Slacker and Steve - Girls Are Dumb 7/13

Wednesday, July 13th

Yesterday, we talked about why boys are dumb, now the girls are up! Here's a perfect example- A shirtless Florida woman was arrested after she intentionally crashed into her boyfriend's truck, causing it to flip, all because he broke up with her! Why do you think girls are dumb?

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And girls or whatnot and I can't remember what we don't hear what what would you go I was very memorable look you're the rhetorical why why are not in order it's. Com so recent lease we did the topic. Guys are down hard genders of the guys can be Steve and it was just a bunch of guys who've been like duped into buying cars for girls two guys doing to make. Do when he needing to win girl back just dumb decisions. Then they'd boys have made we dumped all over men for B and dumping dead testosterone in Mike's dot. Total. So. We we took some flak from people and it was suggested. That perhaps we should turn the table since since the news. Means goal but so we're gonna try to do girls are numb yeah error occurred after soaring try to do it yet we're even Il we hear. Yes this is full equal opportunity offenders effects he know all like that's what we are so. Looked. I just I can steal you all mixed. You're sitting I have not you well I'm speaking to that person right now. You just he's pulled the car over or you told your chair local street keyboard like. Yeah it's it's good to. Your movement. And how good do knuckle heads with the books. You're a girl you some dumb things where all we all do dumb things that is definitely does clearer can we do it will get to the I ending any regrets. A Florida woman was arrested wearing only bra. After she. Flips her her. Friend's truck after her you know she wasn't very not she wasn't Smart there she was saying she wasn't happy. And she made it not Smart decision. Legs you broke up we may solar Jim I don't know. And then Seacrest. Seems you. The Palm Beach he says she tracked crested trucked in Palm Beach County is the Pope oh showed up and she was she climbs out she's fully whereas I don't remember puck so is ice. All of my trust broken and then he's can be sore broken Vinci snake he's you don't. I don't miss my truck it takes me OJ was just so I don't I don't know if that was her way of getting him back him. But you know I was dom yeah I was it was dumb you don't get it right it was done. Girls are done I think that women are too busy type and out of touch with. Us you know that's. You're on the future well homeowner and you're in math but now now yes your day early when asked when we did the boys good guys are down. We we asked for. Women to call and Brad out. Guys were dumb we also had guys call admitting themselves also how dumb they or we're hoping that some of you will will do that as well. A Maryland woman is dumb she poisoned your co worker the wool she'd support a skin care product into another woman's water. Causing and it's the innocent tourist comic send and Julia. You know I'd due to visit with the skin care product was available as far as I come. We used units are slamming body you know that's the idea. Oh wait that's. Not my friends. Jurgensen coached against. Clinton you would know you're in your area and I am sure it because it right on your nightstand faith. Rarely get a phone I'd. I was surprising but yeah I heard that sewage is easy diarrhea I think oh it doesn't kill you and lead -- public skin care product seeking kiln you yes well no I think it just me intersect am I she knew something was wrong after drinking water was hospitalized after vomiting several times specific things that girl was dumb China following a political worker whatever in them all she could face up to twenty years in prison has ousted its US lol here's another girl 21 years old she was arrested for reckless driving. She's caught speeding. I'm 93 miles in a seventy mile an hour zone at 7:30 in the morning the girl. Give and take it forty minutes later she was caught doing 97 and a seventy holes. They give and take it then. Would see seven went and we times are now. 8 AM sometime later in the hour another Carter got a trooper punter had 94 and seven osu was slow him down mimic each time I think she salute so well. Certain middle and wish she gets busted three times preceding day it's in less than an thank you know being an hour that's not too Smart it's not. I really Smart so that girls down and then finally Chinese woman caused 50000 dollars in damage trying to sort of like. Fox she on the ship 47173. Dollar car accident she crashed her Cadillac into a Range Rover a little bit. Sedition was slot on the sly yeah her name is and she's only known buys and she's like Madonna she's wearing yeah no fly had landed on her left hand. Ice machine don't gunning the gas panel wants us just picked up causing her card signed up. Clemens seem to his girls are down pay arm. I don't feel great about it but we're gonna let it happen until I if you missed. Just gonna work with. It'll get extra points if you're a list. Please stop writing your hate mail now the we just wanna do girls are down so if if you've done it