Slacker and Steve - GMD: Friends With the Ex's Family 1/25

Thursday, January 25th


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Selector and Steve. Hey it's my favorite kind of great mate today it what's the kind where we can't pretend it's something we deserve okay. Divorced guys so they've still got some sort of problem and then I worked out but we know. Not destroyed their marriage and he did battle and it's been so. Emma Lee and we get a chance and I believe Emily is gonna give her side personally. Yeah you guys. Ari I Arjun well what's going on. Well. My ex husband out. Robin tournament little issue and my holiday is really just maybe even marginal issue. Handling Gerson also wind Jeff and I got married in and really became my and and I got extremely close to his parents make it momma about my mom now. And best friends with his (%expletive) scared. And jet is having issued the CK is even now getting married to someone you know and I don't have any issue you know I don't want Jeff back in anyway. I mean I just. I'm monitor in front of the Stanley and he's not a right but it. And named it the holidays were really awkward like I whenever getting scathing. That they try and have them high. But it parents and he blew up his girlfriend blew up and we'll hold saying no I didn't even really felt like I can. They hyper Christians or anything and it yeah I'd say no pain don't. OK it's not your girlfriend's got it okay nice beyoncé guests who come I thought you were screaming beyoncé and my what does CN NS well so purely on top. Are you married we aren't they yeah oh yeah we just ask asks why can't she be friends your family. Contra choppy ice I and secondly I mean OK let you go into a straight. Am as good experience that they are paying imagine what life would be like. If she would grow old car. And imagine trying to have a new relationship when she's around all the types I'm very close to my cam white. And and I kept Emily has these issues that you know she doesn't feel like she had a lot of people in her life but guess what I mean we made. The car detergents to end this marriage. And that means and what about. Well alt plus tab to move on I post on CNET looked like you know it is clear and couple which comes over for the holidays. Might you. We thank getting. Tiger Stanley M stated clearly not a time for ex girlfriend. So we got married I married your already. Break in junior Murray you know it's ridiculous yes I did. They became my family you know I don't have any parents you know your relationship. Like the relation. That I have which your mother. It I have to shoot well the screen at you to exercise yourself from the situation and the merit I'm going to be going because she's gonna be becoming a part of mainly to. I know what you have to make and I'm sorry but sometimes when you insist on coming over for Thanksgiving. Our weekly gain. Are you really there just to hang out with my mob. I would argue there didn't you about it and I didn't even say high yield. I spent outdoors you getting your mom end. Of the Italian cable outlawed you thinking that I'd like spending Thanksgiving with my yard. I asked Jeff I have to interrupt you because I'm gonna tell you brought me into this and talked about my divorce my last kind of been printed. My ex wife kind of imprinted on my parents' room and she wanted to hang out with my mom just like generally as well guess what my mom said now. My mom said. I don't think this is appropriate my son has moved on it seems to meet like your mom. Kinda like similarly I might even go so far just say look Emily. Any other but she did did. So you're singing Emily asked about out of it because your mom won't. What they normally I am I am not like animal you wouldn't mind and that I coming and there are a lot a little bit of trying to. You know they're a lot higher holiday. Skier to air a watch men and their like I YouTube monologue there. I like spending time with my family but if I ask is it keeps going like that might be updated. Which especially which you could come I want to probably gonna say hey look we're not gonna see your Bentley that much more sanity around that. How many that would be what changed and we. I just wanna what are you make it Wiki your family that I each day I would give it. Yeah here they're. Here they're like like now. You are learning how are you gonna go I'm gonna go hang out what might I couldn't avoid. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. You guys this is this is ugly yes I'm just gonna say I don't want keeps saying the same thing that might. The person easy till this relationship on a pair Emily doesn't it is your parents and I don't see them until push comes to shove they're gonna lose. Jess and fiance or is not gonna have to tell them only saar or if I mean. I don't know if you guys certainly a technical but think about that scenario. She starts dating somebody let's just say. Then it's gonna be called her hanging out with my family and she got hurt my family. I saying your cushy cycled in and help out just what happens when her life changer. Emily you don't have any feeling suggest anymore you're you're not hanging around to different agenda you have no agenda are you sure you hear it. Well you're pretty good who should go to contacts with well. You're also trying to never mind but what ever Jackie think what you want to think. I had no agenda I could care less about your new relationship I'm happy where you I want you both to move on and have a wonderful light a battle on your mother. In my mother. I don't have anyone else yes. And I am sorry that I loved them. Well that's okay that's guys hang hang on there. You know you said so log time ago though when you Rick you do you Mary they're fairly good if you get divorced. Then you do for the Phillies to force as well most of OK but didn't other people automotive sheet she's here's the thing but emotionally I am all in our Emily Ike is its. She's imprinted on them and mom doesn't seem to want a kicker to the curb so. And she's friends with the sister in the hole. It is what it is but if it makes just uncomfortable. Which she is also to. NBC kind of ride because she's. Her old world of rain on Tuesday and watch this tell us the okay. I don't have a problem don't you write the Mets on students prisons all those major holidays you know running and Jesse and his wife Emma she watches it she did try to do it out of the pie say hi you know but I don't think you're allowed to go at all. Jazz easily she has an agenda. We heard. On the scorched earth guys like just what we're done I don't see you I don't know you don't want your but his friends. I was friends people or how many cars bringing your actions. It's one main bar in downtown White Sox only had a container so I was on so this is happening you you wouldn't go to your filming go hey it's still hurt me. I didn't have to do is my Stanley did it. Did Jesse is not doing it. Then he's doing what he thinks is right he's talent Emily. You need to politely excuse yourself out of my life while so you guys decide