Slacker and Steve - GMD: Back to School Vacation 8/31

Thursday, August 31st


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Selector and Steve. It's your best days in my day or so days missed. Bullish. This is done it's one of those debates and I think I just wanna stay out of let's just put them on their sides and we'll try to fix it it's Melissa and then and now Melissa's don't win first when he got Melissa yeah. Okay so here's the situation and I'm Amy as you can it's. My husband. And hair like her portrait. I'd look at I don't but it has been hurt we may expect. It hired girl definitely wonderful to cut my kids I thank. All summer long hitter Katie McKay and and I am exhausted and have to try to use a break can have my own clarification now thanks. My husband and it could not keep her happy and pleased by it into Tripoli. Why are. What do you mean by time for yourself when you whit whit what are you wanna do you plan on leaving or you just what do what do you. I did tip keep kicking ego taking time pets. Do you permanent hobby isn't that at cooking in order getting a laundry kind of trying. You. Can most let's let's get him in here 'cause I'm curious why that's a problem Evan. Yeah yeah well why can't she what do you want from her right now. I did that. I mean. Look too great mom. I get a beat Kidder. And all but look I am going to have to work. What dirty shirt now like the laundry just writing done. We're meeting people every single night this week. I mean I work late and it says look I need you know how the met. And you know week goes together that will Lipton Tea Oman and the house and home is all right. OK so you you wanted her. A guy I see lawyers saying I armed. So she she handled the kids all summer isn't further agreement and as for the agreement and maybe the housework. Kinda started to slack then because she ads focus on. The kid's shirt instead of only having the kids before school after school she had to have them all day. And eat eat your door in your expectation is that once the kids on back to school then she would switch gears. And switch back in to need housekeeper motives are kind of. Oh is solid down urgently seeking to hold up our mutual decision that she in all about being abstinent and even though you know you know she's adopted from the cute cool yeah I mean thought that for my eight year round jobs. And second at eight data about a often thought does it quite a lot of young. The small things around how does everything it and how cynical neglected. To kindergarten to grade and I don't have. Clean clothes and all and yeah does you know. And this is our agreement with was it she it's not like you're suddenly in in imposing new duties she was always gonna watch succeeds and cook. And do laundry no bulls were all three. That's always been your agreement this is a nail. A little me you know London. And then. Your mindset evidence that if you don't get a vacation than Melissa doesn't get one either. Well I mean it's unlocked that he can't take a little vacation replaced. There are certain things that can be done that you are at school all day. You know yet how it doesn't mean that nothing to be done. What where you at Melissa I mean are you seriously leg. What are you doing all we are you do enough soon or I. Any sometimes you let ego get ever plan. Think I believe what do you have you know gotten taking language crack I mean speaking there are confident thinking I gotta develop. My trade it in my mind that I had a chance to do that because I'd been an. I have a job I am I am a stay at home mom and it sweaty hours the day. My but you but okay. It seems like ten or not doing that stuff according to the agreement that you guys and indeed do a little C I don't wanna take his side I just I wanna make sure we. Lincoln did you agree that you would do a whole laundry and you would. Not get a break from a yeah yeah. I did meet I think that we don't have a contract to write me it. No I think it's in an awkward working and I decided I. He had yes we agreed I quickly to help out at home looks so I NG pig dock it somewhere between charity day at. I love my husband and I eat go to work and help keep party caucus ballot title at bat. You know what how no thanks I say that all kinds. I'll move in revenues like nope we made an agreement and that's that. And. And noticed it didn't happen include splendidly and it wasn't really talked about it just happened and you know. There's different conversations. If you know we plan together and maybe eight Michael I mean I'd love to take a vacation to maybe we can spend some time together I don't know maybe we can. You know his plan without rather than display eighty I'm burned. You know I I can't do this right now and I I don't have that same opportunity a luxury to just like you know what I do I need I'm out guys I'll be back if you know what I wanna be back. Right arm equal to a route back out the Alec and but he's like I don't like how I could happen would be great cook I do think you could do the laundry while you're are. I mean. I understand that the app mature but it's not sure I mean all we use there help you know perhaps this week while I. I kind of didn't get my hat type I thought I'd like. I think you might as an importer it. Now you guys are both making great points and I want I I I don't. I want you leave the screaming to be with you guys still does not make no one yeah I don't like how much I'm afraid I think it's just. Lipstick lipstick jury in here and then in the new guys can decide it by the simmered on hang on guys. At first I thought it was massager and a State's. And if it's. An agreement between both for and she grieved in that in that I don't think they these bottom. For a run for him to like me because. Schedule weakened their transition a week of downtime and does some tough Summers toxin there's no. There's no less down she's a dear all think mob mob. Nearly and but. Now he he's night. It was cool and really kind of wearing dirty shirts during summer because I understand you're doing this over here but now the kids are in school. What do you do you have any some. Stuff but. When does she get a break right. I can't take aside I I I I am I fear either of us taken aside so. It's really up to you should Melissa get a little transition period. Or should she go from being a mom to doing the wife lea stokes. Melissa and Evan I'm we're trying to keep you guys together and get a solution. So lets it started with. Kara. Yeah I. And I I'm Melissa if I ain't. Why. And well you look at all that obviously being picked on mine that's her job and patent. If he is Evan had a gap that he worked debt when he hours today. And treat sick he tried he never got a break and never got a vacation. He would very much want to quit that job nobody takes the job where they never get a vacation will never get a break and so. If you look at Allen had a head trauma like that she is working actually at these kids. And that's how all the time. And she has a lot to you should they bidding and and taking care it will be conducting it absolutely docking it brings you out and it's rewarding incredibly rewarding them I'm by. Is that not being and so