Slacker and Steve - Ghost Stories 10/31

Monday, October 31st

It's Halloween and that means it's time for costumes, trick-or-treating and scary movies. Another popular activity is getting together and telling ghost stories, it seems like everyone has that spooky ghost encounter that they will never forget. Even famous musicians have their own ghost encounters. What's your scariest ghost story?

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Selector in Steve's son today. Should do it is to. It's. Is marvelous and I need to know none can use her own eye doctor Ruth everybody has to be Hossa. We wanna you know stories. The question and this is just goes over the operations in iTunes. Reits. We take those two reason. And think of the but it's films exist but police and stone only instill that in. I just our is clarified buddy buddy you. It's another talk a lot because I mean I'm ready to be poll showed up by province which shocked. But still up next opponent and that's what you do big Sylvester. It got scary eerie. But we are going to up by so we want your ghost stories scoops. It's. Story number one we know medal world peace you know and as some. Street is your man. I guess this is his real name now O was a basketball player yes yup. The lakers. Go ahead. Always is named Ron Artest and our test cannot just sit. With Jay-Z and demand royalties. I he says Susan an Oklahoma city hotel OK enough said that right there Oklahoma City. There it's called the Steelers in steer it and want to end its cost Durbin met I'm calling it steel NBC's Neal against Russian. Heisman talk about for years they claim did this hundred time here was hotel is haunted. And it's supposedly. A ghost named FT. Whitney talks. She's been reported as a naked woman. She has been seen getting to shower some of the militants in the hotel maybe she's also been seen propositioning. Some of the mails when they're in their bedrooms sure it's ghosts and not a working girl okay it's cost. And staring into mix is doing Clinton and the how much I hate you. I can feel the look at your so oh world peace as June that ST touched him inappropriately. Niece for free. A lot of the players know Los Angeles Lakers players will not go to this hotel. They steep steer clear that there was a you know touched my heart naked women and not make it goes women's. The dose he says were all over me I just accepted it. They touched me all over the place. I'm taking one of the ghosts of court for touching me in the wrong places whenever they that he really believes she's you know she's not doing one feels that way. Cash has said she had relations with the ghost no way to ask is legitimately has said. It find that an Oklahoma City too noisy she didn't somewhere else that's years ago she said she had relations with the go she said there was this weird energy. It used to keep me up at night and wake me up. You progressed into this dark relations he kind of spirits in cast. Mean. Yeah. Whose best guitarists whoever looks. On these relief from the rock thing yes thanks I sent you a celebrity is actually in the story yeah. And greatest rock he's our greatest rock guitarist but I knew you always answer that question. But he's really from kiss says his wetsuit Westchester New York house is haunted. He said he things seeing things moving around is also two occasions where his wife and daughter were violently pushed. Down a staircase. It's realtors from mainstream. Has to be true because the music started underneath fiscal must agree on then there's me the woman who sweaters she sobbed her. Dog's nose in a video or dog just died and she was still emotional hoping her dog would come back in the she saw that dog and a video. She was still emotional not philosopher dug into putting them for a thirteenth birthday and beloved husband moderate new dog new videotaping the dog the new dodge. And you could see this other now motor home steam during your press. Home a lot of people who watched the video said it was traffic drug now's your reflection of traffic and stuff to JC there's no traffic near there. Your house at the time this video was filmed. Who can be because she was longing for her dog American music videos so for all you guys are transferred into video. Know what I was just I'm not fully meet the just clarifying he tells the story. Scared another believe she's seen a ghost in your baby's crib who know loosen. An apparition seem to hover over her child for a few seconds then disappear. And we'll. She didn't think the alleged ghost was trying to harm her daughter she thought it was I was a baby a little older than her daughter who just wanted to play. Oh it's a completed ghosts and oh let's close let's cue. People who see me. Brainy baby monitor seed are mixed about. Well there's blue and phone call. Fox so I tell you always could still be Edmund well I was kind of Grady Little should continue to walk. These are bad taste of the is there ever a zoom into picture of a ghost it's always seems to be like green he likes GE. It's like Murray in local video computer was filming a rainbow when he spotted a simmering ghost ship. Coffee run can sort of depressed I don't park as attitude and Martech. She wakes up on Lake Superior so I'm filming a rainbow. And suddenly well so he's actually intend to shoot a music video for an alternative rock artist soft stuff. They Embraer to loosen double rainbow. But. Slipped disc camera over to that pins are not in massive ghost ship bonding on the choppy waters for nearly half an hour before it. No that's not far from. We're used to move like superior actually there's a