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Slacker and Steve - GMD: Fitness Fanatic 3/10

Thursday, March 10th

Paul has a family history of health problems and has decided to take steps to be healthy. Natalie feels like Paul has been going overboard with it, to the point where he isn’t spending time with the family. Paul is just trying to be healthy. Natalie thinks it has consumed his life. Should Paul cut back a little or are his fitness priorities okay?


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Collector Steve Collins. No. Strain. It's. You don't dates. People didn't help things now a jury. I can related stuff. Don't know my rent Jim styled. Dear I don't want to I don't know I don't know whether it's kind. I'm sold its yet let's get involved here who don't first Natalie Natalie. Yeah I. I tell us why getting cities such a problem in your mayor idea and. Well schemed it isn't not usually a problem but. Went and that is. An adventure to turn around with life because. Dad had a heart attack and it almost didn't recover from man Wichita good led. Yeah I think it's become an obsession and very he's getting addicted to it because. You go to the jam he'd gone like to read our earth and then come calmly you know he's no up and it. He says he wants to do theirs for the eking that we had to. Girls and two children and he wants to be around longer bound. But it too. He's going to come now. I'm so yeah he's he's more in it for the long haul and not in it. Do you you feel lights. He's sacrificing one for the other. Yeah I mean it working out of grade and I want him to be healthy. But he just taking it to another level like he belonged to get it he spent three hours that the jam and then come home and. What do you meal press so he's like many teen link all sorts of protein. They. What grilling you you do that's just I usually like chicken and make a lot of in the new book by some down a little meals is actually time there's a there's it's it's actually involved here. Do you. Are there is this a personal complaints from new Natalie or are your girls. Noticing it as well have they say needing team. Oh no they definitely noted that that's kind of the YA. It started to bother me because the girl didn't they wind daddy didn't want to play there really quite a caddy what a lady monarchs. Game because when he gets home. He goes directly to the jam he's gone forever and any kind of backing you know prepping them at any time to spend. But the kids. They appreciate don't warrant it we appreciate it more used to be the hero apps you know when he when he does show up my guy. Yeah the greatest guy ever. On you but he definitely met quietly I can tell they're asking morally rich daddy why isn't it you wanna didn't back down the entire U wanna right now the most normal makes. What are you want it and it could. He I didn't instead of going to beat him for three hours maybe go to the gym for one hour and it. I mean he'll prepping is good but it shouldn't take all evening lake. If he can get to the gym and turn our and then come almond meal crap for her. To extend its color you'll prove it yeah bomb Paula you don't sound off on this what what's your side. Today and I had. That I'm buzzing about a six. During your personal life out on the radio when it's an Omaha. Absolutely regulatory arm. Who actually. She she pretty much you can write humor I am on my dad and so. You add a heart attack and walks Oklahoma potentially that's not our problems are. And a dirty little changed my life a little bit of quiet actually also change politics at all actually you're out a ironically a lot sort of girls. So I would catch each earlier obliged I can put that balloon that was normal. A lot of eating a lot of blue came issues will play each. It didn't work out. I'm I'm so I'm reacting more on really did turn around her on the mobile and China either are hard at. Know how to work out and warm I'm home I'm incorporate new York and make sure not. And overeating or eating Yugoslav sort of you know it's it's it's not a hole that hole like. You know that is an amazing thing and anyone BM it would be awesome for you cannot die exactly don't act. That's a big deal and ordered that if you make sacrifices in other parts of your life and fortunately. Exercise is raising you're trying to stale yeah. Yeah yeah we have this argument all that time. I she achieved where I'll tell trot. Just. You know rickshaw. It's it's it's really check you for my perspective it. Because I really want to option and I'm basically channeled into correct all the bad habits of one so late in the future hopefully I'll be inconvenient mode and not likely lost mode. And that. Will need to know opt out illegal that you must popular right now on China and how each made a new light for myself. You can do a lot like that's not a lie it's not a lot. Yeah elegant. Yeah I was completely on her side until he started talking now you can play guard Tim. I I know you you you kind of hear a little bit under duress and I know I am not I guess asking you to get emotional but. Are you scared I mean knowing that you dig strong strapping dad. Drop dead I mean if you're young are you are you scared. Yeah I mean absolutely I just. It's in its darker my camera security that can't put a patch yeah. You know output microchip dot GO. And I didn't kitchen it's a real old real changed well and happy chip that. There's something about that that I still have a table that you are quite. Get beyond it but. But the work out stuff actually also makes you look great so there's that team that averaged soap dish. But it its heels really yeah I don't do it should first time a lot I went in and help. My only I I wanna I wanna just ask you are you sure it's just about data are you feeling