Slacker and Steve - GMD: Felonious Father 8/3

Thursday, August 3rd

Sam and Shawna are supposed to get married in a couple of months but Sam's father will not be able to make it due to having serve jail time. Should Shawna put her wedding on hold so Sam’s father can attend the wedding after the sentence is finished and he is released or should they go with through with wedding as planned?


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Selector in Steve's son today. So I think it's. As these. We remove a wedding today people at. We don't know that weddings are sacred and holy tune in tonight on deposits in the two. Oh here we go I think she'd taken the fight anybody so you did the romantic side but they are who I'm so it's Shawna and Sam Paul Q. And Moreland Sean and go first China. 80 hang on we got medium bowl do you vote on bets voice disguised as well lower. It's gonna take me awhile to yeah I think we didn't give me. You know get. And I mean there. Yeah I would get out yeah I think the next guy what's your sense during. Well I am I getting married in a couple of months Grachev canceled saying you can't hear out. And his dad just on that he has to do or stick around and Al. Gore actually. Oh yeah thank you and thank you. And let them want to push the wedding actually attack in May get. That and like I totally get that bet. We have had so many things RD plan and we can deposit down and stuff we have our you know aid purse that's. Lake it would really lose money if we had to move to the way you know what I mean. We have friends and family that are flying. Them charity like queen on buying a ticket clarity about their kick at U. And that side I don't wanna be like the person that does that hit and a so he wants to proceed back and I am I guess I can't even match and is. So I don't know what we can would you have the winning without your that there. Move. My dad isn't going to get out and into maybe he was really different because the he and his dad should I brought the consequent. You have. There ain't under no legal reason a lot of aches I'm sorry but you broke the law I have to Gujarat and actually married. Oh my there at the okay. Oh let's see if Sam can put an argument in here that doesn't make this a slam dunk exams. Hello hello hello hi Sam guy you know Heidi what's what's your side in this your dad do first of all we only do we Elliott did we give you the deal on his sorry you know wanted to remind the remark. I'd rather well I'd rather not get too easily but let. I can do visible only violent revenge it was the let's just say it was a lot of white collar crime. Tangle but ends it ends yeah. Why why is it so I mean I know this should be obvious but explain why it's so important for your dad to be there. OK so I mean here's the thing and I'm not only. You know his son I am an only child and I mean it would it would just brake as hard and and his spirit to him not to be scared you know you see. And you being married and how I mean it's just I know would have saw and I know also many people. Look this anatomy. You know but. I just can't do that Truman read. He's been a good data there's no news sources and you've got a couple things that he should now but not to me but you you know these huge. I just can't do that too long sorry. What about these deposits and stuff do you think you do you think you can. Find a way this work how how does this work financially for you if you if you guys push him back. I mean we'll go live my you know. At the end of the day we would lose good chunk of money. Yeah it is your your put your parents are paying for right shown in this kind of coming on your part Lou yeah. Now our and it and I defendant who got a or never make it or. He knew the feeling is I not just. It's months I'm like yeah I mean look I've reserved. You know this is the first letting that has been postponed I mean they're people who Campbell wedding because someone gets cold seed or someone gets hurt or. I don't know I mean I according unity community and gentle you know maybe maybe maybe the bridle the rumor. Is in jail right I mean being happened peoples of it's it's all ignore never council or pulls on the weather before I. And you said six months this would give all the guests six months to figure out their stuff so that's kind of a good Spezza the window of time I'd be less worried about the gas says I am about the deposits probably. Personally but then it's still acting you know from a gas line in for it it's a little bits are limits to us that chance they take buyer everywhere on the gas sent yeah Boca. I'm just try to enter this field. Who the wedding than two months okay from now roughly and she's going to yield to sit Smart so people have. Two months six months to plan. Two months. Well and then. Yet you want plus four months or however long we you know slowly he gets out and in a ride it was and we have a new hormones. Later from them truths. Chin there yeah image emotions or so much I you know deployed approximately every two months it is still not totally up to one minor detail uttered the are terribly people