Slacker and Steve - GMD: Charity Cut 3/8

Thursday, March 8th


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Selector and Steve. Our side will do as saying. It's. As these two. It leads the most. Now this one's different car. So hard I find it easy road I don't know line. To be honest I don't know what's going on oh yeah yeah. Welcome to the show yeah yeah I. They may debate to exact answer you guys are the jury and we'll figure it all out this is has to do with the impending nuptials I believe. Yes she and Michael and Shannon is going for CNN. I didn't tussaud's. Well on my campaign Michael and I are getting married. Next month Gretchen and yes you so much eat and he worked with a man who Ali doesn't he can politic. So if your campaign to raise money out making nice. I got angry. His daughter had can't carry cute luckily in her mention that the and spill doesn't every year. And initiating act Michael compete or to eat. Sun June 10 pitch black night all had to play. Or godlike here and it's what I term public it's amazing. Pretty much everybody dark Medicare which and I am I. I would love to get money to their foundation I would love to raise money but I really don't want to shoot it let it our way because just want. Came don't have as you can read. During our wedding photos yeah. And I. Yeah and so much. Just just I just point how one quick thing I I I I am I know that you probably are very nervous. To come on in and saying I'm against raising money for child and you know said she would you but I'll say this it isn't. I haven't seen it isn't a new horror movie doesn't mean shorter. Oh I know that people UH oh yeah okay so that is okay. Oh he doesn't have to look like oracle and I put my goal. Okay that's usually do you Richard you wouldn't let him shaved his head. After the wedding or you want him to never shave his head like where this is just. Already buying it though it'll grow back but at the wedding meaning their wedding goes up we'll see their entire lives and I want to look the way that. I mean. Solar looks and yeah I mean I don't think that's irrational Miller did seem cold hearted and so there's absolutely. I lost. And Michael ware you add you hear. Guys and we see a picture being used to cookies as. Hey and here's the thing OK so I made a promise to my friend Tom that work. And there's the deadline and it's two weeks before the wedding and the stinging. I've made a promise because his daughter went into remission this year and I can't HE one she goes into remission my guy I met slashing deadline into this year no matter what. I'm doing. That's awesome. So yeah up this is the Michael yeah yeah I mean you know ruined implode O yeah I mean I know tour I know right out of bad but it cancer. You. I don't I don't think. I noticed your body soul Steve's yep U I you just sit around and wait I just hole. Sat back I women's tries to throw at women's faces it's a fact. Actually it's yeah it is how she can say whichever she wants about how is gonna Wear his hair in the N he's an adult you know where is air but do you want your hair back when you're darn. Eventually it'll get very yeah. Did you want to did you picture yourself getting married with hair or Balt. I mean I guess inured ask me a year ago. You know when you get married do you shave your head IA I wouldn't say yeah of course type picture of me looking like me but in the end alto don't think it matters all that much because I'm beloved Shannon I'm not moments shouldn't care. Yeah you could. Cool and oops. Yeah. I'm Jana news or tore through Mac. Or Arlen I mean I give her a little. Not yet we have not marked the chair and a I did I know a lot of pictures could be and I stepped on a tight I am happy to get as much money and. In response. To address this there it's not about that. You think your friend Tom would understand if you did it mixture. And his daughter would understand you push it off again. I mean she would understand because it's you know achieving kid I don't think she's looking at me specifically. I. You know I. I'm the last guy on the team in there we're getting under the deadline now and it's hard to ask somebody else to shave their head like I made this commitment six months ago now. A good point. Hum but I do understand insure Shannon's attitude maybe this is BM. Little shallow but now she's in every times look all wedding pictures should explain okay my husband Michael he's always that's yeah she every studio and yeah. What are you got senator go there look at Michael let's xmas on the row with a story like Maine back there to go why the heck was he sure did you it yeah. She's not a kid because he cured cancer. All the it's true you do your whole day I mean not taken Sheehan inside the just. I can't having gone through wedding. I'm think. Joseph hold onto your uncle Charlie's gonna walk up and know what they're well it's there's things cussing Bulger is my friend Tom word yeah. I ask you a general conversation all and it did earlier from all that it is and that is the coach you love sorrow. OK so she is going to throw you like you'll make a sizable donation is sent. Yes and you know what next year I'll shave my head. That is cool yeah I I was lucky did that I don't want her wedding that you. Now a liquid I don't don't. Chip and maybe this could go shape this