like he's not pulling his weight around how I'm trying to figure out is now. Again weight when you're talking I was like your rising he's got this bad habits he's not gonna might. Yes it's a series trying to save his life he's right for sale only as well and yeah it what what is. Is it you're just a little jealous that you don't have meantime do yourself for what's. It's tricky oil. I'm happy that he did not look I want him to be healthy I want them to be around church and Vonage can't buy it. In moderation and that I guess it bothered me when I see the girls that parents and him. And start asking where daddy has been and yes I do miss him you know and it does like he used to help me with stuff from the house now I'd like aliens like all the markets Marley he doesn't have time. For her as a family. He's given you a real time. Playlist on this facility. OK guys we're we're we're gonna put to such a jury I'm sure other people kind of been in similar situations so they aren't there. Full team. He blamed him for doing what he's doing exactly he wants to move he wants to not die yeah but she's. You can't blame her for know what she's doing she's staring at her daughters every night and they're going. He made that he's going to be around when he's 82 hey come on work. Outs that's actually what I. I don't play each on the balance to anybody help them find balance is is one little more right now we not seen it does. What I said whenever one of them talks I feel like that's person's right I don't. I don't really genuinely know. Who signed to take care so it's kind of to you guys. Guys soaring it's a jury members in your feel free to run. Do whatever you need to do here Tracy. Yeah I nine. Well I'm Natalie excited but I eat bugs by the debt that they the end of I think Paula could be able to management I'm a little bit better. I ate and what kind of an a similar situation. What I do now I get up in the morning before my kids get up and go to the gem app or are 5 o'clock in the morning. Get my work out an in the morning and then on the weekend Sunday afternoon. I milk cracked my breakfast and lunch says for the week. It's not ready and have the same offer breakfast and lunch everyday per week. But then I have my evening free and just a matter of cooking dinner at night I don't think it is the winner Luke situation where either and it's just more. And time management. This stuff so does high. I I I'm sorry I'm under. Maybe you realize this deep blue these and jump up and down and like writing notes up in the sky I guess your dad didn't die. Paul he did attack BJ knew he was lucky to recover al-Qaeda sorry I Biden saying your dad died so yeah maybe you do need to back down a stiff armed. Both so so you're just saying he's better time management entry seems to do in different times. Absolutely figure out different kind that you're at like I get that for me. You know it's been. Before my kid get up in the marvel. I go home when they get ethnic and that they earn everything I get my work out then are being in the morning and then I'm Barack and that the night. It ain't any meal prep Sunday afternoon at two hours we built their lunch and breakfast for the rest of the way. Nice thank you for the cultures seem like eighty all rate you get you get your husband back in the olden ideal more tired but. Yeah I I I am I'm Natalie is right on my diet. When I was younger wecht. Q is. He was gonna actually look up but he would often not even. Before we we got before I went to bed. And eat he died at 46 and my life didn't change at all because I had no relationship with him growing up. Me and this one scene that policy said that he just trying to correct all of it is bad habit. One can correct those mistakes. What's gonna happen when you collected these mistakes are you are you get man. Be able to. Fix the mistakes you made with your daughters I don't mean are punished by. You know you're gonna have to go and fix that mistake and then get clean and let them. Well what do you think about them talk as you are I mean you. You were you if you think of lies is a pendulum. You were way over here in the donut eating size and kind of being a good dad and now here. Absence but as healthy healthy. Yeah I mean. I mean do you see that. Yeah absolutely. Immediately. Obviously did this all sounds pretty good I mean on the outside you know. On the outside of the issue I guess the way I look at in its third week we sort of argue about that a lot that the way I look at that leg. If somebody. Need to do something that hurt they're not trying to better their career like move away perfect month or something. Does that late and everyone would be better setup after that. This is my time to do that answer it and I'm actually around the you know I'm not around it much stand. If I can do that. It would be like somebody. And country namely taken expanded business trip in order to up their career for something better in the future and I drawback apparently a lot seemed. Now now he doesn't it earlier period over too well when I got back comparisons that it feels very real in the late you know sometimes that had African he'll work at. To work out of town and I turned it down. Because I don't want to be like completely away from my family for certain amount of time so. This field can meet like something like that that better because I actually get to be around in the meantime it even though it is I know it's not. Not like that that's obvious. But I can get there. Then hopefully the time spent working on this stuff will free me up queue to get to be healthier more act is. Participating father and Sydney looked it up to the point now like I would data the year before. You know. Every time you talks look I'm pleased wins. Nicole. Yeah right I'm. I'm