Slacker and Steve - GMD-Being Honest With Your Kids 9/14

Thursday, September 14th


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Selector in Steve's son today. OK it's dragging. Updates. Being worn by little they are producers and like start heading lofted a pass for a great many to be because it's nice. Yes Fisher talked. Morning America and maybe not and this is not a problem that we need an immediate solution do yes we still need a solution to Rio so there. Listen carefully and maybe you can save a child's life today. Yeah I had I can tell us on on. Why farm and higher upper congratulate she's. They didn't thank you very much. Yeah they're pretty they were disagreeing about the news. How we're gonna lose it's Arnold it's. In that. The political actions immediately deported or does it end. I want to be up front and honest with the kid limits and introduce. Error about her previous drug use some parting shot at. Oh you're talking wording parties. You knew yeah okay thank you knew. I mean we won't we are like you know are generally deserve it they're suddenly it's pretty hard drugs on more than one occasion you know and nice. I basically we needed you know lead by example and you open about it and you know learn clinical and so honestly. Oh god who rather than make it make rather than make drugs taboo in the forbidden fruit you wanna be honest about it. But parents should kids in this team when you yeah. It is clear guidance and I know what you doing you do that's saying where it's EUU judge everybody but it's something you've never even attempted to do so it's. And you claim it's because you're on the outside looking in that's still what you don't get it clear vision don't ask don't I know what Bart doesn't wanna be honest with or Chaka Khan. Home Barnes. Yeah AIA. Why don't you wanna be honest. Well I guess CL a I don't need it child might hate that I made. A bunch in the states I don't need to tell from. We need said that you know we did certain Greeley you know we didn't like you can't we did a couple of high. I am the cash and more are being a running game but very pleased more than one occasion where we'd eaten Grilli remember how we got home. Switched you know we work hard play. Pettit and it stirred you know until lunch time. I'm talking up and my kids don't need. And now all. Bad. Bet you know that we were huge trust Carlyle. And you leave town in our league acted being you know responsible happy. Happy people we only could tell mom. The typically RSC. So let me ask you know I. Don't. Like what you did it 00. Oh I see me do this he's questioned as well it's if you give point blank if you're. If you seem to be born child thirteen years from now twelve years from now goes mom have you ever done cocaine yeah. You're honest you're gonna lie and say you haven't. Well I'm actually made up top but I own. I'm not gonna say I'm not gonna tell mom that we need in the states like that because. I don't change Jeannie can now hold. That. In a beacon that thing ended. You know they eat could not come back from how we eat. Thankfully I mean drugs are terrible Oreo. Drinking is. He terrible sore spot after a certain amount yes and I don't see ink. You know that every person and in this pain and it might need to McDowell nearly you get it and they do line. They could be get it you don't even like I really don't wanna give them permission they let you did have mommy and may. The answer to Steve's question is yes you're gonna underlie your children as apparent. Intel oak Oca and Danny you think transparency. Why why. We all like nor I am sorry Ann it's Steve can look at me with a judgmental eyes will go win and say we wanna be on us not everything written. There's certain things built into the system that he has still item about as a parenting as it's just lying here I'm not apparently there's it's easier for the parent. It can be at times but you you you wanna be completely transparent from a certain age four when a when it comes to this. Yet and it's like this registered players you're a significant at Abu expect. And it returned there numerous secret didn't we're not giving them permission to new drug despite bad minutes we're giving them. Permission to go to a lot of not a man not a right now that I'll you know that's right take awhile. It seriously hoping to calm down the road. We knew experimentation time comes if it happens. You know then I wanna know about it and I want to do to talk about it. They might be more your point is and I kind of see that they might be more open and telling you because if you look likes to Saudi daddy's wouldn't understand anyway the first time they try we'd be there or they're not gonna go. Lighting up my parents don't even understand what we'd using everything tried exactly makes sense arms. Our guys on we're gonna decent jury members. Don't move and wolf will figure out if your unborn child gets to know you were drug use and I checked I know it's never happened you. But what he's done every drug there is that we thought there was too you hadn't nobody we do a laser like them on maybe oh guys. If you were to have children Boca would you be on I would. Because of his reasoning or why. Because of his reasoning because I think you're an adult. Lying to a child is like she's a to a command fences and and I'll Konerko shot. We wouldn't get. I to every one of her every day except for children. You're lying now pretty much yeah I. I says well okay what's the upside of lying your child what's the upside of keeping information for your child was he a side of keeping information from apparent. I think the upside is you try to prevents. If you lost your B card at eleventh and cut. In your kid is eleven and or twelve and gone. Didn't curious and they go win did you lose if you go I was eleven then they suddenly feel like they're behind the eight ball maybe they should try it Boca. And and the outside of line with the drugs is. Did you ever tried drugs yes which ones all of them. When I'm proud start when I was thirteen moon again if it's a thirteen year old asking you he's like so we. And it sounds like I'm right on track and ask you this is apparent. Do you not want to tell those things your child because it makes you look bad just in the eyes of your child is that more important I I. The reason I would lie is to keep them from making the same mistakes I did choke I wouldn't be doing it said. Have to make and keep my reputation intact hookah I would be doing it from the night. Yes did to go light. I didn't try drugs kids eat I don't think it's just it's tough because. Are we must say I did try it and was really bad. And and I wanna be the guy who who learned the lessons you have to do but if I feel like kids who are thirteen years old. Here you try it just exactly and then I can't do you did so why can't do license to steal