Slacker and Steve - GMD: Alter Her Appearance 5/26

Thursday, May 26th

Slacker & Steve

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Slacker and Steve Collins there. The moon. Okay. I loved. It. I am oh yeah. Business. And you face Brooklyn is Booker is already starting Molina is back down Janet heard everything from. We at least since died but I don't releases don't personally sent. Tank eight. Monte tell us what's going on yeah. I asked a Allan. Had a little issue and it's been like you remember one thing man I have never. I have never had boots. And I made it look like a child. Has. And I wind you get I want to get food don't have surgery thanks. Is it more than a typical thing I think it would really help let's be confident and my mental well being about my child. And that my husband is act adamantly opposed to the. It is why you happy. Holidays. Aren't well okay. Well clearly you've chosen. Not know who's side you're on lies not in there and he's confident you're on the side of blue dogs since. Yeah I. OK what what they won't give his explanation what do you perceive his reasoning it. I'm completely split down and he I think he'd had that back then had right. Another attack and a half and our I understand that he wants media to actually be the song I guess I. And I it's not and I don't think you're beautiful it. It's I I need I really lacked self confident when I can't rest. Tina and getting medical you real quick how big are you now. No lets you know it's a weird thing to ask that are you like it Ayers and you're like yeah yeah. You like barely in what are you gonna get back. I would like maybe. I mean for me to rent my brain like I think like a small even a small. Every FBI you're lying if you're not lying if you don't realize your mind you you'll you'll realize if you actually go through it does yeah. I've had I've been with a woman who said the exact same thing and by the time she went in there it was like boom to hear more just don't disconnect. Let's it's just you just I guess it's not your so all. It's just I don't. And take you know. You know. That Michael really sure and I think it would but. I think Allen actually look awkward. And I but I you want to see it I mean you a lot of aren't what I have right now. They thought OK I'll do is log are. Skipped hubs in there as you Colin Scott. Hey everybody end it guy I know what went. What I don't as Steve has RTS like UIC be happy and you want to. Okay it and the community you know I I married her or she is and then not for some and I would. Want her to beat you and you know I'm lower socially she is physically. You know mentally emotionally in every way and I you know they're a columnist pitch as well particularly expensive like. Whatever it is like 6000 dollars. On meat and a member of the conditions which is not natural. And rich are different issues in the past would you know medical problems cash and and they start out so hot and they get really really hard no law and usage. I just trying to be aren't satisfied to be discussed. From the content so. I mean you the have you and I have you been with a woman who has been Scott. Our I was a you know long Congo. That you know triple gold trend and it's just. I mean you know I understand. I understand why women get them and and and whatnot Turkish it just. It's just not natural and just putting something good or in your body had just I don't know I just can't deal with that. I. Is if she does it. Will you get used to it or are you putting an ultimatum down. I hate to say it but I'm I'm pretty much like. No way and you're maybe I don't know maybe 1020. Years down the road when we get so he's sure an end and you know they don't turn into Iraq I mean it's good news for you know. I regular run the bottom is they're good for a few months and yet to keep prodding them every day. Collette a long time now than they eventually just turn this solved. You could arm. Okay Nissan. Don't. This isn't really weird question and I'm probably gonna get crucified for but don't. Don't you wanna be attractive to him. I dear oh. Yeah I mean. I guess. I guess him I don't I guess Amanda Kramer LA where I'm realizing. I wanted to let me happy and like they select as I really quickly and I think sometimes we do a lot trapped people and it's becoming a lot and I wanted to her years. And I got I guess I did and understood and yeah I would like to think I would support him in anything you want to that would make you happy in the ER one could. Do you like tattoos and if you kinda do what attracted did you do tattoos and he certainly wanted to gate. I enjoy enormous eagle's wings all the way across his back in Mecca. But just like what would you would you go late may we don't don't do that and I I love your back the way it is and he replied it's my body. So well yeah. When I mean I CL leg that I mean it's the same. I guess it's kind of the Internet damp like let's have a talk about it why do you want the day. You know what they're the cheery days without the omni Q&A. Happy here and okay late that the cute cat clear about it. I don't wanna think and I would ever be it completely opposed right out the back to grant makes our husbands aren't Muslims aren't happy. At least a real quick you guys is your marriage is healthy everything is fine. Because whenever. And I want or Beirut and act OK I think that this is the only thing on diet you feel confident that we can get through this mean. If you win we're fine right. I would yeah. Into the god god help you don't even know column but it's hey hang on guys just don't move. I hate to say about I'm on pat I you can decide who side. I think Suzanne I know Y two BI IUK I don't like them you don't hate that part of the female body I'd. I don't hate that part of the team nobody but I don't like. Namesake once again I don't ask you sympathize with scout it yeah. I was with somebody who lie who cared for very much and when she got on it changed our physical dynamic completely physical dynamic and the the change of everything else Weatherly did you do that leads your downfall yes. I certainly look and yeah her newfound self confidence you know came like her new found let's show these everybody walks by real quick did when she can win