an airline or something vote. I do you know I mean this big argument to you ask from you right now as you're an only child. And that debt changes and it's his two dads one shot but I really knew it but you go to jail you lose your right to vote. I lose your right to go to your son's wedding was planned months and years and that they assault someone else's things that you that's Shia. Really Europe and can he did wrong you gotta pay the sort of place this big a tough love your cool with starting your relationship off when your husband John a plain tough love this this hard. I mean it's not on salmon on his dad. Like it actually is he did something illegal and we made plans and I don't think like other people's. Actions shouldn't act. Hud and all the months of planning we have done in the hundreds of dollars though it. You know you know what Shawn earlier I have a role when he pitcher winnings plus cutting gift can't afford he's. You're just do all these I go for a death. See him get free booze. And I'm sorry say I'm sure. You could I don't mean to be harmless but okay. No we don't complain not our dad like what's going on and then and then they're gonna ask question and then Iran and I think the word of scores and it's a. It would be so much how it all. Let's do this let's get a jury three guys in CD yeah found. If anybody's got any suggestions or if it's just. You've you've got tough on her if she wants his dad there I get that. Hang tight. Where he's. You know loses because it's easy the group was always gonna lose out on things like that if she if she wanted her dad walking down the aisle and for whatever reason be it prison or be any chance that reason alone you write in a heartbeat they would move everything around that we get it done did you think he makes a difference there was cancer tree members I mean obviously does the how big differences that is present. Object to me that's huge he did it to himself and then if you do it to yourself sorry do you should lose you lose so I mean that's. I am the deal I understand that that he's only son Sims and only kid who kind of dad. You know running around amok going to jail and stubborn kind of prodigious tee guilty and I saw a white collar saying could you just keep his nose clean until sun got married no he almost at. It's hypocritical if he get out plus a six months to get out four or maybe closely on the Minnesota postponing the couple so let's see the ways and so yeah maybe you do the wedding at the prison but you know what they actually. Oh my god I didn't eat too slippery and about zero literally trying to fix this. Is it is this to me it feels likes. A little bit of what Steve said is true in that did bad you he he made his bed from the outlets that now but is but is anybody. Anybody give a good reason why is Sam should win this thing is he really wants his dad there and that's. It is important his dad screwed up and he's he's doing the time for the crime. We ask you this extra thing he's crucify their wedding stuff you Jane anybody you guys got to decide Sean and do the wedding when its planned Sam put it costs until dad gets out of jail Shawna Sam lets let's go find some during numbers and see whether riposte phone in this thing or you're getting married when you thought you were Joseph Germain. It. Yeah I nice. Little over. Toll on on a good. I was engaged to a new year. My mother would still alive but aren't sure until comedic interest in market by the pew. Might all of it going to be able to once before my wedding. You don't know the date of you just no longer invited him to the fact that I don't look my little brother in the in the total of what we want it okay. You want your group looked. You don't you don't just finish what I was saying it's her day but I heard it doesn't exist without him it's. It's her day but he's husband anything he wants. This just stare and it's a deal breaker for him. Her day is a wedding for one of which doesn't exist. So than Sam digs in his heels in and says I'm not getting married almost my dad's going to be there then. The sale there's your hours. Oh I'm all Holloway well why did your wife or your dad not invited anymore. Oh we lost him but I I think it was probably because he was imprisoned in it was like. You you chose crime over costs Luka. So nobody's gonna that was getting out on the day of the wedding didn't didn't say that. Yeah he did but I think though the whole point was there. You know with us for every the majority what's Stephen hardy said it being facetious was do you want us Alan you're running. And even you know yeah. I know her as. But I did Carter. It's sound regulation wouldn't do with a dabbled in the same as it mileage but I doubt I mean you know. Did did they were like oh all to blow them off in front of them the best of the very Good Charlotte Lewis is a PDF. Do you forget your dad for what he did as far as crime goes speak I mean take Al how it's affecting this your wedding day. Absolutely I mean it was and it was something that didn't involve me her you know anyone in the Trammell it was a you know there was a little