really dumb thing we want your image you're finally did guys does that. Like we had zero complaints Ali then hey wanted to give the girl's track so loses your timed it just admit pitcher dumb. Or admit that you had a girl's. Do some really dumb to try to do you backers do something brewing journal. The only trouble OK we'll find out if you know bus is a girl says it's for this is going well I grew our own Danielle. Yeah I girls announced. So when I'm writing and very low. I asked I tried faster so I run out I'm closer to buy gas it's not on our. Or you can lick coasts further. Also on if you think it also just we knew we well when you step on the gas pedal harder if you're using the gas Lester so. Your series this is Scotia on the fly beside it a disc. You. Still think you are sounds good to have you ever had to coast into a gas station on fumes. You know right right right so are you a person who as we are you one of those people who runs out of gas like do you like stranded. I. Assume. So you're coasting theory is sort of but it's cool I mean. We love you simply did you see this mean you're just you're not the smartest person but yeah I mean you're amazing yes you probably great mom you don't. Great you're great everything Weis and every day as you are you perfect the AJ you Daniel. Are we have to do that on all of so the idea that's you get to dad's yet that's not OK Lauren yeah he has CI. Girls are Donald's or dumb. Aaron this young girl that I usually friendly it used to be I'm in college since I don't be vying to drive her car in our way into the car wash. The wrong women of those automated ones yeah some. Why is why I don't hire the tracks or tracks going to be yes it's great so we. So it's good for older dom Toms unit that's a hard being late 2000 dollars this isn't it she's a car wash to link her car. Yes because apparently the machines don't like it going backwards so. Did you do your tiger showings early and got an mercenaries like yeah secret. It's her own voice then he'll start the triple pumped up you can put us. In my car and drive. Tonight it's. A locked backwards since the kids really need. With all the months and he wasn't able to get a way obviously you she's total their car she she went down for this crime. There may also alcohol in all mom. Whom you go to the big shoe shine on the Billy would arrow pointing to the signs are not home that none of that registered with her drunken. But there drunken mind there a hole not. Com yeah did she go to jail for do you like you're just to damage on the on the. She ended up I'm getting like one of those miner into special charges could the other quite well you are correct it. And you know obviously signing a paper there repair of the car in the Karl. That's a great question I'm sitting in my car it's not running but it's on tracks going to her car wash I can still gonna learn you eat you know I drive operating still because this just is seen as I did you decide to pull over and try not to do I take to keep. So mission in part of the car. I think you might be right this doesn't throw amount of fields you can reach a veterans when reached that's a do you wise thing. So if you're on the idea if you're on the car wash tracked an argument didn't do you lives that's the truth but you know we're gonna just try this yeah. Carlson Cox and yeah Drake a bunch of nice. Whose drive burns is lexicon but the tracks areas there are. I'm not just let me to have my youth. He's my truck using neutral yeah obviously I rearrest and the engine running rotates so I could throw my keys didn't show law should the new go through due to re not winning spirit. Later today via. Exit at the time I will see a car wash later runs. JND. Yet yes yeah girls girls are dumps. Wish I. Not. I may again and again in mid me hanging and it got a little girl I don't kick in and I was driving to start. And I don't know I'd. And right now where a guy who I am good I well I alien and I have followed this lead up there. All your humor since. LaMont or my return yes yes I admit it and add new. Well instead follow and then he did not look very dry heat alert and to you know that area where they got a part of their police station. You followed him all the way to the top shots and expect nick nick nick. I ate I followed him all the way in there. I have his light well they need more sleep there's so do you enjoy and the like but I against us. Well not every halo you it's amazing series or the and for the drivers don't like daddy's girl partially through your window here she's looking for students and it's the new guys. Why do you Arab. And laying in late live vaccine and I ten my bear I'm glad I however any editor over. Get arrested at each. I dig here as there and sound now later on that every arraignment gala talking about how I was the only person there are actually locked the great anger they feel I am. You walked in drag congratulations. Mike jumping TJ and me if I would pull over now with Larry Hughes might be on a bit on the distance and Easley he's. Paul. Yeah yeah I girls are dumb. My eight year old daughter now I'm a couple of different state my eight year old daughter factor in the mice trickle