Slacker and Steve - GMD: Concealed Carry Nanny 1/19

Thursday, January 19th

Our Great Mate Debate couple is fighting over whether or not someone should be allowed back in their home…and it’s all because of something she had in her purse. Hear their argument and tell them whose side you’re on!

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Selector in Steve's son today. Well. And I signed. Yes. It's. As these maids updates. We have grenades debate coming out this is the song right here if you choose am right now you can vote on greatly debated super cool apart from jumping on the phones apart from Japan and are these days we'll keep this little scene claims presented here. You ask you Suzanne she's Amway people. How long enough to seal which is AI dealership. Think now you can start voting right away when you see the screen but we don't we don't know yet. Because you haven't met our people that's true and find out what's going on them so let's let's find out what it is Natalie. I tell us what the problem is what brings you to remain today did. And so I that we Ivan can he address street as. And Seattle is pleased isn't. Nine point four. And can read only then can he she would you can't keep his little dance classes. And I don't there was like a guy acting. AP act as a crack and she told me I don't worry about it because I had mankind not me holes. Like apparently she had that concealing Kerry life's sense that I had no idea. Okay. Tree and how hard you freaking out. I'm misreading not elect I don't know I eight have been staying home I don't want her in my house with a gun and wounded. I feel like I kids' lives there Reynolds. I feel like they're getting it on holiday and shoot. Her or. What and then fell. For her while each other a lake IA IAM. Really freaking out and I feel like I had to ban it doesn't think of it as big deal as I it'll. Oh. Well before we start to judge let's figure out what his side this is Brian. Yeah air yes what why why isn't it a big deal for the nanny to be packed and he. Because she's doing and a legal and responsible or entertain connect wicketkeeper children face her. How did you know like. Is she didn't record a vetting process in place you anybody can just carry concealed carry Richard had to go to our process you have to use my sister you know. She's doing the right direction not just some guys you know we. We check in hersh's. And results are researched lower death went toward FaceBook rylander everything wishers surely partying her being crazy in January and we lover of. This is your kids lover or ruin and up until this point now. Yeah yes he's been great I did I think this is the deal breaker. I don't winds. I mean that's great that you enter all these classes to get it I didn't I don't wanna gun around I can't. And chewed on education you get so locked our you know irresponsible wayward in the car which is it catches an opportunity and it oust. Oh. We were blamed they couldn't playing dead there and it may even get it in the car. And so if they could find it like he's. I do think it really dangerous when they get an accident and that guy and goes. I don't. And I don't these gentlemen that are so incredibly low vision which these guys lenders who ruled about it when you're driving around worked so weapon in the vehicle actually unloaded it and you know it's it's got to be locked up in some way I would assume. I don't you don't know. Are you mad that she's got it done are you mad that she interior she's got no you're and so I went into his senior. I he had done it definitely vote like debt and huge gains against drop and be like oh by the way I old haven't gotten with me. So Natalee went lower dating Brian and if he was a gun guy you would demand with the men. Not I don't think so now. Playing. We're. Through that career. Where I don't mean later used quite content. He's like I would like Adelaide quarters what do I inherited her right ultra. What are you guys. You know would would that changed. Something. I know what yeah I would EU do we. I don't wide trend in our house. If you had a rifle that you inherited I would ask you try to get someone help give it to another relatives. Blakey. You don't use that so why do we need an hour why would we need that in our house. It's so. I just I just wanna cut to the chase here too we aren't there already jury members lining up and I'm afraid. I'm not sure who he's if he's. The pro gun people are fast on the phones of the anti got people but it makes she was a great nanny the day before. Q yeah what are you loved her and this is so big do you that it you want to let her go. What I'm gonna just ask you did not Internet situation going into dance class. Do you is there any part of you that thinks she. What if what is weird guy hanging outside. Had done something in she'd saved your kids would that change your attitude about it are now. I know it does then because. I feel because she would have shot him she would have murdered someone and trying to make it that's another and like they would have been traumatized by and that. And it and I mean I'm not break. Some light gun nutter sort of like I believe in regulation. You know buy it issued following regulations and that's the great thing I couldn't agree more that. So so Natalie if she if you're Manny was like no karate since day. To protect your kids that's OK you like to you like your kids are being protected you just don't like Howland okay. Wore hats and carrying pepper spray. And that's what I do what is it first right it's in your kids I mean it's there or not. A bullet. That's not connected killed Adam. Who could. Out eat it and. Little he is he's waving his arms what's going on. I'm just as I can say