I'm all right. Yeah. We. Had a baby. All I was told that I am a little petty. Darrell being licked my PR only are trying to balance this but I don't wanna complete me shot him. Oh hole instead of going into the game you are sorry we better get there early and mark grant park and claim that the baby are etched on. So so that's OK it's so you think it's important that he get didn't exercise as a family and more when you see him group grown. Didn't ask all the I mean I love that honest and they play each. I would love to introduce some of this work out at the family just. As part of motivate. Our kids are pretty young hard to motivate candlelight. You know come out jogging in the ring with me. Slow you down to see just drank a good thing. I'm Patrick until. Yeah I guys yeah. I'm I'm I'm Natalie side but I wanna give Paul some advice they think he has to get up in the morning and due to work out on his own time and this camera it's time. House and what I mean by that is and either early this morning our goal late at night after he spent all the time what the spam. Natalie Babbitt that he contacted trainer because he should not be working out. And I am entree but he should not be working out three hours every day and hour and a half in the morning. It liquidator they offer work one part of your body in the morning. And one day one part of your body the next day and he got a professional trainer help you now with this do you call. Well I mean I do he just a guy works for the GM. It is two and a half powers not to pat like it was dry and everything you went in yeah exactly but. But yeah I. Looking around that that ended trainer that doesn't eighty work at at that GM that I belong to maybe somebody's been doing it longer is better and now. Thank you call those. Jenny. Yang I nice. I hallelujah belt and I'm still are up about one and 200. Kids well ultimately. This same. Position and the same scenario and in my marriage. I'm good years ago so. I'm not they and that their marriage is gonna and expect. There are red flags and I worked in the didn't attend C I have been a personal trainer and only reason to work out two and half three hour every day. It either way your body builder and you take five to ten minute break in between as we can do it then though heavy. Or it's a social outlet for Emmitt turned into that because there's no way like bill said you've been spent three hours. A day everyday without going to complete. Egg production and how are you mixing in accusations. No I did I see how it turned into the social paint and then you kind of forget like oh I have three people waiting screaming so. Either a camera man he could condense this into our our behalf. Working hard doing powered set and he probably does cock from rent. To do that but if you're working your but aren't hurt our house you don't wanna spend anymore time there election socializing and haven't got a many haven't Stanley had kids. And like everyone else said he needs to change out around. To accommodate your family. Or didn't a couple of scenes I appreciate hurting. But when I think his daughter's there were earth or at the age were literally need dad right now. I don't know yet there they don't know you just. Got an Indo UCL a men are needed anyway they are you that we've proven that we'll see just how. Natalie got to convert from. The IA EX didn't even write it McCain didn't even know my actually got of course he would come home and may get a look at Democrat Duncan you're never there. He got into steroids and all that ilk do but. That last night EXP. They're passionate about keeping your family then you need every car like everybody ain't. Okay both think dating Jenny go a good idea clearly I love it let's do more in your crystal. Yeah I yeah I pretty tall army I can't state he needs to. Work out that at the same time he needs to learn how to. Will make it a family dealt. And have the white scary the kids and it's subtle as a scantily eggs milk track together and that's why did yeah. You know and they need to do it it's a poorly yet well together at the family not just him. The T Rex in each got on the ropes and da da da fifty bigger golf. Are. So here's the deal guys and NT was you you seem like a FaceBook it's kind it's mostly compromised but if you have to go once or the other they're picking Natalie. On the phones it's the opposite while it's it's. Everyone's saying what she just said Paul wins barely on the phones but they're all saying Paul. We if you don't include the Stanley. In wire you in assembling you've you've got to learn to balance this or you've got to quit. Yeah I mean that can. See it's pretty intense actually duplicate and everybody called talk about it. Are you willing to do it though I mean I know I know you're scared but you can do it just as much done just work. I don't I hate using cliches which can work smarter not harder off I know I know dude. And you can you give Natalie your husband back in and beat the dad again. Yeah I mean I told her that well which we did this and I can't find everybody billion monetary honestly think that the ball. So. I think I think in the NAFTA unbundling that he isn't enough. Tek nice guys good deal thank you guys. Natalie can read I mean he won but congratulations we kind of browbeat him into doing what you're going to drop you back. Don't think they should let either. Hoping that we do best. Thank you army if you guys still wanna given advice maybe. I mean I certainly don't want when he was making eggs she's nice. What's he doing the gym for NASA in my I don't think gas emissions it seems like he's socialite but I'm I don't wanna get into that side they seem happy right now so if you wanna give many more advice. Do it on my FaceBook dot com slash slacker and Steve Ference.