kids. I don't know the right answer I I know it's easy to. Say what you're saying you should always be honest with your kids every time but it's impossible to practice that it's impossible. And it because sometimes. Just gonna. Lot got you should you pat you told your kids about drugs cut maturity out the other Georgia kids turn out that's what we need to know if you if you told your kids and they started to exterminate or you didn't tell him and they still its current. These guys they're the child is growing her womb right now but she they're they're fighting this battle now so they don't Smart. Cassel doesn't get ugly when the kids eleven and RD asked in the question they need your advice let's start with sub Matty. Yeah I what do you think. I am I am I get any side why. And I did it how my first trip that our car and drive their car trap party my freshman year long and I had no idea what's chilling drama would it'd be like and act like I would have been more educated on. What'd you know the current situation and I wouldn't have had these very. Crappy horrible things that happened to me. Capping it. Who some knowledge knowledge was solid and ignorant not to blame it. Parents find out why do you do. I my mom and an alcoholic so any time I thought you know might spot about our two worst possible thing ever and no one can never do it. And then I got to try a party in a red like yeah. And I would attic and crawl because I had no idea what type of limit patient or what with the appropriate behavior hop. Ernest Favre do you hear that likes the danger you could be putting your kids end by lying to long. While I don't seem to you know we had to write a Lemony. You know alcohol from our whole month. But he really little. In that image I had RA I mean I don't know why aren't our kids to know. And I you know I can try and teach him to be responsible but I don't need to tell mom and I'm. How irresponsible why all of not paying. That they need says go forth and might actually lap knowing. That their parents are one timer complete dominance those. WW. Mistakes to help your kids learn from it that's one of the textures the same names and some that in there. Yeah ironically mark where I'm from my mistakes I wanna protect down. Knowing that I even cannot miss not really talk like that now I know I mean I know I had no idea Gainey. Why you wanted to know me I'm fat. We like we woke up and you know the bank will play although we were worried about security then it. It will be. Now did he can do exactly what disk to coordinate clearly she which aren't prepared for a situation. That I like my worth remembering her daughter. I'm prepared for a situation like that and becoming because. And let's keep going you're Teresa. I yeah I. And I'm I'm umpire decided. I told my kids Gail I am I never got into anything heavy duty each I didn't tell them I'm very open and honest and said you know this and how lands and okay they can't immoral. Last start back my case we you don't let. I don't know about his kids and think. What's gonna happen now whereas they're gonna do it they're gonna do whether they know what you did or not. But I think they will tend to do that what you did that you can't get on me for it. Now and even though you say I learned from my mistakes kid can't see tomorrow all the kids today they're gonna do it all their friends don't want them to do. Arm I tried showing my kids. People drunk people Matt Stafford told them stories of people I knew globe beads. You know to give an example of them don't go that Fareed out you're gonna try something. Don't go that far never get in the car with somebody who's done an act calmly out conviction wherever you are kind of think. They're they're gonna do they're gonna get up and I would I would really away from. I mean the minor staff you know let him have a drink get home in America sixteen or something this week how makes them feel. It. And I didn't want to dedicate. Mom you know that he you can try a couple of near their home to see how that affectionately then no don't go out I like. Now now. You know I had two daughters. And I let them drink wine coolers so when they are very you know 1516. And that's what I drink enough but I told them okay that's hardly anything. You know and neither one of them during heavy alcohol now I have no alcoholism in my family around me all my family. You know we'd like party won't work together everybody has to drink but nobody gets obnoxious. And they they see that. Cool thank you wanna call series we do appreciate your insight I mean there's there's some bad timlin. So let no man on everything Mary. Yeah I. I know behind this and I'm gonna dump right here I have not yet exactly not follow them. Although although the crowning. I'm probably I would Denny I believe he had the chance I would be so I was a very heavy load to ignore I was young parent has been failing to monitor any. Anyway operation. I have been gone batters out and avoided extreme. If you have. And you told them that you did hard drugs they know how. And and make him do or drugs I boarded the avoiding drugs. No I think they avoided them because of that armed and I've been good might have been one of them did that you did I know you're doing. Yeah and good bad good good no I know that he might have another incomplete now you know that I really know that I am bound index. I didn't live there and I think so much they know hey we look at the mom nuggets went topped them all about it because my. She's. Awesome no that's awesome Mary that's still to work every parent wants. Mom thing cheers no. He cleared the playing all. You know or hurt opening bell while but we are and so all black. We heard can lean. All shop and you're doing alternate theory any added that they're gonna saying. You know dad did not go back real and why don't we are. Could end that day. Well I want to let you know that we actually got to get out there. Unbelievable I can't. Her arm like it or not. It's I tend to one margin you know in I don't know what's he spoke excitedly about the same. Danny wins honesty I was shocked. Honesty it's your parents you love to lie about that aspect of why don't loves to feel like we asked to bat I'm I'm starting to rethink it for my own face jail. How does it stack already and honest about promiscuity and all of a transparency yeah. Omar. I don't know if all he's the Bard you've got to ask you gotta let it go OK you're gonna have to be a cool. Well you might think he needed the daily Airbus. Oh I'm big and wondered what you think you guys that I will say I don't. Do. They're just Jewish human side nor is it we're gonna keep our. Hey you guys yeah. An entire installations again on having the bad they're good players you guys have been great let's keep this conversation going over on the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.