year and in the wedding picture going to be. All the problem OL. Seasons that we normally kind nicely compromises when Steve comes off the turn buckle was an awesome. Hey hang around guys CNN I swear. It. Nobody thinks I. I'm right I'm Ross so if your calling to slam Shannon earlier stops recess now and think about what you dream your wedding to be right she's pictured this man standing next sourced knowledge she hates kids with cancer doesn't it's just it's one days that she wants. What she needs some normalcy there at the Booth to clear the way they've appeared and as a couple all the way up until now yes so. Does he shave his head. Cut or does he not shave his head if he does it their wedding pictures will be for amber. With the bald guy so you guys choose here or no hair on the wedding day are Shannon and Michael are you guys ready to Allah. We get a verdict. And here we go hope at least. Yeah I nice. I'm not a Jenin I didn't speak managed to originally I don't know how much. How much is beyoncé didn't mail get the Michael knows. Is a wedding is you look early every time chief delegate there is actually gonna think about. You can read how he didn't listen to her like president like. It's. Not that the debate at the end of the wedding it go on paper tiger and everytime you look at those this morning snack. Gee if I mean that's excellent commitment to the kid he's making a Lakeland commitment that hurt. That's true shooting. Do. And I'm like and you don't always know asking her wedding guests to donate and get a ticket to donate to can't get each and you can do other things to help charity. Even your head is not hearing to get there and you can do you can donate money other it. You know I always someone else exodus and money will cure cancer faster than here or lack of here why. Oh. Thank you for the call LE. All and let's keep going near Kelly's up next many. Kelly. Yeah I ice. I understand inside of wealth let citizenry then basically. I appreciate that net can't do it could be sure that he doesn't it it's not. The be all and all she's toll were willing to give money which is the most important thing I'm I think it kind of sent little widget disrespect. Her. That my slang which you know is the lure wedding night. Honor our friend requests and I think it's like we'll try to that the trend he would not doing it. What about that girl who thought you see in defeating cancer thing is you don't know. Probably look to add a guy would soar like hair and said. He'd be willing to part with that you were done for me. I mean I'm not trying to make light and I the I'm moving towards Shannon but it's so weird everybody's looking at Michael Ritchie is disrespecting dude. He's respecting different woman a little girl who just beat cancer. Don't get that. And you know I can't answer virus I appreciate that the brother can't I get it where the cancer but without money it's not about a hair. And you know I I think it Seattle. But it clearly got Michael went well actually ER because he had cancer she lovingly at at area that the wedding and these pictures and it'll last forever. And so pollution and the compromise that can work for every line. Nice Kelly wow this is there was making creek poise they really are still one more in here and then them. And dish. Yeah I I I model for Michael. He made a commitment to child. Well it felt horrible to see if crude probably can't get capital marriage and how loud I would be. My PR aren't very cash to do you shouldn't let and keep that commitment in spite of the fact that I'm getting there is. I knew I thought again. I mean I don't what a great guy and how much more of that commitment to. And an arsenal man can you find that would kids would still uphold to what you pop. Nice June. You know thank you regards and it arms. So we have a verdict I think but I just wanna ask Shannon and Michael had either review. After hearing people. Either one are you willing to give up make before you here who actually wins is either one of you willing to concede right now. Now stupid. Done that last step dad called no I really appreciate. Metal let's call that. I would be willing to concede. I think they're really good idea two it's a jumping to a Dutch to maybe get them to donate money nice. But I may also hold you to shave your head next year. Some extent I had cheated on our colleagues. You've got a crazy. Cause so here's the deal must keep Michael you made the right decision because. I know is back and forth on social right yeah I think in the end of the share and and pulled ahead and buy it to one margin on the phones do you have it John Shannon so. He's not he's gonna look like sore yeah wedding yeah. Can't tell you. Next year your I don't know. And real little weird is that hey guys yeah guys are awesome that's awesome I can't. No I wanna call inaudible what do we put our FaceBook PS something in. I know don't start our own go funny it would put at Arlington linked to seemed ultra zionist. Just a few guys won't go down I mean I'd say I don't shave my head doesn't meaning you do know it's right but if anybody wants to get involved you can donate in their name you can donate in greatly debated Shannon and Michael yes you want if you wanted to still didn't seem boulders were put something not on the cycle and Steve FaceBook page.