very bright light house starts like what are they are. Okay Steve trying to take credit for peace to the news through words and water and this is very likely to granite island lighthouse. Let's. Just. Well I'm just another full point in the ghosts and just Bennett. It's hard I enjoyed my isn't happy Halloween and what it no ghosts or rip buddy come back. Why so here's the deal. This shouldn't. Some giant man I'm trying hard to get through this with F. That is you can tell us I think they'll show the. But I. You have had an encounter with a ghost or an average and really got to do it. We just. Gonna count and then we would love him we had you together gritty stuff. We would love to hear you're ghost stories Allison. Hey I guys he's. Tell us your story. I got a president that's what I am a huge skeptics I cannot allow that started that's Q and do my brain or I will become a psychopath. Just blocked my father my house and saddened and I aren't. I should let them box and she knew in Q how where and when he was murdered by a robber. And that and they bought the house knowing that because my aren't at the very next step because I'll. And at. Arm on Monday afternoon. And tomorrow should be crying I didn't want to. Oh wait I don't know okay that's okay that's that goes to us future he'd marry a boy coming back still nice to disappear as a whole always. It's. Who mysteriously and so. And what they actress. So she knew then about you know and then you start to get a hold itself not tell her and just you know there's random. Breaks he had at one point he had talked to thought like wired on the wall but she didn't know where he rammed stingray she she did Chantal locked. But one nation vacuuming. She loved her and she came back and and and scratch marks on the carpet in how you can kind of he's anarchy backing him. Alumnus said. No. Way you're part is that she itself when you have a dog tags as you know he's he's got to go around you as hard as he is easy foe in new rule you know it's hard like did some instances. Hamas and as one time it's still the crap out of his way to keep. Stunning. But you just need to take Sarah. And that keeps it in their statement after that. Do you short Singler also a loss. Is there you shouldn't say any of the battle all I want us and suddenly he's he's just hearing real estate commissions are nothing about the actual goes story itself and yeah. Ever heard of the ceremony and this girl yeah. Exit system if you are off the tracks stars of the track. I'm so big so she's not a skeptic who know she was a step to. Yeah he had totally she I mean my credit by the house is like well you know we're gonna help that stuff and that all but. House look like way below market value of. Aziz and the you know ones and one of the Americans it's why breaker and a great neighbor wedding and so they get it and certainly. Then bring in the neighborhood when everybody a murder is Aaron well. Maybe maybe neighborhood during the course. It's Hollywood's. It was a rock. It's a murder dominant college I don't trust gullies plus a softer then yeah my movement just. Alison thank you for the call appreciate it. Brenda. Yeah yeah IA ghost stories. So I was aimed at girls standing hotels there once from the Chinese oh yeah and it. My knees if we are looking around and so if I looked at the bottom of dish there aren't trying to. It here like her voice deepened and everything. Cindy it's here it's like you said it here and then it will later we're talking about anxious like why I never shut bash. She doesn't remember any of that so you thought eighteen and I heard they came from somebody or something else something was possessing her. Is she here. Her talk about the continental breakfast is a got a good yeah. All of creeps at the time. I Dallas did that was because I am I my brother. Actually got married at then that's and I don't I didn't know if for no reason for those reasons as it was here he knows sheet says it's now. I yeah I spent the night there and and I'm not taking your side but I messiness. Emit ninety is scary as hell there's noises that you can't explain all night long. But it was seen in taking your side a little bit. It's all radiator heat so damn it tell you this nobody born today. Myself included going knows what a radiator sounds us is save some. These score tomorrow. Re all eyes and every rooms got good news every rule was pulled her to be repudiated that and there's like a lot of Har wood which you can hear every day and it settles constantly Sousa area annually somebody's in my room in his like oh. Somebody is open it over there in ninety. It's just pulled this out but I mean I. I kinda believe there's some crap going on in there I'm just saying thank you and whatever was read from let's IDC. I believe the stuff just punted and it's it's completely exclusive from Stephen King using now for his movie all things it was haunted it's not haunted by each. Bad acting to kids condit's my actual people that died yes and in stealing scene loved the Laura they ended ropes. A story about it did he hit it's not punted by the shining people those warm re grow okay. Alison she is the yeah eight. What's your story. So I topple a house on how much are definitely on ten. One night at a group of people are hanging out on the couch watching TV yeah that's weird noise Loko are and the picture frame hanging on the wall went up the bottom ninety degree angle. And they came back out on and the ballot pretty freaky and then that night like we were despite let Bob talk about it. I'm my roommate with a plea she said he woke up on the night he couldn't