white collar thing and back again I don't wanna get. Too into it but you know it's not something that I was all you dump my dad parked off now. A pack and and you Shawna you you can deal with this man when he gets out whether. Whether you post on your wedding or not is he gonna be a part of your life is is Sam's dad can be a part of your life. I mean yeah. He's can be a part of band play eighteen men now in his in his dad's been important in hand and he's an only child look at them they I don't understand. That are that are coming out like that hence think in Manhattan. Well at some let's keep going jury members Jordan. Yeah he he's. I'm great now I have to vote first and I have a theory is one I actually own a wedding planning company. Oh I know for a fact that if you work it died right now on eight after he's out and contact your lender and your bank Neil. And try and live bit. I can't think of a single vendor or about your I've ever worked with that wouldn't allow you to read a dual an event to cunanan may turn you eat. Of course you're not gonna have to give all of your money back and I would be willing to bet that a lot of beer vendors would actually prefer to have a wedding. Six months from now look at the IPP then I know I did. Schooler I don't know I live my wedding at February earmark I'd say heck yeah you can't I uneven start. Dinner at a wedding Charlotte you'll get a better wedding on the yeah. Yeah. It. But we still have not even but it among all of our guest. Right and then they have like it not just on the venue like. Our guest has booked plane tickets they have booked her house they have packed work product they like it would just be so it inconvenient and Mike. Disrespectful act and let her really redo their lives hurt our wedding because it can dad made a mistake. You just don't want him there I mean that's I mean I'm not trying to. You're unwilling to look to any options other than having a wedding day that plan. It should. Mean an into my mind I had planned on playing it is the. And then someone else came in and asked me to change it because they may imitate in that doesn't make sense to me. These. Yeah all night. I'm. Oh I'm actually a parole officer so mighty. Understand that light and try to get a little bit like he wanted to be there at least part of that aren't actually it should be. His dad. Tall and did not hand and so what comment saying I agree with they should just go on with the wedding late and eject commit a crime what they're involved another person whether it. Only involve yourself whatever the case may be. What are just a picnic here or you have to cure your time and when they get how that when the conscious. That's when cam should support him not while he's. It so half the wedding now and do a Lincoln another little reception for him or does have a demo burns now. Actually I think that's fair for everybody the dad can still you know all the sort of be a part of it in his own way but I don't think that PM should necessarily. Meet putting the reckon extremely like in nineteen situation because it not. My hurt anybody how I think that they need to hear that need to learn how to take accountability. And not try and make. Am feel bad about not being the wedding. He's well he's thank you so called Whitney number word old Lou we're talking about a different singled earlier this year but oh well you know you do the crime should serve his time yet. That is happening I mean he's going to jail for a close together what is it that's. I aim for relaxing when your wet yes and shouldn't. I'm sought after content got another consequence. It thank you can take into account. Eighth ties. You know I am I privacy AM I bend into kind of the same situation. We spent a Christmas. Without my mom because she went to yell for a little bit and and that being in rehab during that time even though there is. So much a lingering anger toward her I would get killed to have her with my family because the like a special occasions that you were. I doubt educated guess when you're sitting there without Afghan remember it just makes you just take your missing apart and I think that they would feel sick not having hit out better just not that they. Oh. Yeah and you know how many times do you get married and about it might not want to run. I'm on to affect affect maybe three I. Know it's just it's. Can you further call Rebecca and that's a good point I mean so they're planning any Mary once and they're not there empty chair there you should if you do what you mean it's got that's a really weird question would you leave the chair empty foreign. Your immune. He's Orson you pour some your forty on the ground for your home he's right shift Healy easier. Illegal and you do if she has like this symbolic. Further miss a share for the missing dad we'll would you would you do that Sam. I did just factual events. I'd love I hadn't thought of that little weird but I did. I just don't wanna be in a situation where is not there I got just you know and I wonder about the mentioned when you shout suborbital told there is no hotel in. The country's