when you when you knew she was gonna do this. First thought in this in my head would be. Well get ready leave me. Oh you're doing this for everybody else under yeah you really yes and no okay. There's that's why I got I was right Syria and that's why I asked weeks of other loser marriage. And healthier than doing good if you don't. If if you're a woman and you don't like shaved heads in your mangoes are much in my head. Easy no case for you do have some input on all we have so why can't she have a little input it's like I love you just the way you are I know that she needs a little confidence. But. I normally to kill for this. I think she's gonna win I'm just predicting us. She's gonna win in a landslide you know what he's going to be on his herb I mean that's not it's but you we entered a partnership and you've agreed to life so you you give up. So even though it's his body and it's my into her body you still just couldn't you just conclusions on things together okay if you wanted to go give it a junkie implanted and what are you know. Knuckle caught. Two more comforted by easily anyway and I don't know. All right to boom two or not to move that is today's question. Lisa Scott but some let's get you some jury members here and. Diet iced. Perhaps they are much Scott's side on this one not I actually white folks say to you in years got them and it was. She's right to humongous competence looser and with that confidence became you know new person. And new things. And venturing out and flash and you know what teacher contest and eventually cheating and several times. Com. You know now I'm putting it you about that that's now my actual that's gonna do either it was exactly horiuchi had. Elite for kids and almost minus eight after kids so we got him for her competence. I'm like you're right you don't want this he ended up getting 500 to cease you know would be. And I want a new person and you know within two years everything it changed everything was done and I hate to say that co workers my brother in law everywhere same situation. Wow it does it doesn't give the women confidence amazing compliment. Would you Sam our data and then it sounds right. As long as we can keep our women and company and Dana I mean they will remain under our spelling prisoners forever. It into snarl I know that Arnold he's very are women that are confident. And have bottomed and are grateful that that's about. I'm just stating my side it was amazing turn of events I mean it was literally I got the boobs and it was a new person dumb reason. Our Lola you know yeah I mean that the that this thing is a I think it's also a slippery slope it is you know it it's not at a desk in the next you'll be you know that does the bitter -- lips and then the nose shape down and you know the next thing you know they look like bill. Blond doll or gainers and Hollywood you know I think it is a gateway drug. I'm all right let's keep going here. Katie. Yeah hey guys. I think eighteen sky while. I'm glad you know I'll let. The fact that he married Eric the decides that she that came out of character initiate. And which. The fact of the matter you don't need to change if you're at thirty love really that you aren't. Seeing her and blank if you decided to get married be little doubt about flat turn and look. You need to make another great and happy that we heard you little that they offer compromise a lot. The. So she doesn't get you don't pay any say over on hardly any marketing. Not Gingrich got to get at eight but what can they change current. Provocation and an inch your husband won't comfortable from playing and he let you do that you are ready preacher thank you Pratt. I you keep your bill you should be impress him laughter at the world. Not turn him aren't planning on the current or anyone that insurance out. What exactly ballet. Lipped out currently open already have a man London easily that you are anxious and you're beautiful the red dot mediation he got a contract that. Did you do I'm you do a little bit of an extreme argument blockage will avoid this planet or you know I I wanna be transgender you know I mean I'd never do that but you know and I feel more comfortable that our. And more confidence you know I changed you know I mean. I mean to him about that. What would you accept that Lisa. And I'm not I'm not buying his premise the war room we're allowed to question your perfect I wouldn't would you. Diet again like yes yeah it would be a conversation and that's so different I'm sorry and I feel like at Mac one mean he's easy to lose the Craig. Barry let's talk about a I don't now I can feel like is. I've yet got out that brand but but I again like you said earlier like I'm open to my husband hopping mad at them whenever I mean I am. It was from some who. And you'll say anything right now to get to get the moves I think Brooke. Connie. I have to say I am keen eye. Basically my question only that would be why did your self confident. I height into your hot guy dot Justine creepy unique take you have a problem with how confident. Go get a NAFTA decree got a doctor at the art work and I'm different than a while gonna do something went wild that. Risking your life to go under the needle to put balloons in your chat husband finds its own thing. Are you more confident at around to decrease in me and ultimately it's your detention of acting out your body back. Much better more worthwhile waved to get confident. And if you're confident that high Q how big your blue black. Cochran you've got bigger problems than like in your cup. And and thank you just like thank you. Just. Yes I was night. How are you regards I'm really only I actually came around six months ago prepare unannounced. Who. The Fed and with the okay. And he's about a woman and I am glad I didn't even have to talk about it just decided one day I would take a leak happened owning a gun. Our. Rob. I remembered Luke don't make you have been no that's inside you let your weight and she need that are her confident in its pure because my husband on up around later coming or not. And Arnold and using just a good waiter and a marriage she just brings to 1000 money. It was money that I did I did didn't even report that would actually cashing in I did