this and we have given up. Or is she. It to keep the only Stanley she has left. I'm so we're gonna get some jury numbers and slew ride aid to yeah you guys. Somewhere where here if you have a solution out. Tank us or Tyler. Yeah I. I am a 100% unjust side you know you know. You didn't carry it you did marry jets and emeritus daily and when you're divorced just you divorced his camera you know you can go they can shoot the good part of a divorce and and keep all the good parts and leave all the bad parts and I. That's a good well. Like let me say this when I did what I what I got married to my ex wife she was friends and this one dated Brent. And then it will only got a divorce it was like auto need me friends of bread anymore Brent and I look to each other went screwed. And we stayed threats and sure and he and his wife were no longer friends with her. So we have a UBS tried to guide them or your next. Relationship. There is that my tax. So you can no matter so that he sings Tyler that they jet Jeff's mom should be the wounded him let's. Jets and only agreed to a divorce now Emily and Jeff's mom have to know or. Let's not let's part. I do I do think led to you know they both have you know a little bit of accountability there that they need to be held till. But at the end of the day I think you know Emily in the news columns talking about just parents. Objectively basically you know stated Garrett it's like a house or car yelled oh well I really liked the calculations still be able to stand at well. That doesn't necessarily mean that you deserve to it to this state entered the mean Mitch you've been there to keep a relationship with. It's Emily thank you comment. Emily how easy. I don't agree with it I don't think that it's mainly into like a house or car I I can move to another house. These terror to people that kept me in. Like their own child and I have no other parents could not a car or house. Should people an emotion and that matters a lot more. You're an adult you don't need parent anymore. Hope I. Maybe you don't need parenting where Jeff just given me if you've RBI Daryn. Oh gods I. Just keep going here Alan. Tim. I yeah I'd say it's. I am on and the only diet. I need to hear they have been through the Florida got a divorce cheered the Al. And I am skilled great strength that the camera even Nokia area I have a new relationship. We metal kind they come over to regain night. We can't we don't see each other on Thanksgiving and bad but I Q how bad and stay in America and it's bad but a look at our clients. And I hitting another problem that it marriage you. No not at all. That's like our problem that line pretty much plus I told him I'm no longer merits he that you don't get to dictate north and. Cocoa pop pop pop pop pop it all man. I. Do you understand Kim but I sounds like an agenda there besides this is me showing how little control you have over me is seals I. I know it's not but did I'm just seen and as an outsider steals and you go and gain any do what you get out of recently. Now because. I would married been hampered thirteen years so people became my PM I east and they are my candy they give birth to my kids like seeing my three kids together that you've never gone the way I'm never going away. I guess more than bailout plan. Wish kids with kids all bets or else you did Tim you're a 100% in because you asked him. You have to continue to Mike let your kids see their grandparents. Own. It's so well most grandparents once you've seen their kids so it's it's one of those one of those things let's do one more animal tell you. Where we're at. Terry. Have been if I. Go on and Tony thank you. And I. Because respond and I can just just there's a comment like urine and all ya need parent they keep. Like Nadal and I'll tell you all and I had that your relationship because aren't they think you're not in their relationship from there are aware that. And it's not trying to Scobee would catch you doing it because of her own personal circumstances. To think she's not trying to be objectionable Laura you're trying to kill. US acts are hurt but it doesn't feel like he's. Being married train and I can you know humane outlook and its going I know I'm not in love with Lorena and Laura and I loved ones that they Humana mentioning yes. Have a little bit different than Pete and a backpack. She needs an emotional support and her license coming trend that unfortunately has. And there's no like normally to handle divorced every divorce your way get pregnant every situation we've got friends. And you aren't considered normal and abnormal or your parents both the Coke Cooley with her parent are you got a. We asked. Obviously I disagree and to be totally honest you know higher dimension to how I kind of got the stealing what you came over and giving that she might have a bit jet that there's there are a part of best. That makes me sick because Galicia actually buy this you're not completely over yet and that's causing problems. Basic point is not you know they might OK him. And are you say itself. I do you think so I'm thirty minute from Thanksgiving and I didn't make Chris Smith. There for thirty minutes or the entire gang. You made such a point that's not saying anything not even looking in my direction that it would I'll be cute. I don't know how terrible I did nineteen part of my idol. She invited me. To see her I said Heidi here's what our I say hi anybody would be around me but you want Grammy what about you know. Race on the road I know it might be different on FaceBook but come. It looks like. Jess. Emily wins oh did I oh yeah why essays to get it the other way and unfortunately it's about the phone yeah or use she who. I don't know how you feel about that. I mean look I'm not big bigger political money here and and then abide by that quote unquote jury. Yeah well a little I can't read manuals aren't second please. Contact. I I would can we compromised. And I promise to not come on huge event holidays where I know that you and your new Dante will be. I am can I still on my own. Now which your mother and dad and sisters she's my only. I I don't make a conscious effort to not. Trying to invade any personal time that you would think they only have a comment and I can I still. I'm trying to remember all you all can I lenient cab mentioning me. I mean that. We can talk about it but yeah having I guess that's unreasonable. I I hope it sounds reasonable you guys got to find a place where that be cool he goes. Hang on we appreciate you coming I don't know this is a touchy subject on it and I don't think she has an agenda. You don't ask don't she's added she didn't she just who think it's more agendas you know I don't I'm with you she genuinely. Homes and out of sight. It's like we need separate you know it's not a seems a dog but it's right. It's like all Owens was just loving dog today because you won the argument in any court that's its current mylar Boston movements not. How it works we appreciate you guys got more advice for these guys would take it over and soccer and Steve. FaceBook page.