup ritual I don't know if he does this every time she went out of the woods mean you have to be a Hollywood star to pull this off just to be able sank. I'm gone for like two weeks. Not pay my bills not to any lengths he went out of the wilderness without his phone but that is computer without sued. She brought teach them. And water and that's it ten. And paper. We didn't you know blog his thoughts since she set I was there myself so there was no talking and notepad and pen and warranty. Around DQ. Started to hallucinate. So she did Tai chi. It's teaching Tai Bo would just sounds cooler. Who fled. The fact that you start maturing into it if isn't free to do with the Billy Blanks or Billy banks has nothing to do you put the gloves are tied to Ichiro and she. Kinda like Tai Bo but in light slow motion. It's when it's always doing movie. We're the when Dalton did that in the movie we just do the yeah everything everything in your head is related to win in commercial you saw. Or movies so I know sorry I know it's awesome. And here's thing here's a no touchy. He was doing Tai chi. But he doesn't know. Oh so he was just for two weeks he's hallucinating. On the thing so all of a sudden she thinks she knows Tai chi. So he's just out there maybe he's probably seen it in enough movies are done a movie role. Or somewhere they did it with coach there was hope he was on a Lucinda Joan no he said she was. I heard this before if you deny yourself food like all the sassy Jews have like you start to lag your way to announces that's he got to that point he said I started hallucinate so I did tight she even though I have no martial arts training. I was just doing what came to me it was wonderful. So then he used a pen and paper this is the saying I wish I had the courage to do he wrote letters to all of this past girlfriends. Basically said I wanted to see if I had any grudges or regrets. Any just wrote down things that he felt about each girl. And then when he got home games like these are good enough and send them all his extra strengths and so is axes away from 1015 years before I know that's weird. It's cheaper Iowa farm kids is some shift his likes that's true just living in small town Iowa gets a letter from bashing Christians Jews and oh my god thank you like apologize for all the stuff he's only esoteric kid and all because he's tricked him. While when he wrote it. We if you had to write a letter to anybody who draft letters in which we axis. Wow. Probably Kelly maybe. Why they wasted the last two years of her life pro. So you would say what. Without hallucinate your join you with little dig this mushroom sauce. I like what would you think you know you really would act if I think to collect Brightpoint I would mine would be the same mentality that makes our next hero it would be the girl I was with all the laurel stars arm. You know you would do that to give yourself closure or something or her. An explanation for her I think I would do away. 'cause like. I didn't really know I was wasting her time until later. Makes you think did you were you you are malicious and no and no I'm dragging her along I just stopped doing all the little important things that you're supposed to do in a relationship now I wanna apologize but I thought. If she wasn't happy she could left and any time I won in my apologizing for its weird yet but I that's what I would do you I would try to apology or at least and explain. So you only on the wilderness with certainty. I should just do mushroom. Have always felt. I'm so glad you're getting at with this whole thing is. I go through things after a break out and I do some you do zero break in you're doing physical stuff I I worked out sometimes or I do that so we don't listen common things people. Do we want you to add to the list but it's night. Like I did the starting tank I drive by there that's where you do you do to drive but it's more like I need to make sure. Weis yen traded up already. I don't know why I just he didn't think I did that but osu Tennessee three days later she's a rebuke was someone else he would go prepare. Your numbers. There to listen attest you do the same thing you just don't get your car. Do stock drive byes. Womb because when you've broken up ways Mike I can name girls some I walked in the studio and you're looking at their taste of pro suppose that I'll give my vote that's still stocked and that's exactly what I'm doing I just drive by doing as a note the problem is is I'm on FaceBook but because I used to go to their pages so much that's the first thing that still comes up nice saw that I don't know how FaceBook works that's not how well yeah. Yeah how much FaceBook does that all the time to think even now you're here and I walked in and you're starting my accepted the OK there is no real yes tell a story I'll yes I'll give you that but all do we totally do that. Is because like you bring your opera Shura minimum up yeah yeah. Bring her out like every three or four months and I four I. I get in trouble for this I. I don't bring her sorry Steve now now I don't you are why don't I have nothing if Robert the last time was the last time you brighter outlook but I