what's item on one way or the other but this one really hits close to home for me because growing up I had a best friend and got legs grew up with like childhood spent my entire childhood with. And when we are about ten he found a gun in the house and ended up shooting up. In dot. Because he's he wasn't educated he wasn't shown out of Boca. Yeah if you're seeing two nannies so irresponsible deleted around for your children to find it. That's a question. You think she's so hot or somebody you watch your kids and you think she's so irresponsible. That she might just set it on the coffee table. And meander off and warm ups and hot chocolate you. Only remain. I don't think you would believe it I think they would find it seems to get and everything. And they they're married today and they know. And it's something that they're not supposed attacks they wanted to have sat well. All right I'm once you guys hang on yeah this is obviously very charged issue in a room a good point these guys did great pain hang tight than. I don't take this idea. I love the fact that that my accuser. Protected. Not telling upfront but why don't we just did slip away with what she told them. Makes it seem like she assumed they knew it was like oh don't worry the creeping asset it and 'cause I got us I was safe because I had my down with media like if you're trying to. You wouldn't see I was gonna ask you because you've had him do the research on nannies I thought is that something in nanny has. Put up his or no I don't I don't it's concealed carry you don't have to let anybody know I don't I don't have I mean I've never seen it in a background check we've done and our nanny so I agree with you I think Natalie boost the blind sided with a huge piece of information that was in Sydney moment. So do we do we what are you you know I'm not even going there right now and I think we got late. I want my kids music photos of staff and staff college at. Steve different I mean much better bat. Listen to creep show what we know what's what's should is Natalie right he's does having concealed carry. If you're kind of anti gun yet to fire net nanny or she's a great man he thinks everyone loves you right up until just this. And again and I don't I am I taking a sign of promise. But Jenny conceal carry to my knowledge is not easy and you do have to take classes it's better than her just Willy really don't. Not a good sporting goods store had to tell her like she's she's being checked out on the piece of equipment yes so. Fire than any don't player than any you guys decide Brian and Natalie we're gonna get decent remembers it that's cool. Now they're ruled. Millions. Yeah I OK so I'm learn a pro gun person that I'm I'm Natalie I cannot buy you like Natalie you sounded so. And yet you're you're so passionate about their diet if there are nanny at around carrying you feel you're in the I eighty is going to be through the rest. And that's not going to be it for anybody. Armed so I would suggest that's what you are doing any without the cut on that you ask her to not Cary. I your house or are you can't England uneducated and turned and keep her. But it's not. Then she can't agreed that I I'm a little concerned that you with a letter letting you know that in that they have she shouldn't but you know they should care. When she scanning your can't act thanks. That's how I feel. You're just asked a really weird question because we we we got some stuff on our taste of things right now Mike's the throw them into entertainment it everybody's doing a thing. He's asking her nanny such hate. I want you to surrender your Second Amendment right when you were to my house is that even legal. Move. Didn't she get credit for the trend and she's having her watch her and her home. And now am I think she can act church you say not. Drink alcohol which is illegal thing I think she can actually not too and I don't marijuana smoke around her kids I think that you're free to request a while. Leave that desert eagle yeah. Car before ordinarily would you consider keeping her she's promised she'd never bring again. I yeah I wouldn't believe. Think about it I missed like in she lied about that way oust. This always slow play issue ever actually lied deleterious effect. You guys never asks in legally I don't think she can conceal carry just a divulge that. It you might be right yeah it is if you ask her she doesn't I don't think legally have to you know we actually have a police officer on the phone I believe officer can't. I'll I. Hey so I'm Brian side and between what I have an experience and on the street is that. Parent call that are you know they have also called coming into the police officers say they like it does and I did that and it can take me up to ten minutes the come close to get to it seemed so that they discreetly got through whatever kidney to a car and you know not been any Arctic or cannot that I can happen and let them minute and take me ten minutes just to get on scene so. Within any carrying of firearms you actually do you guys that paper and I understand you don't like guns you might not want to get in your house maybe talk to irritate you can carry your gun it get too carried illegally no you don't have to double Japanese chip on private property to the captain not to bring it to her house and maybe discuss with her. That they we'd pre dated he didn't bring your house as far as being locked up in the car. You can carry it loaded in the vehicle but she can block on it and I even advocates find they can't use it because as a trigger lock her. Chinese girl. Intrude and. One more thing that I would like put out there Q is that one caller said your anxiety can be to the group but what's more