debt would not say. You counseled look to won't notice I mean did you don't don't keep your depositor or anything we'll tell you which airlines do the hotels don't. Okay Tom let's get a couple more and we'll tell you if this is a tight race here Laura. Yeah I can actually so I am are. Her diet I need. Don't understand why everybody else should be punished. Or her dad Eric his dad's mistakes. And. Yeah oddly it it's like rag. Graduation or having birth you don't you know if he can neither he can't be there were not anybody else the right here. Not to remove the graduation for us early in RM in there there are locked in the. And yeah I think that that candidate of a Borough don't. You can change their wedding so you were we are comparing apples and oranges here as we can move it we I mean it's easy I help you make calls for her equal I. Isn't it. All EV go hey don't come out for four more months do you it's happening but this is movable I mean I just I. And everybody else on her family is. You know Blake here and there aren't in aren't playing anybody in the UB SE aren't like you be considering your dad at any Carmel. It sucks to be and it. Blue glow and pulled pulled them sorry that we have. To call Laura. Yeah hi guys Samuel mayor I had to pull out that's quite an eyebrow is not a leaks Lebanese scholars. I think sitting in my car in the longer idol actually the more that I'm getting I can not believe me I'd be happy I'm sure many people. Yesterday one day and then she got it in the left her life. What if I know links that she'd kept him out little wedding interest because the one mistake that he made it I'm right what I think might happen. I mean it's not about every one out is about two people being married and she should love her new baby and an and app. You've got to be inconvenient. Are putting on a wedding church and say yeah dad can beat air began. I'm sorry I'm so shaken when and you think letting it all about them in and what are you write it and then. They aren't dealing for each other per parent aren't paying for Ike. Each each part actually comparable. Portage wedding okay he had every right I have been yeah it did letting it sheet and understand that why do you keep marrying her and at first like. And I am Jack's lower. On audacity. To rot and look how I might need it. All about her. And they couldn't handle wedding she. Sure you only child could mean and it oh my god. It was like to respond to any in this. Thank you have little gray and installing. The I didn't say that Blake. Yeah we have to beg rearrange everything that the gas and then bang you know without but it wouldn't you like action extra pressure as well on meet. On. I am quite sure how do you mean not looking to add every day knowing that you didn't weight restriction on. Could make sure they hid dad could be after landing under the only child you not let your husband enough to be inconvenienced. Bet probably hiding. Can be happy and number one memorable moment that hopefully you'll never happened again and know that the important to me and him like his bad. Who did not being paid him by the way. Well and not. And he did something a league up and part of the consequences is that he's missing a wedding like if we're passionate and he hardly at birth of their baby what did you know. And I did you angle. He did something illegal it he broke a lot yes that's too bad that part of the consequence as. Somebody else you want me I don't I'm. You're okay Chris so we appreciate the call and definitely appreciate the past I think additionally crystal with the way I what I season after dear Abby Oz now what I. Because it is and tell us what is FaceBook look like they're both all had some good points but in the end there Roland Shawna side and unfortunately face looks isn't how we are. We we count we count we actually count the phones and down. I can't believe I'm saying in this but Sam won why Powell. Nice you're postponing the wedding John. You mean if you agree. Abide by it thank you Bryce is it's important and it's balls of your days in it will makes him feel better about today's so you Ghana's. Had not. Been. And now. I that's not what we planned storage so it just you rude and embarrassing we now have to explain to. Hundred people and then FaceBook every one what happened and why we're doing that everyone can know your dad wanted JL. And it hot item and even brilliantly imaginative going to be utterly ludicrous sum. When we have so we're now relying on records in your name. I wanted to be good impure and I don't know I don't wanna lie it. And in my manly I'm not blaming it says no I'm the guy I'm sorry I just yeah I. Did we get better now or I world now little note you sent us pictures and it's not a whole duck I'd tubby hey you guys honestly seriously we do appreciate it you hang on right there. What how do you I think Shonn has even more words. And if that wedding still happens I implored. Anything else you'd like to say may be changing your wedding colors orange and black person I don't. We'll take suggestions over on this FaceBook page of soccer in Steve's yeah.