don't know you're just like to go see it just. She has a common theme in Oliver FaceBook pictures according do you not need because I don't go to our days writing like I'm gonna go see if she's doing the same thing in her latest profile to only after one of muscle bravura moment although Ali would say look I have a bit to her agent forever. Pitched in logo there. I don't god would you appreciate it because because I. Come on look at the pictures are doing to you wouldn't you would stalker on your own but I've kind of do enough for you doubt that she's the first person I didn't suck all here because I knew that one was over and I was like. Were done Boca if there was no. Well stop because of that's not who you know I mean it's okay you know since we're not hopes that people always weird at all. Start socking your axis that's all right I don't know when you're their last names all of Joseph you also are euphoria so should we wanna do we got a whole list of things likes. I'm the one at a time really weird Al trash in their car. OK guys on you guys don't do that we move. We move on changing your appearance despite them. We do well may be working now is the only thing that's the only thing changing your color cheating there's not a guy I think we're going to girl technical frost your tips be unlocked. And she's she's so I try to do do some like that you do I totally change like whenever I broke up with the iWeb from like prep creed alike skater guy. And then however like skater guy till I H bad boy guy all opposite of what hooked her yet exactly. Our two did you do it to spite or did you do it shell fired a multi sack yet. It's easy I can't be that guy like. OK I guess we could there's nothing good about them and all right so if you don't some thin. Bizarre no post break up we don't hear. Forty dummy Ashton Kutcher and what's the weirdest thing you've done to get over a relationship and each. Our it guy you are disguised we do after the breakup. So whom you can't Obama after my break up our theory is that burned. Do what now. Are married. Is that urban. Oh you do you'll love the guy or like you used in and out of spite. No it didn't occur tomorrow actually did lover of all. What are you I told them that I needed. Like so. Be paid. I know wanted to come along. And that while we were bare feet who my doubt about our had actually always what the Mubarak. And we do. Try to ignore it right here and bigger. And bogeyed. How long after breaking up when your man did you marry his friends like two days. It would put a week. She he eats. I mean does not very good best thing just that's a deep that move on his part pretty much. Did it to hurt him in the way that you had hoped or did you do it truly for love but not for spy. Well I mean that I'm honored it would go. You are and yeah I'm premiere it hurt him pretty darn it he's got that all evil one a rookie anymore. Are you still merry tune. We were married she heat it's the wealth we'll give you sound happy you know yeah. I mean you should try go from the wilderness and drink you Tebow I don't know Valencia. That's that's one thing to do post breakup get married to somebody else saw. Another candy with voices guy or do anything. Yeah I what do you do post breakup. Are more I have been a good guys or why don't we live together and shortly appropriate group guarantee this but started believe me one day who are it's it and we met our Marty roll. All right later well our helper but what else. They had started talking drew Griffin. Ultimately you have been our way it ought to cook our food remarked remember. Jakarta mark so you are you break your word it written everything wondering what you pickle aren't. Was he following for the sake you. I believe it or it could be getting profile and I'm Lamar America stays or goes overboard or impact ballclub and our stake like in Graham. No you ask me. So your job. I can't figure out if your cool right there's a there's a fine line between cool and preview the long well welds on though he fell for a is it's not singer she knew the right things to say to get into Sheri knew I was pretty his that's dial Bob did you ever tell and it was you. You know here and there are really back boom you left. Aaron broke so we stole it all well like Marty what what brought me so hard reported their quarterly or as bad we both nuclear court heard. It's diabolical but I don't like Jimmy Singh feels a little achy even it's yeah thank you sort of caught candy. Turn the media out here Bennis. Yes yes. Would you post break out. All of sort actually you are hopeful my exit from what sister you that's what guys did review mom. She couldn't make Sam I am very signal I I suppose somebody else like just get outside their circle the fifty who. What do you were here we are also close so absolutely gorgeous how. How it's it's also I mural with a group literally wept and you're fighting for the little sister and I like got a little sister Dora that's she's just she's probably worst thing you want. Was it a warning Donna are you have a relationship where there. I wouldn't daughter relationship literally more more. No. He's now that's he's one Newsom told to bring jobs.