important your guide your kids' lives because somebody wants her your kid they're going to hurt your kids in the ratio for police officers to the community is ridiculous it's less than 1% or less than one option for every 100 people still under bad guys are right next to your kids may decide to be something bad were not going to be able to do any thanks so by having armed citizens they're actually assisting the police officers and helping us to do our jobs to make a community a little safer because there are local state and federal background checks that they have to go through hours of training and hundreds of dollars T even be able to close that out like that. So by having a licensee. Most likely won't have the intention of doing something wrong I can't say definitely but let's I would. I would bet my kids' lives on. While officer okay are they accuse of information. And Alison. Nice. Try we're good society you. I'm Brian I cannot tell you I am an actual results might. At a cabinet hardest hit Mitchell and it would win in Atlanta done on the shelf archer. And I don't care credit gun rights in town I grew up. And then I got. I'm at the earth and that that that trend in my turn and my campaign happening in the marine and a cop and he taught me how to she'd gotten. And now we don't go anywhere without his guiding. And I mean it's really integrating world and you need I seem to Natalie and Bryant should go learn how to issued a ton. And she would feel differently about it. It would take to merely means. That it like she would feel a lot more comfortable about it if she rented a car accident. I mean because you say that your your idol winner and don't your. Yeah adamant that you didn't and that's four years old intern right me where are you are there are eight. I'm not Arab emirates has I learned how to issued a gotten. So. I mean I really think Natalie you got it. Well look Lauren Green and learning I mean if she hit the class event together like reached she'd get I have it locked out eight Q not. Well thank you for the cost Alison we do appreciate it and so you wanna do Natalie yeah any interest. Need. I say it or not I mean I really it's. Not about me learning to shoot it and it's about whether or not. Me and he. Hasn't been much is watching imploded like. I hate. I don't want to have again in the house and that it meant. And it didn't make it different violent initiated guy and I'm not gonna be like oh now I want one and in my house. You don't want want and bottom line thanks the Taylor. I got it yeah. So I'm Natalie excited. I am to an extent I don't think the nanny deserves each fired but I think that. I'm a nanny I'm I'm in my twenties and a female and I have been meaning that I was sixteen years I've never been in a situation where a kid I nanny that I've ever needed a god and I don't think that. She need to how about gun with her while she made any. Yeah yeah I agree. I can't I think she could bring a letter when you go about where you know whatever she's doing but at ninety or something like I don't really think that. Now the paper rock harder on the kids like I if she's taking a can't somewhere there's a gun at Middlebury at a different problem. All right thank you would have she's going to score masked men who can welcome you know definitely that yeah that's. Just ordinary us your kids you wanna brag want him back. I one more vote here in the we'll tell you what you may have already guessed Holly's. Yeah I. So I am also let Annie and I had my can still carry permanent. And you from experience. It is quite arduous process just to get it concealed carry equipment. And I actually did I have my permit when I started and inferred that black family and I told them about it. Once I received my permit I had. There was a similar situation to another the very anti again. Intifada let's pro gun ultimately they've all decided that they've helped beat her because I had it because I was trained and I continue to train. I find it funny that so many women are against time is because all these lemonade days there are so big about being empowered and I really like to alert let. Having a retirement knowing that you can take care of yourself than others around you stated empowering feeling. And allowed to college there that I don't understand why you need it. Opinion it's better to have an idea and he did not happen. Saying thank you for the call yeah thanks on the according to little the matter what FaceBook looks like toes it's been there Brian's side. But I about a seven to one margin. On the phones. Natalie. Then then the nanny is good to go with a concealed carry most people are thinking it's released a slight error. Yeah I mean you can you can tell her to not have it in the house but she hasn't really done anything wrong in she'd. Actually you know in a lot of people's opinion. Think they think she's doing something good for your kids do you feel about the middle. I hate to be our. And now I would feel very conflicted I mean and get a look I didn't have to talk to her about it and. This letter now that I don't feel comfortable with it. In the car or house for her to bring it to work she can do whatever she wants when she's not my house. And Brian you're okay to. Yeah billion RR RR org which. However when the joke culture war you know mistress and her life being. I'm just bring her deter her when it comes to whether or not a lot of how expert the car and her sister respect and you know. He studies you guys thank you guys that are coming on. Is he is again coming heated in political over FaceBook we'll turn that sort of thing. Yeah you know he's a good argument with people Jolo were on the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.