if you know he doesn't want her to quit her job. This is to make sure that she and taking care and that she kept that brain and has time and there's no reason why. They can't Jack get a cleaner where like at data command. And clean up pretty easy helped secure some of the laundry I'm just spent a couple of weeks that she wants to take them pamper herself. I'm just to make sure that. Care as an analyst you know everything that she would be doing its equipment on her own little vacation. Steve you seem like ever retort well I was just gonna say I had done to the results via some semantics it's a stickler but first vote your son of jobs and I get paid more and this is immense work without a job semantics. Anyway but the kids were schooled on schools like 688 hours a day now the so she's on a mom like 24 hours a day now both of them sleep so there's eight hours yeah. So there and then go ahead and not get. I don't let me do it while I'm not doing anything with the kids I am only and shut our. I know that two hour of Wear them. You know I mean there's that I'm there there's like record heat there read a book there's others well I'm an alternate Malaga on them or. You know I'm more government. Oh right you'd understand that ideally all day on alternate on an. Either you come home and you know that if you add an hour Katrina even up. You accurate count where you want it out at halftime yourself at a bit due to all on and it. Potentially could kick myself well. There. I am in their pressures that come along with being a mom and you do a great. But they're also on the pressures. They come along with what I've chosen will be chosen from me. And that he'd bury that very long our very stressful job and I can't. Do the same thing that you're dealing right. But he took the time either not work that's what our media and iPad app our. Hell hole in the evening and I would feel and it's due. Orbiter REIT I work as long Howard to be your able to have a moment rate. Nice if I were a catch 22 here doesn't argue over missiles but it's more jury members Christie. I guy. And Atkins Diet 100%. And here's why while. I leaned. I believe that being homeless kids that they job. I'm an insult to work. The summer. You know they're could've been more responsibility. Taken on my side anything. That was something that needed to be communicated that had a timing you just can't. Expect to drop everything up in the laundry not you know providing nutritional meals are your kids. Ten and say OK I'm gonna go and and do what I wanted to do and it. You know. Fine hobbies that I am interested then I think it's something that had to be communicated. And you know he'd go to work every day and he is providing for your family and that is why you get as being home. And you know and fortunately that's not available for everyone does not when you're tipping into law. I I think that that's when you can find trying and then you know they're compromised here in soaring job at night that. I don't think it's fair to Evan or your kids just drop everything because that you want to hobby. And you know the other thing that's what it. Mom you don't mind on that when we all went to school and my dad went to work she wouldn't hit her hobby and things during the day. Melissa did you and retort yeah. I don't elusive world. I want I want exactly great I'm not. Going to work so that I went home and I hit a home and they tried to hit because it. Kristi Burton and Ike hit. Mika I get to go I mean there's a there's a break don't go anywhere else where you could get a job and you'd be barely make enough money to even make it worthwhile so I get that. On let's let's it. It not to eat out a luxury for me that I know about it I'm not that it you know I am also aiding and that was art eat it. I hate it. It's partly in real that you look back the work you're taking money for three months or month the year. Only a year long meeting on a year you mean you you're not working her earning income so therefore have to go do it. Because I want to provide for Hanley you're whole provider on the money or equal or anti bush. People and cool parent could be pretty bad after what could be heard not me that I recorded eight an. Why I got to trap that hi Eric you know. On let's go to our call and then and we're gonna tell you who do well which way the jury went Jessica. Yeah I cannot. But I am completely on them. I agree with it like I am sorry about being at home mom. Mom and why it's not a job if that's what you sow hat tip it new chart to get married. You call that an hour debate your kids they're well and lets your house from top to bottom at the Mac. You had to clean it up in your personal I wanna take a great to break in between it's a laundry it's not hard I work eight all I'm job how sport kit. From 4 o'clock in the morning and public high and they go to bed. And it's not yet and you need help out here and there but if you're not working what do you need to break. Your not doing your home at the home on the what do you need breaks out. You're not doing anything. Oh you break it now we can make it nearly all that well I. A ballot on here and like old Cuban. Amman that. Clark forty hours a week and it's still come home and take care of their kids like I mean you're an admission might have been privileged could be like your kid and that it's what how how to get them. The problem is that we look at it this job not that chop. Like a lot color that you know you have a privilege to be your kid that made it they're how do you their mob yeah you need a break but it. It you do what your support India in the beginning. What you signed to do we need I didn't have to hit the BOY and you want me at tried to act we maintenance. Not cleaning every day you're maintaining your home you have a good by the hour minimum data. Thank you for the calls since. That that's gonna wrap it up and it I don't know if you can tell he's kinda shocks me but. And then at the moment will he Evan wins in a landslide. Yeah now we thought that you would win Melissa but yeah heaven semen FaceBook haven't wins to. Roll. Back to work. Yeah house. I don't know what to say this is awkward I know your Brock outlet plates. He you'd you're gonna Aston time but he's had time management urges you sit down and just kind of I don't know if it's it is it's probably a little bit of an empty victory for you Evan because this is going to be a fun conversation at home by how how are you too. I'm not here quote my wife does in a meeting. She does the best. She's she's the bat but I just I I want. I would I'd just won our lighten our house in Anderson cheaper global figures open now and just what triggered that a week even lower opinion paper clip where word authors of. Most are nice you are you good Melissa. I don't think I only a variation that the little earlier rather than just. Making you know classic vision Q. Not wanting surely but I doubt it intact and people mediocre reacting. To. Does that RPI irritation that I am at menu and I like crap and will figure outs how to make aren't extremely happy. Okay and good for you in the meantime could go do Hulu hey hey hey hey I own my own well. Heard the mayor took the clinical.