kind of I bet if there was going to be an and that may mean more complete and made him feel the need need nobody would be better for him. That he wouldn't mind. You don't some confident and always have. Oh. Be out of the tell me bimbo I mean any if you disagree you find that they're not wrap party don't have them aside and they're good aren't out yet find a good doc you're. And it she'd true not only going to Wear make her confidence she won't end up looking like a bit about at all. Well. I can definitely had given the surgeons got. Mean listen I mean whoever wins or not. Yeah. Definitely unleashed at I I didn't it didn't that's my point spread out I did not support me. And any and he can I let me your typical you know let eat it it might need a letter out my Al. And now you love them more than I do and I love that. And I how I am art cockpit it's not going around setting and an equal pay day. I mean their current meet and make me feel better when I look in the near or not. And I need to think about that fact is that he would not hurt you she will read and he had a let her morality human being or she going to help wrote. Yeah. Really love her saying I'm not. Yeah. Don't try to tell money can't involve everyone change it. Different people keep telling her. You know you should let your ideally it you'd meet you make up every eight years and I are you wait you are like that's and it did me. I did not a big deal racquet change it and it even going peachy you going to do regardless of whether or not he has moved there act and it changed initiated. How many people you've shown your boobs and you know Americans. The IQ and what I picked or any other in my heart. Kaka who took your good for you America thank you gonna call she's a governor do. It's volatile geotag. They I'm tired he's confident women going to give us some database. But there's a Little League in a normal things that's been our mission house. I am totally unleash your side to mine and a half has nearly an eight. And introduction urging going to those stores and nodding at bay being able the buyer Brock. Not being able to go to into action and fill out. A bikini car. And this should not about her warning to ground sheet that your bell. It very depressing until one minute she's depressed she did not until sexy she's not in a woman in the bed. What is she does is still a little bit better and don't perform better in the debt are you that in and a year you're straight you're light city gonna find somebody better than you. Only and saying. Dumped more on. My own. It can't and that you have to be aware that I went and going for that because. You have to be aware that your body will change I'm a double B. Yeah. It's. Been you know let's see. All the thought of doing that under the muscle. And conditioning them all to try. I have people that say they cannot believe how they feel it's been ten years. Yeah. I don't negate Christian supplement that had two other men and they all and all around. I'll tell you might want to come over to my house and killed him and he looked like I guarantee you Lewis. The man who might well. I'm back to take my phone number and you come and see what really killed like I guarantee you won't change your mind. He's a proposition LC on terror we're gonna this is a plus another thing you know. I try not to bring now I'm thinking about that and people actually go to the showroom and put on like abating soon get them nasty right but why when you don't proves exactly that's your body. I meet fits your body. That's so why wouldn't you go try smothered. Or are you one more here and then we'll tell you the verdict that you may or may not be figuring out Kelly. We've got. I'm not gutsy girl nine years that all caught adding an. Unlikely to mend it don't really understand that because you don't. At the same opportunity. To go out there and enhance your caddie part a view they are all good. I'll be planning efforts there is Jerry. You can. Yeah you. Guys. You're daddy pirates aren't outwardly out there for the world champion be judged by your clothing to sit around. England. Definitely at being would clothing with continue without compliment I think. I got it more at his own and security of our other men and finding it quite attractive and I think are more at you with that and that. And we are having another underlying deep. Insecurity about them announce that she did it decree instead you know. I Kelly we're gonna swing by your place on our tour thank you for the call yeah columns. Steve distaste for this Amazon's pretty much. Those new blu to have do boots. You you we had you had a good run at the beginning you have you lost in flying colors I liked it 321 mark 1000. So we're pretty area that was what we took a mere matter our producer Lou these Specter still taking causing in she's killing you right now there and Matt Lewis forestry. I'm. I know but you know there is a triple locate that all right I am not insecure that is not the issue okay. Is cheap. Yeah ocean beautiful. And she issuers and make up. The difference OK if you put makeup on that's different from what altering your body that urban you can take made a pot. I'm yet but you must so boobs and what do you and in. They're very flat. You're not. He's not it's who you know that are writing I mean. Non natural talent you a lot. You lost and you see you had an ultimatum at the beginning so are you cool with your wife going getting there yeah yes or no. I you know what it wanted to you know and them have been 200 B slate you know achieved education okay Stella the search YouTube investor only young. Trying to new argument and it's too late night you lost she's going to get Brooks. I hope you guys I wish you guys must die you're a good dude man and she wants it and she won and there's more women out there trying to tell you. Gore FaceBook page tonight and you can read some of the stuff people say okay. Hang on did it. He's not that's kinda new argument it's too late for doubting their doom. Knew it might have been before he even called him home we're doomed before. Please tell Scott that. Team gave you some news or tell Lisa not to do it. The argument has to move on mine now there are FaceBook dot com slash slacker and Steve fans.