move and you look up above them. And there was like it's woman's figure staring down at them just like looking at underneath that last bit like thirty seconds and then it was earnings. Why it's. Seen in my ear that picture was an exact time I guess so. She's been decorator she did this season decorator show okay well. Democrats and kraus. And then when you put a picture back she look mother might stared down night to remember our resumes to you grew whose side you won't believe no song you know our house now if that's okay thank you the cars and I can't explain them on your kids know other than maybe they were high on something would become you. Canon. Yeah I ghost stories hosts. My daddy to be a manager and they embarrassed steakhouse and. For instance oh yeah doesn't that we're not this Gary Hart. My other Europeans may I noticed it took to. 200 this place had no alarm and so many close down and I before he put the alarm on or whatever and I got there within the following morning. Alarm had been shipped but every single party hands in the kitchen with on the ground and every single candle on the table with a little. Apparently it meaningful to me. Business that's creepy but nobody dying and nobody. They don't actually read everything everything nobody. Mostly Karen and so. Bombs did did did did was this almost Halloween it was an on the anti anniversary of somebody dying or something. Slowly building to do it in was really old. Still is but. I don't know the history of it I'd feel like put it up but I'm betting I mean there's stories out of the building behind that. Way before that one. How would cookware is on the floor. It's he has seen in Washington to what a pain in the car and what goes she's beaten homeland life all right Daniel. Yeah I made jokes costs. I didn't limit how Ohio and about every six months when I would go upstairs to go to bed. This shadow of big year would be somewhere like sisters through ticket or a door as I was going in the bet. We grew it. It did she ever see written. She never saw it but I read three minute bit I was the only one going upstairs at the time but there's literally opaque. Solid looking figure would either haven't or on the go or light stick through the door or peeking around the corner of the doorway. He's being mean super cool protective brother you just went to bed and didn't think the meaning of the dark demon that was going into your sister's room. Patent not a scared to I would listen between the ages four and seven that I would see this bank. We year how fast can bring your sister never saw you never give her a heads up. Yeah it's an old. And apparently when we first little bit about how my older brother was also scared to go upstairs are summaries and. I knew EC yeah or even comment on Chris. Yeah I have to accept some six. So well I mean in my moms out there and Oregon visiting my. Signs aren't so. His daughter. There's always five great chameleon. Ed are gonna plow my. Which are that he beat him for probably about a year and a bad. But we just got a new idea and really here but we didn't think it would like a map that's anyway so he would putt the way I like that Saturday night you know I grab my head out you know call my mom and let this. You know like I have been to and hey did not like fifteen minutes later Haley comes out there as we get tired of data like that it didn't. Chico who doubted that hey I got like gadgets like grandpa like you as a matter of like my rear elements that's I guess you won't be able to being mean very much and everything's gonna be okay and we other. We're kind of expanding they're just kind of shot. And they days you know like these young kids like there's more to did choose. Being apparition because they don't have that the Nathan's. She didn't she heard the announcement that he is I didn't know grandpa died. Great she had no idea did that help I sound and then it says that there would have been no wage. Ball. Lower our guard Graham could kill him Duca grabbed onto definitely tightest on mine you us that's what I mean while. That's weird right we heard stories I don't before we're somebody's night. They see the day you just can know I didn't know I was Cody. Yeah I DIV ghost story stuff. And so one night I mean I had going went out to dinner and my name died six month old daughter alone I'm with my mom and dad and so that's basically thinks. I'm my mom and dad had a baby monitor. Honored at the boy finds. And I mean she. My mom heard on a luncheon with brains. And all of a sudden my good gas and at least they like oh my god. And on the monitor their yeah on the monitor. In the kids room. In the oh so you'll ran up there real rush did them. Well he hasn't wrapped and I had my mom went upstairs and Aaron my daughter back to sleep which it possibly get up and over her head. I am so my mom rip the blank get off summer and it like styled very like I'm walker out. He and my mom to kind of you know grabbed your back asleep and I'm fed that it Alex somebody was watching her the whole time. And after that time her baby knew they quicker little lullaby thing would randomly turn aren't times she would look option there. And mileage you know the walls. Oh my guy. Oh they're nominees Steve you. Maria. Oh my god that's your picture of my great grandma. You would diet like I did the soaring out there and quite get her out any group picture. And called her tiny. That is that's got to be aware that's that is so I'm really stands creepy when wow. I eighties sci guys keep that's right it's coming you can write your ghost stories on the slacker and Steve FaceBook aids.