patrol car and urged Arabs calling me or calling my friend old source. Chief turner walked to the general and turned herself since. And. Bob. She didn't. She doesn't understand the leg to you you could have made the whole thing disappear rights. There was no damage at all she tried her soul dead I got a call from the lead cheerleader. Think your daughters you're saying she wants to go to jail for breaking your cup car. All I know would be like destruction of government property. Did she go to jail for that. Yeah no they lapsed and offering called me and course you do got a child and I had to have my co worker go to Europe and agility acre hole. You you never live that down to the oh my god I'm on the one and she's supremely. It's on this and more relieved that I. On the bright but in your desktop and you can kill somebody get Monday well sort of fit. Oh pong that she sounds lovely through the. Yeah I'd love Leone not so Smart. OK okay. With balloons gone through the. It is she she did she stopped her crashing cop cars days since. I issue literally in tears when she called me and my coworker called me and weeks. Court did order. I always say you've really call tossed. Tiffany. Yeah I got you girls are girls who don't know that she's just because we I don't know what I haven't. Campaign with a bunch of friends on a late. And we were obviously drinking into the wee hours of eating generic sir trash talking that. Our edge and myself and another girl and another guy started wrestling around and we. All of her wait got thrown on my leg and I spiral fracture of the bone in my lower. It's to. Do you could be two people at one time one of them being a dad as. We know oil and it was the girl and I of against the guy and I thought we totally MI MO I I hit after they had. Bumpy forty senator I care hospitals. So this is us leg. Fractures and doesn't heal fast. No it it whenever at all sponsor not just want him. Susan. Okay all right Hillary regulation you know you might just a visual perceived see I say with us. It's. It was to cut my pants off an emergency here am I made it would although it laying on the table on the idea thought he was speaking straight out. Seems like I had been drinking a lot because they came early. Look you've ever read it all. Yeah. He snared 60000 dollar leg. Whole business is broad intent and everything in there. No I actually had it all removed by her there was. There let the metal rod and ten and all that stuff. All like Russell Yeltsin's. Thank you very good god the all. Shape. IRA naive girls are dumps. So I doing track and I looked out from that look and at blockbusters are a lot of good ally in the movie not really. You can't Trenton and got my baby when actually car and the car realize that match he would bet turning on our. They came. Long car straight jump out and they can be getting killed my car I can't still on the farm what it. Well shape Jerry tang oh there you are you know there's a there usually home in what this. I got our home. Wedge shape going to try and realized I left my courage and strength your car. Oh the wrong color to the wrong how were you ever gonna sign you know he's in common is a global blockbuster also how you ever going to find them again that the. The police tried to right back chip not a sure hoping they turn to teach skills but right after trump. Then out diet and channel. Click car and I look like mine broke back into parking lot. You okay come back. All are we losing new winners to be your first match. Aged. Tied with all my dog she had to get it back sounds like he came back I'm hoping so little look at each other what did those live on demand around the block but what do. Knows this place at the park John demand if I have Netflix and home. Sorry. Yeah I can die girls are down zone. Well meaning friends because my mom Kiley Rick Eckstein then she had and stop the I had Turbo and your guy means. When you are wondering if Turbo working rivers. Slowly I think yeah as fast as they couldn't. Genetics aren't aren't caught all punch hole I wondered until I introduce you still wonder. And so what I would think we wanna hear the sound to me to tinian so you just holding it in reverse. Or are trying to be available at all bad bad. Call her key things you just lost control of the car nobody is using out of their way to has left his dry runs to ask you mom's club are we did see it was a noble cause his cousin Andrew. Yeah oh yeah Leo we we can all rest we will help closure now you really need this pluses I was Alan Dennis cook with our. And all right okay. They even call her I enjoy. Yeah I nice. There was no room down. I'd sit there wanted to crop to be it garbage and she got him into work or an elite. Talk talk talk talk. Oh my god this patient that's actually kind of drew it's. Let's make you think he's a good job it's not tour. Burlington it's still it's I think it's. A huge hit and it. God and if that is sort of antics thank you finish behind as a only others doesn't lie on I don't overtaking needs order now the work we are rattled girls are done if you still don't tell your dumb girl stories so we'll take my mind FaceBook dot com slash slacker Wednesday afternoon.